Glowing Pink Tribbles
Emily Hanson

Disclaimers: Paramount owns Star Trek and Forever Knight was created by 
James Parriott and is currently owned by Sony. 

I wrote this for fun, and am not getting a single penny from it. 
Permission is granted to archive to the FTP site and anywhere else. 
This takes place in the same universe as my Schanke’s Return series. 
This story has not been beta-read. 

Part 1/2

Lucien LaCroix’s fingers flew across the radio station controls as he, 
the Nightcrawler, gave a grim discourse about the current state of 
world affairs. This political discussion was a new experiment for him, 
but it was proving to be profitable. 

He’d moved back to Rome after the enforcers’ demise and the vampires’ 
existence had become general knowledge. Nicholas wanted space, and 
since LaCroix longer needed to protect his son from the enforcers, 
Lucien decided to grant Nicholas’ wish. It was an unexpected twist on 
their relationship, and Nicholas eventually took advantage of it by 
proposing to Natalie Lambert, the mortal coroner who’d been a stake in 
LaCroix’s heart for the past few years. But Nicholas was happy, and 
besides there wasn’t anything he could do about it now. The authorities 
knew how to look for vampire kills. LaCroix returned to Rome, bought a 
few precious items of his back from local museums, and stayed in a 
villa he’d had for years. 

Invisible to the ancient vampire, the entity known as Q watched. He 
couldn’t believe this humorless fellow was considered entertaining. 
Mortals had ridiculous notions sometimes. At least, LaCroix wasn’t 
boring. Q had to give him that. But he was entirely without a sense of 
humor. When the Nightcrawler’s monologue was finished and the on-air 
light turned off, Q made himself visible. 

LaCroix whirled around as he sensed a presence that hadn’t been there 
before. “Who are you?” He said in Italian, assuming this man was one of 
the locals. Q had erased Nick and LaCroix’s memories of his last visit. 

“I am Q,” the entity responded in the same language, but using the 
ancient dialect from LaCroix’s childhood. “An omnipotent being who is 
going to give you a little test.” 

Q? What sort of name was that? LaCroix’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. 
“How is it you speak ancient Roman?” 

“Please, I’m a Q, I know every language that ever has existed and ever 
will exist.” He spoke in modern-day English this time. “Lucius of 
Pompeii, prepare yourself.” The entity snapped his fingers, and 
suddenly LaCroix was in the Raven. 

Janette gasped. “LaCroix! How . . .” 

The Roman looked around and composed himself. Q was nowhere to be seen. 
“I’m not sure, but it wasn’t me. A man who called himself Q brought me 

“Q?” Janette frowned. 

“Yes, he knew my true name and spoke in the ancient Roman language, as 
well as English.” 

“Is he a vampire?” 

“If so, he must be powerful. I did not sense that he was a vampire, or 

Janette reached down to pick up the cloth she was using to wipe the 
bar, and felt fur beneath her fingers. “What the …” 

There was a soft sound that could only be described as in between a 
purr and a coo. The vampires looked down, and saw a glowing pink ball 
of fur on top of the cloth. It made a noise again. 

“What is that . . . thing?” LaCroix asked with growing distaste. 

“I don’t know, it wasn’t here before.” Janette picked up the fur ball. 
“But It’s alive, I can hear a tiny heartbeat.” 

“Yes, yes,” LaCroix agreed. “What is it?” 

Q suddenly appeared with a flash of light. “That is a tribble. They are 
known throughout the galaxy for their calming effect on most mortals, 
and for striking fear and rage into the hearts of Klingons. That’s not 
its natural color, but I liked it much better. It adds a bit of light 
in this dark place.” 

“Q, get rid of it,” LaCroix snarled. 

Janette held the tribble closer to LaCroix and it shook violently and 
hissed. “I don’t think it likes you.” 

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Lucien replied. 

She held the tribble closer to her and it calmed down. Stroking its fur 
seemed to calm it further. “There, mon cher. Don’t be frightened.” 

Q leaned forward. “It seems to like you well enough. Perhaps I should 
allow you to keep it.” 

“What do tribbles eat?” 

“Oh, just about anything, as long as it’s small enough. But don’t feed 
them too much or they’ll die. I have to go.” Q snapped his fingers, 
inwardly laughing at the idea of vampires with tribbles. “This is going 
to be so much fun,” he said to himself. 

“Well, keep it away from me,” LaCroix growled. 

“As you wish.” Janette set the tribble on the bar next to a bowl of 
peanuts. Suddenly, she saw a familiar golden-haired vampire walk in. 
“Hello, Nicholas.” 

Smelling salty food, the furry creature crawled into the bowl while the 
vampires’ backs were turned, and began to eat. 

“LaCroix!” Nick Knight exclaimed. “I didn’t know you were back in town. 
When did your flight get in?” 

“I did not arrive by airplane,” Lucien tried to explain. “A very odd 
man brought me here.” 

“Why was he odd?” 

”Well, he called himself Q, and seems to be able to do whatever he 
wishes by snapping his fingers.” 

“Hmm. That name doesn’t ring a bell.” 

Suddenly, Nick noticed several glowing pink balls of fur inside the 
peanut bowl. “Um, Janette, what are those?” 

“What?” She turned around and was startled to see a half dozen 
tribbles. “There was only one tribble a few moments ago, where did all 
the others come from?” 

With a bright flash, Q appeared. “I forgot to tell you, my dear, that 
your tribble was pregnant. They reproduce rather quickly. But never 
fear, I’ll simply take them away.” 

Janette found herself being protective of the furry creatures. “Don’t 
you dare take the newborns away from their mother. How will they 
survive? Hmm?” 

Q stifled a grin. Everything was working perfectly. She’d taken the 
bait. “All right. You can keep them.” He snapped his fingers and 

“LaCroix, about Natalie . . .” Nick started to say, but his sire cut 
him off. 

“When is the wedding?” 

“Three months from now.” 

Lucien nodded. “Believe it or not, I want to see you happy. As much as 
it pains me to accept Dr. Lambert into our family, it seems that I 
must. Know that if you bring her across, she is mine as well as yours.” 

Nick sighed. The last time he’d spoken with LaCroix, he’d given up on 
the idea of their bargain, since it was virtually unenforceable. “No. 
LaCroix, please, we agreed . . .” 

“I agreed not to kill her. I did not consent to anything else, 
Nicholas, if you recall.” 

Janette scooped up one of the baby tribbles and petted it. “I can’t 
believe I’m starting to like these creatures. Here, Nicola, hold it for 
a while.” 

Nick frowned but took the glowing pink ball of fur. He thought of 
Screed and wondered whether the carouche would have found tribbles 
tasty. They seemed to have a relaxing effect. 

“All right, LaCroix. Have it your way. Want a tribble?” Nick brought 
the creature closer, and it suddenly hissed. 

“No! Get those things out of my sight. I do not want to see another 
tribble again. Understood?” 

Nick and Janette nodded. 

“Good. I’m going to rest.” 

LaCroix went into the back room. 

“Nicola, could you take the creatures home? LaCroix will have a most 
unpleasant disposition if he finds them here when he wakes up,” Janette 

“All right.” Nick gathered the tribbles and took them home.

Part 2/2

Several days later… 

Natalie went downstairs for breakfast. She’d moved in with Nick after 
his proposal. He’d had to purchase a new home since Divia destroyed the 
loft in a fit of rage. The house was much more roomy. 

Natalie gasped as she saw a strange pink light coming from the kitchen. 
Tribbles were everywhere! In the sink, on the table, on the floor, on 
the shelves… Nick said he’d only brought home six of them! 

A very sleepy vampire came downstairs at the sound of Natalie calling 
his name, and stared at the pink tribbles everywhere. “Q!” 

The entity appeared and bowed with a flourish. “At your service.” 

“Can you get rid of the tribbles?” Nick asked. “How did they multiply 
so fast?” 

“That’s the nature of tribbles. But don’t worry, I’ll get rid of them 
for you.” He snapped his fingers. 

LaCroix had been sleeping when all of a sudden, he heard hundreds of 
tiny heartbeats. The vampire awoke to the sight of glowing pink 
tribbles everywhere. They filled his bed, his floor, there was no space 
to be found that did not have a tribble in it. “Janette!” He growled. 

The door flung open. Janette was not happy about being woke up at 10 
am. She wore a red silk nightgown. “What is it?” She snarled, then saw 
the tribbles. “Oh, my . . .” The vampiress started to laugh. 

“This is not funny!” LaCroix roared, in full vamp mode. All of the 
tribbles in the room started to hiss at him. 

Q appeared from nowhere, laughing hysterically. “Definitely a Kodak 
moment.” He snapped his fingers and a camera appeared. After taking a 
picture, Q showed the photograph to both vampires. He snapped his 
fingers and the tribbles disappeared. 

“Where did they go?” Janette asked. “You didn’t send them to Nicola, I 

“No, I brought them back to where they came from originally,” Q said, 
still snickering. 

LaCroix snarled. “Get out.” 

“You wound me, General Lucius. You’re far too serious. As long as 
you’re going to live, you might as well develop a sense of humor.” 

“I have a sense of humor. It involves you being completely drained by 

“Allow you a taste of my blood? I don’t think so. One drop, and you’d 
know everything. It might drive you insane.” Q was completely serious 

“I’m willing to take that risk.” 

Q considered it. The vampire would be all-powerful for an instant. In 
that moment, he could do anything. It would be a true test of the 
vampire’s mettle. “All right.” Q held out his wrist. “One drop, no 

“Very well.” 

LaCroix sank his fangs into Q’s wrist. Suddenly, he was overwhelmed by 
intoxicating power. The vampire wanted more, but Q wasn’t willing to 
give it to him. Lucien’s eyes turned silver as the Continuum’s power 
flowed within him. He knew the secrets of the universe. He could read 
the thoughts of everyone on earth, even the supernatural beings. In a 
single instant, LaCroix was more powerful than he’d ever dreamt of 
becoming. What would he do with his newfound power? The answer came to 

In a heartbeat, Fleur de Brabant stood between Q and LaCroix. The 
vampire had taken her out of time – not death, but from her own time. 
She was more lovely than he remembered, and her warmth seemed to flood 
the room. 

“Lucien?” She asked in medieval French. “Where am I?” 

“My precious Fleur, you are here.” Blood tears welled up in LaCroix’s 
eyes. “I have missed you so very much.” 

Q was touched. The ancient Roman could have done anything he wanted to. 
But instead of causing destruction or harm, he’d brought his love from 
the past. Q hadn’t expected this turn of events. “You impress me, 

“Have I passed your test, Q?” 

“Yes. Unfortunately, I can’t allow Fleur to stay.” 

“I love you, Fleur, as always.” LaCroix kissed her, in an unusual show 
of emotion. “I’m afraid I must send you back.” 

“Is this a dream?” 

Q nodded. 

“Yes,” LaCroix lied. “A most wonderful dream, my love. Good-bye.” 

“Farewell,” she said. 

Lucien snapped his fingers. Then he felt the power drain from him. “I 
suppose I should be grateful for this opportunity, Q. But please, no 
more tribbles.” 

“I really must be going,” Q said, and left with a bright flash of 
light. This was the most fun he’d had in ages.