The Sentinel Zone

Author: sweetkitty 
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Paring: Jim/Blair John/Bruce 
Rating: NC-17 
Category: AU crossover w/ Dead Zone

Disclaimer: The Sentinel belongs to Pet fly production and the Dead
Zone belongs to Stephen King, Piller2, and, USA etc 

I want to thank my beta readers Corona Martin and SupremeGrace

Summery: Johnny Smith comes to Cascade to help Major Crimes with a

Cleaves Mills, Maine 
Smith House 
April 3rd, 2003

       It was four oíclock in the afternoon and John Smith was at home
working on a project for his class at the local high school. As he
worked on the project there was a knock at his door. Getting up very
slowly while using his cane for support, John walked toward the door. 

As he opened it, he saw Sheriff Walt Bannerman standing there. "Walt,
what can I do for you?" John asked as he invited the Sheriff in. 

"Would you like some coffee?" 

"Yes, if you donít mind. A little boy and girl have disappeared and no
one can find them." Walt answered with a tired voice. 

"When did they disappear, and are they from Maine?" John asked, as he
sat down and handed Walt a cup of coffee.

"About a week ago." Walt answered, as he also sat down. "The Sheriff
thought he could find him on his own, but after a week the parents
want you on the case." He said taking a drink. 

"Do you have their pictures?" asked John. 

"Yeah here." Walt said, as he handed John a picture of a girl and boy
of about six years old, both blond, and blue eyed. 

Taking the picture, John went into a trance and he saw two children
tied up in a car that was being driven by either a man or woman. John
couldnít see because he was seeing everything through the eyes of the
little boy. Turning his head to the right he looked out the window and
saw buildings going by. Then he saw a store with a sign in it, which
said, 'Cascadeís Laundry and Dry Cleaners'. Then he saw Cascade PD,
and as he saw the sign, John comes back into himself. 

"John, did you see anything?" Walt asked, after seeing John flinch. 

"They are in a car, in a town called Cascade." John answered, taking
sip from his coffee. "Do you know where Cascade is located?" 

"No, but I will definitely look into it," answered Walt. "Did you see
anything else?" 

"A Laundromat and Police Department." John answered in a tired voice. 

"I'll look up anything on Cascade and their police departments." Walt
said, as he got up. 

"Walt, let me know as soon as you know anything." John said, as he
showed Walt out. Then he went back to the couch and picked up his
folder again. 

 Five minutes later, as John was reading, he got a flash of a big cat
and a wolf running through the jungle, and then he got a flash of two
men in a loft eating dinner. One was a tall man with short dark hair
and light blue eyes, while the other one was shorter with long curly
hair and dark blue eyes. The only thing he heard was Blair and Jim.
Now that was strange, thought John. Picking up the phone, John called
the Sheriffís office. 

"Sheriffís office." Said a female voice. 

"This is John Smith, can I speak to Walt please?" asked John. 

"One moment Mr. Smith," said the voice, and then there was a click. 

A moment later Walt answered the phone. 

"What is it John?" 

"When you inquire about Cascade, ask them if they have anyone by the
names of Jim and/or Blair." answered John. 

"Thanks John." Walt said, before hanging up. Taking a deep breath, he
began to look for Cascade in the yellow pages, and than began to make

Cascade, Washington 
Cascade PD 
April 3rd, 2003

It was around eight o'clock at night when Simon Bankís telephone rang.
"Captain Bankís office." 

"Yes, is this the Cascade PD?" Asked the voice.

 "Yeah, whoís calling?" Asked Simon. 

"My name is Sheriff Walt Bannerman from Cleaves Mills, Maine,"
answered Walt. 

"What can I do for you Sheriff?" Simon replied. 

"I would like to know if you have anyone by the name of Jim and/or
Blair at your station." Asked Walt. 

"I have both. What is this regarding Sheriff?" Simon asked, in a
suspicious voice. 

"This is going to sound very strange, but I have a man that helps with
some cases. And one just came up," answered Walt. 

"What kind of case is this?" Simon asked, still suspicious.

"Two kids have been kidnapped, and we believe that theyíre in Cascade
now," answered Walt. "Give us two days to see if we find out anything,
and then I'll call you back." Simon said, taking out a pen and paper. 

"Thank you for your time Captain Banks." 

"No problem Sheriff. As I said, give me a couple of days and I will
call you back." Simon said before hanging up. 

 Looking down at the paper, Simon was wondering if he should call Jim
and Blair and have them start searching now or tomorrow. He then
looked up and saw that it was around eight o'clock at night, but it
was very important, so he called two of his best men. 

8:15 p.m.

"Ellison," Jim said after the third ring. 

"Jim, this is Simon. I just got a call from a Walt Bannerman from
Cleaves Mills, Maine. He has two children who were kidnapped and now
he believes that the guy is coming here with them." "Do you want us to
come to the station and check out anyone that is new in town?" Jim
asked as he watched Blair reading.  (God, heís so beautiful.) 

"No, itís late. You can look into it tomorrow as soon as you come into
work." Simon answered in a tired voice. 

"Will do Simon. Talk to you tomorrow." Jim said before hanging up the

 Turning around he saw that Blair was looking at him with a small
smile. With a smile of his own, Jim walked toward Blair, took his
hand, and walked with him upstairs. Taking Blair into his arms, he
began to back the younger man up towards the bed. Kissing him with
crushing force, his mouth was upon Blair's, his breath harsh against
the soft skin as lips pressed against lips. Blair gasped as Jim began
to nibble upon his neck and earlobe. Abandoning Blair's lobes, Jim
buried his face in the hollow of Blair's throat, licking his way up to
the younger man's chin. Dragging his tongue over Blair's bottom lip,
he caught it between his own lips and sucked hard upon the swollen
fold of flesh. He drew his lips away, light blue eyes shining bright,
pupils large. "See? Isn't that better than reading?" Jim whispered
kissing Blair's face. 

"Mmmmm." Blair moaned, loving the feeling of Jim's kisses. While
kissing Blair, Jim began to remove their clothes. Blair tried to help,
but Jim would just swipe his hands away. Smooth skin against skin,
broad palms spread over his chest and belly, Blair just loved being
held by Jim, he felt safe and loved. Kissing along his neck, Jim
stroked Blair's cinnamon nipples with one hand and cupped his groin
with the other. Blair sighed as one hand encircled his cock, sliding
lightly along the shaft while the other pinched and gently twisted the
ring in his right nipple. Feeling the nubs on Blair's chest harden,
Jim abandoned his nipples and used both hands on his cock, massaging
the shaft, fondling his balls, and stroking the soft flesh of his
inner thighs, causing Blair to arch his back. His head was rolling on
the pillow as Jim rubbed the tip of his cock. "Oh...oh..." he murmured
until Jim released him and eased a finger inside Blair's mouth, making
him suck his finger, and wetting it with his saliva, before Jim
withdrew and brushed the tip of his cock, tracing the edges of the
flared head. Blair felt his cock harden in Jim's hand and wanted
nothing more than to thrust against his palm, but Jim wouldn't let him

"Be still, you belong to me." Jim said, as he stroked Blair's cock.
The muscles in Jim's arm tensed and relaxed as he stroked Blair's
cock, his fingers mapping a trail from base to tip, making note of
ridges and bumps, channels and divisions. 

"Please baby, take me." Blair whispered, wanting desperately to come.
Without saying a word, Jim moved on top of Blair. While kissing him,
Jim's left hand went under the pillow and pulled out the tube of lube.
Then making sure that his finger was wet with the lubrication, Jim
began to wet Blair's asshole. He also looked at Blair's face to gauge
his reaction. What he saw was bliss and love. Smiling, Jim worked his
finger in deeper until Blair began to wither, and then at the right
moment he removed his finger and placed his cock in the center of
Blair's hole. Jim began to move in and out of Blair in a slow rhythmic
movement. "Oh gods yes, baby more." Blair said, matching Jim's
strokes. With a smile, Jim began to pick up the pace, which caused
Blair to writhe from the wonderful sensation. As Jim sped up his
movements, he felt Blair shudder under him as he came, causing Jim to
come too. 

"God, baby you are wonderful." Jim said, as he rolled off Blair. "You
were wonderful yourself." Blair said in a sleepy voice. 

"Why did Simon call?" "He got a call from a sheriff from a small town.
It seems that a child was kidnapped and was brought here." Jim
answered as he cuddled Blair. 

"Will the Sheriff be coming, or sending someone to help?" Blair asked
as he cuddled near Jim. 

"I don't know, but we'll know everything tomorrow." Jim answered
before they both fell asleep.

The Loft 
Friday April 4, 2003 
7:00 a.m. 

            A second before the alarm clock could go off, Jim turned
around and shut it off and then turned back toward Blair. Looking down
at Blair, Jim couldn't help himself but smile at the beautiful sight
before him and with a smile Jim began to brush Blair's hair. 

"Mmmmm, that fells good." Blair said, as he burrowed deeper into the

"I know, but we have to get up." Jim said, giving Blair a kiss on the

"Ok." Blair said, with a sigh. 

As Blair was getting up the phone rang. "Ellison." Jim said, picking
up the phone. 

"Jim are you coming in soon?" asked Simon. 

"Weíll be in, give us an hour." Jim answered, as he watched Blair go
into the bathroom. 

"Is there a problem?" inquired Jim. 

"No, but I want you here when Sheriff Bannerman calls," answered

"Donít worry weíll be there." Jim answered, before hanging up and
going into the bathroom.  When inside he climbed into the shower and
knelt on the floor, positioning his face level with Blair's hips.
Pressing gently on either side of the young man's anus, Jim revealed
the wrinkled hole in all of its pink glory. Unfurling his tongue, he
began just behind Blair's balls and continued up to the top of his
anus. The young man shivered from the pleasure. God, he loved Blair's
ass, loved eating it out, licking it, fucking it, loved the way Blair
moaned as he ate him, licked him, fucked him. 

 He continued to lap and nip at and around his hole until the entire
area was flushed and Blair's lips had begun to spasm. Blair laid his
head forward upon his arms and focused on breathing. His cock had
gotten so hard that it poked up. He groaned as Jim opened his mouth
around his balls and sucked them while his finger played in his ass.
He felt the tip of Jim's finger enter him and begin to gently massage
his hole. 

 Jim then stood upturned Blair around and, kissed Blair's neck as his
finger continued to open him up. Then, removing his finger, Jim
stroked his loverís voluptuous ass, hands sliding over the wet flesh,
in between the plump cheeks. Blair tried to turn so he would be able
to kiss his lover, but Jim just kept him were he was. 

"Jim, please fuck me." Blair said, in a hushed voice. Trying to catch
his breath from the wonderful sensation. With a smile Jim moved so
that he was against the edge of the tub he then sat down and drew
Blair to him. He then turned him around and aligned his cock with
Blairís hole. 

He then slipped inside being very careful not to hurt him, and then
began to move Blair up and down on his cock. "Oh gods Jim more
please." Blair yelled out, as Jim began to move faster and faster in
him. The speed increased as orgasm approached until they both couldnít
hold off much longer and they both came as one. 

"I love you baby." Jim says, as Blair got off him. I love you too."
Blair answered, as he kissed Jim. "Let's get dressed." Blair said, as
he left the bathroom. 

Cascade, Washington 
Major Crimes 

It was around seven oíclock in the morning when Simon walked into his
office to hear the telephone ring; (Can't they wait?) Simon said to
himself. "Banks." Simon said, as he sat down. 

"Captain Banks, this is Sheriff Bannerman," said Walt. 

"Yes Sheriff, what can I do for you?" asked Simon. 

"I have decided to come to Cascade to help your people with the case."
Walt said, picturing the look on the Captains face. 

"Sheriff, my men donít work well with people they donít know." Simon
said, as he himself pictured Jimís face. 

"I understand Captain, but one of our town leaders wants me there,
along with the person who told us where the children are." Walt
answered, wishing that Reverent Purdy were here.

"One of your town leaders?" asked Simon, in a suspicious voice 

"Yes, Reverend Jean Purdy wants the killer caught as fast as
possible," answered Walt. "Thatís why Iím bringing someone who will be
able to help with the case." 

"How will he be able to do that?" Simon asked, again in a suspicious

"Please donít laugh, but John is psychic." Walt answered, waiting for
Simon to laugh. 

"Look Sheriff, Iíve dealt with a psychic and he didnít impress me,"
Simon said pointedly 

"Johnís different and heís good." Walt said, hoping he'd convinced the
other man. 

"Alright, Iíll give him a chance." Simon said, with resignation. "But
I donít know how my men will react." 

"As long as they give him a chance," answered Walt. 

"When will you be here?" Simon asked, deciding to change the subject. 

"Either today or tomorrow," answered Walt. 

"Ok, weíll get everything ready." Simon answered, before hanging up. 

"That would be great." Walt said, and hung up.

Cascade PD 
Major Crimes 
8:00 a.m. 

As soon as Jim and Blair walked into major crimes, "Ellison, Sandburg
in my office NOW!" Simon yelled, when he saw them walk in. 

"What did you do?" Jim asked on the way. 

"Why do you think I did anything?" asked Blair. 

"Because there wouldnít be any reason for Simon to be yelling for us
this early in the morning." Jim answered, with a smile. 

"Come in." Simon said, a second after Jim knocked. 

"Did you want to see use, sir?" Jim asked, as they walked in. 

"Yes, I just spoke with the Sheriff from Cleaves Mills, Main. He and
his people are coming here." Simon answered, trying to hold his temper

"So whatís the problem?" asked Blair. 

"It seems that one of his men is psychic," answered Simon. 

"Simon, please not another psychic." Jim said, with a whine in his
voice. "The last one we worked with almost killed the child." 

"I understand, but the Sheriff says he has no choice. It seems that
the psychic has very high backers." Simon answered, taking out his

"What do you mean a high backing?" Blair asked, in an inquisitive

"It seems that one of the towns most prominent men, a Reverend Jean
Purdy believes in this man and wants him here to help us," explained

"Wonderful, he has a Reverend convinced he's psychic." Jim said,
having a feeling that this case was doomed. "I don't care if he's
psychic or not, I want you to work with him and find the children."
Simon said, giving Jim a glare. "Do I make myself clear?" 

"Yes, sir." Jim said, in his soldier voice. 

"Blair stay." Simon said, as the men were about to leave. 

"What can I do for you Simon?" Blair asked, after Jim left. 

"I want you to keep him in line," said Simon. 

"Simon-Captain he's not a dog, but I will make sure that he plays nice
with others." Blair said, in a sarcastic voice before leaving. 

"My life is shit." Simon said, after Blair left. "I don't believe he
told me to keep you in line." Blair whispered, Sentinel soft after
leaving Simon's office. 

"Don't worry babe, I won't do anything to the men." Jim said, as Blair
sat down at his desk. "Please, just be nice to them." Blair said,
giving Jim a smile. 

"Scouts honor." Jim said, with a smile. 

"Thanks, I love you." Blair whispered, giving Jim a smile. 

"Love you too." Jim answered, back with a smile. "I think we should
get to work." Jim said, when he saw Simon looking out his office

"Where do you think we should start?" asked Blair. 

"Let's go ask one of my snitches." Jim said, as he got up. 

Before Jim and Blair could leave Simon stepped out of his office,
"Where are you two going?" asked Simon. 

"To talk to my snitches." Jim answered, before they left.

Cleaves Mills, Maine 
Friday April 4, 2003 
11:00 a.m.

Meanwhile at John Smiths house he'd just gotten up when the telephone
rang, "Morning, Walt." John said, as he picked up the phone. 

"How do you do that?" asked Walt. "No, I really donít want to know.
Are you ready to fly to Cascade, Washington?" 

"Who did you talk too?" John asked, as he was getting ready. 

"A captain Simon Banks, Major Crimes." Walt answered. (How is he going
to handle a large city?) Thought Walt. 

"Walt, Iím going to be fine." John said, almost reading Waltís mind. 

"John donít do that with new people." Walt said, trying not to be
freaked out. 

"I promise Walt, I'll be on my best behavior." John said, with a

"Fine, are you ready?" Walt asked, knowing that John wouldn't be able
to help reading people. "Almost, we have to wait for Bruce." John said
as he finished packing. 

"Why are we waiting for Bruce?" Walt asked, in a surprised voice. 

"Because he helps me with my visions." John answered, as he walked
toward the door. "Come on in Bruce." John said, as he opened the door.

"Don't do that man." Bruce said, as he walked in. 

"Sorry." John answers, with a smile. 

"Is everyone ready?" Bruce asked, as he gave John a sour look. 

"Yes, let's go." John said, and picked up his bags. 

  It took them about an hour to get to the airport for their flight,
and while they were being processed, John accidentally touched the
Customer Service lady. The touch stopped John in his tracks, and what
he saw made him smile. 

"Congratulations." John said, with a smile. 

"Excuse me?" asked the Customer Service lady. 

"You're pregnant." John answered. 

"May I ask how you know that?" asked the woman, in a suspicious voice.

"You'll have to excuse John, he's physic." Bruce answered, before John

"Really, what else can you tell me about myself?" 

The woman asked, in a skeptical voice. "Do you really want me to?"
asked John. Knowing that if he told her what she didn't want to know,
then her life would change. 

"Yes." the woman answered, giving John her hand. Taking her hand John
went into the woman's worst time in her life. They were in a house
with a man who was drinking. "That's why I left him," said the woman.
// She went to stand across from the sitting man. "Frank you have to
understand, I can't take your drinking any more. That's why I'm
leaving." "But Angela I love you." Frank said, while taking a drink.//
"He always said he loved me, but he still drank." The woman said to
John. //"If you loved me you would stop drinking." Angela said, with
tears in her eyes. "Don't make me chose, you won't like the
consequences." Frank says, becoming angry. "What are you going to do,
hit me it won't be the first time?" Angela said, with tears in her
eyes.// "That's what he did." Angela said, to John as Frank did hit
her. "That's when he raped me." Spoken quietly. //After the hit Frank
grabbed her and began to hit her and then threw her down on the floor,
and that's when John broke the connection.// "I'm sorry." John said,
with a sad look in his eyes. 

"You really can tell what happened to people." The woman asked, in a
surprised voice. 

"Yes, and I'm sorry I interfered," said John. 

"It's all right, I gave you permission." The woman said, giving him a
sad smile. 

"You should talk to someone about what happened." John said, as he
took his ticket. 

"I'll think about it." The woman said, as John walked away. 

"What was that all about?" Bruce asked, as they walk to the terminal.
"I just saw how she got pregnant." John answered, in a sad voice. 

"Then why isn't she happy?" asked Walt. 

"Because her ex-boyfriend raped her." John answered, walking away. 

"Damn that must have been hard for him." Walt said, as they followed

"You do realize that besides seeing the rape, you also experienced the
action and emotion." Bruce answered, with a sad look at John. 

"Is there anything that can be done?" asked Walt. Wishing that he
could help John. 

"There's nothing we can do, except be there for him when he need us,"
answered Bruce. 

"Guys, there's no reason to fell sorry for me, I'm used to the
sensation." John said. 

It was almost like he was reading their minds. "John, you have got to
stop doing that." Walt said, in an amazed voice. 

"Walt I'm not reading your mind." John said, with a smile. "It's just
that I know you guys, but don't worry I'm alright." 

"John, how can you be alright if you've felt her rape?" Bruce asked,
in a worried voice. 

"I didn't, I broke it off before it happened." John answered. 

"But the emotion was there," said Bruce, as they got on the plane. 

"I can handle the emotion." John answered, following them into the
airplane hanger. 

"Are you sure John?" Bruce asked, as they waited for the plane to take

Cascade, Washington 
9:00 a.m.

           While John, Walt, and Bruce were on the plane heading for
Cascade Jim and Blair were with one of their snitches trying to find
out anything they could about the two children. The only thing they
could find out was it was a man and he traveled around looking to kill
children, but no one knew why he killed children, but had something to
do with his home life. 

"No one seems to know anything about this man." Blair said, as they
drove back toward the police station. 

"We do know that he doesn't live in Cascade." Jim answered; trying to
process what they'd found out. 

"Like, how's that going to help man." Blair said, as they arrived at
the police station. 

"I don't know, but it's a start." Jim answered, as they got out of the

"What are you going to tell Simon?" Blair asked, as they walked into
the station. 

"Everything that we found out." Jim answered, as they got into the

"Which is practically nothing." Blair said, on the way into Major

"Ellison, Sandburg my office NOW!" Simon yelled, as soon as he saw

"Can't he give us a chance to go over our notes." Blair said, as they
walked to Simon's office. "Don't worry." Jim said. 

"What did you find out?" Simon asked. 

"Nothing much, just that he doesn't live in Cascade and he hates
children." Jim answered, as he sat down. 

 Meanwhile, John, Walt, and Bruce were just getting off the plane that
had landed around ten o'clock. As they were getting their bags, John
accidentally touched someone elseís bag; and he saw a man who drank
and beat his wife. The man also was violent with his children. "John,
come on back." Bruce said, as he saw John in his trance. 

"Sorry, touched someoneís bag that I shouldn't have." John answered,
with a smile. (I should tell the police about this man.) John thought,
to himself as he took his own bag. (If only they believed me.)

"What did you see?" Walt asked, as he took his bag. 

"The person is a man, he drinks, and beats his family." John answered,
as he walked out of the airport. 

"Shouldnít we do something?" asked Bruce. 

"I canít, I donít have any jurisdiction here." Walt said, wishing he

"Itís ok, he will be caught." John said, out of the blue. 

"Are you sure?" Bruce asked, but already knowing the answer. 

"Nothing is positive, you know that." John answered, still trying to
get the picture of the man who beat his wife and the woman who was
raped by her boyfriend out his mind. He understood his powers, but he
wished that they would let him forget what he saw and felt. 

"How long is it going to take for us to get there?" Bruce asked, as
they rented a car. 

"I would say thirty minutes to an hour." John answered, as they got
into the car. 

It took them an hour to get to the police station, but when they
walked in the desk sergeant stopped them. "Can I help you gentlemen?" 

"Yes, Iím Sheriff Walt Bannerman, this is John Smith, and Bruce
Franklin." Walt said, introducing everyone. 

"Can I see some ID?" asked the sergeant. 

Upstairs in Major Crimes Jim, Blair, and Simon were discussing the
case when the phone rang. "Banks." Simon said, picking up the phone.
"Show them up Benson." 

"Who is Benson showing up?" asked Blair. 

"It seems that the Sheriff and his men are here." Simon answered,
taking out a cigar. 

 Just as Jim was about to say something a strange felling came over
him, like someone was watching him. Looking around he sees something
out of the corner of his eye, that when he looks he sees an owl
looking at him. As Jim is getting the vision, Blair was getting a
different one; this one was of a lion. 

"Ellison, Sandburg you alright?" Simon asked, when he didnít get a
comment from the men. "Jim, Blair?" Simon said, in a more forceful

"Now that was weird." Blair said, a second later. 

"What was weird?" asked Simon. 

"I just saw an orangutan." Blair answered, wondering if a Sentinel was
in the area. "Jim do you think a Sentinel has come with the Sheriff?"
asked Blair. 

"No, but I do think something has come with the Sheriff, because I
just saw an owl." Jim answered, getting a funny felling in the pit of
his stomach. It felt like some one was looking into his most private

"Gentlemen you can go up. Itís on the seventh floor." The desk
sergeant said, a few minutes later. 

"Thanks." Walt said, taking back his and Johnís wallets. 

"That other guy is really weird." The sergeant said, as the guys
walked away. 

"Thanks for getting my wallet Walt." John said, as they got into the

"No problem," answered Walt. 

As they were getting out of the elevator John got a flash of a large
black cat and a silver wolf, causing him to stop. "You alright John?"
Bruce asked, as-soon-as John stopped walking. 

"Yeah, just a flash of a big cat and a wolf." John answered, as he
started to walk again. 

"Do you always get these kind of flashes?" asked Walt. 

"Sometimes, when itís something important." John answered, still
seeing the two animals. 

"Can you talk to them?" asked Bruce. 

"They're not here for me, but for someone else." John answered, as he
saw the big cat give the wolf a kiss. (Now that's strange, it's like
they're human.) John thought, as he watch the two animals kiss. 

"John we're here," said Walt. "Are you alright?" 

"Yea, just getting my self ready." John answered, turning away from
the seen of the two spirit animals. 

 While John was getting himself together, Jim started pacing in the
office from the feeling of being watched. Blair tried to calm him
down, but every time he touched him, Jim would growl at him and then
began to pace. 

"Blair what's wrong with him?" Simon asked, as he watched Jim. 

"I don't know, its like there's another Sentinel in the building."
Blair answered, as he watched Jim also. 

"It's not a Sentinel." Jim answered, trying to figure out what the
feeling was. 

"Do you know what it is?" asked Simon. 

 Before Jim could answer her heard the door to Major Crimes open, and
when he looked in that direction he saw three men walk in. 

"They're here." Jim said, watching the men stop and talk to Rafe. 

"Excuse me, I'm Sheriff Bannerman. I'm here to see Captain Banks." 

"Go straight ahead." Rafe said, pointing toward the office. 

"Thank you," said Walt.

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"Come in." Simon said, after the knock. "Welcome gentlemen, please
have a seat." 

"Thank you. I'm Sheriff Walt Berrnaman, this is John Smith, and Bruce
Johnson." Walt said, as he introduced everyone. 

As they were shaking hands, John kept moving out of the way so no one
would touch him. "You'll have to forgive John, he's shy." Walt said,
when he saw that John was shaking everyone's hand. 

"Walt, tell them the truth." John said, taking a seat that was offered
to him. 

When Walt didn't say anything John began, "About six years ago I was
in a car accident that left me in a coma. I was in the coma for six
years, and something happened which made my brain work a whole
different away. The doctors say that my Dead Zone has been activated;
causing me to see the past and future of anyone or anything I touch."
John said, as he looked around for everyone reaction. 

"The Dead Zone is too deep in the brain to be affected by a coma."
Blair said, when John was finished. Looking at Blair, John gave him a
smile; "I'm just telling you what the doctor told me." 

"Prove it." Jim said, grabbing John's hand. 

"Noooo!" Bruce yelled, rushing toward them. 

     (It was too late, John went into a trance, and a little boy
about six was sitting on the stairs listening to his parents fighting,
yet again. This time they'd locked the door so no one would be able to
hear what they were yelling about, but it didn't matter to the little
boy he could hear everything coming from the closed door. 

"How dare you accuse me of something like that?" Yelled a female
voice; which the little boy knew was his mother. 

"Because I had a DNA test done on Stevie, and he's not mine." Yelled a
male voice, which the little boy knew as his father. 

"How could you do that, why did you do that?" Yelled his mother. 

"Because he's not expiating any traits that my family exhibited like
Jimmy is!" Yelled his father. 

"What are you going to do know?" His mother asked, realizing that she
couldn't fight her husband. 

"I want a divorce and I'm keeping both boys." His father said, with a
cold voice. 

Just before John could get anything else their link was broken, and
Bruce yelling at Jim, "What the fuck do you think your doing!" 

"Bruce, its ok." John said, trying to catch his breath. 

"So, what did you see Mr. Smith?" asked Jim. 

"You as a little boy, sitting at the top of the stairs listen to your
parents fight. Your father found out that your little brother wasn't

As-soon-as John said that Jim became white. "Jim is he right, is
Steven not your brother?" Blair asked, in a surprised voice. 

"Yes, thatís why my father didn't want me to use my abilities." Jim
said, looking at John with new eyes. 

"Is that why your father didn't want you to describe the killer?"
asked Blair. 

"Yes, he was scared they would think I was crazy." Jim answered,
understanding his father now. "Now that we got that out of the way,
can we please get to why we're here." Walt said, knowing how Ellison

"Sheriff, this is very interesting stuff." Blair said, excitement in
his voice. 

"Detective Sandburg, I have seen him do this hundreds of times, this
is nothing new," said Walt. Just then John's cell phone rang, 

"Hello Reverend." John said, answering the phone. "Yes, Jean
everything is fine. No, we're just starting. They wanted me to prove
myself." John answered every question that was posed to him. "Jean you
don't have to talk to them, everything is fine. Yes, Jean, Bruce is
with me. Bye Jean." John finished his call with a smile. 

"You shouldn't do that to Reverend Purdy." Bruce said, giving John a

"Why? He's used to it." John answered, giving Bruce a smile. 

They were interrupted again by the phone. "Banks." Simon said, after
picking up. 

"I want to speak with Mr. Smith," said a voice. "May I ask who's
calling?" asked Simon. 

"If you give Mr. Smith the phone he will know," said the voice. 

"It's for you." Simon said, as he handed John the phone. 

As he touched the phone John knew it was the kidnapper, "It's him,"
said John. Then waited for them to start tracing the call. "What can I
do for you?" asked John. 

"I want you and Detective Ellison to find me," said the voice. 

"Is there a reason you want us both to find you?" asked John. 

"The world knows about your abilities, but Detective Ellison won't
admit to his," answered the voice. 

"Maybe he's scared," said John. 

"Why aren't you scared?" Asked the voice. 

"Because there are a lot of people who admit to being psychic, but not
a lot of people with Detective Ellison's abilities." John said, in his
calming voice. 

"He ruined a friends career." The voice said, becoming angry. 

"I'm sure he didn't ruin any ones career, from what I get Detective
Ellison and Sandburg are very close." John answered, trying to calm
the person down. 

"Then why did Sandburg tell everyone that he lied about his
distortion?" asked the voice. 

"You'll have to talk to Detective Sandburg about that," answered John.

"No, you find out, and I'll call back tomorrow." The voice said,
before hanging up. 

When John hung up the phone and looked at Blair he saw that he was
white as a ghost. "Jim I thought we had this behind us." Blair said,
trying not to hyperventilate. 

"Blair calm down, everything will be fine." Jim said, trying to
reassure Blair. 

"How can anything be fine, if two children were kidnapped because
someone wants to prove that I lied at the press conference?" Blair

"Sandburg calm down." Simon said, in a harsh tone. 

"No I won't calm down." Blair said, becoming angrier. 

"Blair go outside and cool off." Jim said, grabbing Blair's arm. 

Giving Jim a look that would have made anyone else back down, "Why is
this happening?" Blair asked, Sentinel soft before sitting down 

"I guess you're all wondering what's going on?" Jim asked, as he sat

"I'm guessing it has something to do with that conference Mr. Sandburg
had eight years ago," said Bruce, trying to remember what was said

"Was that before my crash, because I don't remember it?" asked John.

"I think so," answered Bruce. "It might be because your brain didn't
think it was to important so it either blocked it or just lost it." 

         (Before anyone could say anything else John grabbed
Blair's hand, which caused him to go into the trance. It transported
him back ten years and into Blair's office, "I thought I was safe
here," Blair said, as he sat down. 

        Just then the door opened and John saw a beautiful blonde
woman come in, "I'm sorry I have to do this Blair, you really helped
me but I can't leave you alive," she said, taking out a gun. "Do you
know how scared I was knowing that Jim wasn't there to help," Blair
said, to John. "Alex you don't have to do this." Blair raised his

"Yes I do, because without you Jim won't be able to interfere with
me." Alex said, she hit Blair over the head with the gun and then
picked him up and threw him out the window and into the fountain. "I
died that day, without telling Jim that I loved him." Blair said, as
they watched him drown. 

Just as Blair was drowning John broke his hold on Blair, with a sad
look on his face.)

"I'm sorry." John said, trying to catch his breath from that

"What did you see John?" Bruce asked, as he helped John with his

"Detective Sandburg drowning." John answered, wondering why he was
seeing the wolf again. "John, what's wrong?" Bruce asked, as he saw
the concentrated look on his face. 

"Who does the wolf belong too?" asked John. 

"You see the wolf?" Blair asked, in a surprised voice. 

"Yes, he's standing next to you." John answered, as he watched a black
jaguar appear and walk toward the wolf. 

        Not knowing what was going to happen, John got up, using his
cane and walked over to where the animals were. 

"John what are you doing?" Walt asked, as he watches John walk toward
Detective Ellison.  

        (Without saying a word John brought out his hand and laid
it on top of the Jaguars head. That was when he was transported to a
jungle where a man in a loincloth met him. "Welcome young one," said
the man. "It is a pleasure to met you." 

"Where am I?" John asked, looking around. That is when he saw a temple
with all kinds of animals around it." 

"You are at the Temple of the Sentinel young shaman." The man said,
with a smile. 

"Why did you call me shaman and what is a Sentinel?" John asked, as
they began to walk into the temple. 

"The Sentinel is some one with all his senses enhanced. I called you;
you were given powers of sight, so you may help people. It is now time
for the young of Bastat and her mate to be known to the world,"
answered the man. 

"But from what I understand when it was revealed that Jim had these
abilities, there was a big show about it, and thatís why Blair had
that press conference." John said, as they walked into the temple. 

"It happened because no one was ready for someone like Enrique, but
since you have been reborn into a Shaman people are now ready for the
chosen ones." The man said, showing John around. 

"What do you want me to do?" John asked, as he watches different kinds
of animals' turn into people. "We want you to go out and tell people
that you saw the return of Sentinels, and that if any one of them
disappeared, there would be a great disaster." The man answered,
showing John a pool. 

         When John looked into the pool he saw people rioting in the
street while the police were trying to stop them. But it seemed that
no one cared what happened to them, The riot continued. "How can I
stop this from happening?" John asked, while looking at one future.
"Is this the same time as when the apocalypse comes?" 

"It's close to it, but you can stop this," answered the Indian. "Tell
the world that without Sentinel's there will be no future."

Will this stop the apocalypse?" John asked, in a hopeful voice. 

"It might, nothing is for certain," answered the Indian. "It's time
for you to go back, and tell Enrique and Andarco that Incite says it's
time for everyone to know." Incacha said, just as John was coming out
of his trance.) 

"John you alright?" Bruce asked, in a worried voice. He kept
asking until he saw that John was coming out of his trance. 

Not looking at anyone else, "Enrique, Andarco; Incacha wants you to
come out with your abilities and for me to help you." John said, in

At first Jim and Blair didn't know what to say, because they were
stumped at how John knew Chopec. Before they could say anything,
"We'll talk about this later, after we find the children." Not knowing
what else to do Walt took out what had belonged to both children,
"Here see if you can get anything out of this." Walt said, handing it
to John. 

Before John could take it Bruce took the items, "I think he had enough
for today," said Bruce. "Bruce, I'm fine." John says, trying to take
the items back. 

"John, it eleven o'clock and you've had five visions in the last
hour." Bruce said, in a worried voice. 

"I think we should have some lunch and then get back to the case."
Simon says, so that he could talk to both Jim and Blair. 

        At first John was going to disagree, but then he saw the
Jaguar appear and it shook its head; which John knew meant that he
needed his break. "Where do you think we should go?" John asked, as he
got up using his cane. 

"Anywhere there aren't a lot of people around." Bruce said, moving to
get up as well. 

"Bruce stop mothering me." John said, in a good-humored voice. 

"If someone doesn't, you wont." Bruce answers, giving him a smile. 

"Mr. Smith, can we talk to you?" Blair asked, as John was about to

"Call me John, and if you show me where to get lunch I'll answer any
question you have." John said, as they walk out of Simon's office. 

"Ellison, Sandburg I would like to talk to both of you." Simon said,
before they could leave. "We'll meet you by my desk." Jim says,
pointing toward his desk. 

"What the hell is going on Jim?" Simon asked, after John, Bruce, and
Walt left his office. 

"I don't know, but we're going to find out during lunch." Jim
answered, while looking out the office window. 

"It seems that John can see our spirit animals and they communicated
what ever Incacha wanted John to know." Blair said, also watching the
group from out of state. 

"But why John and not one of us?" Jim asked, wondering if he would
like the answers that he was going to get from John. 

"We'll find out when we talk to him," answered Blair. "Do you think we
should do what he says?" Jim asked, as they walked out of the office. 

"If he did speak with Incacha, then I think we should do what he
says." Blair said, also wondering if they could trust John. 

They were just leaving to go to lunch when Rafe yelled out, "Jim

Walking back into the bullpen, "Ellison," Jim said, as he picked up
the phone. 

"Your first task is to find a clock in downtown Cascade. If you find
it there will be a letter, make sure John reads it." The voice said,
before hanging up. 

"We have to find a clock in down town Cascade, there will be a note
attached." Jim said, after hanging up the phone. 

"Lets pick up lunch and then start looking." John said, in a tired
voice. "Walt call Sarah." 

"Don't do that." Walt said, in a pleading voice. 

"Sorry." John said, in an apologetic voice. 

"If you'll excuse me." Walt said, as he walked away calling home. 

"Was Sarah sending out vibes?" Bruce asked with a smile. 

"No. Little John was." John answered, with a sad smile. 

"What have you all decided?" asked Bruce. 

"They want to tell him, but I don't think he's ready." John answered,
so wanting to tell his son that he was his father. 

"John, he's seven years old I'm sure he can handle it." Bruce answers.

When John sees that their getting strange looks "Before my accident I
was dating a wonderful woman; who had my child while I was in a coma.
Now she and Walt are raising him, and they want to tell him, but I
feel he's too young," explained John. 

"That sucks man. At least your son's lucky, he has two fathers," said
Blair. "No he only has one father, Walt." John said, as they got into
the elevator. 

Just then Bruce's cell phone went off, "Johnson." 

"Put Mr. Smith on the line," said the voice. "Yes?" John asked, as he
took the phone. 

"I'm sure you want to know why I took the children?" asked the voice,
"We all do, especially when you want Detective Ellison and Sandburg to
reveal their abilities." 

"God told me to. He said that every must know and to do it I must take
children for it to happen." Just as the man said that, John got a
vision of children being made to pray by priests in red robes, while
chanting. "Your parents were satin worshipers." John said, after
seeing the vision. 

"They were loving parents who only wanted the best for all their
children." The voice said, with affection. 

"Is that why you took the children?" asked John 

"Yes, if I get the children to follow my way, then the world will
change and the rightful God will rule." The voice said. You could
practically hear the insanity. 

"So what do we have to do with all this?" John asked, already hating
the answer. 

"That you will have to wait to find out, but I will tell you this;
those children will be mine in seven days if you don't find them." The
voice said, before starting to laugh. 

"We have to find those children." Jim said, after the man hung up. 

"Jim, did you hear anything else?" asked Blair. 

"It sounded like water in the back ground and sea gulls." Jim
answered, after thinking for a second. 

"He must be at one of the water districts," said Blair. 

"That's what he wants you to think." John said, with a faraway look in
his eyes. 

"Do you know where he is?" asked Blair. 

"It's a house, but I can't tell where it is." John answered, trying to
dissever the vision. "It feels like something is blocking me." 

"We should meditate, maybe that will help." Offered Blair. 

"What we need to do look for those children, not sit around and
chant." Walt said, hating the waiting. 

"Walt calm down," John said, in a soothing voice. "Blair might be
right, meditating might help." "How can you be so calm?" Walt asked,
in an angry voice. 

"How can I not, it won't help to get angry." John answered, in a calm

"You can stay calm for this, but you hounded the candidate for the
presidency." Walt said, trying to stay calm. 

"Trust me I learned my lesson, if I become too fixated on something my
abilities go away." John answered, trying not to become angry. 

"Why didn't you tell me this?" Bruce asked, in a surprised voice. 

"I didn't think it was necessary." John answered not realizing that
Bruce cared for him as more than a friend. 

"It's necessary because Bruce is your guide, he should be told when
something happens to your abilities." Blair said, realizing that
John's powers are almost identical to Jim's. 

When he got strange looks from everyone Blair's cheeks turned red,

"Why do you think Bruce is my guide, and why would I need one?" John
asked, in a surprised voice. 

"When you get terrifying or mind numbing visions, who helps you?"
answered Blair. 

"He's right, Bruce does help you with your visions." Walt said,
realizing himself that Bruce guides John with his visions. 

"Blair's right, that's why you both have spirit animals," said Jim. 

"Really, what are they?" Bruce asked, in a surprised voice. 

"Well it seems John has an owl and Bruce has a lion," answered Jim. 

"That makes senses, since an owl represents wisdom and the lion
represents courage, strength, and loyalty," answered Blair. 

"I was wondering does everyone have a spirit animal?" asked Walt. 

"Only if they have certain abilities that are connected to the spirit
world or they will be able to help the ones that need that person,"
answered Blair. 

"What abilities could Bruce have that he has a spirit animal?" asked

"I can't read him, and when I do it's only something good," answered

"You can't read anything of him?" Walt asked, surprised. 

"On occasion I'll get flashes, but they're brief." John answered,
trying to remember if he got anything important from Bruce. 

"The first time we started working together on his leg, he told me not
to worry about the bottle falling over." Bruce said, with a smile. "A
minute later the bottle tipped over." 

"But how does that make Bruce, John's guide?" asked Walt. 

"Do you remember the mall incident? He helped me sort those visions,
when I kept passing out," answered John.  "He also helped me sort out
the visions regarding the murders of those woman." "We should try
having a vision quest, maybe between Bruce and I we can sort out your
visions about this case." Blair said; hoping his suggestion would

"Chief, if you touch him he might get a vision," said Jim. 

"I wont be the one who touches him, Bruce will," answered Blair. 

"What do we have to do?" asked John, in an interested voice. 

"I think what we should do is search for that clock." Walt said,
wanting to change the topic. "Walt's right, we need to find those
kids." John said, picking up on Walt's discomfort on this topic. "It
eleven o'clock right now, and I would imagine that your Captain will
want a report when we get back." 

          Before Blair could say anything, he saw the look Jim gave
him, which he realized that they weren't ready for anything do to with
visions and spirit animals. But Blair knew that a time would come when
John and Bruce would have to connect with their spirit animals.
Getting into the truck that Walt leased, they drove to Down Town
Cascade; were Jim focused his hearing. It was every ten minutes that
Jim would slip into a zone out, but Blair was able to get him out.
After a while Blair was becoming worried about Jim's zone outs, 

"I hear something," said Jim. 

"Where's it coming from Jim?" asked Blair.

Concentrating, Jim bounced his hearing to his sight and when he got
the target, "Turn left and then go straight." A few minutes later,
"Stop," says Jim. 

"What do you have Jim?" asked Blair. 

"It's around here somewhere." Jim answered, and got out of the truck. 

 He began to walk around listening to the ticking of the clock get
louder. A while later he stops by some stairs with a lot of stuff
around them. After listening a while, Jim began to move the stuff away
from the stairs. When he had everything clear everyone saw an alarm
clock with a note saying, 

"John pick me up." Walking toward the clock John bent down and picked
it up, The first thing he saw was two children being dragged into a
red house, and then it changed to two men chanting over them. 

"Do you have anything John?" Bruce asked, when he saw John coming out
of his trance. 

"Yes, they're being held in a red house and men are chanting over
them." John answered, trying to get the strange felling he got from
the sight. 

Just then John's phone rang, "Hello." John answered, picking up his
cell phone. 

That's when he also received a vision; two children being washed in
hot water, making their skin turn red. "Why are you washing them in
scolding water?" asked John. 

"Very good Mr. Smith, and to answer your question we're purifying
them." The voice answered. "Seven days is not up." John said, wishing
he could do something. 

"We're just getting them ready," said the voice. "But back to our
little game, your next stop is at the docks where you have to find a
fish wrapped in a newspaper." 

"Before you go, can I have your name?" asked, John. 

"You can call me John Doe." John said, with a laugh. "Don't you get it
Smith, Doe?" He laughed hanging up. 

"Guess we're off to the docks." John said, after hanging up. 

"What did you mean they were being washed in scolding water?" asked

"They are being prepared for sacrifice." John answered; hating that he
couldn't do anything. {Then for some reason he got a flash of the
Indian from the cave that he was trapped in with the broken leg, who
said "Remember you were given these abilities to help people and even
change their lives from time to time. You aren't the one that is
supposed to fight destiny just move it along, even though you don't
agree with the way it turns out."} 

"John you ok?" Bruce asked, seeing the faraway look in John's eyes. 

"Yeah; was just thinking about something." John answered, wondering if
his powers were for changing things or making sure that they came out
the right way. 

It took them about an hour to arrive to the Cascade docks, that's when
Jim turned on his sense of smell, and was promptly almost knocked off
his feet, also causing him to go into a coughing fit. "Jim!" Blair
yelled, seeing Jim double over coughing. 

"T.... the s...smell is m...much." Jim said coughing. 

"Imagine the dial and start during it down." Blair said, going into
his guide voice. Turning around he looked at the others, "He wont be
able to us his sense of smell here." 

"Let me try." John said, as he started walking toward the freight

As he approached the boxes John began to feel them to see if he'd get
an image. After about two minutes walking around and getting different
images, {he got the man that they'd been talking to. The image was of
the two kids and they were kneeling and being made to pray at an altar
covered with bones.} As-soon-as he got the image his cell phone rang,
bringing him out of his trance, "Smith." John said into it. 

"I see that you had to do all the work, it's just a shame that Ellison
can't use his abilities in such a smelly environment." Doe said, with
laughter in his voice. 

"You did this on purpose," said John. 

"Of course we did it on purpose, we couldn't have Ellison do all the
work." Doe answered, while laughing. 

"Now what?" John asked, trying to control his temper. 

"Are we getting angry Mr. Smith?" asked Doe. 

"At this rate we're going those kids will be manipulated into
believing anything you want." John said; realizing that's what Doe

"That's exactly what we're trying to do. We were told that if you
failed this we will have more power," Doe answered in a smug voice
before hanging up. 

"We can't let them win," Jim said, after John hung up. 

"I think the first thing we should do is go back to the station,
report to Simon about what we know, then go home and get some rest."
Suggested Blair. 

"What about the kids?" asked Walt. 

"Jim and John need rest after everything that's happened," answered
Blair. "We can begin again in the morning." 

Deciding to follow Blair's advice they all got into the truck and
headed back to the station. They arrived at the station around three
o'clock, where they all headed to Simon's office. "What do you have
for me Gentlemen?" Simon asked, as soon as they walked in. 

"Nothing to go on as of yet sir," answered Jim. 

"What do you have?" Simon asked, trying to control his anger. 

"We got a call to find a clock and then fish. After finding the stuff,
John gets a vision and then he gets a call. The person is taunting
us," answered Jim. 

"Do you have anything else?" asked Simon. 

"No, but I want to try something tomorrow," says Blair. 

"And what is it that you want to try?" asked Simon, knowing he was
going to hate the answer. 

"I propose that we meditate." Suggested Blair. 

"What is with you and meditating?" Walt asked, in an angry voice. 

"Don't ever get snotty with me about something as important as
meditating, it helps us with some of our cases." Blair said, in an
angry voice before walking away. 

"You shouldn't get Blair angry," said Jim. "Being a shaman he takes
his job seriously." 

"I think we should do what Blair suggested." John said, realizing that
it was their last option. "I've seen them do some amazing things after
meditating." Simon said, in defense of Blair. 

"Let's go to our place and Blair will set everything up." Jim said,
walking out of the office. "Don't mind them, they've never done this

"I know but they shouldn't make fun of things they don't know about."
Blair said, with sadness in his voice. (He wished that people
understood that the spirit world is very helpful.) Blair thought to
himself. . k jaguar and a gray wolf came strolling out of the forest,
which caused the lion to stand up and growl at them. But the jaguar
and wolf didn't pay any attention to the lion; they just continued
walking toward the temple. As they reached the temple the Jaguar and
Wolf turned around and with a blink of an eye they turned into Jim and
Blair. Blair then turned to the two animals and with a blink of his
eyes the turned into human form,] {Welcome to the Temple of the
Sentinel.} Said Blair. {Is this where we're going to learn how to help
those kids?} Asked Bruce. (How did we get here?) Bruce thought to
himself. {We're here to ask for help.} Answered Blair. {Help from
whom?} Asked John, looking around. {That will depend on what we need.}
Blair answered, as they started walking toward the temple. As they
walked into the temple both John and Bruce began to fell very strange,
and then they both collapsed, {why did you bring them into the sacred
temple?} Asked a voice. {They are here to help us find children taken
by evil.} Answered Blair. [That was when Incacha appeared,] {Andarco,
you know that only Guardians and Companions are allowed into the
Temple of the Sentinel.} Said Incacha. {They must leave before you are
shown how to help the children.} {We understand great one, but one of
them is a seer.} [Jim said, with great respect. {Yes, his visions will
help the world but he isn't ready to see everything.) Incacha
answered, looking at John with respect.] {We understand.} [Blair said,
before using his abilities as a Shaman to transport John and Bruce
back into their bodies, but before that could happen, Incacha gets a
very strange look on his face.] {Wait Shaman.} Says Incacha. {It seems
that the seer and his guide are important in finding these children.)
{What do we need to do?} Asked John. {You must concentrate on
everything you have learned so far, and if you are blocked any time
you must try to break the block.} Answered Incacha. {How do I do
that?} Asked John. {You will know.} Answered Incacha, before fading

As Incacha faded away, they all found themselves back at the loft,
"What happened?" John asked, looking around. 

"We were giving instructions on how to find the children." Blair
answered, as he began to put everything away. 

"You understood everything he said?" Bruce asked, in a surprised

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"You have to learn to read between the lines." Jim answered, with a

"How long have we been gone?" Bruce asked, seeing that it was dark out

"You started around four, it's seven now." Answered Walt. 

"Wow, we were gone for three hours?" Bruce asked, in a surprised
voice. "It felt more like five minutes." 

"Time is different in the spirit world." Blair answers, as he finishes

"What did you learn?" Asked Walt. 

"John has to be able to go pass the block that the evil puts up."
Blair answered, as he joins the rest. 

"How does he do that?" Asked Bruce. 

"I'll learn that tomorrow, right now I want to get some rest." John
said, as he got up with the support of his cane. "What time do you
want us here?" 

"Let's meet at the station." Blair says, as he takes John's hand to
shake it. 

As-soon-as he took Blair's hand, (Oh god yes, yes, more." A voice
moaned out. There was groaning and the bed was squeaking, but John
couldn't see who was in the bed. Just as he was about to break the
handshake he saw Blair, Jim, Bruce, and him self in the bed all four
of them were having sex.) 

"John, you all right?" Bruce asked, when he saw that John had turned
bright red. 

"Yeah, sorry." John said, with a smile. 

"John what did you see?" Asked Blair. 

"It was nothing." John answered, averting his eyes. 

"I think we should go, John looks tired." Walt said, as he walks
toward the door. 

"See you tomorrow." Jim said, as everyone left. 

After they'd gone Jim took Blair into his arms, "God, this was a crazy
day." Jim said, as he began to kiss Blair's neck 

"Mmmmm, I know what you mean." Blair said, as he moved his head to
give Jim better access. "You taste so good." Jim murmured, as he
kissed Blair. 

"Lover I want to take a shower." Blair says, loving the feel of Jim's

"Let's take one together." Jim suggested, while taking off Blair's

"If we do that, we won't get out the bathroom for hours." Blair
murmured, while grinding his butt against Jim's front. 

"Ohhhhh, yes baby let me feel you." Jim whispered, as he played with
Blair's nipples through his shirt. As he played with his lover Jim
started kissing Blair's neck, causing him to moan from the wonderful

"Oh, god baby you know I love when you kiss me there." Blair moaned,
as he writhed on the bed. Jim stopped then, got on the bed, and began
to take off his clothes, "Take off your clothes too, but slowly."     
After they were both nude Jim climbed onto the bed and over to his
lover and they kissed for a long while, neither of them wanting it to
end. Blair had to stop himself from biting Jim's mouth; he wanted him
so badly. Instead, he caught Jim's lower lip between his own and
sucked it until Jim pulled way and sucked his in return. All the while
they kissed their hands never stopped roaming, grabbing hold of solid
flesh, sliding over smooth skin, kneading hard muscles. Blair drew Jim
down upon him, their groins rubbing against one another, and Jim
sensed Blair's need, so he began to play with Blair's ass hole.
(Fuck, his ass is fantastic), thought Jim as he stroked the
crevice, the mounds, and the sides of Blair's behind, feeling the
muscles flex beneath his palms. 

He had to have more. Releasing Blair, he ordered him to, "Lie on your
stomach." As the young man complied, Jim began to kiss him from his
neck down when he reached Blair's whole he began to lick and suck,
causing Blair to exhale sharply, his shoulder blades drawing in, as
the cool warm tongue caused a wonderful sensation through his body.
The sensation almost caused Blair to come from the feeling of having
his hole sucked, but then Jim began to play with Blair's shaft, which
made him come even quicker. 

 After catching his breath, Blair moved from beneath Jim and made his
lover sit. He then attacked Jim's dick, sucking him until he was hard
enough to remain erect. Reaching for the tube of lube he applied it
along Jim hard long shaft, he then coated his hole making sure that it
was wet. While coating his hole he was also playing with Jim's dick;
causing him to grab Blair and throw him onto his back. Not being able
to take Blair's ministrations much longer Jim threw Blair onto his
back and climbed on top of him. Lifted Blair's legs over his shoulder
and rammed into his lover's hole, causing Blair to cry out from the
wonderful feeling of being filled. With his legs in the air and Jim
over him he moaned for Jim to continue taking him. Not being able to
stop Jim moved faster and faster until he was practicing coming out of
Blair. Hammering Blair hard and fast, Jim shuddered and climaxed.
Hissing through his teeth, he humped Blair, unwilling to part from him
until he was released from his orgasm. He leaned over, still buried in
his lover, and kissed his neck, "I love you." Jim whispered. 

"I love you too." Blair whispered back.  "Jim what do you think about
John Smith?" 

"I think he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders." Jim
answered, in a sleepy voice. 

"I know, but can you imagine seeing the future and knowing that if you
changed what you saw might make it better or make it worst." Blair
said, with a sad voice. 

"Honey, don't worry about Mr. Smith I sure he's going to be ok."
Answered Jim. 

"I know but could imagine having a life one day and then in a blink of
an eye everything is taken away from you?" Asked Blair. 

"I know baby, but I'm sure that he understands. Besides if you
remember what Incacha said, it's his destiny." Jim answered, in a
soothing voice. 

"I know lover, but for some reason I can't help feeling sorry for him.
Especially when he lost his girlfriend and child." Blair said, in a
sad voice. "What would you do if something like this happened to you?"

"I really don't know, but I do know that I couldn't live with out
you." Jim answered, giving Blair a kiss. "I know that I couldn't live
without you too." Blair said, kissing Jim. "Let's get some rest, we
have a big day tomorrow." Jim said, as he held Blair until he fell

 Meanwhile, at the Cascade Hotel John, Bruce, and Walt had checked in
and were shown to their rooms around nine o'clock. As John was shown
to his room he touched the bellhop by accident and what he saw scared
him, //"Come on Frank, it'll work." Said a man with black hair. "I
really didn't want to help him, but I needed the money." Said Frank,
as he turned back toward the other man. "Are you sure it's going to
work Paul?" Asked Frank. "Of course I'm sure." Answered Paul, taking
out his gun. // That's when John broke away from the bell hope,
"Are you ok sir?" Asked the bellhop. 

"Yes, sorry." John said, knowing he would have to tell Jim and Blair
what he saw. Just then there was a knock on the door, and when John
opened it Bruce was standing there, 

"Come on in." John said, stepping aside to let Bruce in. 

"Will there be anything else Mr. Smith?" The bellhop asked, before

"No, thank you." John said, showing the bellhop out. 

"Are you all right John?" Bruce asked, as he saw the look on John's

"It seems he robbed a bank or store." John answered, with a tired

Walking over to the couch he sat down with the help of his cane. (I'm
so tired.) John thought to himself. 

"John you should go to sleep." Bruce said, as he touched John's arm. 

The touch brought on a vision, "God, John yes more." Bruce moaned, as
John sucked his cock. 

"You taste so wonderful." John said, as he crawled up Bruce's body and
then laid down next to him. 

"Take me, please." Bruce whispered, as he ground himself against John.

 Smiling John knelt between Bruce's legs, he slowly massaged the
channel within and without. When his lover was moaning continuously
and pushing back for more, he gave his own needy cock a quick coat of
oil and slowly pushed inside. When he was in as far as he could go; he
rested on the broad back beneath his chest and wrapped his arms around
the trim waist in a loving hug. 

"Love you, Bruce." 

"I love you, too, Johnny." Bruce whispered, as he squeezed his
internal muscles, surprising his lover with the intimate caress. 

 Not begin able to say anything else John began to thrust, angled
straight at the internal gland that would give Bruce the most
pleasure. His oily hand found the hardening cock and gave it a squeeze
that brought a strangled shout from his lover. "You like the don't
you?" John asked with a smile. He then sped up the pace, pounding into
the slick channel that gripped his cock like a leather glove. After a
while Johnny couldn't hold back any longer and he came so hard that he
almost threw Bruce off the bed." 

 That's when John broke off the contact gave Bruce a strange look and
then went to the bathroom to change. Bruce just watched him go
wondering what John saw that would cause a reaction. It was thirty
minutes later when John came out of the bathroom, before Bruce could
find out what was wrong. 

"John you alright?" Asked Bruce, in a concerned voice. 

"Yea, just tired after all the visions today." John answered, not
looking at Bruce. 

"John don't lie to me. I know something is wrong." Bruce said, in a
concerned voice. 

Bruce was about to touch him, but John moved away not wanting to see
the future of him having a new lover. (Why was this happing to
him?) John wondered after getting the vision for the second time. 

 When he looked back toward Bruce he saw the hurt look on his face,
but for some reason he couldn't say anything to make it better. "John
what's wrong?" Bruce asked, becoming even more concerned. 

"I'm just tired Bruce, I don't mean to be mean." John said, in a tired

"Are you sure Johnny, there's nothing else?" Bruce asked, wondering if
John saw something that scared him. 

"I'm sure Bruce, I'm just tired." John answered, wishing he could
share this vision with Bruce like all the others, but this one was so
personal and he didn't know how Bruce would react. 

"John tell me what wrong?" Bruce asked, becoming worried when John
kept moving away from him. 

"You wouldn't understand." John said, trying to understand the vision
that he had. 

"Try me." Bruce said, grabbing John.

        As he was grabbed John waited for another vision like before,
but nothing happened it was like Bruce was blocking John.  That's when
John realized that Bruce had the ability to block him from seeing his
past, present, and future. The realization made John so happy that he
couldn't but smile. 

"Now what?" Bruce asked, seeing the smile. 

"Just realized that you can block my visions." John answered, with a

"What do you mean?" Bruce asked, in a puzzled voice. 

"When I touch you sometimes I get some flashes, other times I get
nothing." John answered, trying to hold in a yawn. 

"What does that mean?" Bruce asked, wondering if it's a good thing or

"It means that I can touch you without having visions." John answered,
with a happy smile. "I don't have to go all my life without touching

"I'm happy for you John." Bruce answered, with a smile. "Bruce don't
you get it, Blair was right you are my guide." John said, in an
enthusiastic voice. 

"Is that what you want John, for me to be your guide?" Bruce asked, in
a hopeful voice. What he really wanted was to be more that John's
guide; he wanted to be his lover. He watched John's happy face. If all
he wants is friendship and someone to touch occasionally I guess that
I'll have to live with. 

"Bruce, did you hear anything I said?" John asked, when he saw the far
away look. 

"Sorry, was thinking." Bruce answered, with a sly smile. Just then
there was a knock on the door, "That's Walt." John said, as he got up
to open the door. Opening the door, "Come on in Walt." "Why aren't you
sleeping?" Walt asked, as he came in. 

"We were talking." John answered, as he sat down. Then with a smile,
"Bruce can block me out." 

"What do you mean Bruce can block you out?" Walt asked, in a confused

"It's not always, but when I touch him I don't get visions." John
answered, with a smile. "It means that I can touch someone without
getting overwhelmed." 

"That's great Johnny." Walt said, really happy for him. (At least he
will have someone he can touch with out drowning in visions.) Walt
thought, to himself as he watched John. (He needs happiness in his
life after everything that happened to him.) 

"Guys I'm beat, can we talk more tomorrow?" John asked, as he got up. 

"Sure." Walt said, as he also got up. 

"Bruce, before you leave can I talk to you?" John asked, as Bruce was
about to leave. 

"Sure, what is it?" Asked Bruce. 

Location unknown 
9:00 p.m. 

        There were people in red robes all over the place chanting,
while the children are made to kneel and pray. While in the back, a
man wearing a red robe was chanting in an old language, when out of
nowhere a figure appeared? 

"Welcome master, everything is going as planned." The man in the red
robe said. "We will soon have the Guardian, Companion, and Seer in our

     The figure didn't say anything just gave the man an evil smile
and disappeared. "Soon my master will rule the world, and I will get
my revenge on Jim Ellison." The red robed man said with an evil laugh.
The he took out a picture of a beautiful blonde woman, "Soon my
beautiful, you will be out of that hospital and back into my arms. I
know it wasn't your fault, but we will be back together as it should

"Master?" A voice said, from behind. 

"What do you want?" "The children are almost ready." 

"We must hold off on the ceremony, until the all the players are

"Master, may I ask a question?" 

"I'm doing this to get back at Ellison and Sandburg for what they did
to my Sentinel and to me." The master answered, as though he read his
servant's mind. 

"Master you worked for the government." Said the servant. 

Without warning he grabbed the servant, "Never mention that again."
The master said, before flinging the servant away. 

"Yes, Master!" Cried the servant, before leaving. 

"Soon I will have my revenge on those who took my freedom and my
Sentinel." The master said to before he began to laugh. 

Cascade Hotel 

"Bruce I consider you one of my very best friends." Said John. 

"I consider you one of my best friends too." Bruce said, in a confused
voice. "What is this all about?" 

"I've been having visions of us together." John answered, and then
waited for Bruce to go off on him. 

"Really?" Bruce asked, with a smile on his face. 

"You're not upset?" John asked, in a surprised voice. 

"Why would I be upset?" Bruce asked, surprised. He then walked up to
John and kissed him on the lips. "Does that strike you as being

"Aren't you scared that I'll know all your secrets?" John asked, in a
scared voice. 

"Not in the slightest." Bruce said, giving John a kiss. 

"Before this goes any father you should know that when I touched Blair
I saw all four of us together." Said John. 

"Wow, that's interesting to know." Bruce said, in a surprised voice.

 "Do you thing I should tell them?" Asked John. 

"No, let it be a surprise." Bruce answered, with a smile. He then saw
the look on John's face, "What's wrong?" 

"I've never been with a man. The last person I was with was Dana."
John said, wondering if he should take the next step or wait for

John didn't have to wait long; Bruce walked up to him and began to
kiss him, first with butterfly kisses on the cheek, jaw, and then his
eyelids. The kiss was gentle and very loving that John couldn't help
but sigh. As Bruce was kissing John, his cell phone rang 

"Yes, Jean." John said into the cell phone with a smile. 

"Johnny, I love you like a son but please don't do that." 

"Sorry," John said, giving Bruce a smile. 

"Johnny, you got anything?" Asked Jean. 

"Nothing you're going to like." Answered John. 

"Can you tell me anything?" Asked Jean. (Do I really want to know what
is going on there?) Jean thought to himself. 

"It seems the person who took those children was raised to serve the
devil, but I get more than just sacrificing those children. I keep
getting the felling revenge." Answered John. 

"Johnny you have to make sure those kids are brought back." Said Jean 

With a sigh and an apologetic look at Bruce, he told Jean everything
that had happened today but he left out the meditation. 

 It was around eleven o'clock when John got off the phone with Jean
Purdy, when he looked around he saw that Bruce was no longer there.
With a curse John went to his room to change and thatís where he found
Bruce sound asleep; which brought a smile to John's face. After
changing John got into bed next to Bruce and was about to go to sleep
when he felt a hand on his chest. Turning his head around he sees
Bruce looking at him with a smile on his face. 

"What took you so long?" Bruce asked, while massaging John's chest. 

"Jean wanted to know everything about the case." John answered, loving
the feel of Bruce's hand. "You shouldn't let Jean take advantage of
you." Bruce said, as he began to kiss John. 

"He's not." John moaned, loving the felling of Bruce kissing him. "But
I would love for you to take advantage of me." 

"I think that can be arranged." Bruce said, as he began kissing John's
throat. "You taste so wonderful." 

"Mmmmm, I like this." Moaned John, as Bruce kissed his chest. He then
began to kiss downward until he reached John's cock and began to lick
in earnest, causing John to yell out from the wonderful feeling of
Bruce's mouth on his cock. Then after a while John came from the
sensation of Bruce's mouth on him, causing Bruce to smile. 

 He then got out of bed, went to the bathroom, and then came back with
a tube of lube and condoms. Smiling Bruce climbed back into bed and
took John in his arms and began kiss his body, he then took the lube,
squeeze some onto his finger and began to message John's hole making
sure to coat the whole thing.  That's when John began to moan
continuously and push back for more of the wonderful stimulation. 

 After a while Bruce gave into his own needy cock and quickly coated
it with the oil and slowly pushed inside. When he was in as far as he
could go; he rested to give John time to get used to the feel of him
inside. "Love you, Bruce." John said, thrusting his hips up. 

"I love you, too, Johnny." Bruce whispered. Not begin able to say
anything else Bruce began the thrusts angled straight at the internal
gland that would give John the most pleasure. His oily hand found the
hardening cock and gave it a squeeze that brought a strangled shout
from his lover. "You like that don't you?" Bruce asked with a smile.
He then sped up the pace, pounding into the slick channel that gripped
his cock in its heated tightness. After a while Bruce couldn't hold
back any longer and that's when he came and it was so hard that he
almost threw John off the bed. "God, that was wonderful." John said,
after his climax. 

Smiling, Bruce just laid there holding John, just as they were falling
asleep the phone range, "Good afternoon Sarah." John said, answering
the phone. As soon as John said Sarah's name Bruce moved away from
him, got out of bed, went to the bathroom to shower and change. 

"Sorry so late in calling Johnny, but I just wanted to make sure that
your not tiring yourself or Walt out." Said Sarah. 

"No, we're all fine." John answered, turning away from Bruce. (Why did
she have to call, I was feeling so good.) John thought to himself,
wanting desperately to tell Bruce to stay. 

"Do you know when you'll be home?" Asked Sarah. 

"Not until the case has been solved." John answered, wanting
desperately to get off the phone and go after Bruce.

"I'm sorry I called you so late, but Walt couldn't tell me anything."
Sarah said, in an apologetic voice. 

"It's all right." John answered, trying not to loss his temper. After
hanging up with Sarah, John got dressed and went to Bruce's room,
"Bruce can you let me in?" John asked, as he knocked on the door.
Opening the door Bruce said, "John, it's not going to work." 

"You don't know that." John answered, with a hurt look. 

"Yes I do, you still love Sarah." Bruce answered, in a strained voice.

"Bruce, I swear I don't love her. I admit I care about her, but I
haven't loved her since bringing Walt back from his coma." Answered

"How can I be sure?" Asked Bruce. 

"No one can be sure of anything, but I promise you this that I will
never try to hurt you on purpose." John swore, as he took Bruce's
hand, //"Daddy, can we go play in the park?" A little girl yelled
running out of a house toward Bruce. "Where are your other fathers
Sarah?" Asked Bruce. "Well, daddy Blair and Jim are helping Tony and
Jackie with their abilities and daddy Johnny is help Frank with his
home work." Answered Sarah, with a huge smile. // 

"John, please don't I need time to think." Bruce said, breaking the

John didn't say anything at first he just smiling from ear to ear,
"I'll give you all the time you want." John said, before kissing Bruce
and leaving. (I wonder what he saw that made him so happy?) Bruce
thought to himself as he watched John leave. 

 After leaving Bruceís room John went back to his room to think about
what he saw in his vision. While getting ready for bed John thought
about how those children come to them; were they adopted or did they
use surrogate mothers. Not being able to come up with any information
John decided to go to bed and think about his vision tomorrow. 

The Loft 
7:00 a.m.

       Jim turned to turn of the alarm clock before it went off; he
then turned back to the man in his arms. He was just starting to kiss
Blair when the telephone rang, but Jim decided to ignore it for now. 

"I think you should answer that." Blair said, as the phone continued
to ring. 

"I was thinking about ignoring it until eight o'clock." Jim answers,
as he continues to kiss Blair. "You know we can't ignore it for that
long." Blair moaned, loving the feel of Jim's kisses. 

"I could always hope." Jim said, before picking up the phone.

"I've been calling you for ten minutes now." Said Simon. 

"Sorry sir, I was in the shower." Lied Jim. 

"It's more like you and Sandburg were in the shower." Simon said, with
a smile in his voice. "What can I do for you sir?" Jim asked, deciding
to change the subject. 

"We received a letter today from Mr. Doe." Answered Simon. 

"We'll be there in an hour." Jim said, before getting up. "Did you
call Mr. Smith?" 

"Not yet, but I'll call him now." Said Simon. 

"Ok, we'll see you at the station sir." Jim said, before hanging up. 

After getting off the phone with Jim, Simon called the Cascade Hotel,
"Cascade Hotel, Front Desk speaking." 

"Yes, may I please get Sheriff Walt Bannerman's room please?" Asked

"Mr. Bannerman has gone out for a run." Answered the desk clerk. 

"Ok, then can I have John Smith's room?" Asked Simon. 

"One moment sir." Said the desk clerk, before transferring Simon.

 "Good morning Captain Banks." John said, picking up the phone. 

"How did you? Never mind I don't want to know." Simon said, deciding
he didn't need to know. "I would like you at the station, we received
a letter from Mr. Doe." 

"We'll be there as soon as Walt returns from his run." Answered John. 

"That'll be fine." Simon said, before hanging up. (I wonder how he
knows who's calling. It must be hard knowing things before they
happen, or seeing things that happened and knowing he can't help.)
Thought Simon. 

       After hanging up John got up, washed, and dressed; then went to
Bruce's room to wake him. As John knocked on Bruce's door he heard
noises coming from inside, not knowing what was going on he became

"Bruce, are you in there?" John yelled, banging on the door. 

"John what is wrong with you?" Bruce asked, as he opened the door. 

"I heard noises and thought something happened to you." John answered,
trying to catch his breath. 

"John, I'm fine it was just your imagination." Bruce answered, in a
soothing voice. 

"God, if anything happened to you I don't know what I'd do." John
said, wishing he could kiss Bruce. 

With a smile Bruce took John in his arms and kissed, "Nothing is going
to happen to me." 

 Walt was walking back to his room from his run when he spotted John
and Bruce kissing which stopped him in his tracts. At first he didn't
know what to think, he never imagined that John was gay, especially
when Sarah and him were engaged. Walt didn't even realize that he'd
made a sound, until they both turned around with startled looks on
their faces. 

"Walt when did you get back?" John asked, not being able to met Walt's

"About a minute ago." Walt answered, still trying to get over seeing
John and Bruce together. Sensing that Walt and John were both
uncomfortable with the situation Bruce decided to change it, "Why
don't we get ready, so we can go down to the station?" Said Bruce. 

"Oh, I forgot Captain Banks called and said he wanted to see us." John
said, after getting over his embarrassment. 

"Give me five minutes to change and we can go." Walt said, opening the
door to his room. 

"God, I didn't want him to find out like that." John said, putting his
head on Bruce's shoulder. "It's ok baby, we'll talk to him." Bruce
said, with a smile on his face. He was so happy that John didn't walk
away after Walt found out about them. "Everything's going to be fine."

"I know, but I don't want Sarah to find out from someone else." Said
John. "Why don't you call her after we get back from the precinct."
Suggested Bruce. 

"That's a great idea no wonder I love you." John said, giving Bruce a

        Meanwhile, Walt was taking a shower, trying to decide what to
tell Sarah when he talked to her. He knew if he told her what he saw
she wouldn't believe him, until she saw it herself or Johnny told her.
Walt was walking out of his room when John and Bruce, who were both
smiling, joined him. 

"Walt, don't worry I'll talk to Sarah." John said, seeing the look
Walt was giving him. 

"Thanks, that would be great." Walt answered, feeling the weight lift
from his shoulders. "John can I ask you something?" 

"I loved him for about a year." John answered, before Walt could ask
his question. 

 "John, donít do that." Walt said, giving John a smile. 

"Sorry. We'll meet you downstairs." John smiled, as he walked away,
leaving Walt to think about what they talked about. 

As John walked away Bruce gave him a worried look but John just smiled
at him and gave him a kiss. "Let's go downstairs," he said. 

"Shouldn't we wait for Walt?" Asked Bruce. 

"He'll meet us downstairs, he has to think over what he saw." John
answered, giving Bruce a smile. 

"What is he going to tell Sarah?" Bruce wanted to know. 

"He left that to me, knowing that she wouldn't believe him." John
answered, wishing he could get out of it. 

"Are you sure you should tell her?" Inquired Bruce carefully. "Let
Walt tell her, it'll be much easier." 

"I know, but I have to." John answered, wishing he didn't. 

"You don't owe her anything." Bruce said, trying to keep his temper. 

"She did wait for me as long as she could." John answered, taking
Bruce's face in his hands. "It's you I love now." 

"I know, but have Walt tell her." Bruce said, with pleading in his

Looking into Bruce's eyes John knew he couldn't deny him anything,
"I'll tell him when I get a chance." John answered, giving Bruce a
loving smile. 

 Walt came down the stairs and saw John sitting with Bruce and
talking; which perked his curiosity. He decided to listen in on them,
but when he began to walk toward them John turned around and gave Walt
a strange look. 

"John, you ok?" Asked Bruce. 

"For some reason I keep seeing a snake." John answered, while looking
at Walt. 

"Maybe a guide is in the area." Suggested Bruce. 

"I'll ask Blair what all the Spirit animals mean." John said, still
getting a strange sensation. 

"John, you ok?" Walt asked, realizing that he wouldn't get anything
from them. 

"Yeah, let's get to the station." Said John. 

Page 4

Cascade PD 
Major Crimes 

"Jim picture the dials." Blair said, using his guide voice. 

"Iím trying." Jim said, trying to picture the dials. As Jim was trying
to get his hearing back to normal, Blair heard laughing coming from
the phone. 

"What did you do?" Blair yelled. 

"Just having some fun." The voice answered, laughing before hanging

Just then John, Walt, and Bruce walked in, "What happened?" John
asked, when he saw Jim on the floor. 

"He got a call, but it was someone playing a trick." Blair said,
helping Jim up. 

Not saying a word John touched the phone, but the only thing he got
was images of Jim talking to other people. 

"John you getting anything?" Asked Bruce. 

"No, just bunch of strange images." John answered, wondering why he
kept seeing a man in a wig and then without it. 

"Jim, you feeling better now?" Blair asked, still using his guide
voice. "Yeah, but now I have ringing in my ears." Answered Jim. 

"ELLSION, SANDBURG my office NOW!" Yelled Simon. 

"Let's go see what Simon wants." Jim said, trying to get up. "Not
until you have your balance back." Blair said, as he helped Jim sit in
a chair. 

A minute later Simon was at their desk, "Is there a problem
gentlemen?" Simon asked. 

"Jim got a prank call from our kidnapper." Answered Blair. 

"What kind of prank call?" Inquired Simon. "A loud noise was created
after I picked up the phone." Jim answered, feeling a little better. 

"When you're feeling better I want to see you." Simon said, before
walking back to his office. 

As Blair was helping Jim with his dials, John accidentally bumped into
him. (A man with dirty blond hair, always watching Blair, but making
sure that Blair didn't know that he was being watched. They were then
in an old abandoned warehouse, 

[We didn't know that David was a killer. He likes to take on other
people's personalities.] Blair said, while he was being tied in the

Then the pictured showed the man putting on a wig and Blair starting
to argue about his life. Blair turned toward John who was looking on,
[He wanted to kill me and then take over my identity.] Blair then
turned back toward David and continued to struggle, but then there was
a noise from the back.) 

"John you all right?" Bruce asked; seeing that he was have a vision. 

"Yea, but I keep seeing some guy I learned was named David." John
answered, trying to get the picture of Blair being tied up. 

As soon as John said the name Blair dropped the glass he was holding
going into hyperventilation, "Blair be careful!" Yelled Jim. 

"I'm sorry." John said, realizing that a traumatic event of someone
trying to kill you would be upsetting. 

"It's not your fault, I'm still a little sensitive regarding him."
Blair answered, trying to calm him self. 

"What the hell is going on?" Simon asked, from the doorway of his

"It's nothing I'm just over reacting." Blair answered, catching is

"If you're through, I want you in my office now." Simon said, giving
Jim and Blair an evil look before turning on his heel. 

"Is he always that way?" Bruce asked, as he followed Blair. 

"Only when he's in a good mood." Blair answered, with a smile. 

"You know John didn't mean to scare you." Bruce said, seeing the sad
smile on Blair's face. 

"I know, I guess I'm still sensitive about Lash." Blair whispered, as
they walked into Simon's office. 

"What do we have gentlemen?" Simon asked, when everyone was in his

"We know that this person worships the devil and the kids are to be
the next followers." Jim answered, from everything he remembered. 

Just then the telephone rang, "Banks." Simon said, answering his

"Put Mr. Smith on the line." Said a voice. 

Handing the phone to John provoked a flash, (Soon, I'll have my
revenge and my Sentinel.) "Yes, Doe?" John said, taking the phone. 

"Very good, Johnny." Said Doe. "Now guess what I want." 

"I'm not in the guessing game." John said, trying to control his

"Come on try." Doe said, in a sarcastic voice. 

"You're doing this to get revenge." John answered, remembering his

"You're good, you'll even have a chance to help the children." Said

"What do you want now?" Asked John. 

"It's time for more clues." Said Doe. 

As Doe said the world 'clue', John had a (vision of a spotted Jaguar
and a Hyena coming out of the walls and following the animals, a
beautiful blonde woman and a handsome dark haird man. He then saw them
pull out guns and fire, but he couldn't see whom they were firing at.)
"John?" Bruce said, giving him a shake. 

"You were saying?" John asked, coming out of his vision. 

"Having a vision Mr. Smith?" Asked Doe. 

"Just tell us what you want." John said, in an annoyed voice. 

"What do I want, I want a lot of things. The most important thing is
to get my revenge and give my master new worshippers." Doe answered,
before hanging up. 

"Did you get anything?" Blair asked, picking up his coffee mug. 

"I had a vision of a spotted Jaguar and a Hyena walking out of the

The moment John said 'spotted Jaguar'; Blair dropped his coffee mug, 

"Blair, you alright?" Simon asked, standing up. 

"Sorry, he just caught me off guard." Blair said, picking up the
shattered mug. 

"Chief it couldn't be her, she's still locked up." Jim said,
understanding Blair's panic. 

"I know it couldn't be her, but who wants revenge on us so bad that
they would kidnap children?" Blair asked, starting to hyperventilate. 

"We'll have to capture this person and find out." Jim said, trying to
sooth Blair. 

"Jim, we pissed off so many people it could be anyone." Blair uttered,
trying to control the panic attack he was feeling coming on. 

"Who's Alex?" Asked Walt. 

"She's another Sentinel that tried to kill Blair." Simon answered;
hating the look Blair was getting. 

"Tried to kill me, she did kill me." Blair answered. 

"What do you mean she did kill you?" Bruce asked, in a surprised

"She hit me over the head with a gun and drowned me in the fountain at
Rainer College." Blair answered, trying to hold back his panic attack.

"Then how are you alive?" Asked Walt. He then realized what he asked. 

Before Blair or Jim could say anything, John grabbed Blair's arm.
//They are both in an office when a blonde woman walked in. "What do
you want Alex." Blair asked, he then turned toward John. "I should
never have helped her, but I was so excited I'd found another
Sentinel." Blair said, turning back toward Alex. "I'm sorry to do
this, you really helped me with my senses. I didn't really didn't know
what was going with me." Alex said, taking out a gun. "Alex you don't
want to do this." Said Blair. Turning toward John, "She lied to me on
how she got her abilities." Blair said, before turning back toward
Alex. A second later Alex hit Blair over the head with her gun, picked
him up, and dragged him out the door toward the fountain. All this
time John was following them...but then he found himself in a jungle
with a wolf and jaguar running toward each other. "I felt myself
slipping away, before Jim's spirit guide and mine joined." Blair said,
also watching the joining. // 

"John what did you get?" Bruce asked, seeing John come out of the

Looking at Blair, "I'm sorry I mentioned her animal spirit." Said

"It's alright John I understand." Blair said, with a sad smile. 

"Now that we have that all straightened out, can we get back to trying
to find those children." Simon said, wanting to change the subject.
(He didn't know if he could take John Smith's visions.) Simon thought
to himself. 

"Ok, what we have is a red house, a man with black hair, a spirit
animal Hyena, and someone with dark hair who is a guide or was a guide
to Alex." Blair said, going through everything that they know so far. 

"He also worked for the government." Said John. 

"That can be a lot of people." Blair said, becoming scared. 

"Chief calm down, we'll help those kids and get the guy who wants
revenge on us." Jim said, rubbing Blair's shoulders. 

"Jim don't tell me to calm down!" Yelled Blair, but then he remembered
they had other people there. "Sorry." 

"Blair we'll get them back." Simon said, in quite voice. 

"You heard Doe this is my fault." Blair said, trying to stay calm. 

"This is not your fault." Jim said, grabbing Blair's face. "None of it
is your fault." 

"How can you say that?" Blair said, looking at Jim with hurt in his
eyes. "Because I know you and love you." Jim said, giving Blair a

"But Jim if it wasnít for me people wouldn't have found out about your
abilities." Blair said, with tears in his eyes. 

"And if it wasn't for you I'd be crazy or dead." Jim said, with love
in his eyes. 

"If it wasn't for me, no one would have known about your abilities and
none of this would be happening." Blair said, starting to cry. 

"Honey, listen to me. I love you and it wasn't your fault that your
mom gave your thesis to that scum." Jim said, in a soft voice. 

"I know, but it's still my fault that those kids were taken." Answered

"No, it's not your fault. The man that took those kids did it because
of his beliefs." John said, understanding in his voice. 

"He also wants revenge." Blair said, with a sad look in his eyes. 

"Then we'll have to find out who this person is." Said Simon. 

"How are we going to do that?" Asked Blair, becoming very tired from
all the information that had come out so far. 

"Go visit Alex." Answered Jim. 

"Jim, she's in a coma." Blair said, not really wanting to see Alex. 

"I'll go with you." Said John. 

"Why, what are you going to do?" Blair asked, not intending to sound

"I can go into her coma and find out what she knows." John answered,
not realizing that he was getting more that he bargained for. 

"Are you sure you want do that John?" Bruce asked, seeing the shocked
and scared look on Blair's face. 

"If we want to know about this man, then I'll have to." John answered,
wanting to reassure Blair. "John you must know that Alex was mentally
deranged." Blair warned. 

"I'll be careful." John answered, with a smile. 

"When do you want to go?" Asked Simon. {I thought we finally got
passed Alex.} Simon thought to himself, as he remembered Blair's
nightmares after being killed. 

Location unknown 
2:00 p.m.

In the meantime the stolen children were being prepared for the ritual
to become one of Satan's worshippers, "What is going on here?" Asked
the man in the red robe. 

"We're getting them ready for the ritual, master." Answered the
priests in silver. 

"Didn't Peter tell you that we're holding it off?" The master asked,
trying to hold his anger in. "No, why are we holding it off?" Asked
the priest in gold. 

"The great one wants the Guardian, Companion, and Seer to fail before
these children are brought into the fold." Answered the master. 

"Do you think...." Before the priest in brown asked, a blast of dark
red light hit him square in the chest. 

"Does anyone else want to ask a question?" The master said. 

"No master, we will wait." Said the priest in gold. 

"Good, I'll be in my rooms." The master said, walking toward his
office he thought about ways to teach his slaves the proper way to
follow orders. 

("Don't hurt him, he's going to be part of all this.") A voice said
in his head. 

"How and when master." Asked the man. 

("All in good time, but now you must stop them from going to see
your Sentinel.") Said the voice. 

"What do you mean Master." Asked the man in the red robe. 

("They're going to the institute, so Mr. Smith can go into your
Sentinel's mind and find out about you.") Said the voice. 

"What do you want me to do to stop them master?" Asked the servant. 

("Give them a clue to keep them busy.") Answered the voice. 

"Yes, master right away." The red robed man said. 

("Soon I'll have a Champion, Companion, and Seer to work my will in
the mortal world.") The voice said to itself as it watched the red
robed man walk away. 

        Reaching his office the red robed man began to think how to
get their minds off visiting Alex and back onto looking for the
children. As he walked into his office he met his standing slave ready
for his punishment. 

"Why didn't you tell the priests about not doing the ritual?" Asked
the master. 

"I tried master, but they didn't want to listen to me." Answered the
slave, with his head bowed down. 

"I will forgive you this time, but next time you will pay." Said the

"I understand sir." The slave said softly, trying not to smile. 

"What are we going to do now sir?" 

"It's time for Mr. Smith and Detective Ellison to have another clue."
Said the master. 

"What kind of clue do you want them to get?" Inquired the slave. 

"Something ease, but that won't give us away." Answered the master.
{And while they're out looking for clues, I'll go and get my
Sentinel out of the institute.} 

("Leave her there. Let Mr. Smith into her mind.") The voice said in
his head. 

"But master that will tell them who we are." Said the red robed man 

("It will also make him more vulnerable to my will.") Said the

"I understand master." Said the red robed man. 

Cascade Museum 
4:00 p.m.

Arriving at the Museum an hour later all four men walked in and were
met by a guard who seemed to think they were up to something strange.
"I'm sorry sirs, but we're closing shortly." Said the guard. 

"We're looking for something officer." Jim said, taking out his badge
and showing it to him. 

"I'm sorry Detective go right ahead." The guard immediately let them

Walking around they looked for anything out of place when John's cell
phone went off, "Yes, Mr. Doe?" John said, answering his phone. 

"You are good Mr. Smith. Now that you are at the Museum, go to where
they hold the mummies and you'll find what you are looking for." Doe
hung up. 

"I guess we go to the Mummy section." Jim said, after hearing the
conversation. On the way, John brushed against another man.
(Children were kneeling at an altar being forced to pray, and behind
them was someone in a red robe also praying. The prayers were in a
strange language that John couldn't understand, but the man did; [Our
lord who rules the underworld please hear our prayers. Take these
children as an offering to you and let them serve you as we serve
you.] The prayer lasted for an hour and then the children were taken
to the bathroom where they are washed in steaming hot water...// 

//The scene changed, and this time the man in the red robe was
standing by an alter looking at a picture of a beautiful woman and
crying, "Soon Alex, I'll have you back and have my revenge on the
people who put you in that hospital. You should have come to me when
you started having problems with you abilities." The man said, with
tears running down his eyes. "But we both know that you were and
always will be a proud person, even if it means dying or going

"John you all right?" Bruce asked, when he saw that John wasn't

"Where's the man that I bumped into?" John asked, looking around. 

"What man?" Asked Blair, also looking around. 

"The man I bumped into, he's one of the men who worships the devil."
John answered, eyes searching. 

"Is he part of all this?" Bruce asked, had his own head raised now. 

"I'm sure he is." John answered, becoming worried. He then began to
touch people he passed to see if he could find the man again. Every
time he touched a person he would get a vision of them in either doing
good, bad, or in-between. 

Grabbing John's arm, "John stop, you'll wear yourself out." Bruce
said, in a worried voice. 

"Bruce I have to find him, he's our only chance at finding those
children." John said, his voice becoming desperate. 

"John calm down. What did he look like?" Bruce asked, not liking
seeing John so disorientated. 

"I never saw him, but he was always there with Doe. He's his servant."
John explained, and then stopped looking when he realized the man or
woman had already disappeared. 

"I think we should go and see Alex." Blair said, but really hating the
idea. (Why did I open my mouth?) He asked himself. 

"Blair's right, maybe I could get something from her." John said,
trying to get the image of those children out of his head. 

"Let me call Simon and see if he got in touch with the institute." Jim
said, taking out his cell phone. 

"Banks." Simon answered. 

"Simon it's me, did you get us permission to see Alex?" Asked Jim. 

"Yes, they're expecting you." (I hope you don't regret see her
again Jim.) Simon thought. 

"Simon we're going to be ok." Jim said, hearing Simon's

"I know Jim, but I'm worried about Blair and what his reaction will be
when he sees Alex again." Simon sounded worried. 

"I know Simon, I'm worried about him too." Jim said, in a tired voice.

"But I also believe in him." "I believe in him too, but she really did
a number on him." Simon offered. 

"I know Simon, but he's a strong man and he will get through this."
Jim sounded confident. 

"I'll call you later." 

"Ok, be careful and call me when you know anything." Simon said,
before hanging up. 

"I will Simon." Jim said, before he hung up as well. 

"What did Simon say?" Blair asked, as he followed Jim out of the

"That they're waiting for us at the Institute." Jim answered, picking
up on Blair's raising hopes. 

"Chief, calm down everything is going to be fine." 

"I know but it's been almost five years since I've last seen her."
Blair said, getting into the truck. 

"Where was the last time you saw her?" Asked John, following Blair. 

"In Peru." Blair answered, remembering how Jim almost died there.
"That's where she lost her senses and went into her coma. 

"What do you mean?" Bruce asked, in a confused voice. 

Before Blair could say anything he got a flash of Incacha, ["He may
not know as of yet young one. He is not ready."] "I can't tell you
as of yet." Blair said, after the vision. 

"Why?" Asked John. 

"You're not ready yet." Answered Blair. 

Cascade PD 
5:00 p.m.

            After getting off the phone with Jim, Simon sat there and
thought about all the things they'd been through together. He
remembered Blair's first day and how he helped them with the Sun Rise
Patriots. Simon tried not to think about the time Blair was kidnapped
by Lash and almost killed. (He's been through so much,) he

Cascade Institute for the Insane 
6:00 p.m. 

Before John could ask another question, Jim said, "We're here," and
stopped the truck. 

"Incacha told me it was too early." Blair said, as they walked toward
the Hospital. 

As they walked inside a nurse met them; "Can I help you gentlemen?"
She asked. 

"Yes, we have an appointment to see Alex Barnes." Answered Jim. 

"You'll have to see Doctor Franklin first." The nurse said, trying not
to show her disgust. (How can anyone want to see that creature was
beyond her,) and the thought was clearly visible. "Please follow
me." The nurse said, and led them towards a man's voice. 

"Come in." A voice said, after the nurse knocked. 

Opening the door all four men walked in to see middle aged man sitting
behind his desk, "Welcome gentlemen, please sit down." Invited the

"Thank you sir." Blair said, as they all took a seat. 

"Can you tell me why you're here to see Ms. Barnes?" Asked Doctor
Franklin.  "It's highly unusual since no one has been here since she
was brought here." He knew he was lying. (There has only been one
man to visit her, but he knew if he told he would die.) Thought the
doctor. "What about family?" Jim asked, picking up the doctors
raising heartbeat. 

"We don't know if Ms. Barnes has any family." Answered Doctor
Franklin, trying not to show that he was nervous. 

"Can we see her please?" Jim asked, smelling the fear coming off of
the older man. 

"Of course, please follow me." Franklin said, as he got up and walked
toward the door. 

       A minute later they reached the room where Alex was being held,
and that was when Jim began to feel that strange sensation he always
felt when he came near Alex. That's when he saw the spotted Jaguar and
a Hyena standing looking at him with what looked like hate in their
eyes. "Jim, you all right?" Blair asked, when Jim spotted walking. 

"I'll tell you later." Jim said, as they began to walk again. After
the doctor opened the door, let them in, and then left, Jim said, "I
saw her spirit guide and that of her guide." Watching as they Hyena
gave the Jaguar a kiss and then walked into the wall. 

"Do you think he's here?" Asked John, also seeing the Hyena and

"No, but he was here not long ago." Answered Jim. 

       As they walked in they saw Alex in the far corner of the room
rocking and humming to her self. When they started to walk toward her,
Alex began to whimper but would stop when they stopped. "I think she
senses Jim, which is confusing and scaring her." Said Blair. 

"I'll go by myself." John said, walking towards Alex. 

"John are you sure you're doing the right thing?" Asked Bruce. 

"I have no other choice." John said, as he reached Alex. That was when
he heard her whispering, "Please don't hurt me." 

"I'm not going to hurt you Alex, I just need your help to find two
young children." John whispered, in a soft calming voice. 

        Then without saying another word John slowly touched her head.
(The first thin he saw was Alex standing by a bed looking down at a
man with dark blond hair, she then turned toward John, [I loved him
you know, but he only wanted one thing from me.] Alex turned back
towards the bed, //Lee, I can't do this any more. // Alex said, trying
to hold back her tears. 

She turned back towards John, [I tried to love him, even when I found
out he worked for the CIA, but then he began to worship the devil.
When I tried to stop him I learned he'd always worshipped the devil.]
Alex faced the bed again. //What do you mean you can't do this
anymore?// Lee asked, in an angry voice. 

//I can't pray to someone who kills children.// Alex answered, trying
not to show her fear. 

//Why not? He gave you the abilities to see, hear, taste, touch, and
smell better then anyone else.// Lee said, grabbing Alex by the hair. 

//No, I got those abilities after spending time in solitary
confinement.// Alex protested. 

Without saying a word Lee slapped her across the face, //You will
respect the Master or die.// Lee said angrily. //The master has a job
for us.// 

Alex finally turned back towards John, [I didn't have a choice, and it
was either them or me.] Alex said, in a sad voice. She then turned
back towards Lee, //What do I have to do?// Alex asked, in a scared

//Go to Cascade and find out if the Sentinel there is a threat to the
master and us.// Lee said, giving Alex a kiss. 

//What is a Sentinel?// Alex asked, in a surprised voice. //What are
you going to do?// Alex looked at John. [If I knew now what I should
have known then, none of this would have happened.] Alex said, before
turning back to Lee.

That was when John broke the contact with Alex, but before they could
ask him any questions John put his hand back on Alex's head.

//This time he saw a red brick house with people coming and going
every hour, but for some reason he couldn't get the number to the
house. John then felt a presence with him, turning around he saw that
it was Alex.

"Hello, Alex." John said softly.

"Why are you here?" Alex asked, in a weary voice.

"I'm trying to find two children that your guide had taken." John
answered, with a reassuring smile.

"I don't have a guide; I never had a guide!" Alex yelled, she sounded

"What about Lee?" John asked, not realizing that an agitated Alex was
a dangerous Alex.

Without any warning Alex attacked John, but before she could do any
harm Incacha appeared in front of her, {You were doing so well child,
but if you attack the

Seer you will go back to the person you have been.}Incacha said, with
a sad smile.

{I'm sorry Teacher, but he called Lee my guide.} Alex said, with her
head bent in respect.

Incacha then turned toward John, {I know why you're here Seer, but she
is not ready to come out of her trance.}

"What do you mean?" John asked, confused.

Sitting down on a fallen log, Incacha said {Join me seer and I will
explain.} Sitting down next to Incacha, John waited for him to

{Since she was a child, Alex has had her senses but no one cared that
she was suffering.  So she grew up not knowing why she was different
and being treated like something was wrong with her.  Then when she
was old enough she left home and got involved with people, who
realized that she was different, so they decided to use her abilities.
Over time she met Lee and her senses settled down, which she thought
meant they were

to be together. } Explained Incacha, while looking at Alex, with a sad

"Then why did she try to kill Andarco?" Asked John. 

{She didn't, that was her twin sister, who she meet in prison.}
Answered Incacha.

"What about the time in Peru? " Asked John. 

{That was Alex, after the evil one and her twin worked on her mind for
a couple of days.} Incacha answered, looking at Alex, who was

{She hated what she did, but after everything that happened to her,
she was very confused and very hurt.  That is why she tried to end the
world} Incacha explained, giving John a sad smile.

"Can she help us find the children?" Asked John, looking up.

"They are at 666 Jordan Street.  That is where he always takes the
children."  Alex answered softly, before going back to meditating.

{Now that you know where the children are, you must prepare so you can
stop them.} Said Incacha.

"What do you mean get ready?" John asked.

{The power you are going up against, wants you to fail, but something
more powerful wants you to succeed, and the only way you will do that
is if you believe in yourself and the people with you.} Incacha said,
before he and Alex disappeared. //)

Seeing John come out of his vision, Bruce walked up to him, "John,
you alright?" He asked.

"Yes, I know where the children are." John said, looking at Alex with
sympathy in his eyes.

"Can we leave now?" Blair asked, hating the feeling he was getting
from Alex.

Turning toward Blair, "She wasn't the one who killed you." John said.

"What do you mean she wasn't the one who tried to kill me?" Blair
asked, in a surprised voice.

"They had someone who looked like her, try to kill you." John
answered, turning back towards Alex.

"And how do you know that?" Jim asked, also surprised.

"Incacha told me, while I was trying to get the information from
Alex." John answered, with a tired voice.

"What about Peru?" Blair asked, not knowing what to believe.

"After everything that was done to her, she just wanted everything to
end." Explained John.

"What should we do then?" Asked Jim, trying to understand what was
going on.

"She's in the spirit world, learning to use her powers, and when she
knows everything that she needs to know she will come back." Answered

"Would she be able to function without a guide when she comes out?"
Blair asked, in scared voice. He didn't know if he could handle Alex
coming back, not after she tried to kill him.  Even though John said,
it wasn't her but someone who looked like her, he wasn't sure what to
believe. He watched the figure on the bed.

That was when Alex raised her head looked Blair straight in the eyes,
"I'm sorry Blair."

      As soon as Alex said those two little words, Blair began to back
away towards the door but before he could run away he felt a hand
around his shoulders.  Looking up he saw that it was Jim with a look
that Blair wished wasn't there.

"Baby, listen to me she can longer hurt you." Jim said in a
sympathetic voice.

"I'm not scared she's going to hurt me, what I'm scared is that I
won't be able to forgive her for what she did." Blair answered,
equally sadly.

"No one said you have to forgive her." Jim said, trying to reassure

"Jim you heard John, it was someone else who killed me."

"Blair, John has some special abilities, but all that nonsense about
the devil being able to change someone's identity is a little too
much." Said Jim.

"Haven't you ever heard of twins?" Blair said, in an angry voice.

"So her twin is also a Sentinel?" Jim asked, trying to control his

"No, she just screwed her over." Blair said sarcastically.

Before Jim could say anything that would hurt Blair's feeling, Bruce
spoke up. "Guys, I think you've all been screwed over."

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Blair. 

"She might not have killed you, but she did try to release a deadly
nerve gas.  No matter how she was treated over the years trying to
kill other people is considered being crazy." Explained Bruce.

"Bruce, I never said she wasn't.  What I was told was she was working
on her problems, and as soon as she works out her problems she will be
able to face the world again." John explained, wishing that he could
help Jim and Blair over their hatred of Alex.

That was when Blair realized that someone wanted them to get into a
fight so they wouldn't be able to find the children.  Deciding that he
wasn't going to let them win Blair took a deep breath and started
walking back toward Alex's room.

"Blair where are you going?" Asked Jim.

"I just realized that Lee and who ever he works for wants us to fight,
so we go after the children." Blair answered, as he walked into the
room. "And I'm not going to let them win."

Page 5

"What are you going to do?" Jim asked, in a suspicious voice.

"I'm going to forgive her, and then meditate so I can go into the
spirit world and talk to her." Answered Blair.

"Chief, do you think that's a good idea?" Jim asked, in a worried

"If I'm ever going to feel safe again, I need to forgive her." Blair
said, wanting Jim to understand.

"Are you ready to forgive her?" Jim asked, in a concerned voice.

"If I want to continue with my life, then yes I'm ready to forgive
her." Blair said, as walked towards Alex.  He then sat down next to
her and began to breath in and out starting his meditation,
(//Welcome young Shaman.//  A voice said from behind him. Turning
around Blair came face to face with Incacha, and with him was Alex
looking very scared.

// Thank you for meeting me great one.// Blair said, while looking at

//You shouldn't be here now, young shaman.  She isn't ready to see you
again. // Said Incacha.

//I came so I could tell her that I forgive her for what she did. //
Said Blair.

//Why do you forgive her young one? //Asked Incacha

//So I can go on with my life. // Answered Blair.

That was when the most amazing thing happened Alex seemed to come back
to herself; she raised her head and gave Blair a dazzling smile,
//You have done well young one, that is what she has been waiting for,
but now your Sentinel has to forgive her.. Said Incacha.

//I don't know if he can, but I'll ask. // Blair said, before fading

Blair came back from his spirit walk with a smile on his face, "Blair,
you alright?" Asked Jim.

"I'm fine, I almost feel whole now." Blair answered, giving Jim a
smile.  "You should forgive her also."

"I don't think I can forgive her for killing you." Said Jim.

"Jim, the only way we can go on with our lives is to forgive her."
Said Blair.

"I've gone on with my life." Jim said, in a defensive voice.

"You still have nightmares about me drowning." Blair said in a soft

"Will it make you feel better for me to forgive her?" Jim asked,
hating this discussion.

"Yes, and it will make you feel better too." Blair said, with a loving

With a sigh Jim nodded and let Blair lead him toward the couch where
they began their breathing exercise.  After a few minutes they both
felt the change in there area and knew that they were on their spirit

(//Welcome young ones. // Incacha said, Alex was still with him,
avoiding looking at Jim.  With a sigh Jim walks up to Incacha and
Alex, when they all felt a very weird disturbance in the air. 

//Some one doesn't want you to forgive Poco Gata. // Said Incacha, as
he looks around.

Taking a deep breath, //Alex I forgive your for killing Blair and
trying to end the world. // Jim said, wishing he was anywhere else but

Raising her head Alex gave Jim a very beautiful smile, //Thank you
Enrique, I know that this was hard for you and I really appreciate it.

//It is hard for both of us to forgive you, but we understand that you
were used by one that thought he was your guide. // Blair said, in an
understanding voice.

//He was the first person who was ever nice to me, and when I was near
him my senses stabilized. // Alex answered, with tears in her eyes.

//Is that why you wanted to end the world? // Jim asked. That was when
he realized that if Blair hadn't found him or someone else got a hold
of him, he would be in Alex's position now; which was a very scary

//Alex, how and when did you met Lee? // Blair asked.

//I guess it would be after he left the CIA, but before meeting you.
I think that's how he knew about Sentinels. // Answered Alex.

//Master when will she be able to leave the spirit plane? // Blair

//When she has learned more about her abilities and her are important.
// Answered Incacha.  {It's time for you to go back, and find the
children.  Remember the Seer and his guide are the key.} Incacha said,
as they faded from the spirit world.

Coming out of their meditation, "Don't you feel better?" Asked Blair.

"You know, I do." Jim said, in a clear voice.

"Good, now lets find those children." Blair said, looking at Alex, who
was no longer humming but looking at them with something close to

"What happened?" Bruce asked, when he saw that they had come back.

"We gave her our forgiveness, and I think now she'll be able to
forgive herself and come back." Blair answered, giving Alex a smile.

"I think we should head back to the station and see if we can get any
information on where Lee is." Jim said, watching Alex react to Blair's

"Isn't Lee supposed be in prison?" Blair asked, becoming slowly
uncomfortable watching Alex's face.

"He should, but it appears he isn't." Jim said, feeling an urge to
protect Blair.

"We should go, and see what we can find out." John said, picking up
the tension in the room.

"Thank you for helping me Blair." Alex said, before they left.

"You're welcome, hopefully you'll find yourself a guide that will help
you." Blair said, and walked out.

"Wow, that was weird." Bruce said, as they walked outside.

"I guess her coming out of the coma, triggered Jim's Sentinel
abilities to protect me." Blair offered as they got into the truck.

"What do you mean protect you?" Bruce asked, in a curious voice.

"When a guide is in danger, Sentinels go into Blessed Protector mode. 
It means that they will protect their guide to the death." Explained

"Wow, that's heavy." Bruce said.

"Yeah, it is." Blair said, while looking at Jim. ('What is he
thinking?) Thought Blair.

Jim was thinking about Alex as they drove to the police station. (I
don't know why I agreed to go on that spirit walk.  Forgiving her made
me feel better, but it also brought her out of her coma.  What's going
to happen now?)

Cascade PD
7:00 p.m.

Arriving at the Cascade PD all four men took the elevator up to the
seventh floor, as soon as they entered Major Crimes they heard Simon
yelling.  "Ellison, Sandburg my office NOW!"

"You wanted to see us sir?" Jim asked, once they were all inside.

"Yes, what did you learn?" Asked Simon.

"Lee Brackett is out of prison, and he's the one who took those kids. 
He knew Alex and was her guide.  Alex also has a sister and she's the
one who killed Blair, but Alex was the one who wanted to use the gas.

"After everything that had happened to her she just wanted everything
to end and stop hurting." Blair explained.

"Do we know where to find Lee?" Asked Simon, in a shocked voice.  "Why
weren't we notified that he was let out of prison?"

"We have the address of where he is, but I don't know why we weren't
notified he was let out, I'll call around and find out." Answered Jim.

"Do that after you get those kids back." Said Simon.

He then snatched up the phone and called the S.W.A.T captain to get
his people ready.

Lee's home
666 Jordan Street
7:00 p.m.

         At the same time as the police were getting ready to bust
Lee, Lee was preparing the kids for the final stage of serving the
devil.  What he didn't know was that the person he was talking to
wasn't the devil but an evil Sentinel working with telepathy who
wanted to get rid of Jim, so they could get Blair for themselves.
They'd gotten John involved so they could get ride of him also,
because they knew that John would be able to find out about their
plans if they should ever meet.

"They found out about Lee." The psychic told the person sitting with
them at an unknown location.

"I guess we leave and try again another time." 

"Aren't you mad?" 

"No, just annoyed."

"You aren't going to warn Lee?"

"No, let him get out of this himself."

Meanwhile back at the house, "Master, we are almost ready." Said the

"Good, soon I will have everything I always wanted." Lee said, with an
evil laugh.

"When you do you want to begin?" Asked the servant.

"Weíll begin early tomorrow morning." Lee answered, before going to
his room.

Cascade PD
Major Crimes
8:00 p.m.

As Simon, Walt, Jim, Blair, John, and Bruce were going over the plans,
Joel walked in carrying blueprints of the house that Lee was staying
in,  "Joel, what do you have?" Simon asked, when he saw him.

"The blue-prints for the house."

"Good, we'll go over it today and storm the house tomorrow morning."
Said Simon.

 As they planned an attack John was going over his visions to see if
you could find anything that would help the police.  He went through
his vision of the house to see if he could find anything that would
hurt the police. 

It was two hours later around ten oíclock that everyone finally
decided to call it a night and head home, "John, Bruce, and Walt
should come home with us, as itís too far away to the hotel." Jim
said, as they were putting everything away.

"That would be great, thank you." John said, trying not to yawn.

"Thank you, but I need to get to the hotel I have to call my wife."
Said Walt.

"Ok, Walt we'll see you tomorrow." John said, before leaving.

It was around eleven o'clock when Jim, Blair, John, and Bruce arrived
at the loft and it took Blair fifteen minutes to prepare his old room
for them.  Blair then went upstairs to get some rest, but when he got
into bed he felt Jim's arms go around him.

"What are you doing?" Blair whispered, moving Jim's hand.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Jim answered, playing with Blair's

"Baby, please I'm tired." Blair moaned, as Jim rolled his nipple.

 Jim didn't say anything he just began to play with Blair's nipples
until he heard him moan, and then turned him on his back.  He began to
kiss and lick down Blair's body, until he reached his cock. 

"Oh, god yes baby right there." Blair moaned, feeling Jim's mouth
around his cock, playing with it, and stroking it; until Blair thought
he would burst from the sensation.

 Then slowly Jim began to kiss his way up Blairís body slowly running
his hand up and down Blair's torso and over his groin.  Jim began
stroking him, waiting for the right opportunity to fill Blair.  Taking
a deep breath Jim could smell Blairís arousal, so he pressed his face
against his lover's stomach inhaled his scent.  Blair smelled fresh
and spicy at the same time, which drove Jim wild with want. 

 Blair felt his cock responding to the Jim's kisses causing him to
moan from wanting the feel of Jim inside him.  "Please take me." Blair
moaned in desperation.

The moaning and the writhing from Blair caused Jimís cock to stiffen
as the blood rushed to his pelvic area and in a few minutes a wet spot
appeared over the head

 As Jim was kissing his way up Blairís body he could feel his loverís
prick lengthening, thickening beneath him.  His own cock stirred up
again, also growing

heavier and more sensitive.  Blair bit his lip to keep the sound from
escaping, so he wouldnít awaken the two people downstairs.  If Jim
didn't release him soon, he was certain he was going to come before
Jim could take him. 

 Blair didnít know if he could take any more of Jimís torment and was
about do something, when he felt something cold and wet at his hole.

"Yeeessss!" Blair moaned, felling the cold wetness of Jimís fingers.

"God, baby youíre beautiful." Jim said, as he kissed Blair.

"Fuck me." God, he wanted it so badly, wanted to feel Jim's thick cock
buried in his ass. "Fuck me," he repeated but there was no need as the
older man was more than willing, and ready to mount him without
further delay.

 He lifted his legs and laid them over Jim's shoulders, reached down
and held onto his loverís hips. Jim held him in place as his body
accustomed itself to being

filled, and then Jim slowly withdrew over and over again making
Blairís toes curl.

"Faster, I want it faster." Blair moaned, as he tried to push himself
up onto Jim.

        Hearing Blair that he wanted it faster Jim began to rock in
and out him, back up inside Blairís hole and then changing direction
again.  The thick tube of meat plugging into him, causing Blair to
involuntarily tense his muscles, which held Jim in place for a moment
before surrendering and allowing the older man to thrust and withdraw
as he pleased.  Blair's hole was so slick, so slippery, so warm,
sucking the length of his cock as he pulled away and accepting him as
he plunged forward, that Jim lost himself in the motion of fucking.

        Leaning forward, he supported himself on his hands and drove
his dick into the man's hole furiously for a while, then slowed down,
and with his cock buried to the

hilt, merely rotated his hips.  He could tell that Blair was pleased
by the way the man smiled at first, and then his mouth fell open and
all he could do was moan. Jim pulled out completely amidst complaints
from his lover but the sounds of complaint quickly turned to ones of
contentment as Jim turned him over and entered him once more. 

        As he was turned Blairís cock was now hidden in the
bedclothes, hard and aching, causing him to groan into the comforter
as Jim fucked his ass with abandon. Each thrust jolted him. He raised
his head and gave a cry, clenching his cheeks. Causing Jim to gasp in
surprise, the tightening of Blairís hole around his cock sent him
barreling headlong into his orgasm. Pumping his hips, he came,
shooting his load up Blairís moist tunnel. He collapsed on top, still
inside him, and tried to catch his breath.  

When Jim was able to breathe again he slipped out of Blair and fell
onto the bed from exhaustion.  What they didnít realize was that John
and Bruce could hear them downstairs.  At first John pretended to be
asleep, but when Bruce began to kiss him he couldnít help but moan
from the wonderful feeling.

"John, will you make love to me?" Asked Bruce, in-between kisses.

"Are you sure Bruce?" John asked, as he kissed Bruceís neck.

"Without a doubt." Bruce answered, with a smile. 

"I want you to turn around." John says, as he kissed Bruce on the

"But first."  John kissed Bruceís lips, eyes, his ears, and again his
lips.  He kissed his way down to Bruceís nipples, started to play with

        Meanwhile, Johnís hands begin to play with Bruceís body.
Thatís when he felt his loverís prick lengthening, thickening beneath
his hand. His own cock stirred up again also growing heavier and more
sensitive.   John decided to taste Bruceís cock, so he began to kiss
his way down until he reached the big long cock.  Taking the fat meat

his mouth John began to suck Bruce off, until Bruce thought he was
going to explode.

"Oh, gods John take me!" Yelled Bruce. 

Licking his way back up.  "Turn around." John whispered, into Bruceís

Without a word Bruce turned onto his stomach and waited for John to
make love to him.  John began to lick his way down Bruceís back until
he reached his ass, where he began to play with his hole.

"Oh, John fuck me please!" Bruce yelled.

         With out a word John brought out a tube of lube and began to
apply it to Bruceís hole; which caused him to writhe and moan from the
wonderful feeling.  Then when John was sure that Bruce was ready, he
licked his way back up and then pressed himself against Bruceís back
and buttocks.  

 Bruce reached around and gripped John's hip, pulling him in closer,
the man's cock nestled between his butt cheeks. He rubbed his behind
against Johnís and sighed. Bruce could feel his lover hardening. Feel
him self-stiffening as well.  John then opened Bruceís legs, spat upon
his palm, and encircled his cock. It fairly leapt in his grip. He
eased into Bruce as slowly as possible so as not to hurt him, but the
feel of someone inside him made Bruce cringe in pain.  Feeling this,
John stopped what he was doing and waited for Bruce to relax.

        John realized the problem, took Bruceís cock in his hand and
began to play with it. When John felt Bruce relax he began to push
back in, but had to stop again, barely inside. After a while he began
to push back in, but this time he didnít stop, he began to thrust in
and out of Bruce.

"Oh, yes baby more." Bruce whispered, as John moved inside him.

 Hearing those beautiful words John began to fuck his ass with
abandon. Each thrust jolted him. He raised his head and gave a cry,
clenching his cheeks causing his muscles to tighten around Johnís
cock.  The tightening caused John to gasp in surprise, which barreled
him headlong into an orgasm. Pumping his hips, he came, shooting his
load into Bruce's moist tunnel. He collapsed on top, still inside him,
and tried to catch his breath.

"Thank you that was beautiful." Bruce said, after catching his breath.

"You donít have to thank me, I love you." John answered, giving Bruce
a kiss.

"I love you too." Bruce said, as he cuddled closer John.

 That was when they heard a yell come from upstairs.  Not knowing what
it was they both jumped out of bed and ran upstairs; where they found
Blair and Jim just finishing having sex.

"Sorry, thought something happened." Bruce said, when Blair and Jim
looked at them. 

"Itís all right, I guess I was a little too loud."  Blair said, with a
shy smile.

"Thatís ok, weíll be going downstairs now." John said, pushing Bruce
down the stairs.

"John quite pushing." Bruce said, as he went down. 

"What is wrong with you?"

"I had a vision when we met them the first time." John answered, as he
got into bed.

"What was it about?" Bruce asked, in a worried voice. 

He had never seen John this nervous in all the time they had been
friends.  Taking a deep breath, "When I shook Blairís hand, I saw all
four of us in bed together." Answered John, not even looking at Bruce.

"Do you want it to happen?" Bruce asked, trying to control the tremor
in his voice.

"If it does happen, we all end up together and eventually have
children." Answers John.

"Really, how many?" Bruce asks, with a smile.

"Four, all biological." John answers, seeing the smile.

"What will happen if we donít end up with them?" Bruce wonders out

"I donít know, but what I do know is that I love you no matter what."
John said, and kissed him.  

"I love you too, but I always wanted children." Bruce said with a

"Even if it means ending up with two other people as lovers?" Asked

"It doesnít have to be that way, we can start one of our own."
Answered Bruce.

When John didn't say anything, "You do want a family with me, donít

"Yes, but I donít want them to be brought up in that small town." John
answered, while thinking of Little Johnny.

"Weíll move somewhere, and start a whole new life." Bruce said, with a

"Youíre right, but we'll talk about this later we should get some
sleep." John said, before lying down and closing his eyes."If it does
happen, we all end up together and eventually have children." Answers

"Really, how many?" Bruce asks, with a smile.

"Four, all biological." John answers, seeing the smile.

"What will happen if we donít end up with them?" Bruce wonders out

"I donít know, but what I do know is that I love you no matter what."
John said, and kissed him.  

"I love you too, but I always wanted children." Bruce said with a

"Even if it means ending up with two other people as lovers?" Asked

"It doesnít have to be that way, we can start one of our own."
Answered Bruce.

When John didn't say anything, "You do want a family with me, donít

"Yes, but I donít want them to be brought up in that small town." John
answered, while thinking of Little Johnny.

"Weíll move somewhere, and start a whole new life." Bruce said, with a

"Youíre right, but we'll talk about this later we should get some
sleep." John said, before lying down and closing his eyes."If it does
happen, we all end up together and eventually have children." Answers

"Really, how many?" Bruce asks, with a smile.

"Four, all biological." John answers, seeing the smile.

"What will happen if we donít end up with them?" Bruce wonders out

"I donít know, but what I do know is that I love you no matter what."
John said, and kissed him.  

"I love you too, but I always wanted children." Bruce said with a

"Even if it means ending up with two other people as lovers?" Asked

"It doesnít have to be that way, we can start one of our own."
Answered Bruce.

When John didn't say anything, "You do want a family with me, donít

"Yes, but I donít want them to be brought up in that small town." John
answered, while thinking of Little Johnny.

"Weíll move somewhere, and start a whole new life." Bruce said, with a

"Youíre right, but we'll talk about this later we should get some
sleep." John said, before lying down and closing his eyes.

       Jim and Blair were so into making love that they didn't realize
Blair had yelled out, until John and Bruce had come upstairs.  When
they saw what was going on they knew they'd made a mistake, and that
was when John realized that his vision might come true.

"Sorry, thought something happened." Bruce said, when Blair and Jim
looked at them.

"Itís all right, I guess I was a little to loud." Blair said, with a
shy smile.

"Thatís ok, weíll be going downstairs now." John said, pushing Bruce
down the stairs.

"That was strange." Blair said, when the men left.

"Shhhh, they're talking." Jim said, as he listened in.

"Jim, don't listen in on their conversation."

"There's something about John's reaction that felt weird." Jim says,
continuing to listen

"John quit pushing." Bruce said, as he walked down the stairs.

"What is wrong with you?"

"I had a vision when we met them the first time." John answered, as he
got into bed.

"What was it about?" Bruce asked, in a worried voice. 

He has never seen John this nervous in all the time they had been
friends. Taking a deep breath, "When I shook Blairís hand, I saw all
four of us in bed together." 

Answered John, not even looking at Bruce.

"Do you want it to happen?" Bruce asked, trying to control the tremor
in his voice.

"If it does happen, we end up all together and eventually have
children." Answered John.

"Really, how many?" Bruce asked smiling.

"Four, all biological." John answered, seeing the smile.

"What will happen if we donít end up with them?" Bruce wondered out

"I donít know, but what I do know is that I love you no matter what."
John said and kissed him.

"I love you too, but I always wanted children." Bruce said, with a

"Even if it means ending up with two other people as lovers?" Asked

"It doesnít have to be that way, we can start one of our own."

When John didnít say anything, "You do want a family with me, donít

"Yes, but I donít want them to be brought up in that small town." John
answered, while thinking of Little Johnny.

"Weíll move somewhere and start a whole new life." Bruce said, with a

"Youíre right, but we'll talk about this later we should get some

"So what did you hear?" Blair asked, after a while. 

"It seems John had a vision of all four of us being together, and even
having children." Jim answered trying to understand the concept of all
four of them being together and even having children.

"What should we do?" Blair asked, wondering if he could be with two
other men.

"We should do nothing, let them come to us." Jim answered, in a tired

"I guess you're right." Blair said, before he went to sleep.

The Loft
7:00 a.m.

        The next morning just before the alarm clock went off, Jim
rolled and turned it off then he shifted back toward Blair.  As he
watched Blair sleep Jim tried to figure out what to do about what he'd
heard last night. 

Just then the telephone range, "Ellison." Jim said into the phone.

"Jim, when are you coming in?" Asked Simon.

"We'll be there in an hour." Jim answered, getting up.

"Good, as soon as you get here we're going to attack the house and get
those children." Simon said, before hanging up. 

Jim hung up as well and walked back toward the bed. With a loving
touch he nudged Blair awake.

"What, what is it?" Blair asked, in a sleepy voice.

"Simon, just called he wants us there in an hour."  Jim said, as he
kissed Blair on the lips.

"Ok, give me five minutes." Blair said, as he got up.

While Blair was getting ready, Jim went downstairs to tell John and
Bruce that Simon called and that they had to get to the station.
Before Jim could knock on the door, it opened to show John standing
there already dressed. At first Jim was surprised, almost speechless.

"How did you know?" He asked. Before John could say anything, Bruce
offered his own comment from behind him. 

"It's beyond explanation."

"I guess it's the same as when I know someone is coming upstairs."
Said Jim.

"I'm sure it is." John said, with a smile. 

"Is everyone ready?" Blair asked, coming downstairs

"Yeah lets go." Jim said, grabbing his keys.

"Jim you alright?" Blair asked, as they got into the truck.

"John also has sixth sense." Answered Jim.

"How do you know?" Blair asked, in a surprised voice.

"He was already dressed when I came downstairs." Answered Jim.

"His Dead Zone is active, which means he knows what's going to
happen." Explained Blair, as they arrived at the station.

"Am I right John?"

"I don't know Blair, but it's something like that." John answered,

Cascade PD
8:00 a.m.

        An hour later they arrived at the police station, and then
took the elevator up to the seventh floor.  When they walked into
Major Crimes they were met by at least thirty swat members and the
bomb squad.

"Ellison, Sandburg youíre here good." Simon said, when he saw them.

"Whatís going on Simon?" Jim asked, as he looked around.

"Weíre getting ready to strike Leeís house." Simon answered, showing
them the layout.

Page 6

(As John looked over the layout he accidentally touched the picture of
the house.

//"Why did you pick him and that Sentinel for your purpose? " A voice
in the shadows asked. 

"I needed someone who knew Sentinel Ellison and they were a perfect
choice. " Answered another voice in the darkness.

"You thought Alex Barnes was a perfect choice, didnít you read her

The first voice smiled, "Of course I did, thatís why I picked her."

"What would you have done if she were able to get the guide away from
Ellison, what then?"

"Killed her and then taken the guide."

"What about Ellison?"

"If he got in the way, he would have died too."

"So thatís why you had me pretend to be the devil. "

"Thatís right that was the only way he was going to do what I wanted. 
Besides I needed John Smith here, he has become too good at what he
does. "

"Have you ever met him? " 

"No, but if I want the government to be taken down, I need to get rid
of him."//)

"John, you alright?" Blair asked, when he saw John give himself a

"Yeah, Iím fine.  Iíve just had a glimpse of two people talking about
using Lee and Alex to try and get Blair." Answered John.

"So why did they want you here." Blair asked, trying not to show that
he was scared.

"Iím becoming very good with my visions, and this person was afraid
that I would find out about them." Answered John.

"Do you know if itís a man or woman?" Jim asked. 

"Iím not sure, it could be a man.  He or she has also teamed up with a
telepath." Answered John, wishing he never had that vision.

"Why would they need a telepath?" Simon asked, a little suspiciously.

"He pretended to be the devil, so Lee would do everything the Sentinel
said." John answered, watching for a reaction.

"What do you mean?" Blair asked, trying not to lose his cool.

"It seems thereís a Sentinel who wanted you, so he decided to use Lee
and Alex as pawns." Answered John.

Before anyone could say anything, Blair yelled and then ran out of
Major Crimes with Jim right behind him.

"Iím sorry, I didnít know he was going to react like that." John said,
in a sad voice.

"Itís all right.  Blairís been through a lot and I guess finding out
that another Sentinel wanted him, and was willing to hurt children and
his friends just got to him." Simon said, with understanding in his
voice.  (I hope Jim catches up to him.) Thought Simon.

     As soon as Blair heard that another Sentinel wanted him, and
would do anything to get him he couldnít take it any more.

"WHY ME, WHY DOES IT HAPPEN TO ME!" Blair screamed as he ran out of
the police station. 

Not far behind him was Jim, "CHIEF wait!" Jim yelled, running after
him. Before Blair could get any further, Jim caught up to him and had
to wrestle Blair to the ground to stop him from going anywhere.

"Chief calm down, everything is going to be fine." Jim said, in a
soothing voice.

screamed, trying to break free from Jim's grasp.

"Baby listen to me, this is not your fault." Said Jim in a calm voice.

"Did you know this was going to happen?" 

"No." Blair answered, with tears in his eyes 

"Then you have nothing to feel bad about." Jim said, in a reassuring

"And how do you think John must feel, knowing someone wants to get rid
of him because of his abilities?" 

"I know you're right, it's just hard to know that there's a Sentinel
out there who would hurt innocent children just to get to me and
John." Blair said in sad voice.

"I understand baby, but you can't take the blame for all this.  I have
a feeling it's been planned out for a long time." Jim tried
desperately trying to be reassuring.

"Do you think we'll be able to save those kids?" Blair asked, in a
hopeful voice.

"I know we will." Jim said, as they walked back toward the station.

As they walked into Major Crimes all eyes turned towards them, which
made Blair self-conscious.  He tried to hide behind Jim but he
wouldn't let him and pushed Blair forward to show that he wasn't

"Is everything ok?" Simon asked, as they walked in.

"Yeah, I just guess finding out that another Sentinel did all this
because he wanted me just got too much." Blair answered, trying not to

"Chief calm down, if you start to panic you'll hyperventilate." Jim
said, picking up Blair's racing heart.

"I.... I c.... can't h.... help it." Blair said, trying to control his

"Blair if you don't calm down, I'm taking you home." Jim said, while
rubbing Blair's back in soothing manner.

"Give me a minute." Blair said, sitting down and he putting his head
between his legs. While Blair was trying to get control of his
breathing, the rest of the team were going over the strike plan of the

Lee's House
7:00 a.m.

        As-soon-as everyone had gotten up, they began to prepare for
the ritual to induct the children into worshipping the devil.   The
first thing that was done was wash the children in scalding hot water,
then have them pray at the alter, until they were ready for the

Kneeling at the alter, "Oh great master, hear your humble servant.  We
are ready to sacrifice these children to you." Lee offered.

When nothing happened Lee tried again, but there was no answer, which
made everyone very nervous.  They didn't know what it meant when their
master didn't return an answer to one of their sacrifices.

"Master, what is going on?" Asked a man in a silver robe.  'Why won't
the great one answer us?'

"I don't know." Lee answered, becoming very concerned. 

This had never happened to him before every time he called his master
he would answer him.   Even from the beginning his master answered
him, even for little things that Lee needed.

"He's mad at you, you did something to displease our lord." Said a
panicking man in a red robe.

"I didn't do anything." Lee said, in a different voice. 

"Then why isn't he answering you?"

"I don't know." Lee answered, becoming very scared

Cascade PD
Major Crimes
9:00 a.m.

"Is everyone ready?" Simon asked, while putting on his Kevlar vest.

"Ready as we'll ever be." Jim answered, making sure that Blair's vest
was on.

"I don't think John and Bruce should come with us." Walt said, also
getting ready.

"And why shouldn't we come along?" Asked Bruce, in a surprised voice.

"Because you aren't cops." Answered Walt. 

"Blair isn't a cop." Said John.

"No, but he's been doing this longer and Jim needs him." Answered

"You're going to need me." John said, getting a flash of the children
not wanting to go to any of the cops.  They would only go to him
because they knew whom he was.

"Why?" Asked Walt.

"The children will be to scared of going to anyone but me." Explained

"Fine, but you better watch yourself." Said Simon.

"I will captain." John said, with a smile. 

It took them two hours to get to Lee's house and another hour to set
up, making sure they didn't make any noise. Finally Simon gave the
word for them to make the strike. Five minutes later everyone in the
house was surrounded, handcuffed, and made to sit down on the floor to
wait for Simon to come in.

A few minutes later Simon, Jim, Blair, John, and Walt walked into the

"Whereís Lee Brackett?" Simon asked, as he looked around. When no one
answered Simon had everyone go through the house looking for Lee and
the children.  Jim and Blair found them down in the basement just as
Lee was about to finish the ritual.

"Lee freeze!" Jim yelled, and drew his gun.

"No, you canít stop me.  My master will have these children!" Lee
cried, just before raising the knife.

"Lee donít, Iíll shoot you if I have to." Jim said, took the safety
off his gun and cocked it.

"I must so I can get back in favor with my master." Lee said, as the
knife came down towards the little boy.  

Before Lee could plunge the knife into the boyís heart, Jim shot him
in the arm, knocking the knife from his hand. As Lee was writhing in
pain, Jim and Blair untied the children and led them upstairs where
they were to be met by John.  Without speaking they gave both children
to John so he could calm them, and then went downstairs to get Lee.

When they walked in Jim realized instantly that Lee had gone, so he
expanded his sense of hearing to see if he could pick up any sound.

"Heís not here." Jim said, after a minute of listening.

"How can that be?" Blair asked, in a surprised voice.

"I donít know there must be a secret passage around here somewhere." 

Jim said, as he walked around feeling for air.  

      A minute later he felt air coming from what looked like a wall,
so Jim began to feel to see if there was a way to open it.  After a
minute he found a latch embedded into the wall, pushing the latch it
opened a secret passage.

"Can you see where it goes?" Asked Blair, as he looked inside.

"No, it's too long." Jim said, as he expanded his eyesight and

"Do you think we should go in?" Asked Blair.

"No, we'll warn all the hospitals and then wait for him to show up."
Answered Jim.

"What do we do if he goes somewhere else?" Asked Blair.

"Chief don't worry we'll find him." Jim said, and kissed him.

       Meanwhile, upstairs Simon was getting everyone processed so
they could be taken to jail.  One of the robed men looked likely to
try something and escape. Before he felt someone's hand on his
shoulder. Looking around he came face to face with one of the men that
were helping the children, but when he tried to get away from him, he
felt a strange tingling go through him.

John was looking after the children when he got a strange feeling that
one of the robed men was going to try something.  Making sure that the
children were all right, John went to the black robed man and put his
hand on his shoulder.

(John found himself and the man in an old house another man sits on
a chair drinking and watching television.  The black robed man turned

John, [He could never keep a job, so he had my mom work.] He then
turned back towards the man in the chair, //Daddy, today is mommy's
birthday. // 

The black robed man said, in a child-like voice. [Do you think I give
a fuck if it's her birthday, she's lucky I even married her?] The man
said, voice-dripping hatred. The black robed man turned back to John.

[He hated my mother and me because he believed that we took away his
chance of being with the woman he loved. " As he turned back toward
his father, a woman walked in carrying groceries and without a word to
both of them she went to the kitchen.  She was putting away groceries
when the black robed man walked in.

//Mommy happy birthday love you // He said, with a smile.

//Go away David I don't have time. // The woman said, not even looking
at her son.

David turned back toward John, [They never had time for me, it's like
they never wanted each other or children.] David said, in a sad voice.
[That's why I joined the cult because they promised me love and

"John, what did you see?" Walt asked, when John came back.

"A very sad childhood." John answered, in a sad voice.

"How sad could it have been?" Asked Blair. Trying to understand how
anyone could join a cult that worshipped the devil.

"His parents hated each other and him." John answered, trying to get
the picture of the man's home life out of his head.

"Did you get a name, because he won't tell anyone what it is?" Asked

"I just got David." Answered John.

"At least we got one of their names." Said Joel.

Just then Blair and Jim came back from the basement, when all of a
sudden Blair just stopped in his tracks, looking at the dark robed man
with fear on his face. Jim stops as soon as he picked up Blair's
racing heart.

"Chief what's wrong?" Jim asked, in a concerned voice.  He also didn't
like the pale look on Blair's face.

"Nononononono, he's supposed to be dead!" Blair cried, as he started
backing away.

"Who?" Jim asked, confused.

"Him, you swore you killed him!" Blair cried, as he pointed toward the
black robed man. Turning around Jim looked more closely at the hooded
man and realized that it was David Lash and he currently had a very
evil smile on his face.  At first Jim was speechless, he knew that
he'd killed David, but then he became very angry.

"I killed you." Jim said, in a shocked voice. But before he could do
anything Blair grabbed his arm.

"Don't he's not worth it." Blair said, not even looking at David.

"How did you survive?" Blair asked, trying to control his fear.

"It was my twin brother you pushed down all those flights." David
answered, with an evil laugh.

"We talked to your father, he never told us about any twin brother."
Said Jim.

"He was born retarded, so they locked him up and swore to never talk
about him to other people." David answered, giving them all an evil

"Then how did you find out about him?" Asked Blair, feeling a panic
attack coming on.

"Before mother died, she told me that I had a twin who was retarded."
Answered David.

"I made sure that we became friends, and then I convinced him to play
me when I kidnapped Blair." David uttered, before he started to laugh

With a disgusted look on his face, "Take him away." Said Simon.  He
then turned toward Jim, "Donít you dare feel bad about what you did
you didnít know that wasnít Lash."

"How canít I feel bad, I killed an innocent man?" Jim said, in a sad

"Jim, he wasnít innocent, Iím sure he killed those people also." Blair
said, in a soothing voice.

As David was being led out John grabbed his hand, (John saw David
walking down a hospital hallway. David stops at a door, opens, and
walks into the room where a man was lying in a bed humming to him

//Hello Donald, Iím your brother David. // David said, with a smile.

"Iím here to take you home. Weíre going to have so much fun. // 

Time switched to David taking Donald home. David began to prepare
Donald, so he could take him home and get him to be a patsy.  After
getting Donald cleaned he began to convince him that his name was
David and he needed to kill people to feel better.)

"He convinced his brother to think that he was David and he would then
kill people to feel better." John said, coming out of his vision. "He
convinced him self that Donald was the killed."

"So he used his brother to kill people, and then switched places with
them?" Jim said, hating the feeling he was getting.

"Actually, he killed all those people he just told his brother he did.
It made him feel better thinking his brother did the killing."
Answered John.

"So he killed others, became them, and told his brother he did it so
his conscience wouldn't bother him?" Simon asked, trying to

"That about sums it up." Answered John.

"Shit, that's one sick bastard." Bruce said, with distaste in his

"What did you expect from a man who killed people and then dressed
like them?" Said Simon. 

"What should we do with him now?" Asked Jim, still trying to get over
the fact that he killed someone that was being used by David.

"The first thing we do is get everyone processed and then decide what
to do with David." Said Simon.

As they were walking out of the house Jim got a whiff of blood.

"Wait, Lee's around here somewhere." Jim said, as he began to follow
the scent of blood. 

While Jim was following the trail with Blair behind him, the rest of
the task force was loading everyone into the vans.  Jim and Blair were
passing a dumpster when Lee jumped out and was about to attack Blair,
when Jim turned around and hit him across his injured arm.  Without a
posse to make sure Lee wasn't hurt too badly Jim handcuffed him and
read him his Miranda rights

"I think we should take him to the hospital." Blair suggested, as they
walked toward the police van.

"Why so can escape again?" Jim asked, pushing Lee into the van.

"No, so he won't die on us." Blair answered, giving a wince when Lee
hit his injured arm.

"We'll take him to the station first, and then to the hospital." Jim
said, as they walked towards the truck.

"Jim, you have to calm down." Blair said, picking up Jim's anger.

"Calm down, how can I calm down. First we find out Lee is out of
prison but we were never notified, then we find out I didn't kill
David Lash I killed his brother instead." Jim said, trying to control
his temper.

"Jim, baby no matter who it was that you killed it was done in self
defense." Blair said, in soft voice.

After thinking about it for a minute Jim realized that Blair was
right, if he didn't take out Donald, then they would have both been

"You're right as usual." Jim said, giving Blair a loving smile.

Cascade PD
Major Crimes
12:00 p.m.

          When they arrived at the station there was media frenzy was
waiting for them, which made it difficult for them to get through so
they could get into the station.  The crowds of reporters were scaring
the children so much, that it was hard for John to hold onto them as
he led them.  Every time John would steer the kids one way he would
bump into a reporter and get a vision from them.

When they finally got into the station Simon was so upset that he
decides to call the police chief, "I want to know who told the press
that the kids were free?" Simon asked, between his teeth.

"It must have been someone from your department." Answered the police

"My department knows better than to do that." Simon said, trying to
control his anger.

"Are you sure captain?" Asked the chief. 

"Who was it?" Asked Simon.

"You'll have to ask around." The chief said, before hanging up.

Trying to control his temper Simon sat down and began to count from
100 when there was a knock on the door, "Come in." Simon said, between
his teeth.

"Simon what the fuck is going on?" Jim asked, as he walked in.

"It seems we have a leak in the department." Simon answered, taking
out his cigar.

"Those reporters terrified the children and now they're too scared to
leave the station." Jim said, trying to hold in his temper.

"So what should we do with the children, they can't stay here?" Asked

A knock on the door interrupted them; "I just got a call from Reverend
Purdy he wants the children back as soon as possible." Walt said, as
he walked in.

"Are John and Bruce going with you?" Blair asked, as he followed Walt

"I don't know for certain, but I'm sure they are." Walt answered, not
knowing how the rest of the town was going to take two men being

        Meanwhile, John was sitting with the children making sure that
they wouldn't be scared when the little boy realized where he knew
John, "You're the guy who sees things." Said the boy.

"Yes, my names John." John said, giving the boy a smile.  "What's

"I'm Timothy and this is my sister Julia." Answered Tim.

"When are we going home?" Asked Julia.

"Hopefully soon." John answered, brushing the girl's hair. (He saw
Tim and Julia in their room, //I want to go back, things have changed
around here.  I know that we were given really hot baths, but he
treated us really nice. // Julie said, in a sad voice.

"I know, but we have to give them a chance." Tim said, also in a sad

//We all ready gave them at least two months. // Said Julia.

//Julia we can't go back they've arrested everyone there. // Explained

Taking his hand off of Julia's head John gave her a sad smile.

"If you'll excuse me I want to talk to a friend of mine." John said,
and then got up slowly.

"Are you coming back?" Asked Julia. 

"Of course honey." John said, giving her a reassuring smile before
leaving the quiet of the interrogation room. John then went to see if
he could find Walt so they can talk about the kids.

As John walked into Major Crimes, "There you are Iíve been looking
everywhere for you." Walt said.

"I was with the kids." Answered John.  "Walt we have to talk.

"What is it Johnny?" Walt asked, seeing the concerned look on Johnís

"When I touched Juliaís hair I saw that they werenít happy to be going
back home.  I think their parents won't understand what they went
through." Explained John.

"I need you to tell the parents to be careful of how they talk to
them, because itís going to take them a while to get over what
happened to them."

"Why canít you do it?" Asked Walt.

"Because I want to take Bruce on a vacation." John said, giving Walt a
smile. What he really wanted to do was not tell anyone until he was
sure that no one was going to blow up over them being together.

"Does Bruce know?" Asked Walt, in a surprised voice.

"Not yet, weíre going to talk about it later today." Answered John.

"Weíre going to talk about what later today?" Bruce asks, as he walks
up to them.

"I want to go on a vacation with you." John answers, giving Bruce a
loving smile.

"That sounds nice, where do you want to go?" Bruce gave Johnís hand a

"Iíll leave you two alone to discuses this, I want to talk to the
children." Said Walt, feeling a little embarrassed.

As Walt walked away John turned toward Bruce, "Have you thought about
the vision I told you about?" Asked John.

"I think we should talk this over with Jim and Blair, it does concerns
them." Suggested Bruce.

"When do you want to talk to them?" John asked, feeling a little

"Why donít we take them out to dinner and talk to them." Suggested

"I think thatís a great idea." John said, and kissed him.

(There was a beautiful brick house with a garden in the front and
Bruce working on the flowers Bruce then gets up and turns toward John,
//I love it here we have such a wonderful life. // Bruce turned when
he heard a truck pull up into the driveway, and out of the truck Jim
and Blair get out.

//Hey guys what are you doing home so early? // Bruce asked, as he
kissed them both.

//Since itís Friday, Simon let us take off. // Jim answered, as they
walked into the house.

Bruce then turned back toward John.

[They are two of the best husbands anyone could have.] Bruce said,
before turning back toward Jim and Blair.  Johnís future self walked
into the house followed by four children of different ages, who looked
like they wished they were anywhere else but there.

When Jim saw the kids, he raised an eyebrow, //what happened? // Jim
asked, giving them a stern look.

//It appears our four have been listening in to other peopleís
conversation. // John answered, for the children.

//Bobby, Elizabeth you know you shouldnít use your abilities for
spying. // Blair said, in a stern voice trying not to laugh.

Just before John could get anything else from the vision Bruce had
broken the kiss, "Come on lets go ask them out to dinner." Bruce says,
not realizing that John had a vision.

      As they walk into Major Crimes, they spotted Jim, Blair, and
Walt in Simonís office and it looked like they were arguing. 

"Do you think we should disturb them?" Asked John, as he watched the
by-play through the window. 

"We should or it looks like theyíre going to do something rash." Bruce
said, and they both walked towards Simonís office. 

Knocking on the office door. "Can we come in?" John asked. 

Someone answered, and they slipped inside. "Is everything all right?" 

"I called Purdy and told them we have the kids and I was bringing them
home." Walt said, trying to hold his temper in. 

"So whatís the problem?" Asked Bruce. 

"He wants to have a press conference on how Johnny saved those kids."
Simon answered, and he didn't sound happy about it. 

With a deep sigh John asked. "Can I borrow your phone?" 

"Sure." Simon waved a hand. 

Picking up the phone John called Jean Purdy in Maine, "Hello?" A voice
said from the other end. 

"Yes, Iíd like to talk to Reverend Purdy please?" 

"May I ask whoís calling?" 

"Tell him its Johnny Smith." Answered John. 

John heard a click and a second later Jean came on the line. "Johnny
my boy how is everything?" 

"Everything is fine Jean, but I understand you want to come down here
and make a circus out of us finding those children." Said John, in a
very serious voice. 

"I donít know what you mean Johnny, the only thing I wanted to do is
tell the world how you found those kids." Said Jean. 

"Jean, I didnít do this on my own I had help." John said, trying not
to lose his patience. "I know Johnny, but...." 

Before Jean could say anything else, John stopped him. "No Jean listen
to me, donít even think about coming and bringing reporters. Number 1,
I wonít be here, and 2, those children have been through hell and
donít need reporters asking them questions." John listened to the
silence for a second. "So you understand me?" 

"Yes, John I understand." Jean said, in a resigned voice. "But may I
ask where youíre going?" 

"Iíve decided to go on a little vacation and Bruce is coming with me
for moral support." John answered, not wanting to tell Jean that they
were lovers. 

"Do you know where youíre going?" Jean asked, trying to figure out why
John would take Bruce on a vacation. 

"No, weíll just wing it." John answered, giving Bruce a smile. Before
hanging up, he relented a little. "Iíll talk to you later." 

"Thank you John, for convincing the reverend not to come with the
media." Simon said, letting out the breath that he didnít even know he
was holding. (Thank god, John convinced the reverend not to come.)
Simon thought to himself. 

"It's all right, you just have to know how to talk to Jean." John
said, with a smile. 

"Now that that's settled, why don't you all go get something to eat?"
Said Simon. 

"What about the children?" Asked Walt. 

"Megan and Rhonda will watch the children, you should go out." Offered
Simon. He then picked up the phone, "Rhonda can you and Megan watch
the children, while Jim, Blair, and their friends get something to

"Sure Simon, we would love too." 

"That would be great, thanks Simon." Said Blair, with a smile. 

"You're welcome, now get out of here." Simon said, giving Blair a
smile for all his bouncing. (At least he's feeling better.) Simon
thought, as he watched them leave his office. Turning towards Walt,
"Why don't you go with them?" 

"I'm not really hungry just tired, I'm going back to the hotel room to
get some sleep." Walt said, in a tired voice. 

"That's a good idea, you do look tired." Said Simon. 

As Walt was leaving Major Crimes his cell phone rang, "Hello."
Answered Walt.

Part 7

"Is it true that Johnny isn't coming home?" "He says he wants to go on
a vacation." (I see Purdy has told you about Johnny going on his
vacation, but how are you going to handle it, when you find out John
has fallen in love with Bruce?) Walt thought to himself. 

"Do you know when he's coming back?" Asked Sarah. 

"No, he didn't tell me." Walt answered, trying to hold his anger in. 

"When are you coming home?" Sarah asked, realizing that she went over
bounds again. "Hopefully tomorrow." Walt answered, wishing he had the
nerve to tell Sarah that John was in love with Bruce. 

Gorgeous Restaurant 
2:00 p.m.

     At the same time Jim, Blair, John, and Bruce were driving toward
a restaurant that Blair knew was a quiet place that they could talk.
They arrived around two o'clock just as the lunch crowd had disbanded.
Walking in they were shown to a table that was out of the way so they
could have some privacy. 

Taking a deep breath. "I guess I should start." Said John. "The first
time I touched Blair, I got a vision of all of us making love. Then
the last time I touched Bruce I got a vision of all of us in a
relationship with children." 

"I don't know if we're ready to be in a relationship with two other
people, we'll have to think about it." Blair said, trying to picture
himself with children. 

"I understand, it's all up to you." Said John. 

"Aren't the visions also up to you?" Asked Blair, in a curious voice. 

"I've learned that changing destiny is very difficult and sometimes
very dangerous." John answered, remembering his vision of the

"I think Blair and I should talk this over before we commit to
anything." Said Jim. 

"We understand and we aren't going to push." Said Bruce. 

"We should enjoy our lunch, and then whatever comes of this comes of
it." Said John. 

Cascade Hotel 
2:00 p.m.

     Arriving at the hotel with the children and Megan to keep them
company, Walt decided to pack and head back to Maine. "Why are you
packing?" Megan asked, walking into the room. 

"I decided to go home a little early." Walt answered, as he packed.
"What about your friends?" Asked Megan. 

"They've decided to go on a vacation." Answered Walt. 

"Are you mad at your friends?" Asked Megan, giving Walt a knowing

"Why would you think I'm mad at Johnny?" Walt asked, in a dismissive
manner. "Because you're leaving without telling him." Answered Megan. 

"Trust me Johnny's going to know I left without me telling him." Said

"Just because he can see into the past and future, doesn't mean you
shouldn't tell him you're leaving." Voiced Megan. 

"Ms. Connors even though it's none of your business I'll tell you
something thing; Johnny knows how I feel about him." Says Walt. 

"And how's that Sheriff?" 

"As friends." Answered Walt. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get
the kids ready." "Of course Sheriff." Megan said, before leaving. 

     Following lunch the foursome decided to go back to the station to
see if the devil worshippers had been processed. As they walked into
Major Crimes Megan met them, "Mr. Smith I just want to tell you that
Sheriff Bannerman is leaving with the children today." Informed Megan.

"Thank you Inspector, but I guessed he would leave early." John said,
giving her a smile. 

"Youíll have to forgive Megan, she likes to be helpful." Jim said,
giving Megan a look that said 'leave now.' 

"Itís all right she was just trying to help." Said John. 

"Ellison, Sandburg my office now!" Yelled Simon. 

"What did you do now?" Jim asked, as they walked toward Simonís

"What could I have done? I was with you all day." Blair answered, with
a smile. 

"You wanted to see us sir?" Jim asked, once they were inside. 

"Yes, what are you doing back here?" Asked Simon. 

"Weíre making sure that everything was taken care of." Jim answered, a
little embarrassed. 

"We know how do to our jobs, Detective." Simon said, in a sarcastic
voice. "Go home!" "Yes sir." Jim said, before they walked out the
door. "We were given the rest of the day off, what should we do?"
Blair asked, as they walked up to John and Bruce. 

"You can come to our hotel room and talk." Suggested John. 

"That would be great." Jim said, realizing that he wanted to know them

Cascade Hotel 
4:00 p.m. 

       Arriving at the hotel an hour later they went up to John and
Bruceís room, as they passed Waltís room John decided he wanted to
know if Walt had already left. Knocking on the door John waited for
Walt to answer the door. "When are you leaving?" John asked, when Walt

"Iíve decided to wait until tomorrow morning." Answered Walt. 

"Tell me before you leave." Said John, Walt nodded. "How are the kids
doing?" "Theyíre fine, sleeping." Walt answered, with a smile. 

"Good, Iíll see you tomorrow." John said, before walking away. 

"Is everything ok?" Bruce asked, when John walked up to them. 

"Yeah, theyíre asleep." John answered, giving them a smile. 

As they walked into the hotel room, "Does anyone want something to
drink?" Asked John, walking toward the bar. 

"Weíll have a beer." Jim answered, as he looked around. "Nice hotel

"Reverend Purdyís church is paying for everything." John said, as he
handed everyone a beer. 

For a couple of hours they talked, drank some beer, and got to know
each other better; when Blair noticed that it was getting late he
tried to get up, realized that he was drunk. 

"Jim I think we should go." Suggested Blair. 

"I think you should stay, youíre both drunk." John said, as he caught
Blair before he fell. 

The Ellison-Sandburg-Smith-Johnson House 
Monday, April 12, 2010

(The vision is of the same house as before, but this time itís a few
years in the future and all four men are having dinner when the
doorbell rings. Jim gets up and goes to the door to open it, standing
there is a young man. //Can I help you? // Jim asked. 

//Yes, Iím looking for a Johnny Smith. // Said the young man. 

//May I ask who you are? // Asked Jim. 

//My name is Johnny Bannerman, and I have a message for him. // Said

//Why don't you come in. // Jim said, stepping away to let the young
man pass through. //Follow me. // They walked towards the dinning room
where the rest of the men were eating dinner. 

//John, a Johnny Bannerman is here to see you. // 

//Can I help you Mr. Bannerman? // John asked, trying not panic. But
he knew that Jim could pick up his raising heart. //)

Cascade Hotel 
April 2003

         Before the vision could go any further Blair broke the
contact by falling down. "Oh sorry, I you alright?" John asked, when
he realized that Blair had fallen. 

"It's alright." Slurred Blair. Then he tried to get up again, but fell
down again. "I think we should maybe stay here." 

"You both take the bed and weíll take the sofa." John said, as he
helped Blair up. 

As Blair stood up he turned towards John and began to kiss him; there
was a short pause of surprise. "Are you sure?" John asked, as he
kissed Blair in return. 

"Yes." Blair replied as he began to undress John and then himself. 

       Blair then stopped and went into the bathroom to grab the tube
of lube. Returning he put it on the night stand and continued to
undress himself and John. Once they were both undressed, Blair took
Johnís hand and walked with him to the bed, coaxed him down onto his

Starting at his neck, Blair massaged John until he was totally relaxed
and then carefully, he turned John on his back. Blair continued his
massage until the taller man was moaning with need. Blair then placed
a passionate kiss on Johnís generous mouth, kissed his shoulders and
massaged his way down to his nipples. 

As Blair was kissing his way down John's body, John felt someone else
start to kiss him. When he opened his eyes he saw Jim was playing with
and kissing his nipples. John then felt something wet and cold around
his anus and then he felt something he couldn't explain, but it felt
wonderful. "God, youíre beautiful.' Blair said, he continued to

play with John's hole. "Oh, donít stop that feels nice." John moaned,
as Blair began to push his fingers in and out of Johnís hole. As Jim
was kissing and playing with Johnís nipples he felt something wet
around his cock, and when he looked down he saw Bruce was sucking him

The sensation was so intense that he grabbed Johnís cock and began to
play with it, while he continued to lick his nipples. Bruce then
kissed the backs of Jimís thighs, back, and then he reached Jimís
neck. While kissing it gently, Bruce grabbed the tube of lube and
massaged it into Jimís hole. When he was sure that Jim was ready, he
slipped in and began to move causing Jim to lose his place every time
Bruce slammed into him. "Yes, oh yes more!" Jim moaned, as Bruce
continued to fuck him. Bruce pushed slowly and steadily into his
partner. "Damn, you're tighter than I thought." Bruce moaned, as he
pushed into Jim. 

While Bruce was fucking Jim, Blair grabbed the tube from Bruce and
applied it around Johnís hole, and as slowly as possible Blair pushed
into Johnís hole. Blair began to move slowly at first. "More, more,
more." John chanted as he squeezed and relaxed around Blair. "Fuck!"
Bruce yelled, as he began to thrust into Jim as hard as he could.
"More, I want more." John moaned, wanting Blair to go faster. Then all
of a sudden Blair stopped fucking John, he bent over and began to kiss
Jim wanting to see if he could taste John on Jimís lips. 

"You should suck his cock." Blair whispered, into Jimís mouth. Without
saying a word Jim somehow got to the bottom of the bed, while Bruce
was fucking him and attached himself to Johnís cock. "Oh, gods yes
suck my cock please." John moaned, loving the feeling of Jim sucking
him off while Blair was fucking him. The only thing you could hear in
the room was moaning from all four men, and then the sound rose until
yelling came from all of them and they all came at the same time. "Oh,
damn that was good." Blair said, as he rolled off John. 

"You were wonderful." John said, as he kissed Blair. "So were you."
Blair said, kissing John back. 

"I think we should move in together." Suggested Bruce. "I love John
and he loves me, Iím sure I could fall in love with both of you." 

"I agree with Bruce." Said Jim, giving Blair a loving smile. 

With a thoughtful look John said. "I think Bruce and I should move
here and then buy a house." 

"Thatís a great idea." Blair said, in an excited voice. 

"I think the first thing we should do is go home and take John and
Bruce with us." Jim said, with an indulgent smile. 

"You want us to live with you, until we find a house?" John asked, in
a surprised voice. "Isnít it going to be a little crowded?" 

"Just until we find a nice house. Besides I donít think youíll be able
to afford this hotel room when your Reverend Purdy finds out that you
are living with three men." Said Jim.

"Somehow Iím going to have to convince him to let me have my money."
Said John. "Iíll get in touch with my brother tomorrow, and maybe
heíll have an idea." Jim said, as he began to dress. 

"What does your brother do?" Asked John, himself dressing. 

"Heís a lawyer." Answered Jim. "Iím sure heíll be able to help." Jim
answered, giving John a loving kiss. 

      While Jim and John were talking about how to get Johnís money,
Blair and Bruce were packing the clothes so they could leave. As Blair
and Bruce were dressing there was a knock on the front door. 

Opening the door. "Walt come on in. What can I do for you?" John said,
when he saw that it was Walt. 

Walking in Walt thought he smelled sex in the air, but he knew he was
imagining it. "Sarah called, wanted to know when youíre coming back
from your vacation." Walt said, giving John a strange look. 

"I donít know when or if weíre coming back." Answered John, not able
to look at Walt. "What do you mean?" Walt asked, in a surprised voice.

Taking a deep breath. "Weíve decided to move to Cascade." Answered

"Why?" Walt asked, surprised. 

"Walt we live in a small town and I donít think theyíd understand two
men being together." Answered John 

"They forgave you when you slept with Sarah." Said Walt. He than gave
John a horrified look, when he realized what he'd said. "John Iím

"Itís all right Walt, I understand." John answered, still feeling
terrible for sleeping with Sarah. 

"John, are you sure you want to do this?" Walt asked again, deciding
to change the subject. 

"Yes, we want to start over." John said, giving Walt a sad smile. 

"Are you going to tell Sarah, or leave it to me?" Asked Walt. 

"Iíll tell her." John said, just before Blair and Bruce came out of
the other room. "Thanks, Iíll be going." Walt said, John shut the door
after him. 

"When are you going to tell Sarah?" Asked Bruce. 

"Maybe when Iíve settled in, Iíll call her." John answered, as he took
his suitcase from Blair. Grabbing Johnís hand.

"Whenever youíre ready, youíll tell her." Blair said, giving John a
loving smile. 

"Thank you for understanding." John said, as they left the hotel room.

      From that moment on John knew he would never be alone again, and
he could go on with his life without looking back. Hopefully he would
have a good life, from all the visions he's had. 

Maybe a sequel