The Truth

Author: sweetkitty
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Rating: PG-13
Category: AU/Sentinel crossover with Highlander, SG-1, and TBAA
Disclaimer: The Sentinel is owned by Pet Fly Production and Paramount.
The Highlander is owned by Davis/Panzer Production.  SG-1 is owned by
CBS and Moon Water Production own Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double
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don't make any money form righting the story.
Summer: The SGC asks the Sentinel and Guide for help with a
translation and the Ga'uald.  While the Angels watch over Daryl until
he reaches his father in Oklahoma.
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Cheyenne Mountain
SGC Headquarters
Friday, July 3rd, 1998\
3:00 P.M.

            People were working in Cheyenne Mountain when the alrm
went off announcing the arrival of one of the Stargate teams.  Walking
into the control room General George Hammond asked, "Who's arriving,
"The signature says it's SG-1, sir," answered the technician.

"Open the iris," said the General.

       The iris opens and a sea of liguid rushes out and then back in
a minute later, four people walk out of the gate, one of them carrying
an old book.

"What do you have, Doctor Jackson?" the General asks.

"The people of PZX-1123 gave me this book to read about their people,"
answered Doctor Jackson.

"Why would they just givc you a book?" the General asked, surprised

"When their shaman found out about our problem with the Goa'uld, he
gave me this book and told me to read it.  Then, when I understood
everything, to return it," answered Dr. Jackson.

"Do you think this book will help?" asked General Hammond.

"We have nothing else to lose," answered Dr. Jackson.

"Can we please change the subject, before Danny goes into explanation
mode?" asked Colonel Jack O'Neil.

"After everyone changes, I want you in the debriefing room," the
General said, before they left.

An hour later, when everyone was sitting around the debriefing table,
the Gerneral asked, "So people, what can you tell me about PZX-123?"

"It's an interesting planet, it's all forest," answered Daniel.

"What do you mean the planet is all forest?" asked the Genereal.

"These people look like their ancestors were taken from the persuvian
jungle," answered Major Samantha Carter, "And have kept everything the

"Do you know how they reveloted against the Goa'uld?" asked the

"That's most interseting part," said Daniel.  "I asked, and all they
said was that I had to read the book and I would understand."

"Do you understand what it says?" asked the General, while thumbing
through the book.

"I've skimmed through it, and the writing looks mostly Peruvian, but
there are some word that I can't decipher yet," answered Daniel.

"Anything else about these people I should know?" asked Hammond.

"Yes General, every time I got near their medicine man, my symbiote
became very active," said Teal'c 

"What do you mean, Teal'c?" asked Jack.

"There seems to be something about the medicine man that my symbiote
does not like," answered Teal'c.  Also, there was a man who never left
the shaman's side, and every time I was near them he would cook his
head and sniff the air and then growled at me," explained Teal'c.

"That's interesting," said Daniel.  "Why didn't you tell us?"

"I did not think that it was important DanielJackson," answered

"If there's nothing else, you're all dismissed," said the General,
standing to leave.

"When do you need the translation, sir?" asked Daniel.

"As quickly as possible," answered Hammond.

"How long do you need to decipher the book?" asked Jack.

"I really don't know, Jack," answered Daniel.

"If you need anything, ask," Jack saidm before leaving.

"Thanks, Jack," Daniel said, leaving for his office.

Cheyenne Reservation
4:00 P.M.

          Blair, Jim, and Simon were practicing their sword fighting
when Blair gets a flash of a book with strange writing on it causing
him to stop fightin and Jim to cut him.

"Why'd you stop?" Jim asked, realizing that he'd cut Blair.

"I just got a flash of an old book with strange, but familiar
writing," answered Blair.

"What was strange and familiar about the writing?" asked Simon.

"It looked like it was Chopec, but it wasn't," answered Blair.  Then,
he got another flash, but this one was about a big metal object with
the strange writing.  "Wow, just had a flash of a round metal object."

"Little Star, is this hurting him?" Jim asked, when his sense of
hearing picked up Blair's increased heart rate.

"No, but the sudden visions just caught him off guard," answered
Little Star.  "Why don't you all take a break and have some dinner.

(God, I wish I had my computer here,) Blair thought to himslef.  "We
might as well get something to eat, man," Blair said, before walking

         They were walking toward the cabin, when out of nowhere,
Blair receives another vision, but this one was baout men and women
dressed in old Egyptian garb with glowing eyes.  This vision stopped
him  his tracks.  He then hears them speak in a strange language.

"Master, the Tori are finding more of your worshipers," said one of
the priests.

"We will have to get ride of them then," said the man sitting on the

"We can't master, the Asguard are still protecting them," answered the

"Is there anything we can do?" asked the ruler.

"We will think of something sire," said the priest.

          As the vision of the men in Egyptian garb faded, another one
appeared.  This one, however, was of a small town in which people with
swords were fighting strange creatrues.  As they were fighting, a man
with a goatee appeared holding a glowing blue sword and next ot him
was a creature that Blair has never seen, but had heard of.

Having all these visions increased Blair's heart rate, causing Jim to
come running, "Chief, what's wrong?" asked Jim.

"I just had a another vision, but this time a Gargoyle was in it,"
Blair answered trying to catcvh his breath.

"What do you mean, a Gargoyle?" Jim asked, surprised.

Before Blair could answer, Simon walked up to them and asked, "What's

"Blair had another vision," Jim answered, getting Blair some water.

"What was this one about?" asked Simon.

"The first one was of men and women with glowing eyes..." but before
Blair could finish his sentecne there was a crash from them.  Turning
around, they saw Jim standing there with a surprised look on his face.

"Jim, man, you all right?" Blair asked, walking toward him.

"I had a dream a year ago about men and women with glowing eyes, just
before Incacha came to teach you," Jim said, trying to understand the
meaning behind him dream and Blair's vision.

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" Blair asked, surprised.

"I didn't think it was important at first," answered Jim.

"So, what are we going to do?" asked Simon.

"What can we do?" asked Jim.

"You'll wait until you're contacted," said Little Star.

"Contacted by whom?" asked Jim.

"You'll know soon, but first call Megan.  Tell her if any one contact
her regarding you, to send them here," answered Little Star.  "Now,
let's eat and then contiunue with your training."

         Dinner finished and the guys went back to practicing with
their swords and abilities when Little Tiger walked into the clearing
carrying a note.  "What are you doing here, Little Tiger?" asked
Little Star. "You know that you can't be here while I'm teaching."

"I know teacher, but I have a message for Big Bear," Little Tiger
said, handing the note to Simon.

Taking the note SImon began to read, when all of a sudden his eyes go
wide, "Oh, my."

"Simon, what's up?" asked Blair, seeing the look on Simon's face.

"It's from my ex-wife, she's sending Daryl here to stay with me.  She
says that she was offered a job out of state and the position wont let
her have enough free time to look after him," answered Simon.

(I don't dare tell him the boy can't be his sone, because then I'd
have to tell him he's pre-immortal,) thought Little Star. When she
looke dtoward Jim and Blari, she saw the look that passed between
them.  (They know that Simon is a pre-immortal.)

"When's he arriving?" asked Blair. (I hope he never knows that Daryl
isn't his.)"It says here, tomorrow or the next day," answered Simon,
"I canít wait."

"Itís six oíclock, why donít you take a break, and weíll start again
tomorrow," Little Star said, putting everything away.

Cascade, Washington
Bankís Residents
5:00 P.M.

Daryl Banks was sitting in his room trying to understand why his
mother took the job in China. (She doesnít want me anymore, not since
Dad moved to Oklahoma.  Guess sheís bored with me now that she doesnít
have to fight him over me,) Thought Daryl.

Meanwhile, four glowing people sat watching the boy, when one of them
asked, "Is what heís thinking true, Tess?"

"No, baby, his mother loves him very much, this is all part of godís
plan," answered Tess.

"Then why are we here?" asked the woman with the glasses.

"Because he canít die this young," said the man.

"If he dies, he wonít go home?" Gloria asked, in a shocked voice.

"No Gloria, weíre here because heís too young to be immortal,"
answered Tess.

"Whatís immortal?" asked Gloria.

Before Tess or Andrew could explain, the bedroom opened, "Daryl, we
need to talk," said Joan Banks, walking into the room.

"Thereís nothing to talk about," said Daryl.

"Honey, this job is very important, besides, youíll get to stay with
your father," said Joan.

"Why did you take this job, if you knew I wouldnít be able to come?"
asked Daryl.

"I took it because it will give me the chance in the corporate world,"
answered Joan.

{Monica, go ring the doorbell before she says anything else} Tess
said, becoming angry.

{So, heís my assignment?} asked Monica.

{Yes, you are to take him to his father} answered Tess.

{I thought immortals didnít have parents?} asked Monica. 

{They donít, but until this boys first death and he knows heís
immortals theyíre his parents} answered Tess.


Daryl was just about to ask Joan another question, when the doorbell
rang. "Iíll get it," Joan said, going downstairs.

Opening the door Joan sees that itís a woman with long chestnut hair,
"May I help you?" asked Joan.

"Yes, Iím Monica.  Iím here to take Daryl to the airport for his
flight to Oklahoma," answered Monica.

"Ah yes, but youíre a day early," said Joan.

"I am, how silly of me," Monica said, giving Joan a smile,  "If you
like I can come back tomorrow." 

"Donít be silly, there is no reason for you to leave and then come
back.  You can stay here," Joan said, stepping aside to let Monica in.

"Mom, whoís this?" Daryl asked, coming downstairs.

"Honey, this is Monica sheíll be taking you to Oklahoma," answered

"Mom, Iím not a baby.  I can take care of my self," Daryl said,
becoming embarrassed.

"I know you can, but it will make me feel so much better," said Joan.

With a groan Daryl went back upstairs.

"Tess, whatís an immortal?" Gloria asked, again.

"Well baby, an immortal is someone who can never truly die, except if
he or she are decapitated.  They can never grow old or get sick,"
answered Tess.  Then she explains about the game, the rules, and how
and who stopped the game. 

"Why would someone start something so terrible?"  asked Gloria.

"Because Methos was bored and had nothing else to do," answered
Andrew, with a far away look on his face. "Whose the oldest immortal
now?" asked Gloria.

"That would be Methos, whoís around ten thousand years old, but for
some reason he can only remember the last five thousand years,"
answered Tess.

"That name sounds very familiar," said Gloria.

"He was one of the Horsemen," Andrew answered, with a sad look.

"You mean the Four Horsemen, who killed, maimed and raped for two
thousand years?" Gloria said, in a shocked voice.

"Yes baby.  He was so angry after his family was put to death that he
formed the Horsemen," answered Tess, also with a sad voice.

"But now he fights for the light, trying to redeem himself," said

"How do you know him, Andrew?" asked Gloria.

"I was there after the Horsemenís rampage.  I also wanted to know why
he changed his mind after two thousand years," he answered.  

"What did you find out?" Gloria asked, in a hushed voice.

"He realized that what he was doing was no longer right, so he left,"
answered Andrew.

"Ok, you two enough with the sour mode," Tess said, before they faded

Cheyenne Mountain
8:00 P.M.

Daniel Jackson was in his office trying to decipher the book, when
Jack walked in, "Hey Daniel, you still at it?"

"This book is hard to decipher, but this is what Iíve got so far < The
Champion, Companion, and Watcher will help fight the darkness.  This
darkness travels in all worlds.  The three will have help from those
chosen to fight against the darkness. > Translated Daniel.

"What does all that mean?" Jack asked, in a confused voice.

"I have absolutely no idea, and until I decipher the text I wonít,"
answered Daniel.

"Daniel, go home, you can get back to it tomorrow," said Jack.

"What time is it?" asked Daniel.

"Itís around eight oíclock, now go home," Jack says, before leaving.

Deciding to leave his translation for tomorrow, Daniel was putting
everything away when a voice said, "The person you need to talk to is
in Cascade."

       Standing up Daniel looked around to see who spoke to him, not
seeing any one there he continued to clean up.  Thatís when he noticed
a drawing of a jungle with a black jaguar, a wolf, and a bear.  In the
back there seemed to be figures of men, but it was hard to see because
they were in shadow.

(Iíll take this with me and look it up on my computer,) Daniel
thought, before leaving. 

"Go to Cascade," said a voice.

(That was very weird,) Daniel thought, as he got into the elevator.

        Daniel arrived home very tired around ten oíclock that night,
so he decided to get some sleep and hopefully translate the book
tomorrow.  As Daniel was falling asleep a black jaguar, a wolf, and a
bear appear near him. "You will find what you are looking for in
Cascade," said a voice.

Turning around Daniel tried to find the source of the voice, but the
only thing there was were the animals from the picture.

"In Cascade you must go to the police station and contact Conner," the
voice said, before the vision disappeared and Daniel awoke.

Cheyenne Reservation
June 4th,
7:00 A.M.

             Blair and Jim were practicing when they felt a buzzing,
turning around they see a young woman walk out of the trees.  

"Can we help you?" asked Jim.

"There can be only one," the young woman said, taking out her sword.

"This is holy ground, we canít fight here," said Blair.

"I donít care, I still challenge you both," said the young girl.

"Didnít you get the parchment with the translation?" asked Jim.

"I got it, but I donít care," answered the woman, pointing the sword
at Blair.  "Youíll do."

"Look I...." but before Blair could finish his sentence, she attached
him, which Blair blocked and the fight began.

        An hour into the fight they were both becoming exhausted when
the young woman tripped, and that was when Blair saw his opening.
Taking a swing, Blair decapitated the young woman.  He then dropped to
his knees from exhaustion, while her body fell in a heap.  A minute
later a bluish mist began to rise from the body and swirl around

"Run NOW!" yelled Blair.

At first, Jim didnít understand what was happening until the mist
started to enter Blairís body.  Thatís when everything began to
explode with electricity, causing Blair to raise both arms in the air.
As everything is exploding some of the Quickening began to travel
toward Jim, who felt much more power because of his sentinel

         It was about a minute later, when everything was quiet, that
Blair became aware of the heat surrounding him.  As he, opened his
eyes, he looks around and sees that the clearing is on fire.  So, he
gets up on shaky feet and begins to walk away, when he hears a noise
from behind.  Turning around, Blair sees Jim in a fetal position, and
he runs to him.

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"Jim!" yelled Blair.

       Not being able to answer him, Jim rolled over but was still in
a fetal position trying to get control of his senses.  Sitting down
next to him, Blair begins to talk to him in his guide voice, trying to
help Jim get his senses back in order.  He was talking to Jim and they
didnít notice the fire getting closer.  Just then, Little Star walked
into the clearing after hearing the explosion, glancing around she
noticed everything that had happening.

"How could you fight on holy ground? Whatís wrong with Jim?" asked
Little Star.

Holding Jim, Blair answers, "She didnít give me much of a choice.  As
for Jim, he absorbed some of the Quickening and itís effecting his

"I thought he had control of his senses," Little Star said, surprised.

"He does it just caught him off guard," answered Blair.

"I think we should leave before we all burn up," Little Star said,
helping Jim with Blair.

As they were walking back to the cabin, there was an explosion behind
them.  Turning around, they saw the clearing being bombarded by rocks
and trees.  Then, from the ground came ash and fire in a big

"Wow, whatís happening?" Blair asked, in a surprised voice.

"Our ancestors are not happy that there was a fight on their holy
ground," answered Little Star.

"What will happen?" asked Blair.

"They want the person who started the fight, so they can extract their
revenge on her," answered Little Star.  "And nothing you do will
change it," Little Star continued, as if she seemed to read Blairís

"Canít I try?" Blair asked, as they where walking away.

"No, there is no use trying," Little Star said, walking toward the

        As they reached the cabin, Simon came running out to meet
them, "What happened?" Simon asked, seeing Jim in his state.

"I was challenged and Jim received some of the Quickening," answered
Blair.  "The Quickening somehow affected his senses."  After getting
Jim into the cabin, Blair began to help him to lower his senses.


Cheyenne Mountain
9:00 A.M.

Knocking, Daniel stepped into Generalís office saying, "General, we
have to talk."

"What about, Doctor Jackson?" asked General Hammond.

"I know this will sound strange, but I had a dream telling me to go to
Cascade, Washington and talk to a Connor.  This person will help will
help me find the answers to the book," explained Daniel, as he showed
the general the picture.

"What is this?" asked the General, taking the picture.  "Just what is
it that am I looking at, Doctor?"

"I found this picture in the book and that is when I had a dream about
these animals," answered Daniel.

"Do you have any reason to think that these people will help us?"
asked the General.

"I canít explain it, but I think they will," answered Daniel.

Pushing the intercom button on his desk the General said, "Colonel
OíNeil, Major Carter, and Tealíc come to my office."  A minute later,
the two officers and Jaffa walked into the generalís office.

"You wanted to see us, sir?" asked Colonel OíNeil.

"Yes, you four are going to Cascade, Washington to see someone named
Connor," answered the General.  

"Why are we going there?" asked Major Carter.

"I had a dream telling me to go to Cascade and speak to someone named
Conner," answered Daniel.

Jack was about to say something, but before he could, the General
spoke up, "Colonel, this isnít a discussion, just go."

"Yes, sir," Jack said, before leaving.

"Jack, the dream felt very real," Daniel said, knowing exactly what
Jack was going to say.  "The dream told me that we would get answers
to the book," Daniel continued, as they walked toward his office, so
he could get the book.

       As Daniel was getting the book, the rest of SG-1 were changing
for their journey to Cascade.  Then, they took the army jet, and
arrived at the Cascade airport an hour later.  

As they land Jack asks, "Do you know where we have to go?"

"Yes, to the Cascade PD Major Crimes division," answered Daniel,
getting into the car that was provided.

Thirty minutes later they arrive at the Cascade PD, walking into the
building Jack said, "We would like to talk to Conner."

"And you are?" asked the desk Sergeant.

"Iím Colonel Jack OíNeil, United States Air Force," Jack said, showing
the Sergeant his id.

Around 11:30 a.m. that they were allowed to go up to the seventh
floor, where Major Crimes was located.  Walking in Jack asked the
first person he saw, "Where can we find Conner?"

"Over there," the detective answered, pointing to a tall dark haired

"Ms. Conner, can we talk to you?" Daniel asked, walking up to her.

"How can I help you?" Conner asked, in a weary voice.

"I know this is going to sound strange, but I was told to come to you
and youíll help us find someone who can translate a book for us," said

(These are the ones you are to send to the Sentinel and Guide,) a
voice says, in Meganís head.

"Please come with me," Conner says, as she walks toward one of the
interview rooms. "You will have to go to the Cheyenne Reservation in
Oklahoma and see Jim Ellison and Simon Banks," Megan continued, as she
handed a note to Daniel.  "Now please leave."

"That was weird," Jack said, leaving Major Crimes.

"There has to be a reason she did that," Carter said, getting into the

"So, I guess weíre going to Oklahoma," Jack said, getting out of the
elevator and walking toward the car.

The four member of SG-1 were resting while they took the jet to
Oklahoma, which took about an hour.  Arriving around one oíclock in
the afternoon, they take a reserved car, and drive to the reservation.

Cascade Washington
Joan Bankís Residence
8:00 A.M.

            Getting up, they washed, dressed, and ate; Monica then
drove herself and Daryl to the airport where they checked in and
waited for their flight to be called.  They had to wait for about an
hour and then it took them another hour to arrive in Oklahoma.  Next,
they got a car and drove to the reservation.    

"Daryl, talk to me," Monica said, as she was driving.

"Whatís there to talk about?" Daryl said, wishing he were anywhere but

"Youíre angry, you should talk about it," said Monica.

"There is nothing to talk about," Daryl said, turning away from

< Donít push him, baby, > said Tess, in Monicaís head.

Deciding to take Tessí advise Monica left it alone for now, and
continued to drive to the reservation, which took about another thirty
minutes before they arrived.

"Excuse me, can you tell us where to find Simon Banks?" Monica asked,
as she pulled into the reservation around ten-thirty.

"And you are?" asked one of the men.

"Iím sorry, Iím Monica and this is his son Daryl," answered Monica.

"Keep driving until you reach the tenth house," answered the man.

         Five minutes later they arrived at the cabin, getting out of
the car Monica and Daryl walked up the steps and knocked.  Simon
opened the door and when he saw Daryl, he smiled.

"Son, Iím so glade to see you," Simon said, letting Daryl and Monica

Walking in Daryl looked around and saw how small the place was, then
he heard the door open behind him; turning around Daryl sees Jim walk
in followed by Blair.

"Youíre supposed to be dead," Daryl said, in a surprised voice.

"I was dead, I became immortal," Blair answered. 

"Why didnít you come back to Cascade?" asked Daryl.

"Because everyone thought I was dead," answered Blair.

"Well, Iím glad youíre not dead," said Daryl.

"So am I," Blair answered, hugging Daryl.

"Daryl, we have to tell you something else," Simon spoke up.

Thatís when Jim noticed Monica standing there.  "Youíre an angle," Jim
said, matter-of-factly. "How did you know?" Monica asked, surprised.

Just then Tess, Andrew, and Gloria appeared, "Theyíre some of
Michaelís worriers," said Tess.

"You know Michael?" Gloria asked, them in wonder.

"Wow, youíre telling me their angels?  Angels of GOD?" Daryl asked,

"Yes, baby we are," Tess answered, with a smile.

"Why was an angel sent to me?" asked Daryl. 

Just then a white light appeared and then transformed into a man, "An
angel was sent to you, because you will be one of the fighters for the
light," answered the man.

The three angles were speechless, except for Tess who was standing
there smiling.

"Who are you?" Daryl asked, surprised to see another angle.

"Iím the Archangel Michael, and I assigned Monica to you," answered

"Sir, heís just a child," said Monica.

"I know, but thereís nothing we can do, heís needed," Michael said,
sadness in his eyes and voice.

"Heís not the only one is he?" said Jim.

"No, but he still has time," Michael answered, while looking at Daryl.

"What you learn here will help us with the fight against darkness, but
remember this God and your parents will always love you no matter
what," Michael said, before he and the angles vanished.

It was around one oíclock when SG-1 arrived at the reservation and
they asked, "Hi, weíre looking for Jim Ellison."

"Whoís ...?" 

However, before the Native American man could say anything else Little
Star walked up to them, "Good, youíre here follow me," Little Star
said, walking away.

"Guess we follow the woman," said Jack.

"Blair, the men from the vision have come," Little Star said, walking
up to the group.

"What...?" Blair asked, turning around.  

"Chief, you all right?" Jim asked, picking up Blairís accelerated
heart rate.

"Yea, they just startled me," Blair said, while looking at Daniel.
"Whereís the book?"

"How do you know about the book?" Jack asked, surprised and a little

"It was in my vision," answered Blair, still looking at Daniel.

"Iím sorry, but what we have to say is top secret," said Daniel.

{We should give them something; maybe then theyíll let me see the
book,} Blair says to Jim, Simon, and Little Star.

{Mandar is right, give them something,} said Little Star.

{What should we disclose?} asked Simon. 

When Jim didnít answer, Blair turned toward seeing him standing there
looking at the tall black man so Blair turned around to look at him
when felt a something different about him, and when he tried to read
the man Blair felt that he was different from other humans.

{Simon, do you feel that?} asked Blair.

{Yes, there is something about him, but I canít put my finger on it,}
answered Simon.

{Thereís something inside him,} Jim said, out of the nowhere.

{Can you tell what it is?} asked Simon.

{No, but heís not human,} answered Jim.

"Iíll tell you what you want to know, if you tell me about your
friend," said Blair.

"We donít know what you mean?" Jack lied.

"We know your friendís different," Jim said, looking at Tealíc.

"Sorry, we donít know what you mean," Sam lied.

Cocking his head, Jim says, "Youíre both lying."

"My god, youíre a sentinel," Daniel said, in a surprised voice.

"Daniel, what are you talking about?" asked Jack.

"How do you know about sentinels?" asked Blair, surprised.

"Besides being an archeologist, Iím also an anthropologist," answered
Daniel.  Then he explained to Jack what a sentinel was.

"Daniel, if you trying to tell me this guy is some kind of

Before Jack could finish Jim said, "You had a cheeseburger, French
fries, and coke for lunch, and your heart rate just spiked from 90 to
100," answered Jim.

"That is only proves that two of your senses are better than average,"
said Sam.

"Does anyone have binoculars?" asked Blair.

"No," answered Jack.

"OK, then one of you write something on a piece of paper and then walk
far enough away, but will still be able to hear," said Blair.


             Taking out a piece of paper Daniel wrote something down
and had everyone except Jim look at it.  Then, Tealíc walked far away
so that it was hard for everyone else to read.  As Tealíc was turning
around Jim extended his eyesight to read the message: < We need your
help. >

"Weíll help you if you tell us the truth," Jim said, after reading the

"Give me a moment," Jack said, taking out his cell phone.

"SGC Headquarters," said a voice.

"This is Colonel OíNeil, SG-1 code: 545112.  I need to talk to General
Hammond," said Jack to the officer on the phone.

"One moment, Colonel," said the voice.

"Colonel, you have something?" asked the General.

"Yes sir, weíve found the people that can help us, but they want
information," said Jack.

"Give them as much information as possible, we need their help
Colonel," said Hammond.

Turning back toward the group Jack began to tell them about the
Stargate, other worlds, and the Goaíuld."

"So, what youíre saying is that you opened a gate to other worlds,
which pissed people off," Jim said, when Jack was finished.

"We just wanted to know more about our world," Daniel said,

"Youíll have to forgive Jim, being a sentinel, heís just protecting
his tribe," Blair said, giving them a smile.

"I understand how he feels, but we did what we thought was right,"
answered Daniel.

Before Jim could say anything else Blair said, "Why donít you give me
the book, and Iíll { look it over."  As he opened it, the language
inside was very familiar, but Blair knew that he never saw this
language before.

[We the descendants of the Chopec of the Tori, who came to this world
as slaves to the Goaíuld.  We became their slaveís for generation
after generation.  One day, though, our oldest Shaman had a vision.
In it, our Shaman said that three would be born who would free us.
These three would have powers that were given to them by the real
gods.  One will have six senses; the second will be his guide, who
will have the ability to communicate with animals and nature; and The
third will be able to heal those who have been hurt by evil.  Also,
all will be able to communicate with each other telepathically. 

As time passed our people where killed, sacrificed, and/or infested
with a Goaíuld Symbiote.  It was a thousand years before the prophecy
came to pass, and three of our women gave birth to our saviors.  As
they grew older our Shaman had another vision, but this one was of the

Blair was about to continue when Daniel said, "Can you translate what
you have read?"

"Iíll try," Blair said, and begins to translate from the beginning.  

When Blair was finished Jack asked, "So, what it basically says is
that we need to find people who fight evil to help us?"

"Thatís the basics of it.  Look man, Iím just telling you what it
says," says Blair.

"How can ... ?" Just then the wind picked up, and thatís when they saw
the spirit animals walking out of the trees.  They stopped, looked at
SG-1, and then transformed into Chopec worriers and then turned toward
Jim, Blair, and Simon to communicate with them telepathically, before
turning back animal forms and walking back into the trees.

"What was that about?" Jack asked, in a surprised voice.

"Those were our spirit guides," answered Blair.  Then he explained
about spirit guides, Sentinels, guides, and watchers.

"So, what your saying is that a Sentinel needs a guide to help him
control his senses, while a watcher looks over them," said Daniel.

"You got it, man," answered Blair.

"Would you excuse me?" Jack said, taking out his cell phone.  Walking
a short distance away, Jack called the SGC headquarters again.

"Colonel, did you get the information we need?" asked Hammond.

"Oh, yes sir, we got more than we expected," answered Jack.

"What does that mean?" asked Hammond.

That is when Jack told Hammond everything that happened, which
surprised Hammond who asked, "Will they help us?"

"I think so, sir," answered Jack.

"Then talk to them," Hammond said, before hanging up.

Walking back to the cabin Jack asked, "Will you come with us and help
with our problem?"

When Jack said that they would have to go with them Blairís heart rate
began to rise and he started to hyperventilate.

"Chief, take a deep slow breathes," Jim said, picking up Blairís
rising heart rate.

"Whatís wrong with him?" Sam asked, seeing the panic in Blairís eyes.

"Heís having an attack," Simon answered, watching Jim help Blair.

{Weíre going to have to tell them that weíre immortal,} Blair said, to

{Are you sure?} asked Simon.

{We have to help them,} answered Blair.

"Can I help?" asked Sam.

"No, everything is fine, but we do have tell you something," said

"Whatís that?" asked Jack.

"Jim and I are immortal," answered Blair. 

"And that would mean, what?" Jack asked, in a sarcastic voice.

"It means theyíll never die, grow old, or get sick," answered Daniel,
looking at both Jim and Blair with new eyes."How do you about
immortals?" asked Little Star.

"There have been stories about immortals," answered Daniel.

"So, your telling me that there are people out there that live for
ever?" Jack asked, skeptically.

"It does mean that, but we can die from decapitation," said Blair.
Then he explained about the game, the rules, and how someone found the
truth about immortality.

Page 3

Without saying a word Jim takes out his sword and cuts himself.
"Whyíd you do that?" Sam yelled, running up to him, what she sees,
though, stops her in her tracks.  The wound on the forearm was healing
and you can see blue sparks knitting the flesh together.

"Jack, his cut has healed," Daniel said, watching the cut heal.

"Do you think the other immortals will help us?" asked Jack; trying to
grasp the concept that someone can live forever.

"Sorry man, donít know anymore immortals," Blair says, in apologetic

"Then youíll have to do," Jack says, in a sarcastic voice.

"Gee, thanks," Blair answers, back in a sarcastic voice.

"I canít leave Daryl, he just got here," said Simon.

"He has to come with us," Blair said, getting a vision of Michael
pointing at Daryl.

"Now, hold on, Iím not taking any kids," Jack said, with a stern

"No Daryl, no us," answers Blair.

"Jack, we need them," said Daniel.

          Thinking about the concept of taking a child with them, Jack
was about to say no again, when he gets a flash of kids fighting
against monsters.  

"Jack, you ok?" Daniel asked, seeing the blank look on Jackís face.

"Yea, I guess he can come," answered Jack.

"Sir, do you think itís the right thing to do?" Sam asked, surprised.

""Iím sure, major," answered Jack.

"When do you want to leave?" asked Simon.

"We can leave today," answered Jack.

"What time is it now?" wondered Blair. 

"Itís around twelve, why?" Jim answered. 

Turning to Daniel, Blair asked, "If youíd like, I can try to
translating the book until we leave?"

"Sure, and Iíll help," Daniel said, as they left with the book.

"While Blair and Daniel are translating the book, we can show you
around," said Jim.

Just then Little Star came back, "Let your friends get some rest and
then you can show them around."

"I am a little tired." Sam said, as she followed Jim toward the cabin.

Jim was showing SG-1 where they could rest, while Simon went to his
cabin to talk to Daryl.  Walking in, Simon called out.

"Yea, dad?" Daryl called back.

"Son, we have to talk," said Simon.

"What is it dad?" Daryl asked, trying to hold back his fear.

"The people who came here need our help, and we told them yes.  Jim,
Blair, you, and me are leaving in an hour or two," answered Simon.

"Weíre we going?" asked Daryl, relieved that his father wants him.

"Weíll be going to Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain," answered Simon.

"Wow, cool," Daryl said, excited.

Smiling Simon, read Darylís thoughts, (Why would he think Iíd leave

        Meanwhile, Blair and Daniel were translating the rest of the
book; which basically says that Sentinels, Guides, and Watchers of the
other world used their power to free their people from the Goaíuld.
They would use their telepathic powers to burn the symbiot out of the

After rest, they decided to take Jim up on his offer to show them
around the reservation, when Jack asked, "Where you born with these

"Yea, but I suppressed them, until I crashed in Peru and they came
out, but when I was found and brought back, I suppressed them again.
It was a couple of years later that they came back, and thatís how I
met Blair," explained Jim.

It was around four oíclock when everyone decided to have dinner, and
then pack for their trip to Colorado.  Daryl and Simon where packing
when Jack knocked on the door and asked,  "Whereís Jim and Blair?"

"Their packing," answered Simon.

"Thanks," Jack said, walking away.

          Jack was walking toward the cabin when he heard steel
against steel clashing against each other, so he walks toward the
noise and sees Jim and Blair sparing with swords.  Standing there Jack
watches them practice, until they stopped and turned toward him.

{Do you feel that?} asked Blair.

{Yea, it seems Colonel OíNeil is a pre-immie,} answered Jim.

"Whyíd you guys stop?" asked Jack.

"Just taking a break," answered Blair. {Should we tell him?}

{You know what Little Star said,} answered Blair.

"I thought you were packing?" said Jack.

"What time is it?" asked Blair.

"Itís around two," answered Jack.

"Weíre going to shower and then finish packing." Jim said, putting his
sword away.


             Meanwhile, Daniel was going through the translations that
Blair made, when he found something interesting.  It states that all
Sentinels, Guides, and Watchers have spirit guides to look and protect
them in spirit world.  The spirit world is where the guide help their
charges find the answers to all their questions.  

(So, if Jim, Blair, and/or Simon have questions that they need answers
to, they go to the spirit world and learn them there,) Daniel thought
to himself. 

Taking out his cell phone Daniel called SGC head quarters, "Let me
talk to General Hammond," Daniel says, then gives him his id #.

"Do you have anything to report, Doctor Jackson?" asked the General.

"It seems that the guardians of planet PZX-1123 were able to defeat
the Goaíuld by using their mental powers against them," answered

"What does that have to do with the people youíre talking to," asked

"I know this is going to sound very weird, but these men are almost
the same as the oneís from that planet," answered Daniel.

"Are you sure that they are parallel to the oneís on planet PZX-1123?"
Asked Hammond.

"I believe they are," answered Daniel, "But we will have to make sure
we talk to them before we do anything?"

"Well, of thereís nothing else, Doctor, Iíll see you all tomorrow,"
Hammond said, before hanging up.

(I should talk to Jack, before I talk to them,) thought Daniel, as he
left the cabin.

Leaving the cabin Daniel bumped into Sam and Tealíc, "Where are you
going Daniel?" asked Sam.

"I have to talk to Jack, you should come with me," Daniel said, as he
walked toward the other cabin.  

"Jack, can I talk to you?" asked Daniel. 

"Sure, Daniel?" Jack said, walking out of the cabin.  "Whatís up?"

When Daniel was sure that they were far enough away, he began to
explain to Jack what he learned from the rest of the translations.

"So, what your saying is that the warriors of that planet, were able
to use their minds to destroy the Goaíuld?" Jack asked.

"Thatís the just of it," answered Daniel.

"Then we should tell them, and maybe they can help us," said Jack, as
they went back to the clearing.  Walking back toward the cabin they
see everyone was looking at them while Jim had his head cocked to the

"Were you listening to us Jim?" asked Daniel.

"Weíll try to help you as best we can," answered Jim.

"Do you think you could do what the warriors on the other planet did?"
asked Daniel.

"I donít know man, we never tried it, but as Jim said, weíll try our
best," answered Blair.

"Thatís all we ask," said Jack.

"What time is it?" asked Daryl, walking up to them.

"I would say itís around four oíclock," answered Simon, "Why?"

"I think we should leave now," said Jack.

As they walk back to the cabins, Little Star appeared in front of
them, "Mandar, Enrique, Great Bear I wish to talk," she said walking

Following her Blair asks, "What is it, Little Star?"

"When I was meditating, I was told that when it was time youíd be able
to use your abilities against the glowing eyes," explained Little

"We understand, Little Star, thank you," said Simon.

"What was that about?" asked Jack, as Simon, Blair, and Jim came back.

"Just told us to be careful," Blair lied. {We canít tell them right
now, maybe when we get to the planet and learn more.} 

{Blair, they told us everything, we should tell them,} said Simon.

{Blairís right, Simon,} said Jim.

"Well, Iím going to sleep," said Daryl, going up the stairs.

          As Daryl leaves, Blair gets a vision of a small town, but
this time he reads a sign that says Sunnydale.  Then the vision
changes to a different planet with people in old garbs fighting with

"Blair, you all right?" Jim asked, picking up his raising heart rate. 

"Yea, just had a vision," Blair answered, taking deep breaths trying
to get his heart rate down.

"Does this happen often?" Daniel asked, in an interested voice.

"Not all the time," answered Simon.

"Well, Iím going to bed," Sam said, going to her own cabin.

"Might as well go to bed, too," Jack said, also leaving.

We they leave Simon said, "Weíll have to tell them sooner or later."

"We will," said Blair, before going to his cabin too.

He was changing when feels warmth around him, opening his eyes, Blair
sees that heís in the jungle.

"Welcome, young one," a voice said, from behind him.

Turning around, Blair sees Incacha standing there, "What am I doing

"As time passes youíll be having more information given to you,"
answered Incacha.

"Where is Sunnydale?" asked Blair.

"You will know in time," answered Incacha, before disappearing.

While Blair was with Incacha, Jim was also having a vision of Incacha,
but this one was about how they would have to use their mental
abilities to fight the Goaíuld.

"Why do they do what they do?" asked Jim.

"They want power, and the only way for them to have it, is to take
over someoneís body," answered Incacha.

"Do you think weíll be able to stop them?" wondered Jim.

"You will have help in your fight," answered Incacha, before

June 5th, 1998
2:00 P.M.  

As Jim came back from the vision, he found Simon standing there and
asked, "Simon, what is it?"

"Itís almost time to go," answered Simon.

"Thanks for reminding me," said Jim as he went in to get ready.

Thirty minutes later Jim comes out, washed and changed and Simon asks,
"Are you going to tell me what happened?"

"I had a dream telling me that these Goaíuld just want power over
everything," answered Jim.

"So, what are we going to do about them?" asked Simon.

"We are going to use our powers to stop them," answered Blair, as he
walked into the cabin.

"Do we tell them?" asked Simon, walking out of the cabin.

"Not until we get to the mountain," answered Jim, as they walked
toward the clearing.

Meanwhile, Jack got a call from Hammond, who said, "Colonel, we have
some guests."

"Who are these visitors, sir?" asked Jack, becoming suspicious.

"The Toíkra, so get here as fast as you can," answered the General,
before hanging up.

"Itís time to go boys and girls," Jack said, picking up his bags.

"Man, why are you in a hurry?" asked Blair.

"We just need to get back," answered Jack, making sure he had

{Heís lying, or at least not telling us everything,} Jim said, picking
up Jackís heart rate.

{Whenís it timeís for us to know, theyíll tell us,} Simon said, also
getting ready.

          When everyone was ready they took Jackís car to the airport
and then took the jet to Colorado.  It then took them about an hour to
get to the Mountain.  As they arrived, the guards who were under
orders to show them to the infirmary, met them.  Thatís where Jack,
Sam, Daniel, and Tealíc left them, so they could meet with the Toíkra.

"Whyíd they leave us here?" asked Blair.

"We just need to do a medical check, donít worry, itís standard
procedure.  Once weíre done, then you can meet the others," answered
Dr. Janet Fraser.

           While Jim, Simon, Blair, and Daryl were being checked out,
SG-1" were walking into a conference room.  As they walk in, they see
Jacob with some other Toíkra, but for some reason Jack didnít feel
that he could trust them.

"Jacob, welcome," Jack said, shaking his hand.

"Thank you, Jack," said Jacob.

"We are here to talk to the Champion, Companion, and the Watcher,"
said one of the other Toíkra.

"What or who are they?" asked General Hammond.

"They are the ones who can save the universe from the Goaíuld,
George," answered Jacob.

The End of The Truth next story is The Revealing