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Games Without Frontiers by Galarneault, Karen
Size: 29k | Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Highlander / Star Trek (TNG)
Summary: Sequel to Footsteps in the Sand

A Gathering of Angels (Offsite link) by De Rhema, Maygra
Size: 159k | Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Highlander / Touched By An Angel
Summary: Death on a Horse and the Angel of Death seem to have some things in common.

Ghosts I Have Met (Offsite link) by Ferguson, Felicia
Size: ~30k | Rating: PG
Fandoms: JAG / X-Files
Summary: Mysterious visions involving Harm haunt Mac and she enlists the aid of Mulder and Scully to find out what's going on. Third story in 'The JAG Files'

Girls Just Wanna... by akire
Size: 15k | Rating: PG
Fandoms: Highlander / Relic Hunter / Tomb Raider + other
Summary: A girl’s weekend, Immortal-style.

Give the Boy a Sword by akire
Size: 45k | Rating: PG
Fandoms: Highlander / StarTrek (Voyager) + misc others
Summary: Three Immortals have become four, and its time to teach the boy about his new life before they return to the Game. Third in the 'Future Imperfect' series.

The Glorious Cause 1 2 by K, Ian
Size: 400k | Rating: R
Fandoms: Babylon 5 / Farscape
Summary: Fourth in the Farscape-Babylon Saga.

Glowing Pink Tribbles by Hanson, Emily M.
Size: 12k | Rating: PG
Fandoms: Forever Knight / StarTrek (Q)
Summary: Q decides to have a little fun with Lucien Lacroix.

The Gods Slept (Offsite link) by Cagey
Size: 72k | Rating: NR
Fandoms: Hercules / Highlander / Xena
Summary: Old friend find familiar dangers. And dark, scary caves.

The Greatest American Hulk by Leavell, Jane
Size: 64k | Rating: NR
Fandoms: Greatest American Hero / Incredible Hulk
Summary: When the Incredible Hulk appears at Whitney High, will investigative reporter Jack McGee be more interested in the Greatest American Hero than in trapping the Incredible Hulk?

Greetings From Cylon by C, Andrew
Size: 218k | Rating: NR
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica / Space: 1999

Guardian Angel by C, Joanna
Size: 40k | Rating: PG
Fandoms: Angel / ER

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