The Inquisitor

This is my first attempt at a long fan fiction. I hope you like 
it. I've made this a crossover 'cause the other characters 
wouldn't leave me alone while I was writing this. I think this 
should be rated PG-13, for some harsh language and a few gory 

Disclaimer: The Sentinel and all its characters belong to Bilson & 
DeMeo and Pet Fly Productions. X-files and all it's characters 
belong to Chris Carter, Ten-thirteen Productions and Fox TV. Any 
characters you don't recognize from either show I made up on my 

Authors note: A.C. Kjolesk is an anagram for a character on TS, if 
you can't figure it out e-mail me and I'll tell you who it is. :)  
This story has ties to my other stories Tremors and Necessary 
Conversations. If you haven't read them yet you might want to go 
do that before you start.

You don't have to, but some scenes will make more sense if you do. 
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Brief explanation of The Sentinel: After being stranded in the 
Peruvian jungle for 18 months Ranger Captain James Ellison 
developed extraordinarily heightened senses. Five years after his 
rescue, Ellison is now a detective with the Cascade PD. During a 
prolonged stake-out in the woods, his suppressed abilities return. 
Fearing for his sanity he looks for help, finding it in a young 
Anthropology grad student named Blair Sandburg.

Blair offers his help, in return for the chance to study Jim for  
his doctoral thesis. Over time the unlikely partnership has become 
a strong, trusting friendship. The only other person that knows of 
Jim's abilities is Captain Simon Banks, head of the Major Crimes 

One more thing. Time frame for this story happens in the X-files 
*before* Leonard Betts and in TS *after* Secret and *before* Smart 

The Inquisitor



Blair Sandburg stood back from the rest of the people at the crime 
scene. He didn't want to get any closer than he had to. His friend 
and partner Jim Ellison had warned him it might be a gruesome 
sight before they arrived at the small new age book shop.

They met the officer in charge of the scene at the front door. "We 
got a 911 call less than an hour ago. The caller reported seeing 
blood seeping out from under the main doors," officer Thompson 
told them. "When my partner and I arrived at the scene we forced 
the door open and found the place as it is now."

"Was there any sign of forced entry before you opened the door?" 
Ellison asked, as he peered at the door.

"No. The place was secure," the officer replied. "Even the dead 
bolts were in place." Jim nodded thoughtfully and thanked him.

"Where's you partner, Thompson?" Jim asked looking around.

Thompson rolled his eyes nodding toward his cruiser. "He's trying 
not to embarrass himself in front of everyone by losing his 

"His first murder scene?"


"Give him some slack. Not everyone has a constitution like yours." 
Jim said with a sympathetic smile.

"I can see that," he said glancing at Ellison's 'partner'. Blair 
had turned an amazing shade of pale green. He then turned back to 
the detective. "It's a real mess in there. So watch your step."

From the doorway a thick coating of blood could be seen, it 
stretched back into the small store to the center of the floor, 
where lay the body of a woman in her mid-thirties. The body was 
laid out, on her back, like a cross, legs bound together and arms 
stretched out. The body was held down by tent spikes driven into 
the wood flooring. The store was a shambles, most of the shelves 
and displays had been knocked over.

Jim stepped inside the store, carefully avoiding stepping in any 
blood. He turned down his sense of smell, so as not to be 
overwhelmed by the combination of blood, incense, and whatever 
else was in the store. Blair followed him inside, being careful to 
step only where he had to, trying not to get too close to the body 
and at the same time stay near enough to Jim so he'd be there if 
he was needed.

"How're you holding up, Chief?" Jim asked. He could understand the 
anthropologist not wanting to get too close to the grisly scene.

"I'll be fine," Blair said weakly, still a bit pale.

"This won't take long, we'll have forensics comb the place once 
we're done," Ellison reassured him, putting on a pair of surgical 
gloves he took from his pocket. He looked over the scene with a 
critical eye. "Looks like we're not going to find any 
fingerprints," he said as he bent down next to the body.

"Why is that?" Blair asked, his curiosity overcoming his nausea.

Jim pointed to the clear outline of a hand in the blood. "There 
are none, it looks like whoever did this was wearing gloves, 
leather from the look of it." He straightened his back, looking 
around, then moved past the body to the back of the store. A 
curtain separated the back storage area from the front of the 
store. There were blood smears on both the curtain and the door 
frame. Following the trail Jim found more blood on the back door, 
"Looks like this is how the perp' got out."

"He locked the door on his way out?" Sandburg asked, surprised. 
"That's a bit odd isn't it?"

"If he... or she didn't want the body found for a while, the best 
way would be to make the store look closed for the day." Jim 
looked back at the body. There was something wrong with the look 
of the victims face. Making his way back to it, he bent down for a 
closer look, examining her face. "There's something stuffed in her 
mouth," he said. He reached in carefully, pulling out a folded 
piece of paper. "What the hell is this?" he said as he carefully 
unfolded it and placed it in an evidence bag. Stepping away from 
the body, Jim turned his hearing up to listen outside. "Sounds 
like Forensics has arrived. We'll let them have a go at this mess 
while we see if any of the neighbors heard anything." Jim 
suppressed a smile when Blair let out a quiet sigh of relief.

Once back outside Blair was looking much better. "I don't like the 
way that body was displayed like that," he commented, shaking his 
head. "Almost a ritualistic appearance."

"I noticed," Jim said as they approached the forensics team. "I 
have a bad feeling about this. Take a look at this." He handed the 
evidence bag to his partner. He heard Blair's heart rate increase 
as he examined the paper.

"Detective Ellison," Serena Davis the head of the forensic team 
shook his hand. "Good to see you again. Is there anything you want 
us to keep an eye out for while we're in there?"

Jim shook his head. "Just be as thorough as you can. It's a real 
mess in there" The woman nodded and signaled for her team to get 
to work.

"What is it, Chief?" Jim asked when he turned back to his partner.

"Did you read what was on this?" Blair was looking at the page 
still, his hands shaking just a bit.

"Not really," Jim said, becoming concerned, "it just looks like a 
page from a book."

Handing the page back, the younger man said. "It is a page, from a 
book written in the 12th century. It's called the Malleus 
Maleficarum, the Hammer of Witches."

"How do you know that?" the detective asked with some surprise.

"I took a class in comparative religions a few years back. Part of 
the course covered the medieval witch trials. The book was written 
by monks during the Inquisition, as a way to find and get 
confessions out of suspected witches."

Jim read the contents of the page. "You read this thing?"

"Only a chapter or two. It wasn't required reading." He shuddered, 
"I read enough to recognize the writing style."

"Is this book easy to obtain?" Jim asked noticing the worn quality 
of the paper.

"The book is still in print," Blair growled in frustration, "but 
as a historical reference book, not an instruction manual."

"Well, it looks like someone's taken up the practice again." Jim 
said gravely.

Ellison and Sandburg began the long task of questioning all of the 
neighbors, all of whom where stunned by the murder. It wasn't hard 
to eliminate the vast majority of people in residence, most had 
solid alibis. The only one that didn't have a witness to her 
where-abouts was a young woman that claimed to have been at a 
concert that night. They'd check that out later.

What was really getting on Jim's nerves was the apparent lack of 
witnesses. Not that it was uncommon, but by the very nature of the 
crime, someone should have heard or seen something. They found and 
talked to the 911 caller. He was a postman for the area. He wasn't 
able to give them much more information than they already had.

"The body's been dead for at least four hours. From what I can see 
from the amount of blood it looks like the stab wounds were not 
immediately fatal." Serena told them as they removed the body. 
"I'll be able to tell you more when the autopsy is done."

"Anything else?" Jim asked

"We found some hairs and a couple of prints, no guarantee that 
they're from the killer though. We found some skin under the 
victims fingernails. There was also something odd," she said 
handing him an evidence bag. Inside was a smashed, woman's analog 
watch the hands had stopped at 2:54. "We found this near the body. 
Looks like it belonged to the victim."

"Have it checked for prints and I'll see if there are any other 
personal articles damaged like this. Maybe there's some sort of 
pattern here." Jim said thoughtfully. Serena nodded, "I'll get 
this stuff back to the lab."

* * * * *

Back at the station Blair was going though the computer files for 
Jim. His hair was pulled back behind his head, reading glasses on, 
his face set in a look of intense concentration. The murder scene 
had been bothering him all day. But not in the way he really 
expected it to. It was like a nagging feeling in the back of his 
mind, bits of information that he picked up from somewhere, trying 
to make itself known to him.

The ritualistic look to the crime was part of it, that he knew, 
and it wasn't just the page they found. The other thing that was 
bothering him was the items that where smashed. A watch and a 
pendulum wall clock, it could have been that the killer didn't 
like clocks but there had been a third digital clock in the 
storage room that hadn't been touched.The files that the 
department had access to couldn't come up with anything that 
resembled this.

On a hunch Blair sent out an inquiry to the FBI's computer data 
base looking for a possible match on the crime's signature. He 
doubted there would be anything but it wouldn't hurt to check. Jim 
didn't like to use the Feds for anything, and considering their 
past experience with them, Blair felt the same way. But with the 
little evidence they had to go on, he figured it was worth a shot.

Leaning back in his chair the anthropologist looked over to 
Captain Banks' office. He wished, not for the first time, that he 
had his partners hearing. Simon had called Jim into his office, 
again. Every couple of months he did this, asking Ellison when he 
was going to get himself a *real* partner. Not that Blair didn't 
wonder that himself on occasion. But the subject never came up 
when they worked and Jim always defended his presence.

He was actually more accepted by the department as a whole since 
the Golden incident. When he had recovered Jim's coworkers had 
thrown Blair a 'welcome back' party. It had been embarrassing, but 
gratifying to know that they had been concerned about him. The 
party showed that he had been accepted into a very exclusive club, 
even if it was still under the title of observer.

* * * * *

Jim sat listening to Simon go over the same old arguments that 
they had been having for the past year and a half. He was 
beginning to get tired of it.

"I just think you should have someone with you who can back you 
up. Someone with the proper training." Banks was saying. "Sure 
Sandburg helps you but..."

"But he's not a cop, right?" Ellison's jaw clenched with 
irritation. "I know he's not trained. We've been over this ground 
before, and my answer is still the same. I *need* him as my 

Simon was about to reply but Jim cut him off. "Look Simon, these 
Sentinel abilities don't come with an instruction manual. I'd be 
dead five times over if not for him. Hell, without his help I'd 
have never found out what was up with my senses in the first 

"But you're in control now. Why do you still need him?" Simon 

"I'm only in control *because* he's there to help me." Jim tried 
to articulate the way Blair's presence helped him, but he failed. 
So he decided to switch gears. "If you made me take on a partner 
from within the department, I risk revealing what I can do. I 
trust you not say anything, but you know what the rumor mill is 
like around here." He waved his hand toward the other room. "One 
slip to the wrong person and half the building will know in an 
hour. Within a week I'll be dragged off in the night to be some 
government agency's newest lab rat."

Simon had been reaching for his coffee pot, Jim's words stopped 
him cold. He stared at him in disbelief. "You don't really think 
that could happen, do you?"

Ellison held his gaze. "I have nightmares about it. I half 
expected to disappear after the Brackett case."

"But you're a police officer," Simon said, his voice colored with 
disbelief, "a public figure. Hell, you where on the cover of 

The detective shook his head. "All they would have to do is fake 
my death well enough to fool you until they got me into one of 
those secret Black Ops bases. You'd never be able to find me."

"Why haven't you said something about this before?" Banks 

"It's not something that's easy to talk about. Besides they'd kill 
anyone that got in their way *if* it ever happened."

"Does Sandburg know about this?" His eyes resting on the young man 
at Jim's desk. 

Jim nodded, "We discussed it after the Brackett case."

"And he's still here? I wondered why he got all paranoid when 
Colonel Oliver's men grabbed you," Simon said thinking back to 
Blair's first frantic call, and his own initial reaction. 
"Alright, you made your point. Now, get out of here." Jim left 
without another word.

Simon took off his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He 
looked out his office window at his friend as Jim walked back to 
his desk. Sandburg was telling him something and pointing to the 
computer. Ellison had said that they had talked about the dangers 
after the Brackett case, yet neither of them seemed to worry about 
it. But thinking back on it now, Blair's desperate attempts to 
find Jim made more sense. He suddenly wondered how either of them 
got any sleep at night.

* * * * *

In the basement of the J. Edgar Hoover Building, FBI Headquarters 
Washington D.C., Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were going over 
a mountain of back paperwork. It was one of the things that was 
nessesary in this line of work, but it was also one of the worst 
aspects of it.

The agents had been in the field for over two weeks looking for a 
connection between cattle mutilations on federal grazing land and 
the murder of a local enviornmentalist. The whole case had been a 
mess from the start, taking far longer than it should have, giving 
both of them headaches that where only now dissipating.

"If I never see another cow again it'll be too soon." Scully 
sighed finishing her report.

"It wasn't that bad." Mulder said, pulling off his glasses.

"Tell that to my dry cleaner. I think those new shoes I bought are 
a total loss as well."

Mulder gave her a sympathetic smile. His clothes hadn't faired any 
better than hers. The few remaining sets of wearable clothes that 
either of them had were packed into their overnight bags, just in 
case. The rest of it was either being cleaned or had to be thrown 

Scully turned to her computer, pulling up her email to go through 
the backlog. After several minutes she found a tagged message from 
the FBI data base. "Mulder, did you check your e-mail yet?"

"Not yet, why?"

"One of the tags you had set up just came back with a match."

Mulder quickly moved over to her desk. She pointed to the message 
on her screen. "It's a request for possible match on a crime scene 
signature. It looks like it might be the pattern for the 
Inquisitor." Her tone was grave.

"Where is the request from?" 

"It's from a Det. James Ellison in Cascade, Washington." She 
pulled off her glasses, looking at her partner. "Do you want to 
talk to Skinner or shall I ?"

"You go, I'll gather the files we'll need." Scully nodded, Mulder 
handed her his finished report with a lopsided grin. "You might as 
well bring these up with you."

She gave him a disgusted look as she took it. His smile widened as 
he returned to his desk. Mulder checked his own messages for the 
same tagged inquiry. He wrote a quick response, informing the 
detective to expect their arrival within the next twenty-four 
hours. He then called the travel office to make reservations on 
the next available fight to Cascade, as well as hotel reservations 
and a car rental. He then pulled all the files he thought they'd 

Scully entered AD Walter Skinner's office and calmly stood in 
front of her superior's desk. Skinner looked up from the report on 
his desk. "Have a seat Agent Scully. Are those your final reports 
from you last case?"

"Yes sir." She said handing the folders to him, then sitting down. 
She resisted the urge to scan the room for the man her partner 
called 'Cancerman'.

"I take it there is more to this visit then turning in your 
report." Skinner said taking the time to go over the file before 

"Yes, sir. Upon finishing the report before you, I checked my 
messages and found an inquiry for information regarding one of our 

"Which case?" His face was a mask of indifference.

"It appears the Inquisitor may have struck again. The sender is a 
detective in Cascade, Washington."

Skinner leaned forward in his chair. "Agent Mulder did the profile 
for this case, did he not?"

"Yes sir."

"Very well, I'll call the Cascade Bureau and inform them of your 
arrival. You're dismissed."

"Thank you, Sir." She said standing and heading for the door.

"Agent Scully," Skinner called after her, "tell Mulder I want that 
bastard caught this time." Scully looked back at him and nodded.

* * * * *

Cascade Captain Banks' office Later that day

"All I did was request some information." Blair said defensively 
"How was I supposed to know they'd send someone out here?"

Simon sat behind his desk throughly aggravated. Less than a day 
into what looked like a very difficult murder investigation, the 
FBI was on its way to see if there was a connection between this 
murder and a serial killer. The agents were already on their way 
from D.C.. The local Feds could be bad enough, but the ones from 
the main office could be, and generally where, downright offensive 
with their 'holier than thou' additude.

Jim had taken Blair's overzealous computer search in stride, 
knowning that if the information they wanted was out there Blair 
was likely to find it. Then came the message from Agent Fox 
Mulder, (what kind of a name was that anyway) telling them that he 
and his partner would be there soon to help with the 
investigation. Ellison wondered briefly if killing Sandburg would 
be worth the prison time.

Seeing his partner's pained expression Jim decided to forgive him. 
Blair was just as uncomfortable at the thought of Feds as he was. 
More often than not they treated cops with little respect. Having 
a civilian observer hanging around might not sit well with them. 
Of course two of the few times Blair had any dealings with the FBI 
hadn't helped. The first time had been the psychologist that 
turned out to be serial killer David Lash. The second time had 
been when Jim had been kidnapped. Colonel Oliver had impersonated 
an agent and tried to have Blair, Jack Kelso, and DEA Agent Ben 
Chauves killed. It would be a while before any of them accepted a 
federal badge at face value.

"Man, this sucks." Blair murmered.

"It's alright Chief." Jim placed a reassuring hand on his 
shoulder. "I would have told you to check their files anyway. 
Don't beat yourself up about it."

"Aside form getting the FBI's attention, did this search provide 
anything useful?" Simon asked, chewing on the end of his cigar.

The anthropologist brightened a bit as Jim said, "Actually it did. 
The MO of the killer is a match for a serial killer called the 

"How come I've never heard of this guy?" Banks asked, as he looked 
over the computer print-out.

"The Feds have been keeping a tight lid on these murders. The only 
place that you can find any real information is on certain pagan 
web pages and newsgroups," Blair said. "Most of the information 
there, is screaming about the lack of progress in catching this 

"This killer targets pagans?" Simon asked.


Jim nodded. "He also seems to be able to slip out from under any 
of the dragnets the authorities have set up to catch him."

"This is sounding better and better all the time." Simon sighed. 
"Do you have any leads?"

"Forensics is still going over the evidence gathered at the scene. 
They won't have anything for a few more hours," Jim began. "I want 
to go back to the store, to see if there is anything they missed."

"Alright, do what you can before the Feds arrive. Anything else?"

"Um... just one thing." Blair spoke up. Both men turned to him 
expectantly. Blair cleared his throat, he had figured out what had 
been bothering him about the case and was far from happy about it. 
"I'm not sure about this but... um.. there is no way in hell this 
guy should have been bothered by the items that he destroyed... 
unless he was unable to ignore the sound they made."

"But in order for that to be the case he would need a heightened 
sense of hearing." Jim said. When Blair nodded, his eyes went 
wide. "You don't think this guy is a sentinel do you?"

"No I don't, but I think we should keep in mind the possiblity of 
someone with one or two hyperactive senses." Sandburg looked 
uncomfortable. "I thought I should mention it."

"It's never easy with you two is it?" Simon sighed again. "Go on, 
get back out there."

Jim and Blair exited the Captains office. After retrieving their 
jackets, they headed for the elevators.

"I hope I'm wrong about this guy." Blair said only loud enough for 
Jim to hear.

"We'll deal with that if it becomes an issue. Right now we just 
handle this like any normal investigation," Jim said reassuringly. 
Blair nodded his agreement as they stepped into the elevator.

* * * * *

American Airlines Flight 734 From Washington DC to Cascade, 
Washington Somewhere over Iowa

Dana Scully was going over a few of the files that Mulder had 
brought with them, refreshing her memory so that the needed facts 
would be foremost in her mind. She looked in the profile notes her 
partner had made and stopped short.

"Mulder!" she whispered harshly. "Are you out of your mind?!"

"What do you mean?" he asked looking up from his own reading.

"That detective is going to take one look at this file and then 
he's going to laugh us out of the city." Scully scowled at him.

"That is a perfectly acceptable profile. The evidence all points 
to the possibility, and is the only explenation for all the 
combined facts."

"Right, perfectly reasonable. To you. You have no documentation to 
support this theory."

"Since when do I need documentation?" Mulder said peevishly

"Don't push it on the locals this time Mulder." Scully warned. 
"I'd rather not have to deal with the looks you get."

"If I got documentation would you feel better about it?" he asked.

She looked at him for a long moment. "If you could find some, 

"Okay," he picked up the air phone and hit a set of numbers.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting the documentation you want." he said matter-of-factly as 
the phone rang. "Turn off the tape, Frohicke." he said into the 

Scully rolled her eyes at her partner and looked out the window at 
the billowing clouds as they flew past them.

"What can I do you for, Mulder?" Frohicke asked cheerfully.

"I need you to look up some information for me."

"I can do that, what kind?"

"Anything you can find on heightened senses in humans."

"Hmmm... Interesting topic. I'll see what I can find. Anything 

Mulder thought for a moment, one of the benefits of having an 
eidedic memory was being able to remember obscure facts. That was 
also a problem when the information was something he'd only 
partially read.

"I'd like you to look up one of your old issues." Mulder said 
finally. "Anything that has to do with Cascade, Washington." He 
winced slightly when he saw the look Scully threw his direction.

"I'll get back to you on that stuff. Shouldn't take more than an 
hour or so." Frohicke said with confidence.

"Thanks." Mulder said.

"No problem, man." the Gunman said then hung up.

Looking over at his partner Mulder saw Scully shaking her head, 
muttering to herself. "What?" he asked.

"Once, just once, I'd like to have your average, run-of-the-mill 
case. No weirdness, no conspiracies, no..."

"You're no fun." he said impishly. The stewardess arrived with 
their dinner then, forcing them to put away their paperwork for a 

About an hour later, Mulder called The Lone Gunmen back.

"Hey Mulder," Byers said. "We found that information you wanted. 
There wasn't much out there on that field of research but what 
*is* out there is interesting."

"Really? Can't wait to see it. How about the back issue I asked 

"That wasn't too hard to find. Not too many wierd things happen 
out there. Although I can see why you wouldn't remember it too 
well." Frokicke's voice said from farther away from the speaker 

"Why? Was it that boring?"

"Ah... no," Byers said, sounding uncomfortable. "The article was 
published around the same time that your father died."

"I see..." Mulder said quietly, the pain was healing but it still 
hurt. "What was it about?"

"It's about some government agent that tried to steal an ultra-
secret spy plane right out of a Company skunk works."

"Rather ambitious of him. What happened?"

"How about you get your pretty partner to hook up her laptop to 
your phone and we'll send it to you along with the other stuff you 
wanted." Mulder could almost see Frohicke's leering expression 
over the phone.

"Sounds good, thanks guys."

"No problem Mulder."

Twenty minutes later the information was in Dana's computer. 
Mulder decided to read the article form TLG first. He made a 
cursory glance at the other document before saving it for later.

Mulder's eyes grew wide as he read the account of the attempted 
theft of the spy plane. Somehow a rogue CIA agent stole a vial of 
ebola virus from a university, threatening the entire city with a 
lingering death if a detective from the Cascade PD didn't help 
him. At the last possible moment the theft was stopped and the 
virus recovered.

The author, A.C. Kjolesk, had stated that the rogue agent is as 
dangerous as they come, and worries that with the subsequent cover 
up of the incident, it would make it more difficult to prosecute 
any case against him. Mulder began to wonder how one CIA agent and 
a cop where able to breach an ultra-secret installation's security 

Looking up from the laptop he saw his partner sleeping next to 
him. He was glad that they had been bumped up to business class, 
with its larger seats, they could both get comfortable. Scully was 
trying to take the edge off the jet lag that they would both feel 
when they got to their destination. He smiled and watched her for 
a moment, just glad to know that she was there, safe, and alive.

He stifled a yawn, as he shut off her computer. Mulder decided 
that the other article could wait for a while. Leaning back he 
slowly drifted off to sleep knowing that his partner would be 
there when he awoke.

* * * * *

Cascade, WA

The flight had been blessedly uneventful and pleasantly smooth. So 
smooth that both agents managed to sleep the whole rest of the 
trip. Waking only when the Captain announced that they were on 
final approach. Mulder kicked himself mentally, he'd wanted to 
read that second article that was on Scully's laptop, but it would 
now have to wait until later.

The only bags they had were their overnight bags, so after 
disembarking they headed straight for the rental terminal. The car 
provided to them was a Ford Taurus, nothing unusual there. As they 
reached the appropriate car slot Scully stopped short.

"Whats wrong, Scully?" Mulder asked, trying to suppress a smile.

"It's... purple." she commented, one eyebrow cocked. It was a dark 
plum color, almost black. Not that unusual, but definitely not 
what they were used to.

"Yes it is." Mulder said, a grin spreading across his face. "A 
nice change from gunmetal gray, don't you think?" Not waiting for 
her reply he opened the trunk and placed both of their bags 
inside. "Here, catch," he said tossing his partner the keys. 

"You're enjoying this," Scully said climbing into the drivers 

"A little." Mulder admitted. "What's wrong? Don't you like the 

Once on the road he pulled out the city map that he'd obtained 
from the rental counter. It didn't take long to find the building 
they needed. The Cascade bureau was situated in a multi-story 
office building, which housed several other agencies of the 
federal government.

Arriving at the main desk, they were instructed to go to the 
office of Assistant Special Agent in Charge, David Ludwig.

"Agent Mulder, Agent Scully. Welcome to Cascade." He said as they 
entered his office. He shook their hands and motioned for them to 
have a seat. "AD Skinner informed me of your arrival, I was a bit 
surprised by his call. This is the first I've heard of this case."

"We were alerted to this latest murder by an information request 
sent to the main office data base." Scully told him.

"I see." Ludwig said evenly. "I wasn't aware that serial killers 
were part of the x-files normal case load."

"There are some anomalies in these cases that can't be explained. 
We were given this case due to those anomalies, as well as my 
previous experience as a profiler." Mulder didn't like the tone in 
his superior's voice. Glancing at his watch, Mulder said, "I'm 
hoping to catch Det. Ellison before he leaves work for the day."

"Did you say Ellison?" the ASAC's eyes took on a hint of 

"Is there a problem?" Scully asked, wondering what had caused that 

"Not really. Ellison just has this habit of giving federal agents 
the run-around. I doubt you'll be greeted warmly."

Mulder exchanged an exasperated look with his partner. This was 
not the kind of thing he wanted to hear.

"But," Ludwig continued. "He happens to have the best case/solved 
record in Cascade history. In fact he's well respected by most of 
us here, and we owe him a great deal. So when you meet him, try 
not to piss him off."

"Anything else we should know?" Mulder asked.

"Nothing that you can't find out on your own. Dismissed."

Exiting the federal building, Mulder said, "Do you ever get the 
feeling that you've missed something important?"

"Every time we come home from a case, Mulder." Scully replied.

* * *

Jim and Blair sat at the detective's desk, getting ready to eat 
the Chinese take-out they had picked up after finishing with the 
crime scene. Both of them were tired and hungry. Jim had zoned out 
briefly trying to find anything that might give them a clue as to 
who the killer was or why the victim had been chosen. All they had 
found was what appeared to be residue of old floor wax off of a 
shoe pint.

Jim had wanted to return to the precinct immediately to get the 
sample to the lab. Blair argued, in deference to both of their 
grumbling stomachs, that they go eat first. A compromise was 
reached, they brought dinner with them to the precinct. Pizza was 
not on the menu. That food item hadn't seen the Major Crimes bull 
pen in weeks. The local Italian restraurants were getting more 
calls for subs than anything from the police.

Jim's mood improved a bit when they found the preliminary 
forensics report waiting for them on the desk. The report was 
pretty inconclusive, only confirming that the assailant was male, 
blood type B positive. The hair they found was from the killer. 
The time of death was narrowed a bit to between 1:30 and 3:30 am.

"It's not enough." Jim growled looking over the report again.

"Jim, eat already," his guide instructed, poking at the cartons of 
food that were being ignored by the detective. "We've been at this 
all day, you're tired, I'm tired, you zoned..." the last part was 
whispered. "Just relax, even you can't solve this in a day."

"I just feel like we're missing something here." Jim sighed.

"Believe me, I want to catch this guy as much as you do."

"I know, I know." Jim dropped the file, rubbing his eyes. "I was 
just hoping to get more done before the Feds got here." Finally he 
started to eat his dinner. Blair relaxed a bit, happy to see his 
friend beginning to loosen up. He almost jumped when the desk 
phone rang. "Ellison. He's right here." Jim handed the receiver to 
Blair. "Some guy named Gary from the University."

"Gary, what's up man?" he said into the phone. "Really?... I don't 
know, man. I mean that's awfully short notice.... Okay. ... Yeah, 
I understand that. I'll give you a call tomorrow. Right... Thanks 
man... Bye." Blair hung up the phone.

"What was that about?" Jim asked, noticing a slight increase in 
his partners heart rate.

"Remember that tremor a few weeks ago?"

"How could I forget."

"Well, I've been trying to find a way to test it. Short of finding 
another earthquake, the only way to test it is with some equipment 
that the U just received. Unfortunately, the only time to do this 
will be late at night, when no one else is around." Blair fidgeted 
a bit.

"When did you want to do this?" Jim asked warily

"Umm, tomorrow night."

Ellison rolled his eyes, "Chief, we're in the middle of an 

"I know, Jim. But this isn't something we can put off." Blair 
lowered his voice. "The bulk of the Geology department is off 
doing a survey of Mt. St. Helens, they'll be gone for the next 
three days. We'll be in and out before anyone else knows we've 
been there."

"All in the name of science, right?" Jim teased. To his surprise 
Blair didn't smile back.

"No. This is for you, your ability to function." Sandburg's eyes 
were hard and serious. "The more we learn what you're capable of, 
the more you'll learn to trust yourself. The more in control 
you'll be."

The vehemence in Blair's voice was a bit startling. He was always 
trying to find ways to help Jim with his senses, but he'd never 
been this insistent before.

"No problem, Chief. We'll do the test, whatever it is." Jim 
reassured his partner. Blair visibly relaxed, he almost seemed 
embarrassed by his own tone.

Simon came out of his office a few minutes later. Seeing them 
still working, he walked over. "You two planning to stay here all 

Jim shook his head, "Just wanted to get a look at the lab reports 
before going home for the day."

"Where you able to find anything else?" Simon asked.

"Not really," Blair said.

"Alright then, I'm out of here. See you tomorrow."

The elevator doors opened as Simon reached them. The two people 
that stepped out absolutely screamed *Feds*. Clean cut, well 
dressed, wearing trenchcoats, and carrying briefcases. The man was 
tall, maybe an inch or two shorter than Ellison. The red haired 
woman with him was almost tiny in comparison. Even Sandburg had 
her beat by several inches. Both of them carried an air of 

"Excuse me. I'm Agent Fox Mulder, this is my partner Agent Dana 
Scully." the dark haired man addressed him. "We're looking for 
Det. James Ellison. We were told he was on this floor. Is he still 

"I'm Captain Simon Banks," Simon said, using his most 
authoritative voice. "Ellison is at his desk, if you'll follow 
me." Turning he led them back into the Major Crimes bullpen. "You 
got here awfully fast. We weren't expecting you until tomorrow 

"We've been trying to catch this killer for the past two years, 
Captain," Agent Scully said. "The quicker we get here the sooner 
we can find him. Hopefully before he strikes again."

Ellison heard the voices in the hall, his jaw clenched with 
irritation."That was awfully quick." he muttered, stabbing his 
food with his fork.

"What is it?" Blair asked through a mouthful of rice.

"The Feds are here." Jim explained, motioning his head toward the 

"Already?" he looked apprehensive. They both turned to see the two 
agents being escorted into the bullpen by Simon. They stood as the 
others approached the desk.

"Jim, these are Agents Mulder and Scully." Simon told them, 
turning to the agents. "This is Detective Jim Ellison and Blair 

"Sorry to interrupt your dinner, Detective." Mulder said glancing 
at the desk. "But we wanted to get started as soon as possible."

"It's not a problem," Jim said with a slight smile. "So long as 
you don't mind us eating in front of you." There was a hint of 
annoyance in his voice.

//Well at least he's not openly hostile// Scully noted. //That's a 
good sign//

Seeing Blair's appearance in contrast to those around him, and the 
ID tag on his shirt. Mulder asked "Your not an officer, Mr 

"No," the young man said.

"Sandburg is a special consultant for the department." The Captain 
said quickly. Not wanting Sandburg to begin one of his now famous 

Mulder accepted the explanation, but filed several more pointed 
questions away for later. He had a sudden impression that there 
was more to it than that.

"If you all will excuse me," Simon began. "I'm going home. You can 
give me a full report in the morning." With that he retreated back 
toward the elevators. Pretty sure Jim would hear him he muttered. 
"Don't give them a hard time, Ellison." The Sentinel had to 
suppress a chuckle at that. //He's learning//

"Before we get started, Det. Ellison," Scully began. "I was 
wondering about the security check we had to go through to get up 

"Did you have a problem?"

"No, but I've never had to have my ID verified like that before. "

"We've had a few minor breaches in security." he explained. "It's 
just a precaution"

"I see," she said, wondering what was considered 'minor' in 
Cascade. "I would like to conduct an autopsy on the victim as soon 
as possible."

"The autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning, I'll arrange for 
you to be there." Ellison said.

"Thank you," Scully agreed. There was no real need to have it done 
now. If it was the same killer the body wouldn't give them many 

"Have you had much experience with serial killers, Detective?" 
Mulder asked.

"I've only had one case before this one." Jim said, he heard 
Blair's heart skip a beat. "It wasn't something I'd want to repeat 
given a choice."

Mulder nodded, almost relieved that Ellison had *some* experience. 
Opening his briefcase he pulled out several files, placing them on 
the desk. "These are the most recent cases, each contains a copy 
of the profile of the killer."

Ellison picked up the top most file and flipped though it quickly. 
"What's this 'x' in front of the file number?" he asked. "I'm not 
familiar with that designation."

"X-files are a designation for cases involving unexplained 
pheonomenon." Mulder explained.

"What, like UFO's and stuff like that?" Blair asked a glint of 
curiosity in his eyes. Jim rolled his eyes at his partner.

"Sometimes," Mulder noticed the lack of judgement in the young 
man's voice. "It also covers cases outside the realm of the other 

"What's so unusual about these murders that they deserve an 'x'." 
Jim was beginning to get a bad feeling about this.

"It's all in the reports but it's quite possible that we are 
dealing with a killer that has some kind of advantage over the 
average person." Scully took that opportunity to grind her heel 
into the top of her partners foot. Mulder looked at her with a 
'what did I say' look, missing the look of panic that flashed 
across Sandburg's features. Only Ellison's next words kept him 
from showing it.

"That's an interesting theory, Agent Mulder." he said with a 
skeptical tone. "What kind of advantage are you suggesting?"

"Due to the killer's ability to escape capture, plus the items 
that were found damaged at each of the crime scenes, I believe we 
may be dealing with a heightened sense of hearing." Mulder winced 
as the heel of his partner dug into his foot again.

Scully saw the look of disbelief on the faces of the two men and 
sighed mentally. //Looks like we just lost some ground here.// She 
wondered if Mulder did this kind of thing deliberately sometimes. 
Forcing them to work with people that thought he was off-his-

"Thats an ... interesting theory, Agent Mulder. I'm sure you will 
understand if we don't seem too eager to accept something like 
this." Ellison kept his tone even. // Shit shit shit!! This case 
just got a whole lot more complicated.// "If its alright with you 
I'd like to take these files home with me tonight, and try to 
familiarize myself with the other cases." //And give Sandburg a 
chance to confirm his own suspicions.//

"That won't be a problem. And if I could have a copy of the 
forensics report, it would help bring us up to speed on this 
case." Mulder hoped that after reading the reports the detective 
would be more receptive to his theory.

After exchanging papers they headed off, Mulder and Scully to 
their hotel, Ellison and Sandburg back to the loft.

* * * * *

"Shit! This sucks, man!" Blair exclaimed as they entered the loft, 
throwing his keys onto the small table near the door. "Now we're 
going to have to be *extra* careful around these two."

"Calm down, Chief." Jim said, walking to the fridge. "Want a 

"Please." the anthropologist said, collapsing on the couch after 
dropping the case files on the coffee table. "After that little 
meeting I need one. Did you see how he noticed damn near 
everything? Fox is definitely a good name for this guy."

"Yeah, I noticed." Jim said handing him a beer and sitting on the 
opposite end of the couch. "He and his partner don't miss much. 
But they'll be focused on the case. They shouldn't suspect 
anything, as long as I don't zone-out in front of them."

"Gods, I hope so. Otherwise we'll end up in one of those files 
with the little 'x' in front of it."

"Let's take this one thing at a time." Ellison cautioned. "You're 
the expert here, lets go though the files and see if the evidence 
points to just one or two heightened senses."

Blair pulled out his reading glasses, grabbed the top file and 
started to read. After a few minutes he dropped the file and 
reached for the phone. Jim gave him a puzzled look. He held up a 
hand forestalling his roommate's question.

"Hi, Jack... How are you feeling?...Yeah, I know its late but I 
need another favor... You wouldn't be able to get me some 
information on an Agent Fox Mulder from the FBI? You've heard of 
him?... Great! Thanks man. I'll stop by after class tomorrow. 
Yeah, bye." He hung up the phone with a smile.

"It's good to know someone with connections." Jim commented.

"At least we'll know what kind of guy we're dealing with." Blair 
turned back to the files.

In the time it had taken them to go through the first six reports, 
Blair had gone from sitting on the couch to sitting on the floor. 
Using one of his text books as a make-shift desk, he made notes of 
all the different aspects of each case. The possible connections 
between them and multiple heightened senses was beginning to 
become more apparent.

The other aspects of the cases were just as disturbing. Agent 
Mulder's profile had concluded that the killer was of a strict 
religious background, possibly a victim of child abuse, a victim 
of a severe trauma involving his religious background.

"Oh man," Blair said softly.

"You got something?" Jim asked looking up form one of the 
coroners' reports. Most of them were signed by Agent Scully.

"If this guy's senses came to the fore when he was young, being a 
victim of child abuse, no wonder he's nuts." he said brushing his 
hair out of his face.

"Is that what you meant earlier? " Jim asked softly. "About the 
test, I mean. You're worried about my losing it."

"No..." Blair paused. "Yeah, sort of." He shifted to look at his 
friend. "When we first met you were half scared out of your wits. 
This case just brings up a lot of 'what if' questions."

"Try not to dwell on that, Chief. We met, now you are my partner, 
my friend, and the only one that understands the sentinel thing to 
any extent. Lets go with that and deal with everything else as it 
comes along." Jim smiled reassuringly. "Who knows, your knowledge 
could be the key to catching this guy."

Blair smiled at the confidence in his partners voice. "Well then I 
better get back to work."

* * *

Mulder entered his room and promptly opened the door separating 
his room from is partner's. He had read the forensics report on 
the way to the hotel. As inconclusive as it was, he was impressed 
by the amount of evidence that the team had been able to find.

"Was there anything of interest in the report?" Scully asked from 
her room.

"They're thorough I'll give them that." Mulder said walking over 
to the doorway. "You can read it. I'd like to look at that other 
file that the Gunmen sent me."

Scully took the file from him and handed him her lap-top. "Want to 
order something to eat?" she asked.

"As long as it isn't fried chicken or that rabbit food you insist 
on eating." he said with a teasing smile. "How about a pizza?" She 
rolled her eyes at him and nodded.

The hotel had their own menu that included pizza so they had their 
dinner within twenty minutes of ordering. By then they had both 
started to relax and unwind from the long trip. Scully was sitting 
in one of the padded chairs in Mulder's room, while he sat on his 
bed. He was taking a bite out of his third slice when he exclaimed 
and nearly dropped the slice onto the laptop.


"Mulder so help me if you get pizza grease on my computer." Scully 
warned. "Whats wrong?"

"That little neo-hippy, he knew what we were talking about."

"Who? What are you talking about?" She moved over to see what had 
caused this sudden flare of temper in her partner.

He turned the screen so that she could read it. "This is that 
paper that Byers found for me."

"The documentation on heightened senses. What about it?"

"The author's name is Sandburg, Blair Sandburg." Mulder 
practically growled. "There's no way that guy was there by 
coincidence. They suspected the same thing we do and they didn't 
say a damned thing about it."

"Ludwig did say Ellison doesn't like working with federal 
officials. But do you think he'd deliberately withhold vital 

"I don't know. But I'm going to find out what's going on." Pulling 
out his cell phone he called his most familiar number. "Hey 
Langely, turn off the tape... Yeah I know it's late. I need you to 
do some discreet checking on the backgrounds of a Det. James 
Ellison, and a guy named Blair Sandburg. Both are from Cascade, 
WA. Yeah... Thanks. I owe you. Bye."

* * *

"That was Mulder. He wants us to look up info on these two guys." 
Langely said handing the names to Byers. "They both sound 
familiar. Who was on the other line?"

"Would you believe it was Kelso?" Byers said

"Haven't heard from him in a while. Whats he been up to?" Frohicke 
asked sleepily.

"Not much, still working at Rainier U. Just got back to work after 
recovering from a gunshot wound."

"How'd he manage to get shot?" Frohicke asked, suddenly more 

"He really didn't say. Just that he was helping a friend find some 

"What does he need?" Langely asked.

"You'll love this." Byers smiled. "He was hoping we could find him 
some information on Mulder and Scully."

"Your kidding." Frohicke grinned. "Did he say why?"

"A friend of his is working with our two favorite FBI agents. The 
guy needs to know some background on them." There was a momentary 
pause as the Gunmen looked at each other.

"How much you want to bet Jack's friend is either Ellison or 
Sandburg?" Frohicke snickered, his eyes gleaming with amusement. 
They exchanged knowing glances, no need to bet on a sure thing.

"So do we tell Mulder about Kelso's request?" Langely asked.

"Nah." they all said in unison.

* * * *

The next morning was rather uneventful, consisting of Agent Scully 
assisting in the autopsy of Sarah Whitlow, the store owner, Agent 
Mulder going to the crime scene, and Ellison doing some enquiries 
and obtaining the phone and bank records of the victim. Sandburg 
had classes to teach that morning.

A short time after noon the grad student arrived at the station, 
he and Ellison commandeered one of the interrogation rooms for a 
private discussion.

"What did Jack find?" Jim asked after a quick scan to make sure 
no-one was in the observation room.

Blair took a deep breath, pushing his hair back behind his ears. 
"Jack said that Agent Mulder is a maverick, the kind of guy that 
plays by his own rules. But he and Agent Scully have one of the 
best case/solved records in the bureau. He was the best profiler 
in the Violent Crimes division. So good in fact that he was nick 
named Spooky cause of his ability to create accurate profiles 
though flashes of insight. He also has an eidedic memory, which 
makes him even better at what he does."

"Sounds like the ideal type for Violent Crimes." Jim said 
thoughtfully. "What is he doing in a flaky department like the X-

"According to Jack, he was given his choice of assignments. He 
choose to be where he is." Blair shrugged. "Maybe he likes the 
challenge. But he is passionate about the truth of things. He's 
been known to put his life and career on the line in the search 
for it and protection of it."

"So what is it you're saying?"

"I'm saying that he's very good, and if he figures it out, which 
he very well might considering the profile on the killer, I think 
we could trust him not to mention your abilities in his report... 
if we explained how dangerous it would be for you."

"So you're suggesting we keep quiet unless he calls us on it?" Jim 
looked uncomfortable.

"Basically, unless you have a better idea." Blair replied looking 

"Not really," Jim admitted. He placed a reassuring hand on his 
guide's shoulder. "We'll just have to play it by ear. Just relax, 
everything should be alright as long as we keep our heads." Blair 
took a deep cleansing breath and nodded. 

Stepping back out into the hall, Jim noticed the voices of both 
agents coming from the bullpen. Blair paused a moment upon seeing 
them. Jim placed a reassuring hand at the small of his back, 
gently pushing him into the room. Blair quickly went through a 
breathing exercise to calm himself. Taking a moment to gather the 
files they needed from Jim's desk they proceeded into Simon's 
office where Mulder and Scully had just gone.

Jim shut the door to the office after he and Blair entered. Jim 
sat down in one of the chairs while his partner sat on the edge of 
the table next to him. The agents were seated in the other chairs 
facing the Captain's desk.

"So Agent Mulder, you've had a chance to go over the evidence." 
Simon stated, getting things rolling. "Are we looking at the same 

"Having had the opportunity to go over the crime scene," Mulder 
began. "I would have to confirm that we *are* dealing with the 
serial killer known as The Inquisitor." He turned to his partner 
for conformation.

"I agree. Although the weapon used is never the same, the pattern 
of the wounds is consistent with those of the previous victims." 
Scully said, pulling out several morgue photos. "As you can see, 
the multiple stab wounds are all centered in the chest area. In 
each case the wounds surround the heart but never actually damage 
the organ itself. Most of the victims die from shock and massive 
blood loss, rather than trauma to any of the major organs." She 
paused to allow the Captain to examine the photos more closely. 
"In each case a passage from the Malleus Maleficarum was placed 
inside the victim's mouth." Scully glanced at her partner, without 
missing a beat he took up the explanation.

"It appears that all the pages are from the same volume. Taking 
into account the worn quality of the paper, we are looking at a 
copy that is around ten years old. The bodies of all the victims, 
with the exception of the third one in California, were all 
displayed in a cross pattern."

"What was different about that one?" Jim asked

Mulder grimaced slightly. "During our investigation there, we had 
narrowed our search to a five square block area. He was in the 
process of killing her when he was somehow alerted to our 
presence, he left her with his job half done. But he made sure 
that she wouldn't be able to communicate with us if she lived. We 
found her barely alive, she died less then an hour later."

He placed the photo of the body on top of the pile on Simon's 
desk. Banks' normally stoic face paled as he looked at it. The 
victims hands had been severed at the wrists and her face had been 
sliced from ear to ear along the line of her mouth.

Blair leaned over to get a better look, it was a gesture out of 
habit. Simon angled the picture so that the grad student couldn't 
see it. "Trust me Sandburg, this isn't something that you want to 

The anthropologist paused, looking at Simon's face, then nodded. 
Leaning back against the table, he decided not to try to imagine 
what the photo looked like. If Banks didn't think he should see 
it, it must be really bad.

Simon took a sip of his coffee then asked. "You said the killer 
knew you were coming?"

"Yes," Scully replied. "Mulder has theorized that the killer may 
possess certain genetic advantages that allowed him to detect our 
presence from over a block away."

The answer was worded to get a reaction from Sandburg. But Mulder 
didn't miss the Captain's swift glance toward Ellison and 
Sandburg. The only thing that kept his temper from flaring was 
that it was a look of concern. Reaching into his briefcase he 
pulled out a stack of neatly bound paper, which he placed on the 
desk for everyone to see.

"Considering the unusual nature of our killer, Scully thought it 
best that we provide some corroborating documentation on the 
subject. Not surprisingly there is very little written on 
heightened senses in humans. I had a friend find this paper, it 
was written only a few years ago. 'Sentinels Myth or Reality: 
Reflections of Ancient Man in Modern Times'. Quite an interesting 
piece of work, but what I really find interesting is that you 
failed to mention your expertise in this field of study, Mr. 

Simon looked down at the paper in shock, there in black and white 
was Blair's name. Looking up at the grad student he saw his lips 
pressed firmly together. Simon wondered how the kid would get out 
of the hole he just fell into. Then Blair looked at Jim, his eyes 
seemed to speak volumes. Jim's jaw was pulsing with tension but he 

Sandburg cleared his throat, looking directly at the two agents. 
"Look man, I can understand your being ticked off at me for not 
saying anything last night. But you *must* understand that it had 
nothing to do with the case at hand. I was in no way trying to 
interfere with your investigation."

Seeing the worry written all over Blair's expressive face, Scully 
asked "Does this have to do with your being an observer here for 
over a year?"

At Simon's look of surprise Mulder said. "We did a background 
check on both Ellison and Sandburg last night, after I realized 
who Sandburg was."

A slight smile crept onto Blair's face, he ran a hand through his 
loose hair, pulling it out of his face. "We did a little 
background check on you as well." Scully cocked an eyebrow at 
that. "Which is why I'm going to be honest with you. My friend 
told me that you value the truth above anything else."

Mulder couldn't hide his surprise, whoever had looked him up must 
not have used normal channels, he kept quiet letting Blair explain 
his actions. "You see, I'm working on getting my doctorate in 
Anthropology. If you read my paper you know that I've documented 
hundreds of cases of people with one or two hyperactive senses."

"I assume your next paper would focus on a more intense study of 
your chosen field." Scully commented, "But what has that to do 
with your working with the police?"

"Unless you found a subject to study within the Police 
Department," Mulder interjected. "Someone that was worth years of 
intense study, possibly a full fledged Sentinel."

Scully turned to her partner, "But that would be nearly impossible 
to find let alone prove." She noticed Sandburg's stance shift from 
a self defensive posture to that of a protective posture. He had 
taken a small step forward placing himself between Ellison and the 
two agents.

Mulder shifted his gaze from Blair to Jim and back again. Both men 
saw a light go on in Mulder's eyes, Jim detected an increase in 
the agent's heart rate.

"Sandburg is more than just an observer or a consultant." Mulder 
said remembering a passage in Blair's paper. "He's your Guide. 
Isn't he Detective?"

Jim looked at the agents for a long moment, then nodded. Simon 
nearly gasped at the intensity of the gaze both Blair and Jim 
leveled on them. Blair's eyes seemed to burn with a greenish blue 
fire as he spoke. "You have to understand why I didn't volunteer 
the information you needed. If it ever got out to the wrong 
people, Jim's career, his whole life, would be over." He lowered 
his voice till it was almost a growl. "And there is *nothing* in 
this whole world that is worth risking that."

"You're serious?" Scully asked. "Your saying that Det. Ellison is 
a Sentinel?" A healthy skepticism in her voice.

Jim stood next to his partner his hand resting lightly on Blair's 
shoulder. "Yes, that's exactly what he's saying, Agent Scully."

Simon looked from Jim to Blair in shock. He had never thought he'd 
see the day that they would admit anything about Jim's abilities 
to anyone. Much less to two Feds, especially after his discussion 
with Ellison just yesterday.

"Did you know about this, Captain Banks? You seem somewhat 
surprised." Mulder asked him.

"Yes, I knew about his abilities. I just didn't think that they 
would ever confirm them to anyone."

"Why *did* you tell us?" Scully asked the pair.

"Neither of you are stupid," Jim said candidly. "The very nature 
of the killer could have led you to Blair's research. Eventually 
you would start asking the right questions, piecing together the 
puzzle of his working with me. This way we avoid any speculation 
on your part."

"You're taking an awfully big risk telling us this." Scully said, 
"What's to stop us from going to our superiors and revealing what 
you can do."

"Nothing," Simon said, rising from his chair to stand at his full 
height. "Except that if anything should happen to either of them 
as a result of such a report, I will hold the two of you 
personally responsible. "I guarantee that you would have the 
entire Cascade PD, several members of the DEA, and the FBI to deal 

The two agents looked at each other, although no words were spoken 
Blair observed an entire conversation occur between them. All from 
simple body language and facial expressions.

"I can speak for both of us when I say that your secret is safe 
with us." Mulder told them. "There will be no mention of Ellison's 
talents in either of our reports. Nor of the true nature of 
Sandburg's work at the station."

Jim had been listening to Mulder's heart beat as he spoke. There 
was no increase pressure or in his breathing as he spoke. As far 
as Jim could tell, Mulder was telling the truth. Jim turned to his 
partner and nodded, Blair let out a sigh of relief and leaned back 
onto the table.

"What?" Scully asked, surprised to see them all relax some.

"I think I just passed a polygraph test." Mulder commented dryly. 
"Remind me never to play poker with you Ellison. I'd probably lose 
my shirt." His joke seemed to break the tension in the room a bit 
more. Giving Simon room to get things back on track.

" Alright, now that we've cleared the air," Simon said getting 
everyone's attention. "Can we get back to the business at hand?"

"Right." Mulder agreed. Taking a deep breath he continued with his 
explanation. "The killer seems to choose his victims from the 
pagan community. The pattern suggests that he takes a job that 
allows him access to the victim's buildings."

"You mean like a locksmith?" Blair asked

"Either that or a cleaning service or possibly a local security 
company." Scully told him.

"The last victim was the one in California, right?" Jim asked.

"That we know of." Mulder confirmed.

"So we start checking cleaning services, locksmiths, and security 
companies for any new employees in that time frame? That's an 
awful lot of ground to cover, isn't it?" Blair sounded dubious.

"Nothing nearly so complicated." Scully reassured him. "If we run 
a check on Whitlow's phone and bank records. We should be able to 
find something to go on."

"I spent most of the morning getting those," Jim said. "They're on 
my desk."

"Well since you seem to have things well in hand, why don't you 
all continue this conversation elsewhere." Simon suggested. Taking 
the hint, those present gathered up their papers.

"Oh, one thing." Sandburg said getting the agents' attention. "No 
mentioning Jim's abilities in public. Especially around here."

Ellison nodded in affirmation. "There are enough tabloid reporters 
here on any given day to make a cops life difficult without these 
senses. One of *them* gets a hold of a story like that and I'll be 
on the cover of another magazine, and this time it won't be 

"More like the Weekly World News." Scully grimaced. "You'd be 
amazed how many of our cases end up in that rag."

"Really? Like what?" Blair's eyes lit up with curiosity.

"Chief." Jim said getting his attention.

"Yeah, Jim?"

"Later." The detective said sternly.

"Oh, right. Sorry."

* * * * *

The next several hours were spent going over the bank and phone 
records, looking for anything that might match Mulder's profile. 
It was a rather unique site, four people, two of which were Feds, 
working around Ellison's desk pouring over file after file.

This started to get interesting when, much to the horrified 
amusement of the other detectives in Major Crimes, Blair and 
Mulder began to spread the files of the victims across the floor 
of the bullpen.

It had begun innocently enough, with Blair sitting on the floor 
several files on his lap, making lists of things found at each 
murder scene. Mulder, in trying to help, had laid out a few more 
files to try and find matching items. Within no time files 
stretched from Jim's desk, down one row of desks, and just past 
Simon's office door.

Several detectives and uniformed officers were standing in the 
doorways just watching the spectacle before them. One seemingly 
highly professional FBI agent, glasses on, jacket off, sleeves 
rolled up, crawling on the floor. 'Ellison's Shadow' was on the 
other side of the room doing the nearly the same thing, glasses on 
and his hair pulled back, so wrapped up in what they were doing 
they didn't notice they had an audience.

The moment the spectators had been waiting for arrived when 
Captain Banks stepped out of his office and almost slipped on an 
open file.

"What the--?! Sandburg!" he bellowed, zeroing in on the 
anthropologist who was only a few feet away.

"Yeah Simon?" Blair said sitting up where he was. He had to crane 
his neck to look into Banks' face. His blue eyes wide, almost 
innocent looking.

"Would you mind explaining this to me?" Simon growled, towering 
over him. "I said to discuss the case. Not wallpaper the room with 
it." That elicited chuckles from the spectators.

Mulder peered over the top of a nearby desk. "This isn't his 
fault, Captain." he said, standing up and moving to stand next to 
Blair, who stood as well. "We got a little over enthusiastic. I 
didn't mean to take over the floor like this." He made a sweeping 
gesture at the papers at his feet. Only then did Simon notice that 
that both men had removed their shoes.

Simon looked from them over to Ellison's desk. Jim just shrugged, 
but Simon saw the amusement in his eyes and knew he was fighting 
to keep it from showing on his face. Scully having just realized 
what her partner had been up to, rolled her eyes and dropped her 
head into her hands.

Exasperated beyond belief, Simon did the only logical thing he 
could think of. He turned his attention to the officers gathered 
outside the bullpen. "Don't you people have something better to do 
with your time?" There was a sudden flurry of activity as they all 
made themselves scarce. Turning his attention back to Mulder and 
Blair, he said. "I'd appreciate it if you moved this mess 
somewhere more containable."

"Yes sir, Simon." Blair replied, looking sheepish. Simon growled 
and made his way carefully to the exit. As he got out of sight, a 
rueful smile spread over his face.

Scully pulled off her glasses and leaned back in her chair, 
watching the two men gather up the files. Once everything was off 
the floor she said, "What do you have to say for yourself, 

"Umm... Ooops?" Mulder replied with a lopsided smile. The gleam in 
his eyes was totally unrepentant.

Jim stood and stretched, his neck and back making audible popping 
sounds. Scully cringed at the sound. "Sorry," he smiled at her. 
"Interested in some dinner?" he asked the group.

"That sounds like a plan." Mulder agreed. "How about pizza?"

"No!" Blair shuddered. Jim scowled at the same moment. "I mean, 
umm... there is this nice Mexican take out place just down the 
road." He tried to hide his embarrassment at his outburst.

With an understanding smile Scully placed her hand on his 
shoulder. "That would be fine." After a moment she added. "Don't 
feel bad if you find an aversion to certain foods after a case 
involving them. I couldn't eat chicken for weeks after one case."

"I don't even want to know." Jim said holding up his hands.

After a brief discussion they agreed to move their little party to 
the loft. Jim felt a little odd having the agents know his secret. 
There hadn't really been much choice, he just hoped that they kept 
their word. Mulder and Scully were a study in contrasts. On the 
one hand you had Mulder who seemed ready to believe damn near 
anything out of the ordinary, in fact Jim would have to say that 
the man expected the extraordinary. On the other you had Scully, 
the consummate field agent, with the medical knowledge to do 
examinations of any bodies that they might encounter in their 
work. In some ways they reminded Jim of himself and Sandburg, 
different backgrounds giving them a wide perspective to any 

When they got back to the loft, dinner in hand, Mulder was 
impressed by the size of the place. It had a nice warm welcoming 
feel to it, so unlike the feel of his own apartment. When Blair 
tossed his backpack into the room just passed the kitchen, Mulder 
realized that the two men lived together. // This is 
interesting.// he thought. // I wonder if this has to do with 
Sandburg being Ellison's Guide.// Seeing his partners quizzical 
expression he knew Scully was thinking along the same lines.

By the time they had all finished eating, the files Blair and 
Mulder had been working on at the station were once again spread 
out on the floor. But this time they were spread behind the couch 
between the windows and the stairs to Jim's bedroom. Scully was 
looking over some of Blair's notebooks that he said contained 
research pertinent to the case. She was impressed by the amount of 
data within his notes, also by the complete lack of direct 
reference to Ellison in any of the notes. Blair had made sure that 
if anyone ever got a hold of any of his research they would not be 
able to directly link the notes to the detective.

After nearly two hours of intense note taking, flipping though his 
papers and generally immersing himself in his work, Blair suddenly 
stopped writing and reread his notes. "It can't be that simple." 
he mumbled under his breath.

Jim walked over to him. "What can't be that simple." Mulder looked 
up from his file. He hadn't even heard Sandburg say anything.

Blair looked up at his partner. "I think I know how he chooses his 
victims. But it can't be that simple."

"Spill it Darwin. What can't be that simple." Jim repeated, 
noticing his friends heart rate increase. A mixture of excitement 
and disbelief playing across the expressive face before him.

"Give me just a sec. First I need to know something." Blair said 
holding up a cautionary hand. Turning to Scully he asked, "Were 
there any physiological similarities between the different 
victims. I don't really have the stomach to go over the autopsy 

Scully pulled off her glasses. "They all had minor heart defects, 
not the same in all, but nothing that would be considered 

Blair's eyes lit up. "Then I've figured it out. But I couldn't be 
that simple." He looked up at the expectant faces around him, 
realizing that he wasn't making himself clear. "Our sense of smell 
is one of the most powerful memory triggers that we know of. Its 
effects on the human emotional state can be varied and startling." 
He shifted into teacher mode as he explained. "Old musty smells 
remind some people of playing in an attic as a child. The smell of 
an open fire can remind one person of camping and another of a 
traumatic fire. A person with a heightened sense of smell can have 
even stronger reactions to that kind of stimuli."

"But we aren't talking about smell," Mulder reminded him. "We are 
talking about hearing."

"I think we may be dealing with someone with both senses 

"Why do you think that?" Scully asked.

"All of the victims had two other things in common aside from 
being pagans. One, they all had a slight heart defect, and two, 
all were in possession of or had recently burned lavender, sage, 
and frankincense. Now all three are common enough, but the three 
burned together are not, nor are they what I would call 
compatible." He paused to make sure he had their attention. "There 
must be something in his past that makes this combination of 
stimuli set him off."

"Alright, lets say you're right about this." Scully said 
thoughtfully. "Then why is it that a man with all five senses 
heightened is more stable than a killer with two? I would think it 
more difficult to handle all five. No offence Jim."

"None taken." Jim replied

"For starters Jim didn't have any kind of seriously damaging 
psychological trauma in his youth. Second his abilities didn't 
manifest until after he was a adult." Blair paused to take a drink 
from his tea cup.

"You admitted earlier that you are Ellison's Guide." Mulder said.

Jim nodded, "Sentinels need a partner with them to keep from 
focusing too hard on one sense. If I zone-out during a case I 
could get shot and never even know."

"Is that why Sandburg lives here with you?" Scully asked.

Blair grinned, "No, I live here 'cause my apartment blew up. Jim 
has been nice enough not to throw me out yet."

"Your apartment blew up?" Mulder asked his eyes wide.

"Don't ask, it's a long story." Jim cautioned.

"Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is," Blair continued. "That 
if you combine those senses with a trauma like the kind your 
profile suggests. Then perhaps you could end up with a killer like 
the one we are dealing with now."

"So your suggesting that a potential victim would be someone that 
burns those three things together?" Scully asked, Blair nodded. 
"Well that narrows down our targets a bit."

"There is only one problem with this theory." Jim said, leaning on 
the wooden support pillar between the kitchen and the living room. 
"I could smell the sage Naomi burned for several days after she 
left. The victims could have used the different incense over a 
period of a week and still could have triggered the attack."

"Man, your right. I didn't even think of that." Blair said 
thoughtfully. "Even so, the combination does seem to be the 
trigger, doesn't it?"

Mulder nodded, "Are you sure you're an anthropologist, you know a 
lot about the human mind."

Blair shrugged, "I minored in Psych."

"The good news is that there appears to be only one company on the 
records that matches the ones that we are looking for." Jim 
announced. "Looks like Whitlow paid a cleaning service every 

"We'll get a warrant tomorrow to check their personnel 
records."Scully said. "But we need to find a way to catch our 

"I'll see what I can come up with." Blair said.

* * * * * 

Later that evening...

Scully lay on her bed in the hotel room trying to sleep. There was 
a soft knock at the door separating her room from Mulder's. "Come 
in Mulder." She said with a sigh.

Mulder entered with an apologetic look. "I was just thinking about 
Ellison and Sandburg and I was wondering what your thoughts are."

"If it weren't for the fact that we are working on a case 
involving heightened senses and their captain confirming their 
story, I'd have labeled them both as certifiable loons." Scully 
said sitting up in bed.

"But you're willing to believe them based on that?" he asked 
leaning in the doorway.

"I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt." Scully 
amended. "But I do think that if what they say is true, they could 
be in real danger if certain groups found out about it."

"I agree, but I was thinking more about the way they seem so 
protective of each other." Mulder said. "Banks looked rather 
surprised at the way Sandburg tried to protect Ellison. Like it 
wasn't the typical way the young man spoke."

"It seems that way doesn't it. He looked like he was almost ready 
to do anything to defend Ellison from us if he had to."

"Could it be that they already had a scare along those lines and 
they are both expecting the worst?" Scully asked.

"That is quite possible. Ludwig said that the bureau owed Ellison 
a lot. Perhaps whatever it was that he did, caused their 
protectiveness." Mulder had *that* look in his face, the one that 
meant he was getting intrigued. "I wonder how they first met?"

"What for?"

"Well they just seem to be an unlikely duo."

"Gee, where have I heard that before?" Scully smirked, referring 
to the comments that occurred when they themselves first teamed 

"Point taken." Mulder yawned and stretched his arms over his head.

"Go to bed Mulder. We have a lot of ground to cover tomorrow."

"Okay, okay. I'm going," he groused. "You're such a mother hen."

"Well someone has to keep you in line."

He stuck his tongue out at her and ducked back into his room, just 
as a magazine flew across the room hitting the wall where he had 
been standing.

* * *

It was almost midnight when Jim and Blair entered the empty halls 
of the Geology Dept. of Rainier University. There were only a few 
lights on in the echoing corridors.

"Explain to me again why we are sneaking around this place in the 
middle of the night?" Jim asked his partner.

Blair rolled his eyes, "Because we need to test your ability to 
sense earthquakes." his tone was matter-of-fact. "I don't have a 
degree in geology, therefore I don't have ready access to the 
equipment in this area."


"So, I called in a favor to be able to do the test."

Jim stopped in his tracks. The day had been bad enough without 
someone new finding out about his talents. "You didn't tell this 
guy why you wanted to do this test did you?"

"Not in so many words." Blair turned to him. "Don't worry Gary is 
the soul of discretion. Besides all he's doing is testing the new 
equipment so that it will be calibrated for some experiments the 
Dept. is conducting in a few days."

"I don't like it." Ellison turned back the way they came, Blair 
placed a restraining hand on his arm.

"Jim, this is the only time we're going to be able to do this test 
with no one else around." The grad student could understand his 
friend's reluctance. He hadn't really told Jim what the test 

Pulling lightly on Jim's arm Blair lead him down to a door that 
opened up to a set of stairs that went down to the basement.

"How can you be so sure this Gary guy won't say anything?" Jim 
persisted, pausing again as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

Blair smiled reassuringly. "Because Gary isn't just a RA. He is a 
good friend of mine, and he's also one of my first case studies."

Jim's eyes widened. "Your kidding right?"

"No, come on. How do you think I got my masters degree in the 
first place?"

"I guess I didn't really think about it. You told me about your 
other documented cases. But I guess I never thought that I'd meet 
one." Jim was still unsure about meeting this guy.

"Gary won't tell anyone." Sandburg's voice slipped into Guide 
mode, trying to calm his friend's nerves. "He's going to be 
credited in my paper for his assistance, when I'm ready to 
publish. Trust me." His eyes were in full 'puppy' mode.

"Okay, okay, lets just get this over with before the sun comes up. 
We still have an investigation to do, remember." The Sentinel said 
giving in. The Guide practically danced down the basement hallway 
to the third door. The sign read: Warning: Sensitive Equipment. He 
knocked and waited for the door to open.

After a few moments the door opened to reveal a wiry, red haired 
man a little older than Blair. His hair was cropped short and he 
sported a neatly clipped beard.

"Blair, man. Good to see you made it." he said shaking Blair's 
hand, his bright green eyes shifting to Ellison. "I'm Gary 
Martins," He said extending his hand.

"Jim Ellison" the detective replied, clasping Gary's hand. As 
their hands touched, the RA's eyes widened and he smiled broadly 
looking from Jim to Blair several time.

"I don't believe it." Gary said, he looked ready to jump for joy.

"Believe what?" Blair asked his friend.

"Blair you creep, why didn't you tell me you found him." 

"Found who?" Blair asked, warily.

"Don't give me that. I felt the difference in your presence, 
you're not searching anymore, your feelers are pulled in. Which 
means you found a Sentinel."

Blair didn't know what to say to this. They had discussed his 
hopes of finding a real Sentinel while he was working on his 
Masters thesis. At the time Gary had confidently told him he would 
find one eventually.

Seeing the color drain out of both men's faces Gary said, "Calm 
down dudes. I won't tell anyone. It's a real pleasure to meet you 
Mr. Ellison. Blair has been looking for you for a long time."

Gary smiled, he could feel the connection between the two men in 
front of him the moment he shook their hands. The geology major 
had been blessed/cursed with a hyper tactile sense. It was so 
sensitive that he could feel the body's natural energy field as 
well as the texture of things. His abilities helped in his 
research, being able to tell different soil and rock types by 
touch alone and sense when pressure was building underground.

Martins remembered when Sandburg had first found that obscure 
monograph by Burton. It had been in a mountain of other old books 
that had been donated by a deceased alumnus. It had been as if 
Blair had found his destiny within its pages. A spark had flared 
in him that burned even brighter now.

"What did you mean by feelers?" Ellison asked suspiciously.

"Well, everyone has a personal energy field, commonly referred to 
as an aura. Now if you're looking for something, you unconsciously 
send out what I call feelers, tendrils of your own energy as part 
of the search." he grinned at Ellison's skeptical expression. 
"Blair has had tendrils out almost as long as I've known him, but 
now I can't feel them reaching out any more." What he didn't say 
was that he could sense that those tendrils were now firmly 
wrapped around and though Ellison's aura, just as Ellison's own 
energy was wrapped around and through Sandburg's. What he found 
interesting was that neither of them seemed aware of it.

"Sounds like something that Naomi would say." Jim commented.

"Actually she and I have had many conversations about it." Gary 
said grinning even wider.

Jim rolled his eyes. "That figures." Blair chuckled softly.

"Anyway, I'm all set inside, if you're ready." Martins said, 
realizing that he was blocking the doorway, he quickly lead the 
way inside.

Inside, the room contained several large free standing safety 
shields made out of plexiglass. A half a dozen or so high 
sensitivity microphones and six video cameras surrounded what 
looked like a hydraulic press. On the left side of the room was a 
pile of numbered cylindrical objects wrapped in paper. On the 
right was a control panel and monitors.

Gary looked around the room with uncontained pride. "This is the 
department's newest baby." He walked over to the pile of 
cylinders. Marking a notation on a clipboard nailed to the wall 
there, he added. "It took months to get it."

"What exactly does this thing do?" Jim asked.

"Give me a hand with this and you'll see." Martins gestured to the 
top most cylinder. With some effort the two of them moved the two 
foot tall one foot wide object onto a small cart. Garry wheeled it 
over to the machine, then stripped the paper off to reveal a solid 
piece of granite. He ran his hands over the surface slowly, taking 
note of serval micro fractures in the seemingly flawless surface.

"Mr. Ellison, would you mind running your hand over the block and 
tell me what you feel?" he asked.

"What for?"

"Well, I've never met another person with my sense of touch." 
Garry admitted. "I'm just curious to know if you can feel the same 
things I can."

Seeing Jim's reluctance Blair piped in. "Think of it as another 
test, but this time we have a control subject." Jim sighed, then 
ran his hands over the rock's surface. After he finished Gary took 
out a red marker pen from his lab coat.

"Tell me if I miss any." he said and traced the path of all the 
fracture that Jim had found.

"Well I'll be damned." Ellison said with unconcealed amazement. 
"It's weird having someone else confirm what I can sense like 

Gary gave him an understanding smile. "It took me a long time to 
trust what I was feeling. Especially when none of my colleagues 
could understand what I was talking about." He rolled the rock 
into place on the machine, setting clamps to keep it stationary. 
"Now," he said cracking his knuckles. " This sucker is a hydraulic 
press, modified from industrial use as a molding machine into a 
mini earthquake maker."

"How does it do that?" Blair asked.

"It's quite simple really. The press simulated the action of 
tectonic plates rubbing together. We gradually build up the 
pressure until the stone sample shatters. Now, scientific studies 
have already proven that the rocks samples emit sonic waves just 
before they shatter. What we are hoping to do with our set up is 
find a way to detect these waves efficiently enough to create an 
early warning system."

"That explains all the mics but what are the cameras for?" Jim 
asked looking at the set up again.

"Two of the six cameras are infra-red. A few of the professors are 
hoping to capture some kind of visual anomalies"

"Like what?" Blair asked.

"I'm really not sure. Probably ball-lightening or something like 

Jim looked at his watch. "As fascinating as this is, we have to 
work tomorrow morning."

"Sorry," The two grad students said in unison.

"Everything is all set now. So if you'll have a seat we can get 
started." The geologist motioned toward a chair set up behind one 
of the plexiglass shields. It was set so that Jim's back would be 
toward the press.

Ellison complied, muttering about insomniac grad students.

Smiling broadly, Blair knelt down next to him. "Okay Jim, we're 
just going to do the same thing we did the night of the tremor. 
The only difference is that you are going to have to filter out 
the noise of the press itself."

"Actually, the machine isn't that loud." Garry said from the 
control panel.

"That's 'cause you don't have heightened hearing." Jim reminded 
him. "You'd be amazed what you would find painfully loud." As he 
spoke he noticed a spark of an idea flash across his guide's face. 
"What?" he asked.

"I'll tell you when we are done here." Blair told him in a low 

"All set over there?" The geologist asked. When both men nodded he 
touched the controls, turning on the monitors and starting the 
press. Jim winces slightly at first, then adjusted to the noise 
level. Blair kept an eye on the machine trying not to give his 
partner any clues as to how the test was going. As the pressure 
increased on the block, the sound of machine changed pitch. Blair 
instructed Jim to filter out the sounds of the equipment.

"Tell me when you hear anything that reminds you of what you hear 
the night of the quake." he whispered.

Gary checked the gauges, it wouldn't be long now. He just hoped 
Ellison would hear something before the rock shattered.

As if on cue, Jim straitened in his chair, tilting his head to the 
side listening intently. "I hear it." He said opening his eyes. He 
looked down at his guide and smiled in wonder. "Son-of-a-bitch, I 
can hear it. It's not as loud or as intense but the harmonic is 
there." Blair's face beamed with excitement. Jim was about to say 
more but just then the rock sample shattered, sending fragments 
flying in all directions, some of the projectiles bounced off of 
the safety barriers.

Gary hit the cut off switch shutting down the equipment. They 
began to clean up the debris while waiting for the hard copy of 
the test to print out. The rock had shattered along the marked 

"I wish I could do this test again for you but I only had 
authorization for the one test tonight." The RA's voice was tinged 
with regret.

"Hey man, it's not a problem." Blair reassured him. "The fact that 
you could do this for us at all has been a great help."

Martins handed them the hard copies saying, "Let me know if there 
is anything else I can do." Turning to Jim he extended his hand. 
"It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Ellison."

"It was nice meeting you too." Jim replied with a genuine smile.

As they headed out of the building, Sandburg asked, "That wasn't 
so bad, was it?"

"No it wasn't," Jim looked at his watch and sighed, 1:30 am. "Lets 
just hope we don't get an early call, I'd like to get *some* sleep 

As the climbed into the truck Blair said. "Could we stop by the 
Anthro building? There is some things I need from my office."

"Can't it wait until morning?" Jim groused, but turned the truck 
toward the building.

"I don't have any classes tomorrow, and I'd rather get it now 
rather then risk getting snagged by one of my students when I 
should be helping you." He pulled out his office keys as they 
approached. "This will only take a minute."


Blair hopped out of the Expedition, Jim only a step behind him. 
Once inside his office Blair went to his desk and unlocked the 
bottom drawer. Reaching deep inside he pulled out a handfull of 
familiar objects.

"Are those what I think they are?" Jim asked.

Blair nodded, "I figured if Brackett can use these suckers against 
you. Then we can use them against our killer."

Jim took a moment to examine one of the white noise generators. 
"Where do you get these things anyway?"

"I've got connections." Blair smiled and held up another smaller 
object. "This is the other thing I wanted." It was a small dog 

"You weren't ever planning on using that thing on me, were you?" 
Ellison's eyes narrowed with suspicion.

Blair looked hurt. "Jim, I'm shocked that you would think so 
little of me. You know that I would never do anything to hurt you 

"I'm just checking, Chief. Your natural paranoia must be rubbing 
off on me."

"Funny, Ellison real funny." Blair locked the drawer again and 
headed out of the door. "When I first started studying about 
Sentinels, I began looking for people with heightened senses, I 
used to take the whistle with me into lectures or out onto the 
campus to see if anyone would react to it."

"Did it ever work?" Jim asked, climbing into the truck.

"Nah, all it did was attract the college mascot. That cute brown 
dog you see from time to time."

"The one that keeps trying to steal my hotdogs?" Jim smiled 

"The very one, he seems to like you." Blair looked thoughtful. 
"Ever think of getting a pet?"

"Why bother, I have you." Jim teased as they headed home.

"Not funny man." Blair said trying not to smile.

* * * * *

The next morning Jim and Blair were to meet the FBI agents at the 
office of Penski Cleaning Services Inc. When they arrived Jim saw 
by the purple Ford Taurus in the driveway that Mulder and Scully 
were already inside. As he pulled into a parking spot, Jim focused 
his hearing inside the building.

"We've only had two new employees in the last three months," the 
manager said. "Charlie Winslow and Nathan Morgan."

"Could you tell us where we could find them?" Scully asked.

"Charlie is in the back, restocking his truck. Nathan is out with 
with the team that does clean up at Rainier U."

"You have a contract with Susan Whitlow's New Age shop, the Silver 
Moon. Did either men do any work there in the past week?" Mulder 

"Yes they both did. Is this about Ms. Whitlow's murder?"

"We just want to ask them both a few questions." Scully responded.

He showed them into the back room and introduced them to Charlie. 
After a few minor questions Mulder had the feeling that this man 
wasn't the killer.

"Did Nathan seem agitated or nervous to you while you where at the 

"Now that you mention it, he did seem a bit more upset than 

"What do you mean by, more that usual?" Scully asked.

"Well, he's never been comfortable going in that store or any 
place that deals with alternative religions." Charlie shrugged. "I 
tried to talk to him about that once. But he wouldn't tell me 

"Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Winslow." Mulder said. With 
that they turned and left. 

Outside, Blair leaned over to his partner. "So what's going on in 

"It sounds like our suspect is over at the University on a job." 
Jim told him shifting his awareness back to his immediate 
surroundings. They both got out of the truck as the two agents 
exited the building.

"Our suspect should be at Rainier U." Mulder said as they 

"I heard," Jim told him. "I think we should do this as quietly as 
possible. We don't want to spook Morgan before we get to question 

Scully couldn't hide her surprise, her mind reeling at the 
detectives ability to hear what they had said from outside the 
building. "Well, you two are the experts in this." She said trying 
to recover. "How do you suggest we proceed?"

Jim was thoughtful for a moment, "I think just the four of us 
should go in, any more and we won't be able to mask the noise. 
We'll set up some units outside the perimeter of the campus on 
standby, just in case he bolts."

"That fine but how are you planning on hiding our approach?" 
Scully asked.

At Scully's question, Blair reached into his jacket pocket and 
pulled out two odd looking devices. Handing one each to Mulder and 
Scully he said. "Turn them on and leave them on once we get on the 
campus grounds. He'll never hear us coming." At the questioning 
looks he explained. "These are white noise generators. They'll 
keep him from hearing you until you are in close proximity, as 
long as you keep quiet."

"Will these things cause you a problem Detective?" Mulder asked 
clipping it on his belt.

"No, I can filter out white noise as if it wasn't there."

Concerned Scully asked, "What is to keep Morgan from doing the 
same thing?"

"If this guy has problems with analog clocks, then he'll have no 
clue how to handle white noise." Blair said with confidence.

"I hope you're right." Scully replied.

"Trust me," Jim said. "He knows what he is talking about."

* * *

Half an hour later, after clearing it with a rather irate Simon. A 
dozen squad cars and unmarkeds were in position. There was also an 
ambulance on standby just in case. All units had orders to 
maintain radio silence until hearing the word from Ellison. As 
they entered the campus grounds Jim easily located one of the vans 
from the cleaning company. One of the employees was there 
refilling a bottle of cleaning fluid.

"Excuse me," Jim said getting his attention and showing his badge. 
"I'm Detective Ellison, I need to talk to Nathan Morgan. Your boss 
said that he was here. Could you tell me which building he might 
be in."

"Is he in some kind of trouble?" he asked.

"We just need to ask him a few questions."

"Well, he should be in the student union, putting a coat of wax on 
the steps that lead to the stage." He said pointing in the right 

Jim thanked him, then turned to follow Blair who was already 
moving in toward the building. "Jim, those steps were stripped and 
rewaxed the day before the murder." Blair's heart rate increasing.

"That would account for the residue we found in that foot print at 
the store." Jim said understanding.

"According to their records Morgan was on the job here, as well as 
the job at Silver Moon later that day." Mulder added.

As they approached the building a man dressed in Penski Cleaning 
coveralls was exiting just in front of them. His eyes were on a 
flyer taped to the door, so he failed to notice them approaching. 
Jim tightened his visual focus, zooming in on the name sewn onto 
the coverall. The letters spelled out 'Nathan'.

Jim pulled his badge out holding it up for the man to see. "Nathan 
Morgan. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions."

Morgan's head shot up in surprise. His eyes going wide with 
terror, he began to edge away form the four people in front of 
him. Whatever reaction Blair had expected from this guy it was 
nothing compared to what he saw.

"It's alright," Scully said trying to calm the suspect. "We aren't 
going to hurt you."

"No!" Morgan shouted in panic. "Don't come near me, whatever you 
are." He dropped every thing he was carrying and ran down the 
sidewalk deeper into the campus grounds at an amazing speed.

"Aw hell, I hate it when they run." Jim said as he took off after 
him, Mulder only a step behind him.

"What the hell was that?" Scully asked Sandburg as they too ran 
trying to keep up with there longer legged partners.

"He couldn't hear us." Blair said, as though that explained it 

"Of course he could hear us. How else would he know what we said?"

"But he couldn't hear... our heart beats or the sounds of our 
cloths rubbing together." Blair explained as they ran. "He 
probably thinks we're demons or something. I didn't think he'd 
react like that." He sounded apologetic. "Damn he's fast."

"I've still got him," Jim said pausing at the top of a small rise 
to get his bearings. "It looks like he's heading for the library."

"Shit! Your kidding!" Blair exclaimed in dismay, as skid to a halt 
next to Ellison.

"Why? What's wrong?" Mulder asked turning to the grad student.

"The History Dept. just set up a display on the history of weapons 
in warfare."

"You've got to be kidding me, Chief." Jim said. "How many weapons 
are we talking here?" They were all running again.

"None of the guns on display work, all the firing pins were 
removed." Blair told his partner. "But there has to be at least a 
couple dozen different types of edged weapons on display."

"Simon was right, nothing ever comes easy for us." Jim muttered to 

The library was in chaos when they arrived, students poured out of 
the doors in a panic. While they waited for the press of people to 
ease. Jim called in backup to cover all the exits. Blair saw a 
familiar face among those by the entrance.

"Jack!" Blair called to the former CIA agent. Kelso spun in his 
wheel chair, seeing Sandburg and Ellison, he let out an 
exasperated sigh.

"Blair, why is it every time anything crazy happens around here 
you seem to be right in the middle of it?" he asked making his way 
closer. "Nice to see you again Detective."

"Hi, Jack." Jim said absently, his attention focused inside the 

"Jack, these are Agents Mulder and Scully," Blair introduced, 
"Mulder, Scully meet Jack Kelso, political science teacher."

Jack shook the hands of the two agents. Mulder eyes widened when 
he recognized the ex-CIA agent. // This guy is Blair's friend? I 
wonder if he's the one Sandburg asked to do the background check 
on us.//

"Mind me asking what's going on?" Kelso asked the group.

"The man that just ran in there in a suspected serial killer." 
Ellison explained. "We were attempting to question him when he 

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Kelso asked, him eyes 

Jim considered the question a moment, then knelt down and pulled 
his back up .38 pistol from it's ankle holster. Handing it to 
Jack, Jim said, "If you see the suspect coming out these doors, 
don't let him past you."

"You can count on it." Jack promised, his face set in grim 
determination, as he expertly checked the revolver's weight and 

Once inside Jim opened up his senses to get an idea of how many 
people were still inside. Filtering out the layers of white noise 
coming from the small devices. In the back of the library he could 
hear harsh breathing and two distinct heartbeats.

Picking up a discarded notebook from the floor he wrote: 'In the 
rear of the building, Possibly one hostage.'

Blair grabbed the notebook from him and quickly made a rough 
sketch of the buildings layout, including all possible exits. As 
the agents studied the map Sandburg turned to his partner and 
mouthed ' Where? '

Closing his eyes, the Sentinel visualized the layout of the 
library. Grateful for all the times that his Guide had dragged him 
there if one reason or another. With a pen Jim circled an area in 
the back corner of the reference section. He gestured for Mulder 
and Scully to take the right side while he would take the left. 
Turning to Sandburg he motioned for him to stay put. The Guide 
glared at him shaking his head. Ellison glared back not wanting to 
risk his friend getting hurt.

//We don't have time for this// Jim thought frustrated. 'Alright 
just stay back.' he mouthed, sighing when Blair agreed. Making 
there way toward the killer they heard Mulder call out.

"Nathan Morgan, I'm Agent Mulder of the FBI. We don't want to hurt 
you, we just need to talk to you."

"What ever you are, you keep away from me!" Morgan cried. In a 
softer voice Jim heard him say, "Don't listen to them. Don't trust 
them. They're not real."

"I don't understand." a frightened yet familiar voice said.

"Don't you see? Can't you hear it? The silence that they have. 
There are no hearts in the beasts."

Through a gap in the books Jim got a glimpse of the suspect and 
his hostage, RA Gary Martins. Morgan was holding a ten inch long 
dagger flat against the grad students chest, his other hand was 
holding Gary by the throat, his focus was in the direction of 
Mulder's voice.

"They've finally come for me. Just like Father always said they 
would. But maybe if I gave them your heart they'd let me go. What 
do you think?"

"I think it's a pretty lousy idea, personally." Martins said 
trying to pull away from the blade.

"We aren't demons Nathan." Jim said as he moved in closer. "We 
want to ask you where you were Tuesday night." He saw Morgan's 
eyes glaze over in confusion, his heart rate shot through the 

"If you let that young man go we can sit down and talk this over 
peacefully." Mulder said stepping into Morgan's line of sight. His 
Sig Sauer trained on the suspect and his hostage. Mulder reached 
onto his belt with his left hand, pulling the WNG off and holding 
up for the man to see. "Do you see this? This is why you can't 
hear our hearts."

"I don't believe you." He whimpered in fear.

Blair moved to stand next to Jim trying to see what was going on. 
Jim leaned down and whispered softly. "I want you to use that 
whistle. Give me to the count of twenty to get into a better 

Blair was about to protest, but stopped himself. This was not the 
time to argue.

Jim moved forward with the grace of a cat, stealth acquired from 
those many months in the jungle. When he was within ten feet of 
his target, he visualized the dial for his hearing, turning it 
down as far as he could without consciously making himself deaf.

Mulder was still trying to calm the suspect. "I'm going to turn 
this off and you'll see that I'm telling the truth." He flipped 
off the power. The bubble of white noise disappeared from around 
the agent.

"That's not real," Morgan said desperately, trying to ignore the 
sudden inclusion of Mulder's heart beat and the ticking of the 
agents analog watch. "Your just trying to trick me." His grip 
loosened on the grad student and the dagger dropped a few inches.

At that very moment Blair reached the count of twenty, placed the 
whistle between his lips, and blew as hard as he could. Jim braced 
himself for it, feeling the vibrations in his inner ear, he 
grimaced at the sensation but it wasn't actually painful. Morgan 
on the other hand had no defence, with a scream of agony he 
released his grip on Martins and clasped his ears. The sudden 
movement caused the dagger to slice across Garry's arm. The grad 
student cried out in pain as his hyper-sensitive skin protested.

Ellison took two large strides, grabbed Martins and dragged him 
behind the book shelves to where Blair was standing. Sitting him 
down Ellison checked the wound, the sent of blood mingling with 
the smell of old books and the perspiration of those present.

"Bloody hell, this hurts!!" Gary said through clenched teeth.

"It's pretty deep, but I've seen worse." Jim reassured him, Blair 
knelt down next to them and without a second thought pulled off 
his layered shirts and began tearing the t-shirt into strips for a 
temporary bandage.

The distraction Blair created gave the two agents time to train 
their weapons on Morgan. "Drop the knife!" Scully ordered. The 
order was not received well as Morgan screamed incoherently and 
lunged toward the source of yet more torment. He came up under the 
path of her pistol, one hand grabbing for her weapon while the 
other slashed with the dagger.

"Scully!" Mulder cried, his heart clenched in his chest as the two 
fell to the floor. The sound of Scully's pistol going off a was 
accompanied by a gasp. The struggles ceased and Mulder wrenched 
the body of Nathan Morgan off of his partner. Quickly checking for 
a pulse, Mulder confirmed that the suspect was dead.

"Are you alright, Scully?" He asked checking her over. The dagger 
had sliced through her blouse leaving a nasty looking gash along 
her ribs on her left side. Her light green suit was stained a deep 
crimson for not only her blood but that of Morgan.

"How bad is it?" She gasped as her partner ripped open her blouse 
to get a closer look.

"It's not bad." he said after a few moments. "You keep this up and 
you'll force the guys back home to start hedging their bets."

"For which pool?" she asked, grateful for the distraction.

"The one for the most stitches for a single year." Mulder teased 

"It'll take a lot more than this to break your record, Mulder."

"That's not a record either of us should be proud of." His eyes 
lost their humor as he took her hand in his and gave it a light 

Ellison emerged from around a book shelf, the shredded remains of 
Blair's t- shirt in his hand. Kneeling down he helped Mulder 
create a temporary bandage.

"How's the kid?" Mulder asked.

"He's fine. Mostly shaken up, Blair took him outside." Jim 
replied. "I called in the ambulance. They'll bring in a stretcher 
for you Agent Scully."

"What made Morgan scream like that?" Scully asked. "It was like he 
had some sort of attack."

"Sandburg used a dog whistle to try and distract him. We weren't 
sure what would happen."

"Why didn't it affect you the same way?" Mulder was curious.

"It's hard to explain. I can, sort of, adjust the amount of input 
I receive from my senses. I turned down my hearing so that it 
wouldn't hurt me."

"That's useful." Scully muttered. "I wish I could do that right 

"Trust me, these senses are not always an advantage." Jim said. "I 
wouldn't wish them on anyone."

At that moment the paramedics arrived and took charge of Agent 
Scully. Mulder bent down over the body of the killer, searching 
the coveralls he pulled out Morgan's wallet and keys.

* * *

"It hurts!" Gary complained sitting in the back of the ambulance. 
Fighting off the hands of the medic that was trying to help him.

"Well if you would calm down for a second and listen to me, maybe 
it wouldn't hurt so much." Blair was trying very hard not to growl 
at his friend.

"Can't they just give me something for the pain?" Garry whined

"I'm sure they could but it won't do you any good if your pain 
receptors are on overload." Blair was beginning to feel like he 
was talking to a child.

"Well then, what do you suggest, 'oh wise one'?" the RA asked 

Blair clamped down on the retort that formed in his mind. Closing 
his eyes he gathered up all the patience that he had acquired from 
working with Ellison. "I want you to take a deep breath and let it 
out slowly." he said, consciously modulating his voice to the one 
he used when guiding Jim.

Garry did as he was told, the first breath came out ragged. "Do it 
again." Blair instructed, making his friend repeat the action 
several times. Blair watched with satisfaction as the lines of 
pain eased in Garry's face. He nodded to the medic. "He'll be fine 
for now. He's just *really* sensitive." As he climbed out of the 
ambulance he saw the stretcher carrying Scully, Mulder was walking 
next to her speaking softly.

Jim paused to pull out his cell-phone and call the station.


"Simon, it's Jim. Everything is under control here."

"What the hell happened down there?!" Simon bellowed.

Jim winced pulling the receiver away from his ear. "Our suspect 
went over the deep end when we tried to question him." He 
explained the events of that morning.

"Did you have to kill him?" Simon asked

"I don't think he gave Agent Scully much of a choice, Sir."

"Alright, just finish this up quickly. The press is going to be 
all over this."

"Will do, Simon." As he broke the connection Jim heard a long 
suffering sigh from the other end of the phone.

Kelso wheeled himself over to where Jim was standing. "I believe 
this is yours Detective." he said handing Jim the .38.

"Thanks for your help." Jim smiled as he returned the pistol to 
it's holster.

"No problem, I haven't had this much excitement in my life since I 
left the Company." he said with a hint of amusement. "I don't want 
to make this a habit though. That's why I became a teacher, you 
know, retire to a life of quiet academia."

"Hasn't worked out that way, huh?"

"It was working just fine until Blair started working with you." 
The smile on his face broadened when Jim grimaced ever so 
slightly. Whatever it was that Blair was studying at the PD, it 
had a lot to do with his friendship to the detective. Jack really 
didn't care what the subject matter was, he just hoped that it 
didn't get Blair killed.

The young man in question had been talking with the two agents 
over at the ambulance. He made his way over to where Jim and Jack 
were talking.

"Jim, Agent Mulder wants to check out Morgan's address." Blair 
said, his voice and posture radiating fatigue. "I need to make 
sure that Gary doesn't wig out on the doctors when they try to 
stitch him up. I need to follow the ambulance so I was 
wondering..." he left the last bit hanging. His eyes wide and 

Jim sighed and nodded. Reaching into his pants pocket for his 
keys, he said, "I'll meet you back at the station. But you scratch 
it and your dead meat." He gave the younger man's shoulder a light 
squeeze as he handed them over. "Good work in there, Chief."

Blair's whole face lit up at the praise. "Thanks man." he gave Jim 
an affectionate slap on the back. Turning to Kelso he said. "See 
ya later, Jack."

"Later Blair." Jack replied, trying to hide his amusement at the 
little exchange between the two men. "I'll be in my office for the 
rest of the day if you need anything from me, Detective."

Jim nodded, "You take care of yourself." He watched Kelso as he 
headed for his office, trying to figure out what Jack suddenly 
found so amusing.

* * * * *

Ellison, Mulder, and two uniformed officers entered the apartment 
of the late Nathan Morgan, not sure of what they would find. The 
small living room and kitchen areas that could be seen from the 
door were immaculate. Ordinarily you would expect some kind of 
sign that the place had been lived in, personal items, knick-
knacks, mail on the counter. But none of those things were 

As they searched the rooms Jim felt an uneasiness in the pit of 
his stomach. There was something in the stark emptiness of the 
apartment that made his skin crawl. Suddenly he realized what it 
was, he shivered ever so slightly. All his instincts screamed to 
get the hell out of there. Biting down on the urge to run, he 
continued his search of the rooms.

Mulder had moved into the single bedroom. He pulled on a pair of 
surgical gloves and began searching. The room was covered with 
religious items, crosses, prayer books, and other items. Many were 
old, and well worn. Inside the closet he found a wooden chest, 
old, beat up, and the varnish flaking off. Lifting the lid, Mulder 
felt a feeling of relief wash over him as he looked at the 

"Detective Ellison, I think you should have a look at this." He 
called out, letting go of the breath he had been holding.

Together they examined the contents of the chest. Inside there 
were several unopened packages of tent stakes, a brand new pair of 
leather work gloves, a hammer, and a tattered copy of the Malleus 
Maleficarum. Carefully removing each item and placing them on the 
floor, when the chest was empty Jim held it in his hands and 
examined it closely.

"It's too heavy still," he said almost to himself. "I think its 
got a false bottom." Setting it back down, Jim felt inside, 
increasing his tactile sense to be able to feel through the 
gloves. He felt the seems and pressed down. The bottom came free 
revealing the secrets within.

Inside, were twelve daggers, each one carefully wrapped in clear 
plastic. Blood encrusted each of them, the top most dagger was 
still slightly damp.

"If there had been any doubts," Jim said holding up one of the 
blades. "I'd say they're gone now."

Mulder agreed, "At least he saved us the cost of a trial."

* * * * *

Agent Scully received thirty-five stitches to close the wound in 
her side. After the doctor had finished, he instructed her to rest 
for a few hours to get over the shock to her system. She was 
placed in an observation room to wait to be released.

Sandburg had stayed nearby while she was treated. He left the 
hospital only to take Gary Martins home, promising to be back 
before she was released. She must have dozed off, for the next 
thing Scully was conscious of was the sound of paper rustling. 
Opening her eyes she saw Blair sitting next to her. He was hunched 
over in the seat, a note book in one hand. Furiously scribbling on 
the pad. Occasionally he would comment softly, as though trying to 
sort out facts to himself.

"How long have you bee sitting there?" Scully asked quietly.

Blair looked up from his notes clearly startled. "Not long," he 
smiled, setting down his papers. "How are you feeling?"

"Not bad, a bit sore." she admitted. "But I've been worse." //A 
lot worse.// "What is it that you're writing?"

"Nothing really, just trying to get a handle on what happened 
today." Blair shifted in his seat, as though he were 
uncomfortable. "I was trying to figure out if Morgan could have 
been helped if he'd had a Guide."

"But I thought you said that only full Sentinels needed a Guide." 
Scully pointed out.

"I did, but I'm going to have to rethink that." Blair shook his 
head sadly. "Most of my early research was based on persons with 
one heightened sense, from stable backgrounds, in normal 
situations. I think maybe under extreme stress a person with one 
heightened sense would need a Guide, if only for a short period of 

"I'm not too clear on the whole Sentinel thing," Scully said with 
an analytical tone. "But until we find out more about Morgan's 
past I wouldn't go tossing out your theories." She shifted on the 
bed sitting up. "I meant to ask you earlier, what did you mean by 

Blair looked at her in surprise. He hadn't realized that he hadn't 
explained. "A zone-out occurs when a Sentinel focuses too tightly 
on one sense. All other input to the brain sort of shuts down. The 
Sentinel will lose touch with the outside world."

"It sounds like it could be dangerous." Scully's eye shone with 
concern. "Has this happened to Ellison?"

"It is dangerous, and it has happened to Jim a few times. He 
nearly got killed the first day we met. Zoned-out right in the 
middle of the street and almost got flattened by a garbage truck." 
His eyes clouded over for a moment, reliving the rush of air as 
the truck passed over both his and Jim's bodies. Blair shuddered 
slightly at the thought, he had nearly lost the best friend he'd 
ever had before ever getting to know him.

"The doctor said you can leave anytime you're ready." He said, 
suddenly uncomfortable with the topic.

"That's good." Scully smiled, deciding to let the subject drop. 
Looking down at her hospital gown she asked. "You wouldn't know 
what happened to my clothes would you?"

"Trashed, they were covered in blood," he tried not to smile at 
her look of dismay. "Your ID and personal stuff is all on the tray 
over there. But before you panic," he placed a bag that had been 
sitting next to him on the floor, onto her lap. "I figured you 
would want to leave here at least decently clothed."

Scully opened the bag and smiled in surprise. Inside she found a 
pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, underwear, socks, and a pair of 
inexpensive canvas shoes. After checking the tags she asked, "How 
did you know my size?"

To her further amazement, he blushed a deep crimson. "I, umm, 
checked the tags on your clothes before they where disposed of. I 
hope you don't mind?"

With a reassuring she said, "Thank you Blair. This was very 
thoughtful of you."

Relief flooded across his face. "I'll just give you some privacy." 
Blair said as he stepped out of the room.

Dana shook her head as she slowly dressed, wondering if the young 
man was aware of how much his face gave away. She still wasn't 
sure whether Ellison was a Sentinel as they claimed, but the two 
of them made a good team. Ellison's arrest record was as 
impressive as her's and Mulder's in fact it was better than 
theirs. Blair's knowledge of heightened senses had helped them 
stop a mad man. Just for that she was willing to edit her report 
if there was any chance Ellison or Sandburg would be put at risk. 
It wouldn't be the first time she'd done some creative editing and 
it certainly wouldn't be the last.

The very fact that Blair had gone out of his way and bought her 
comfortable clothes to wear was so endearing it nearly left her 
speechless. What was more, he deliberately purchased a shirt a 
size larger than she needed to keep it from rubbing against her 

Scully stepped out of the room fully dressed and ready to go, 
finding Sandburg leaning against the wall just outside. "Well, 
what do you think?" she asked modeling for him.

"Oh hey, I'm glad everything fit," he smiled. "Are you ready to 

"More than ready. I spend far too much time in hospitals as a 

"I know how that feels" Blair grimaces, as they made their way to 
the exit. "I've spent more time in here than I want to think 
about. I'm starting to know the interns on a first name basis."

* * * * *

Cascade PD Simon's office

"So there is no doubt that this Morgan guy was the killer?" Simon 
asked the two men before him.

"None, Captain." Mulder replied confidently. "Several of the 
daggers we found a the apartment matched the descriptions of some 
of the victims' athame, or ritual daggers. They were reported 
missing at the time of the murders."

"Morgan also kept a journal, dating back nearly fifteen years." 
Jim added. "In it he describes his struggle not to carry out this 
urge to kill. About two years ago there was an entry, just after 
his fathers death, that stated that he could no longer fight the 
word of God."

"I figure his fathers death was the what sent him completely off 
the deep end." Mulder said, Jim nodded in agreement.

"Well' I'm glad you were able to stop this guy before he killed 
again," Simon said relieved. "And before the press got a hold of 

There was a quick knock on the door, all three men turned to see 
Sandburg and Scully enter the office. "Hey guys, how's it going?" 
Blair asked.

"Pretty well," Jim answered making room for his partner to sit 
next to him on the table. "We found evidence linking Morgan to all 
the other murders in the files."

"That's great!" Blair replied, he saw something ghost across Jim's 
face for a moment. A look he thought he recognized, but hadn't 
seen in a while. His partner's whole posture suggested he was 
holding something in. Blair decided to ask him about it as soon as 
they got home.

Mulder guided Scully over to a seat, one hand on the small of her 
back. "How are you feeling?" he asked once she was seated. Concern 
reflecting in his eyes.

"I'm fine." she smiled back reassuringly.

"By the way, casual is a good look for you." he teased her with a 

Scully rolled her eyes toward the heavens, sighing she said. "Why, 
oh lord, do I put up with him?"

"Because the alternative is unthinkable." Mulder answered, the 
teasing smile softened to one more tender.

Clearing his throat, Simon said. "So, I guess you'll be heading 
back to DC then?"

The two agents nodded "As soon as we pack and report to the 
Cascade ASAC that we are done here." Mulder said. Turning to Jim 
and Blair he extended his hand. "Ellison, Sandburg, it was good 
working with you."

"Likewise, Mulder." Jim said clasping his hand firmly.

"A pleasure." Blair said with a smile. "Take care of yourselves."

"We will. Listen, if anything should happen to either of you 
contact us." Mulder said pulling out his wallet, pulling out a 
card he wrote a number on the back. "If you can't get a hold of me 
directly, call this number. These guys are good friends of mine, 
just tell them I gave you the number."

Blair took the card and looked at the number, the letters TLG were 
written above it. "Thanks." he said.

* * * * *

A few hours later Blair was preparing dinner back at the loft. A 
light stir fry meal, he didn't think either of them could handle 
anything heavier. The ride home had been quiet. With Jim clutching 
at the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were white. Blair 
couldn't think of what could have caused his friend to act like he 
was. The same pensive expression he'd seeing in Simon's office was 
back and more pronounced.

"So, what does a psychopath's apartment look like anyway?" Blair 
asked out of the blue, trying to find a way to get Jim to talk.

Jim's eyes clouded over. The muscles in his jaw jumped as he 
clenched his teeth. But he didn't say anything.

Blair turned the burners off, dinner could wait. "Hey man, What's 

"Do you remember the first time you set foot in the loft?" The 
wall that Jim had been trying to build crumbled, a hint of fear 
crept onto his face.

"Yeah, what about it?" Blair was becoming even more concerned.

"What was the first thing you asked me?" Jim prompted him.

"I asked you if you had just moved in." Blair replied after a 

"You were surprised when I told you that I'd been living here for 
over four years. You said the place looked barely lived in." Jim 
stood and leaned against the counter by the sink.

"So?" Blair was wondering where this conversation was going. "Lots 
of people live spartan."

Jim took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Morgan's apartment, 
the way it looked, the feel of the reminded me of how 
this place felt...before you moved in." He scrubbed his face with 
his hands and looked at the floor, afraid of what he'd see in his 
Guide's face.

Blair's eyes widened with understanding. He closed the distance 
between them, gently forcing his friend to look at him. "I want 
you to listen to me." his voice firm but his eye shown with 
concern. "There is *no* comparing yourself to that psychopath. 
There is nothing in your past to even suggest that you could go on 
a killing spree. If there was you would never have made it into 
the police force."


"No. There are a lot of different reasons for that kind of 
behavior. You read Morgan's journals, the guy was a victim of a 
seriously abusive family life. Half the time his father was drunk, 
the other half he was being punished for, what sounds to me, like 
imagined indiscretions."

"Morgan's heightened senses were dredged up as a defense 
mechanism. Hearing, to know when his father was nearby, and smell, 
to tell if the man had been drinking." Blair saw Jim relax 
slighty, but he wasn't done yet. "Remember he ran away from home 
after being locked in his basement for three days. He went to the 
only person he could think could help him, his mother. But his 
father had been a major religious nut. Giving him the kind of fire 
and brimstone speeches that would make an evangelist jealous."

"When he arrived at her house he discovered that she was a pagan. 
He didn't leave right away, tried to come to terms with the 
conflict. But it sounds like she tried to help him with his 
heightened senses and he freaked. He probably thought she was 
trying to corrupt him or something and he ran back to his father's 
home thinking to save his soul if nothing else." Blair took in a 
deep breath, letting in out slowly. He saw belief in his friend's 
eyes. "Jim your senses came out after your formative years, during 
a time when the only input you received was from native tribesmen 
that could recognize your Sentinel abilities as the gift that they 
are. When you returned home you repressed them 'cause your 
conscious mind wasn't ready to deal with that much information."

Jim sighed leaning back against the counter. "Before you found me, 
I thought I was losing my mind. I can't help but wonder, what 
would have happened if we hadn't met?" His voice fell to a 
whisper. "How long would I have lasted before I ate a bullet just 
to make it stop?"

Blair rocked back on on his heels. This admission was not 
something he ever expected to hear. "Jim, don't think about that. 
I'm here to help you now. And not just for my own gain. I meant it 
when I told Mulder and Scully that there is nothing more important 
to me than your safety. Even my thesis takes a back seat to that."

Now Jim was concerned, "But what about your doctorate?" He didn't 
want Blair to ruin his career just for his sake. To his amazement 
a smiled crossed his Guide's face.

"In the past year and a half, I've spent more time in the midst of 
a rarely studied cultural sub group than some scientists spend 
studying entire tribes. If it comes down to a choice, I can always 
publish what I've studied about the Cascade PD." Blair's grin was 

Blair's smile broadened at Jim's look of astonishment. "You mean 
that line you used on Naomi wasn't a complete crock?"

"Hell no, Mom can catch me in a lie faster than you can. Half 
truths though she has a hard time with." Jim smiled at that as 
Blair continued. "What I said after Peru still stands, man. This 
is more that just a research project, this is about our 

Jim reached out and pulled Blair into a fierce bearhug, after only 
a moments hesitation Blair wrapped his arms around the older man, 
hugging him back.

"Thank you." Jim whispered into the smaller man's hair.

"I'll be here for as long as you need me." Blair whispered back.

Jim released his grip on his partner. With a smile he ruffled the 
top of Blair's hair. "So I guess I'm stuck with you for the 

Blair's eyes sparkled with amusement. "Just try and get me to 

Sentinel and Guide worked together finishing their dinner, and 
spent the rest of the evening enjoying each others company.

      The End

Well there it is, I hope you liked it. Sorry for any errors in the 

I'd like to thank my sisters Judy and Pam for encouraging me to 

finish this after having to do a complete rewrite.  I also want to 
thank Melrae for her encouragement, over the past few weeks and 
for having put up with the teaser that I sent to her. 

One last thing, the 'Golden' insident, and the dislike of pizza by 
Jim and Blair, is in referance to the episode Blind Mans Bluff. 
Where pizza laced with a powerful designer drug called Golden  is 
sent to the Major Crimes bullpen. Blair was the first person to 
eat a piece, and nearly died from the overdose.