Submitting to the Xover Fiction Archive

Submission Guidelines/Instructions:

All submitted stories must be complete and readable -- please at least spellcheck. :) Beta-readers can also be helpful. I may eventually include a WIP section, but not unless I have requests.

All submitted stories must be a crossover with two (or more) fandoms.

Ratings: Please give a rating for your story when submitting. If you're not sure, just take a guess. All adult stories with rating of R or higher or with content that not all readers would like (for example, slash) *must* have a rating/warning with them at the beginning.

Summary: If you would like to have a summary for your story in the archive, please provide one.

Format: Everything looks like a txt file (although most are html--I'm now primarily using txt), so there won't be any special formatting unless it's asked for when submitting.

Disclaimers: Please provide one with the text or in comments when submitting. :)

Just some comments.... If you revise a story after it's been put up, tell me, and I will switch the files. Same goes for needing email addresses changed. I don't mind doing that. And don't hesitate to ask me if you're confused about something. :)

Information needed when submiting:
Required info has a ** after it.

All fandoms in the story**
Rating** (along with any warnings--ie, slash, rape...things that some readers might want to avoid)
Summary if you would like one included
Any author's notes/comments (is it a part of a series, etc.)
URL of story** (or you can email me the story)

Note: Unless I know it's a story, ie with the above info in the body of the message, I will *not* open the attachment, so...if all info is in the story file, make sure your subject line says something like 'Story Submission' so I know what it is and a little note in the body of the message.

You can either send me an , or you can use the form below:
(Required info has a ** next to the box. If you leave out an important one (like email or fandoms or rating) it will delay getting your story in the archive as I will need to email you.)

Title of Story:          **
Your name:               **
Your email address:      **
Rating and any warnings: **
(Please give a rating if possible for all submissions as this archive
includes all ratings.  A rating is required for R/NC-17/Adult stories.)

Fandoms (please list all): **

A one or two sentence summary if you wish one included.

Comments on the story...Is it part of a series, etc. Disclaimer if one is not in the story file.

URL location of the story text so I can copy it and any general comments/questions you might have. (If you're planning on emailing me the text, please note that here.) **

Want to know when your story is in the archive? Yes No

Know of a story that's not in the archive that you think should be (and are not the author of)? Email me with the story's title, the author, where it can be found...and I'll see about getting permission. You can also use the form below:

Title of Story:     
Author name:        

Where can this story be found? URL of story and/or site it is on.

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Submission guidelines last modified 13 July, 2002