The Rebirth of Sentinel and Guide

Author: sweetkitty
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Rating: PG-13
Category: AU/crossover with Highlander & Touch by an Angel
Disclaimer: Sentinel is owned by Pet Fly & Paramount.  Highland is
owned by Davis/Panzer Producitions.  I don't make any money from
righting the story.
Summer: Blair has just come back from the dead, and has to now find
his destiny.
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Wednesday, June 4
10:00 P.M.

          When Blair felt the bullet enter his body he knew that he
was going to die.  As Blair felt the life drain from his body he feels
a presence.  Looking around Blair sees a man walking toward him with a
smile on his face.
"Who are you, and where am I?" Asked Blair.

"I'm Andrew, I'm here to help you move on." The man answered, with a

"I'm Dead?" Blair asked, looking at Andrew with a confused look.

"No." Andrew answered.

"Well if I'm not dead then what am I?" Blair asked, cutting Andrew

"Please let me finish, and I'll tell you all that I am can." Andrew
told him.

"Sorry." Blair said, sheepishly.  Looking around all Blair saw was

"You are neither dead or alive you are in limbo right now.  A sort of
in a waiting room for the next step." Explained Andrews, then before
disappearing, "You will understand everything soon.

      Once Andrew disappears the room also started to disappear and
Blair notices that there was something covering his face.  Freaking
out Blair bolts upright causing the only other occupant in the
elevator to you out, "What the hell!"

Spinning around Blair sees a man standing there just looking at him,
"Where am I, what's going on?" Asked Blair, causing the orderly to

      He gets off the gurney noticing that he was stark naked, and
begins to put on the orderly's clothes.  Then he gets off the elevator
when it reaches the first floor, and walks toward the doors of the
hospital.  Blair then stops when the most excruciating headache he
ever felt hits him.  Continuing out the door he bumps into a very
attractive woman.

"I'm Anne Frankford, who are you?" Asked Anne.

      Looking at the woman the pain in his head stops, which confuses
him and he just stares at her, so Anne repeats herself.

(He must be a newborn.) Anne thinks to herself. Knowing the rules of
the Game she must help him.  "Come with me and I will explain
everything." Anne says, giving Blair a dazzling smile

"Why can't you tell me here?" Blair asked, suspiciously.

"Because what I have to tell you, must be explained in private."
Answered Anne.  "What's your name?"

"Blair, Blair Sandburg." Answered Blair.

      Blair follows Anne, not quite sure why but he somehow knew that
she had the answers to his questions.  Arriving at Anne's home, "Do
you want something to eat?" Anne asked, over her shoulder as she walks
into the kitchen

"No, thanks." Blair says, "I just want an explanation about what
happened at the hospital."

      While Anne is in the kitchen making sandwiches, Blair looks
around and discovers a lot of authentic appearing artifacts. (She must
be wealthy to be able to afford these artifacts.) Blair thinks to

Returning from the kitchen with sandwiches she sat them on the table
and them turns to Blair. "You recently died." Anne tells him.

"If I died how can I be here talking to you?" Asked Blair.

"You're immortal." Said Anne.

"I'm WHAT!" Blair says, in a panicky voice. (She must be crazy?  What
was I thinking coming home with her, Jim is going to kill me if she
turns out to be a psycho and he has to come and rescue my ass again.)
Thought Blair.  Trying not to look suspicious he gets up and tries to
come up with a way to get out of Anne's apartment.

Sensing Blair's thoughts Anne quickly says, "I'm not crazy.  What's
the last thing you remember before you walked out of the hospital?"

Blair thinks for a minute remember his conversation with Andrew and
waking up on a gurney naked.  His eyes pop wide open, "Nononononono,
this can't be happening I can't be dead, Jim needs me." Blair says.

"You're not to tell him, your immortal.  When you died you were reborn
as an immortal." Said Anne.

"What exactly does that mean?" Blair asked, in a confused and
frightened voice.

"As I said when you died you were reborn as an immortal.  From now on
you will never die, at least not permanently, unless you loose your
head and you will never grow old." Said Anne.

"Does everyone become immortal that die?" Asked Blair.

"No." Said Anne. "Not all pre-immortals become immortal.  A pre-immie
must die a violent death in order to be reborn an immortal." Annie
continues explaining.  She then explained about the game, the rules,
and how someone discovered the secret to the game, that it was all a

"You're telling me that the Game was all a joke?" Asked Blair, "That
is sick."

"Yes, but there are immortals out there that still believe that the
Game is real, so they continue to play.  Then there are those that
have played the game for so long that they don't know anything else."
Answered Anne.

"And what was the pain I felt when we first meet?" Asked Blair.

"The intense buzzing you felt is how we know another immortal is near
by.  After a while the buzzing becomes less intense.  You have to
understand; that immortals are not much different from mortals there
are good immortals and bad immortals."

"I need some time to process all of this." Blair says, feeling over

"I can understand that, it is a lot to take in all at once.  Let me
make up the couch for you and you can lay down and get some rest."
Anne says, "Oh, one more thing you need a teacher." 

"For what?" Asked Blair.

"You have to learn to use a sword." Anne said, before getting up.

"I already know how to use a sword, Incacha taught me." Said Blair,
"Besides if the game is over, why do I have to know how to use a

"Don't forget there are still immortals out there that take head if
for no other reason than for the quickening." Answered Anne.  "I'll
give you some privacy, so that you can process all of this."  Then she
walks back into the kitchen.

      Blair sits down on the couch and tries to process everything
that has happened to him today.  

Sitting there in the peace and quite Blair finds himself in the spirit
world.  "She is right young shaman." Said a voice.

       Looking around Blair sees his spirit guide walked out then
morphed into his spirit self; and was followed by a beautiful woman.

"Hello young shaman, I am Little Star and it is time for you to come
to me so that I may be your teacher." The woman said, with a smile on
her face.  "Tell Anne to bring you to me, she know me and where to
find me." 

Just as Blair was coming out of his vision Anne returns from the
kitchen and asked,  "Feeling better?"  

"Yes, but while I was processing I had a vision." Blair says, with a

"Do you want to talk about your vision?" Asked Anne. (That is odd he
doesn't look spiritual)

      Blair tells Anne all about his vision and about Little Star and
her request that Anne bring him to her.  Blair watches Anne as he
tells her about his vision.

"Your not surprised about what I've told you?"

"I've been around for two thousand years, nothing surprises me." Anne
says, giving Blair a brilliant smile,

"Wow." Blair says, in a surprised voice.

Anne was surprised that Little Star would take on a student after so
many years.  (Well if Methos can take on a student, why not Little
Star?)  "I'll take you to Little Star, it will be nice to see her
again.  I haven't seen her in decades." Anne said, with a smile.

"I really appreciate all of your help." Blair says, also smiling.

"We'll leave first thing in the morning." Anne said, getting up to get
the blankets and pillows.

Blair hides a yawn, "I'm exhausted, dying takes a lot out of a

"Get some rest, we have a long trip."

"Thanks." Blair says, in a tired voice.  He falls asleep as-soon-as
his head hits the pillow.


Thursday, June 6th
12:00 A.M.

       Jim was sitting in the front seat trying to figure out what was
happening.  How could Blair be dead one minute and alive the next.
Why was Blair going to the Cheyenne Reservation?  (Why do these things
keeping happening to me?) Though Jim.  

Suddenly Jim finds himself in the blue jungle.  "Why am I here?" Jim
asked, no one in particular.

"You where chosen, because of your Sentinel abilities." Says a voice. 
"These abilities will help in the fight against the darkness."

"Why am I always chosen to fight evil?" Jim wondered, as he tries to
understand everything that was going on.

Before disappearing the voice answers, "All your questions will be
answered soon." 

(God I hate these cryptic messages.  Just once I'd like to have a
vision that gives me a straight answer.) Thought Jim.

     Arriving in Idaho just after two in the morning, the three weary
travelers decided to stop because of the late hour.  To their surprise
the hotel's restaurant was still opened.  As they approach the
entrance Jim grabbed his head as the most excruciating pain he has
every felt shoots through him.

"You all right?" Megan asks, seeing Jim grab his head.

     Jim was just about to answer, a man with a smile on his face
walks up to them, "I'm Chris, and there can be only one." Says Chris.

The three from Cascade look at each other then at Chris in confusion,
"Nut case." Megan says, under her breath.

     Jim realized that the pain in his head had disappeared, so he
figured it was just stress and the late hour.

"There can be only one." Chris repeats, looking at Jim.

"There can be only one what?" Jim asks, looking at Chris totally
confused.  (Megan's right this guy is crazy)  Jim thinks to himself.
It's at this time that Chris realizes that Jim must be a newborn
immortal.  He know that according to the rules of the game, he should
tell Jim about the game and what he was.  But he also knows that the
game was a hoax and the only reason he's still playing is for the
quickening and the power he takes from others.  

"Follow me, and I will explaine everything to you.  Even why you are
having those headaches." Chris says, as he walks wake from the

"Well why don't we just have a seat and you can start talking." Jim
says, still thinking the guy was a nut case.

"What I have to tell you is private and can't be talked about in
public." Chris says, trying to get Jim away from his friends.  

         Not trusting the guy, but wanting to get rid of him Jim
agrees and follows him out.  As soon as they get outside Chris pulls
out his sword from under his coat, while Jim draws his gun.

"There can be only one." Says Chris.

"What the hell are you doing, put down the sword." Jim says, pointing
his gun at Chris.

         Chris repeats himself and then swings his sword, causing Jim
to shoot him in the chest.  Hearing the gunshots Simon comes running
out of the hotel.

"Jim, what happened?" Asked Simon.

"That nut case tried to kill me." Jim answered, pointing at Chris's

"What did you do to provoke him?" Simon asked, irritation in his

"I didn't do anything he..." Jim stops, in mid sentence, as he hears
sound coming from the directions of Chris' body.  Turning around Jim
sees Chris starting to move.  "What the?"

"Jim, what's wrong?" Simon asked, looking in the same direction.  What
he saw left him just as speechless as Jim.  Instead of a dead body,
Chris was trying to stand up.

Running up Megan took everything in then asked Simon, "What happened?"

"The guy tried to kill Jim, and Jim shot him." Answered Simon, "But
then he came back from the died."

"What do you mean he was dead?" Megan asked, confused seeing the man

"You heard me he was dead a minute ago." Simon answered, trying to
grasp what was happening.  (How can someone come back from the dead,
it is just not done.  And when did he enter the Sandburg Zone.) 

"You are so dead." Chris yells over his shoulder as he runs off. 

The three return to the hotel to check in, "We need three room." Simon
said, walking up to the desk.

"That'll be $100 each." The manager said, handing the keys to Simon.

      While Simon was checking in, Jim was trying to grasp the concept
of someone coming back from the dead.  Everything he knew told him it
was impossible. (It may be impossible for someone to come back form
the dead, but that guy did.) Thinks Jim. But he knew one thing for
shore, Chris was dangerous.   

"Jim, here's your key." Simon said, handing the key to Jim.

Absent-mindedly Jim said, "I want to get an early start tomorrow."
walking toward his room.

"Simon, is Jim alright?" Megan asked, watching Jim go into his room.

"It must be the shock, when he thought he lost Blair." Simon answered,
trying to understand it himself.

       Walking into his room, Jim starts getting ready for bed, when
Jim finds himself in the blue jungle.  As he looks up he sees a light
moving toward him.

"What the hell?" Asked Jim.

"I'm here to help Sentinel." Says a voice, coming from the light.
"There's no need to swear."

"Sorry, what or who are you?" Jim asked, somewhat embarrassed.

"I'm Lily's spirit." Answered the voice.

"Lily's spirit?" Jim asked, surprised.

"Yes." Answered the voice.

"So Lily is died?" Jim asked, sadness in his voice. (God, how could
that have happened.  He had suspected as much but to actually know was
something totally different?)

"Death is a relative term.  Nothing really dies, one just moves on."
Explained the voice

"So, what are you doing here?" Jim wondered.

"I have come to give you my abilities." Answered the voice.

"What are these abilities?" Asked Jim.

"You will learn everything in a minute." The voice said, as the light
merges with Jim.

       The merging caused Jim's senses to spike out of control,
causing him to fall to the floor in a fetal position. His hearing
started picking up people talking five blocks away, while his sight
was picking up carpet bugs.  Then there was his sense of touch; he
could practically feel his blood flowing through his body and his hair
growing.  While his taste was picking the air he was breathing, and
his sense of smell was picking up some kind of order a block away,
which gave him a headache.

9:00 A.M.
June 6th

       When Jim woke up light was coming through the window and
someone was pounding at his door.  Getting out of bed, Jim walks to
the door feeling like a new man; he can hear, see, smell, taste and
touch everything with much more clarity.  He realized that it was
easer keeping his senses under control even without Sandburg's help.
(Oh, great just what I need Sandburg finding out about my sense being
enhanced more then before.  I'm sure he's going to come up with a
million tests to run.) Jim thinks to himself walking to the door.

When Jim opens the door, Simon is standing there, "What's up?" Jim

"I have been hanging on your door for five minutes." Said Simon,
irritated.  "Didn't you hear me?"

"No, I must have been in a real deep sleep, sorry Simon." Jim said,
looking apologetically at Simon.  "I had a vision last night."
Continued Jim, trying to understand what happened?" Looking at his
watch he notices the late hour.  "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"
Asked Jim.

"I cam by around seven o'clock, and when you did answer I figured you
were in the hotel restaurant.  I went looking for you." Answered
Simon.  "When I couldn't find you there I came back here and figured
you were in the shower.  I was just about to go get the manager to let
me in.  What happened?" Simon asked, looking at Jim trying to figure
out what was different about him.  "If it has anything to do with the
sentinel thing, I don't want to know do I?"

Turning back into his room Jim once again finds himself in the blue
jungle, (Not again.  I understand once a night, make that once a
month, no a year is enough.) Jim thinks to himself. That is when Jim
sees his spirit guide walk out and morph into his spirit self.

"Can I tell him what's going on?" Asked Jim.

"Not yet, you will know when the time is right." His spirit self
answered, before the blue jungle faded away.

When he returned from the spirit world he found Simon standing in
front of him shaking him, "What are you doing?" Jim asked, looking at
Simon with a confused look.

"I was trying to get you out of the zone-out." Simon answered, giving
Jim a strange look.

"I wasn't zoned, I was...Never mind it's a sentinel thing." Jim
answered, heading toward the bathroom to get ready.

Anne's Apartment
Thursday 5th, 3:00 A.M.

        Blair found himself sitting in the spirit world, with his
spirit guide when he feels another presence.  Opening his eyes he sees
a fox standing there with something akin to a smile on its face.  

"Who are you?" Blair asked, in a surprised voice.

Before the fox could answer a voice says, "He is mine young one."

"Why I am here?" Blair asked, petting the fox and wolf.

"You are here for knowledge." Answered Little Star.  "When we meet in
the real world I have many things to teach you one of which is shape

"Wow, that is so cool." Blair said, surprised.

       As Little Star faded another presences appears, but this one
looks older then Little Star, but Blair knew he wasn't.  He didn't
know how he knew he just did.  The figure Blair sees is an old man
with a long white beard standing there with a smile on his face.
Before Blair could call out the man, disappeared.

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"Now that's strange." Said Blair.  As the old man disappeared there
was another presence.

"Hello Shaman." Said a voice.

Blair turned toward the voice and sees a light before him, "Who or
what are you?" asked Blair.

"I am Lily's spirit." The answer came from the light.

"You're the one Jim told me about." Said Blair.

"Yes," Answered Lily.

"Why are you here?" Asked Blair.

"The same reason I have chosen your Sentinel, for your abilities."
Lily answered, as the light moved toward Blair and then merged into

      When they had joined Blair felt such pain that it caused him to
fall on the jungle floor withering in pain.  Meanwhile, back in the
real world Blair's body was going through some changes from the
joining in the spirit world.  As the joining was taking place the pain
became less and less, and then a sort of peace came over Blair.  That
was when Blair knew that his Shaman abilities have become more attuned
and he also knew that he could expand his abilities further. 


Thursday June 5th, 10:00 A.M.

      When Simon was sure that Jim was all right, he went back to his
room to get ready.  Then they went to meet Megan at the restaurant.
Finishing breakfast the Cascade Trio went on their way to the Cheyenne
Reservation in Oklahoma.  After they were on the road for a while Jim
decided to test his senses to see how far he could take them, before
feeling himself go into a zone-out.    

"Jim what are you doing?" Simon asked, suspiciously.

When Jim didn't answer right away, Simon pulled the car over thinking
that Jim had zoned.  "Jim, you ok?" Simon asked, again.

"I'm fine." Jim answered, staring out the window.  (He couldn't
believe how his senses have been expanded since his joining with
Lily's should.)

"Jim what is going on?" Simon asked, giving Jim a stern look.

"I'll tell you everything when we meet up with Blair." Answered Jim.

Anne's Apartment
10:00 A.M.

"I want to thank you again for everything you've done for me." Blair
said, coming out of the bathroom.

"I told you, you don't have to thank me." Said Anne.  "I'm more than
happy to help.  Besides Little Star is a good friend.

Near Nebraska
12:00 P.M.

         Just as they where approaching Nebraska, they got a flat tire
causing them to pull off the road.  They put on the spare and drove to
the next town.  There they found a garage and then walked to the small
diner they saw when they entered the town.  They went to get some
lunch while they waited for the tire to be repaired.  When they walked
in, five heads turned in their direction.

"Have a seat anywhere; what can I get you?" Asked the waitress

"I'll have a double bacon cheeseburger with fries." Jim said, looking
over the menu.

"I'll have a salad and tea." Said Megan.

"I'll have the same thing he's having." Said Simon.

      They where eating their lunch when a group of bikers walked in
talking and laughing very loudly and sat down about two booth away,
and began making obscene gestures at the waitresses.

"Come on honey, give us some sugar." One of the bikers said, making
kissing noises.

      Then one of the bikers grabbed the waitress's ass, causing her
to yell out in pain, and spill the drinks she was carrying.

"Why don't you leave the lady alone?" Jim said, looking in their

"Who's going to stop us?" Asked one of the bikers, walking up to Jim's

      Jim looked up with a feral smile, before standing up.

"Jim, don't Simon said.

"I'm not going to hurt them." Said Jim.  "I'm just making sure that
they leave the lady alone." Jim said, leading the biker and his
friends toward the door.

      As they walked out Megan headed toward the car to wait for them,
after what ever they where going to do.  Then they slowly drove out of
town after paying for the tire repair.

12:00 P.M.

          As they arrived at the airport, Blair was feeling a big edgy
hoping he didn't run into any immortal right now.  Once seated on the
plane, Blair tried to relax through meditation to release the tension
that he was felling.  

      Taking a few deep breaths, Blair beings his meditation,
transporting him to the spirit world, where he is met by the wolf, a
black jaguar and a bear.  They then transformed into Jim, Blair, and

"Welcome, young Shaman." Says the spirit Jim.

"Soon you will know what is expected of you and how to use all your
new abilities." Says the spirit Simon.  "Remember this young shaman,
what you learn will help fight the darkness."

"What is this darkness?" Blair asked, trying to understand everything
he is being told.

"Light, is the goodness of the universe, and the darkness is the
evil." Answered the spirit Blair

"Remember you're not alone in your fighting the darkness.  There are
others and you will meet them soon."

As the spirit animals fade Incacha appears, "It is time for you to
return." Incacha said, before fading along with the spirit world.

"Feeling better?" Anne asked, as Blair came out of his trance. 

"Yes." Said Blair.

      The plan lands and everyone walks of the plane, when Anne and
Blair felt a buzz causing them to look around.  That is when they see
a Native American man standing outside the gate.

As they walk up to him he introduces him self, "I am Barking Dog,
student of Little Star, please follow me." Said Barking Dog, before
walking away.

      It was an hour drive to the reservation.  As they drove up to
the entrance of Little Star's house, Blair spotted a woman who looked
to be about twenty-five years old.

"That is Little Star." Blair said, felling the power emanating from
her as well as the now familiar buzz.

"Yes, she's waiting for you." Barking Dog said, stopping the car.

      Getting out of the car, Blair walks toward Little Star, some how
knowing that she would be able to answer all his question and tell him
what was going on.

"Welcome young Shaman." Little Star says, taking Blair by the hand.

"Thank you for teaching me." Blair said, following behind Little Star.

"Your lessons will being when your sentinel arrives tomorrow." Said
Little Star, as she walks toward a small house.

"Jim's coming here, why? Anne told me not to tell him that I'm
immortal. Stated Blair.

"You will know soon enough, young one." Answered Little Star, and then
before she walked away, "Why don't you get some rest."

Denver Highway  
1:00 P.M.

"Where are we?" Megan asked, waking up from a nap.

"Somewhere in Denver." Answered Jim.

"How long before we stop?" Megan asked, trying to stay awake.

"Another hour or so." Simon said, felling tired him self.

"Well wake me when we stop." Megan said, going back to sleep.

      They where just driving into Denver, Colorado when Jim gets a
feeling that he was trespassing, but before he could say anything
Simon had pulled into a restaurant parking lot.  Getting out of the
car they walked toward the restaurant, they walked in and sat down in
a booth.  The where reading the menu to see what looked good, when Jim
feels an uneasy presence; turning around he sees a woman standing
there looking at him.

"Welcome." The woman says, walking over to their booth. "I'm Cynthia

"Jim Ellison." Jim answered, trying to control his insticts, which
were telling him to get out of town.

"How long will you be staying?" Asked Cynthia. (I don't need another
sentinel in my territory.)

"We'll be leaving after we eat." Jim answered, trying to control the
urge to get out and leave.  "Lets just eat and get out of here." 

"Why do we have to leave?" Asked Simon, trying to understand what was
going on.

"Simon it's a sentinel thing." Jim said; feeling better after Cynthia
walked away.

      Finishing there lunch, they headed back to the car and drove out
of town.  Leaving the town Jim felt so much easer.

Cheyenne Reservation
3:00 P.M.

"Time to get up, young shaman."  A voice penetrated Blair's sleep.

"Five more minutes, man." Blair said, in a sleepy voice.

"I am not your sentinel." The voice was harsher this time.

"Sorry." Blair said, in a sleepy voice.

"It's all right young one." Said Little Star.  Then she gave him a
smile.  "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I had a very sound nap." Blair answered, wondering why didn't

     Before Blair could ask her any question Little Star left his
cabin.  Realizing that he wasn't going to get any answers from her
yet, so Blair decided to shower and change.  After he was dressed he
went to find Little Star to see if he could get some of his questions
answered.  But the minute he stepped out of his cabin, Little Star was
standing there waiting for him.  Walking a few doors down from where
Blair was staying, then Little Star stopped and knocked on the door.
When the door opened Little Star stepped aside to let Blair enter.
Walking in Blair notices he was in a sauna, turning around to ask
Little Star something but she wasn't there.

"Where is Little Star?" Blair asked, the men.

"This is a sauna only for men." One of the men said, making room for
Blair to sit down.


        Sitting down Blair began to relax when he felt a presence,
opening his eyes Blair found himself in the spirit world once again.

"Welcome young shaman I am Crying Wolf." A voice said.

Looking around Blair sees a Native American standing there, which
looked exactly like his spirit guide. "Why am I here?" Asked Blair.

"You are here to find yourself." Crying Wolf said, sitting down.

      With those words Crying Wolf began to teach Blair the difference
between Chopec Shaman and Cheyenne Shaman.

"It is time for you to leave the spirit world and go on your vision
quest." Said Crying Wolf, before fading away.

      Opening his eyes Blair sees that he is in the sauna again.
Leaving the sauna he returns to the home of Little Star.

"Mandar you should be very honored, Crying Wolf was once a chief of
this tribe as well as a Chopec." Little Star said, very impressed with

"How did you know about my visit with Crying Wolf?" Blair asked,

"Don't forget I am an old shaman and know more then you would expect. 
In time you will also know as much." Little Star tells him.  "Now lets
get something to eat and then meditate."

Oklahoma Highway
5:00 P.M.

        Once they reached Oklahoma, Jim felt Blair's presence, "I
found Blair." Jim said, trying got zero in on Blair presence.

"Where is he?" Megan asked, surprised.

"He's three miles a head." Jim answered, trying to stretch his new
senses to see if you could pick up Blair's heartbeat.

"Jim DON'T even think about it." Simon said, sensing what Jim was
attempting to do.

"What was he trying to do?" Wondered Megan.

"He was trying to extend his senses, so he could find Blair." Simon
said, while giving Jim an evil look.  "I don't want you zoning on me."
Said Simon.

Little Star's Cabin
5:00 P.M.

       Finishing their dinner Blair and Little Star sit down to
meditate, when they find themselves in the spirit world.

"Welcome again young shaman." Crying Wolf said, as he morphed into a
tall handsome young Native American.

"Thank you." Blair answered, giving him a smile.

"Why have you chosen him Crying Wolf?." Asked Little Star.

"I wish to give him my powers, so that he will be stronger and be able
to help fight the darkness." Crying Wolf said, walking toward Blair
and then merged with him.

"It is time for us to leave, but we will be back." Said Little Star,
before the spirit world disappeared.

       As Blair and Little Star came out of their meditation, Blair
felt a familiar presence.  Getting up Blair had the urge to got the
source of the presence.  He then felt a hand on his shoulder, turning
around Blair sees Little Star with her hand on his shoulder.

"Why are you stopping me?" Blair wanted to know.

"I know that your instincts are telling you to go to him, but you must
wait until he comes to you." Answered Little Star.

"Why do I have to wait?" Asked Blair.

"That is the way it is." Answered Little Star, with a voice that
didn't allow any arguments.

      After a while Blair was become more and more edgy, all his
instincts were screaming for him to go to Jim. Little Star knew that
she had to keep him mind off Jim, so she decided to show Blair around
the reservation until the Sentinel arrived.

      Jim, Simon, and Megan's arrival at the reservation caused quite
a steer.  Getting out of the car Jim took a deep breath and opened up
his senses and began to scan for Blair.  It took him about five
minutes to find Blair by his sense of smell, and then he used his
hearing to pick up Blair's heartbeat.

"Welcome, we have been expecting you." A voice said, from behind.

Jim didn't even acknowledge the person, he just kept on walking but
Simon did turn, "Thank you, you have to excuse my friends rudeness,
but he's looking for a friend of ours." Simon answered, trying got
keep up with Jim.  "Sorry, my name is Simon Banks, this is Megan
Conner, and the man leading is Jim Ellison." Simon said.  Then turning
around, "Who are you and what do you mean you've been expecting us?"
Asked Simon.

"I'm Running Deer and your coming has been foretold for generations."
Answered Running Deer.

     As Simon, Megan, and Running Deer follow Jim when Jim spots Blair
and runs toward him yelling his name, "Blaiiiiirrrrr!"

      Blair was walking with Little Star, when they felt a buzz,
turning around they see Jim running toward them.  For a moment Blair
couldn't believe what he was seeing, until he felt strong arms circle
around him.

"I'm so glad to see you." Jim said, hugging Blair, while trying to
block out the excruciating pain in his head.

"I missed you too, big guy." Blair said, returning Jim's hug.  Then
Blair notices the pain on Jim's face, "You OK big?" 

When Jim looked at Blair the pain disappeared, " Yea, I'm fine. Just
have this intense buzzing in my head.  It's the third time it
happened." Jim said.

"What do you mean the third time?" Blair asked, concerned.  "Well the
first time at the crime scene, then at the loft, and finally when we
were on the road.  We came across a nut cases who tried to kill me
with a sword, so I shot him dead but he came back to life." Jim said,
in a confused voice

"Welcome Sentinel, there is much you must learn." Little Star said,
interrupting Blair and Jim's reunion.

"Thank you." Jim said, looking at Little Star.  (There was something
about her that Jim just couldn't explain.  She seemed young, but the
power she exuded was very powerful, and when he tried to read her with
his senses he felt that he was being blocked.) 

"What was the name of the person who tried to take your head?" Asked
Little Star.

"He said his name was Chris.  How did you know he wanted to take my
head, and why?" Jim asked, confused.

"It is time for you to know what you are." Said Little Star, knowing
Jim was trying to senses her and her powers.

"Enrique when was the first time you died." Inquired Little Star.

"I never died." Jim answered, but then he remembered the plane crash
in Peru.  "Oh, my god, are you saying that I died in Peru?"

"What do you mean Jim died in Peru?" Asked Simon. (Why would Jim think
he died in Peru?)

With out saying a word Little Star takes out a knife and cuts herself,
which causes veryone to yell out, "Why did you do that!"

"Watch." Little Star says, showing everyone her arm.  As everyone
looks on her cut began to disappear, but what Jim sees is blue sparks
knitting the cut together along with some kind of energy coming from
the blue sparks.

"What the hell are you?" Megan asked, looking at the arm.

"I'm an immortal, just like Blair and Jim are immortal." Answered
Little Star.

"What exactly does that mean?" Asked Simon.

"Once an immortal dies their first death they can't die again, at
least not permanently, unless they loose their head, literally.  We
also stop ageing once we become immortal." Explained Little Star.  The
she explained the game, the rules, and how someone found the truth
about the game.

"Why can't you fight on holy ground?" Asked Jim.

"No one is really sure, but all immortals good or bad fear will not
fight on holy ground.  There was one example of immortals fighting on
holy ground.  It was in 769 BC, when two men fought on a mountain and
then next thing the mountain erupts." Explained Little Star.  

"That was when MT. Vesuvous erupted." Said Blair, in wonder.

"So how long have immortals been around?" Asked Simon.

"Immortals have been around from the beginning of time, just like
mortals.  Also we are foundling and we can't have any children." Said
Little Star.

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"So that explains why Christ attached me, he must have been immortal."
Said Jim.

"Yes, that is possible.  What happened just before you came across
him?" Asked Little Star.

"I felt like my head was going to split open just like when I came
near you and Blair a while ago." Answered Jim.

"The buzz is a way that we can tell when there is another immortal
near by.  Call it an early warning system, so that we can't sneak up
on one another." Said Little Star.

"So now what happens?" Asked Jim.

"Now I will teach you to fight with a sword." Answered Little Star.

"I already know how to fight with a sword, Incacha taught me." Said

"You will show me what you learned, and then I will expand on it."
Answered Little Star.

"You just told us that the Game was a joke." Said Simon, wondering
what would happen if they lost Jim and Blair.

"There are still some who fight, because they don't know anything
else.  While other are hooked on the Quickening." Answered Little

"What is this Quickening?" Asked Megan.

"A Quickening is the power or the soul of all immortals, and during
the quickening the power is transferred to the winner of the fight.
The older the immortals the more powerful the quickening." Explained
Little Star.

"So what you are basically saying it that you go around taking each
others heads for power?" Simon said, trying to figure out what the
hell they got themselves into.

"Not always, during the Game many of us only fought in defense.  Many
of us were glad when we found out that the game was just a sick joke
created by an ancient immortal due to boredom.  Answered Little Star. 

"You must have been really angry to find out it was only a joke." Said

"Yes, because allot of us lost some good friends over the centuries."
Answered Little Star.  "Now you must be tired from your long journey."
Taking them to where Blair was staying.

"I think I could sleep for a week." Megan said, with a yawn.  "What
time is it any way?" 

"It's around eight." Answered Blair.

"I know it's still early, but I'm tired also." Said Jim.

      They went to bed early because they where all tired from their
long drive.  For the first time in weeks Jim didn't have any dreams or
visions, and he felt at peace with himself.


June 6th, 6:00 A.M.

       As usual Jim was up before the sun, then after his morning
ritual he went outside to have a look around.  He still needed to talk
to Blair about his vision.  (May be Sandburg can make sense out of
them.) Jim thought to himself.

"I see you are not like your guide, who must be dragged out of bed in
the morning." Little Star said, as Jim walked out of his temporary

"My military training has conditioned me to be up early.  I was just
about to go see if he was up.  There is something that I would like to
talk to him about." Jim said.

     Just then Simon and Megan came out of their respective cabins.
"What's for breakfast?" Simon asked, joining Jim and Little Star in
their walk.

"First we have lessons the we eat." Little Star said, coming to a stop
as they reached clearing.

"Why are we learning to fight with swords?" Megan asked, as Little
Star handed her a wooden sword.

"Trust me you will know when the time is right." Answered Little Star.

      It took about three weeks to learn the basics a sword fighting,
and another three weeks for all of them to be able to hold their own
against Barking Dog.

Friday, July 18, 1997
3:00 P.M.

One day while Blair was in the sauna, he felt a presence, "Welcome
young one." Said a voice.

Opening his eyes Blair found himself in the spirit world and Crying
Wolf was standing in front of him, "Why am I here?" Asked Blair.

"It is time for you to learn about your new abilities." Said Crying

"What are these abilities?" Asked Blair. (Finally I will know what my
abilities are.) Thought Blair.  

Before Crying Wolf could answer Little Star appeared, "I will be
helping your to teach him how to shape shift." Said Little Star.

       While Little Star and Crying Wolf where teaching Blair how to
shape shift, Jim, Simon, and Megan were honing their sword skills with
Barking Dog.

"Since Simon and I are not immortal, why must we know how to use
swords?" Megan wanted to know.

"I'm just following Little Star's orders." Answered Barking Dog,
continuing with their sword lessons.

August 8th
3:00 P.M.

        Three weeks later Jim, Simon, and Megan's sword skills had
improved tremendously, while Blair shape shifiting abilities had
improved and he had better control.

Jim was practicing when Little Star walked up to him, "Come with me.
It's time for you to learn to use your new abilities."

"The one that Lily's spirit gave me?" Jim asked, still trying to come
to terms with Lily's death.  (Even though they never truly met, but
the time they had spent in the dream world he had grown to care for

"Yes, the ability is shape shifting, but in order for you to them we
must go into the dream world." Little Star said, as they sat down.

      Sitting down they began with breathing exercises, when Jim felt
the humidity of the jungle.

"Welcome Sentinel, I am Black Shadow." Said a voice.

Opening his eyes, Jim sees a black jaguar walking toward him and then
it transformed into a human form that resembled Jim.

"It is time for you to learn how to shape shift." Said Little Star.
"Black Shadow is your essence, as Crying Wolf is Blair's essence to
shape shifting.

August 15
2:00 P.M.

      It took about two weeks for Jim to master his shape shifting
abilities.  When Jim and Blair had the grasp of their shape shifting
skills Little Star decided to teach these abilities to Simon.

While Simon and Megan were practicing their sword fighting Little Star
walked up to them and said, "Captain, I wish to talk with you."

"What do you want to talk about?" Asked Simon.

"I want you to know that Sentinel and Guide's have always had
watchers.  A watcher is someone who looks after them." Little Star
explained, as they where leaving the clearing.

"Is that why Simon is here?" Asked Megan.  "Then why am I learning to
fight with a sword?"

"You are here to learn for the time you will be needed." Answered
Little Star.  "But before you ask for what, you will learn in time.
Meanwhile, why don't you go back to the house and get something to
eat; while Simon and I begin his lessons."

        Meanwhile, Blair and Jim where practicing their sword
fighting, Jim suddenly froze which caused Blair to cut him, but Jim
didn't even notice.

"What's wrong Big Guy?" Asked Blair.

"I'm not sure." Jim said, looking around.

Blair followed Jim's gaze, and the next thing they know they are both
in the blue jungle, "Where are we?" Asked Blair.

"We're in my dream world." Said Jim.  

Just then a man appeared before them, "Who are you?" They both asked
in unison.

"I am Michael." Said the man.  "I want you to be one of my worriers."

"Worriers for what?" Jim asked, not understanding what Michael was
talking about.

"To be worriers in God's army." Answered Michael.

"Oh." Blair said, in an astonished voice.  "You're The Archangel

Michael didn't answer; he just stood there smiling at them.

"What can we do for you?" Asked Blair.

"The army of light is being formed and both of you are being asked to
join." Said Michael, showing them who they would be fighting. 

Blair and Jim looked at it each other and both nod their heads in
agreement, "We would be honored to fight for God." Answered Jim, for
both of them.

"Good you will stay on the reservation until you are called upon."
Said Michael.

"Why can't we return to Cascade?" Asked Blair.

Looking at Blair, Michael said with a smile, "You died a public death
and can't return."

"But what about Jim?" Asked Blair.

"When Megan returns, she will tell everyone that Jim and Simon have
decided to stay here, because it was so peaceful and Jim could deal
with what happened." Michael answered..

"What about Simon's son?" Asked Blair.

"The son will be asked to come and join his father." Answered Michael.

"What about his ex-wife she isn't going to allow him to join us." Said

"She will be offered a job that she can't refuse, and she will not be
able to take her son, so she will send him to his father." Michael
answered, with a smile.

"What does his on have to do with any of this?" Asked Blair.

"As time passes, the boy's sentinel abilities will start to immerge."
Answered Michael.  

"But wont he need a guide?" Asked Blair.  

"There is a guide, but he lives in a small town.  When it is time for
you to know you will be sent there." Michael answered, before


       When Jim and Blair returned to the real world, they went to
find Little Star and tell her of their vision.  They where walking
toward the clearing where they knew Little Star would be with Simon
and Megan.  As they where walking toward the clearing, Jim suddenly
stops and cokes his head.

"Jim, what is it?" Blair asked, when he saw Jim stop.

"Some kind of growling is coming from the clearing." Jim answers,
staring to walk again.  As they walk into the clearing they see Little
Star and a bear sitting together.

"What the hell?" Blair said, in a stunned voice.  The minute Blair
spoke, the bear transformed back into Simon.

"I see she taught you to shape shift too." Said Jim, not even batting
an eyes.

"It took a while but he was finally able to tap his energy." Explained
Little Star, looking at Jim and Blair.

"We had a vision." Blair said, out of nowhere.

"What was it about?" Asked Little Star.

"Michael the Archangel came to us and told us that he wanted us to be
his worries of the light." Answered Jim.  "He also wants Megan to be
sent back, so she can tell everyone that Simon and I will be staying
here, because it was peaceful here and I could relax."

"What about my son?" Asked Simon.

"Michael said, that he would be sent to you when Joan receives a job
offer she can't refuse.  The job will be out of state." Explained Jim.
Michael also said, that Daryl is going to be a sentinel, and his guide
is in a small town." 

"Did he tell you what town?" Asked Simon. (My god, my boy is going to
be like Jim.  Hopefully he will have a guide and a friend as good as
Blair) Thought Simon.

"Who's going to tell Megan that she has to go back?" Asked Blair.

"I will tell Ms. Conner that it is time for her to leave." Little Star
said, before leaving.  (The prophecy was coming to pass.)

             After Little Star left the men continued to talk for
another two hour and then they decided to practice some more before

August 15th
3:00 P.M.

Jim was practicing his sword fighting, when out of nowhere a voice in
his head says, "You know that the abilities that I have you have
enhanced your senses, what you don't know is that they also gave you
an additional sense." 

"What's the additional sense?" Jim asked, after a few minutes of

"Besides the five senses, you also now have a sixth sense." Explained
the voice.

"What is this sixth sense?" Asked Jim.

"It is the ability to communicate with the spirit world, without
medicating." Answered the voice.

"Do you mean to tell me that I will be able to talk to the dead?" Jim
asked, in a skeptical voice.

"Yes." Said the voice.  "Your guide also has abilities that he will be
able to use that no other shaman could or can."

"What are these abilities?" Asked Jim.

"He will be able to communicate with animals, nature, and control the
weather." Explained the voice.  "You will also be able to communicate
telepathically between yourselves and your watcher.

"Will Simon have any other abilities besides shape shifting and
telepathic communication?" Asked Jim.

"He will also be able to heal those that have been hurt by evil.
Answered the voice, but before fading away it gives Jim a parting
gift, "Remember this, you will have me and others to help you fight
the evil."

As the voice fades Jim felt a buzz, "I know why I was given Lily's

"And now you must tell your guide." Little Star says, before walking
away followed by Jim.

"Have you told Megan that she will have to leave soon?" Asked Jim.

"No, not yet." Answered Little Star.

       Meanwhile, Blair is in the clearing meditating when he fells a
buzz, turning around he sees Little Star and Jim walking toward him, 

"Hey guys." Said Blair. 

"I'll leave you two to talk." Little Star says, walking away.

"What's up?" Asked Blair.

"While practicing a voice told me that with our abilities enhanced we
would be able to do more things." Said Jim.

"Like what?" Asked Blair.

"You will be able to communicate with animals, nature, control the
earth, and communicate telepathically between the three of us."
Answered Jim.  "While I have an addition sense; which will allow me to
communicate with the dead.  Simon will be able to heal anyone who was
hurt by evil." Continued Jim.

"Blair was stunned speechless for a minute; "Oh, man that is so Coo,"

"We have to tell Simon." Said Jim.

"Do you know where he is?" Asked Blair.

"I think he and Megan are meditating." Jim said, walking toward the

"Do you know who or what the voice was?" Blair asked, following him.

"No." Jim answered, as they reached the cabin.

       When Jim and Blair reached the cabin, they met Simon and Megan
coming from another direction both tired and sweating from their

"Simon we want to talk to you." Blair says, before walking into the

"Can I take a shower and rest before we talk?" Simon asked, as they
walk into the cabin.

"Sure, met you at dinner." Jim said, before Simon walked away.

       Going to him room Simon cleans up and decids to take a nap, as
he falls asleep Simon finds himself in some type of jungle.  (What
have I gotten myself into? I've been teleported into the Sandburg zone
permanently.) Simon thinks to himself. He then sees a white light
hover about two feet away from him.

"Do not be afraid watcher." A voice says, from the light.

"Who are you?" Simon asked, in a whisper.

"I am Michael and I have come to help you." Michael said, as he became

"Help me understand what?" Asked Simon.

"Your Sentinel and Guide's abilities have increased, so HE has decided
to increase your powers as well." Answered Michael.

"Why would I need to increase my powers?" Asked Simon.

"You are their watcher, and you will need to be able to communicate
with them telepathically." Answered Michael.

"So, besides shape shifting, I'll be able to communicate with them
telepathically?" Simon said, in a surprised voice.

"Yes." Michael said.  "Oh, and you will also be able to heal people
who were hurt my anything evil."  Then he disappeared.

       Meanwhile, Megan was in her room resting, when there was a
knock on the door before Little Star walked in.

"It is time for you to return." Said Little Star.

"What do you mean?" Asked Megan.

"Your friends back home are wondering what has happened to you and
your friends.  You are the only one who can go back and explain."
Answered Little Star.

"Why can't Jim, Blair, and Simon come back with me?" Wondered Megan.

"The Guide is supposed to be died, so he can't go back.  If the guide
can't go back, neither can the sentinel." Said Little Star.

"What about the Captain?" Asked Megan.

"He will stay here too, they will need his help in the fight against
the darkness." Answered Little Star.

"Why can't I stay?" Asked Megan.

"This is not your fight as of yet, and you need to tell your friends
and theirs that they won't be returning." Said Little Star.  "You will
tell them that the Sentinel decided to stay here, because it is
peaceful and he can relax."

"But I want to help." Said Megan.

"Your time will come, but for now you must go back." Answered Little

"When do I have to leave?" Megan asked, trying to understand what was

"Tomorrow." Little Star answered, before leaving.  "But remember this
you will be called when the time comes."

       After resting Simon got up around five o'clock and went
downstairs to talk to Blair and Jim about what Michael told him.  

Simon found them out side practing and said, "We should talk."

"Shore." Blair said, putting down his sword.

       While Simon, Blair, and Jim where talking Megan was in her room
pacticing for her trip to go back to Cascade.  It was around six
o'clock, while they where having dinner that Megan told them that she
would be leaving tomorrow..

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August 16th
6:00 A.M.

         Getting up everyone washed, changed, and then went to
practice with their swords.  An hour later they went back to the
house, where they changed from their workout clothes

"I'm leaving, today." Megan said, after breakfast.

"Why are you leaving today?" Asked Blair

"I want to get back to Cascade as quickly as possible." Answered

"I thought it would be in a couple of days." Said Blair.

"I'll miss you Megan." Bair said, with a smile.  (He knew that it was
the right thing, but he will still miss her)

"I'll miss you to Sandy." Megan said, with tears in her eyes.

"I'll miss you too Conner." Jim says, giving her a hug.

       Watching Megan leave, Blair felt like they were losing an
important part of the team, but he knew that she was not part of the
plan that Michael had, at least not yet.  As Blair thought about
Michael, he received a vision of a small town with people fighting and
some of them had swords."

"Chief, you OK?" Jim asked, seeing the blank look on Blair's face.

"Yea, just got a vision of people fighting in a small town." Blair
replied, trying to understand the image.

"Do you know that name of the town?" Asked Simon.

"No, that I didn't get.  But I think it's somewhere in the west."
Blair answered, getting a picture of the ocean.

"Try to picture the town, and see if you can get the name." Said


          Sitting down Blair closed his eyes and tried to picture the
people he saw from his vision, but the only thing he gets are swords. 
When he tried to get passed the swords a white flash kept interfering.

"I can't get it.  Every time I try to picture the town, I get a vision
of swords." Blair said, rubbing the bridge of his nose.  "When I try
to go passed the swords I get a flash of white."   

"What happens when you try to get passed the light?" Asked Jim.

"The flash of light is giving me a headache." Blair answered, closing
his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Little Star asked, as she walked in. 

"Blair just had a vision." Answered Jim.

"What was the vision about?" Asked Little Star.

"I get a vision of a small town with people fighting.  When I tried to
get the name of the town, I keep getting visions of swords." Blair
answered, still getting the headache.  "When I tried to see beyond the
swords, there is a white flash of light which gives me a headache.

"Don't try to see beyond the swords." Said Little Star.

"Why not?" Asked Blair.

"Because the flash of light is telling you that it isn't time yet."
Answered Little Star.

"So, what you're telling me is that every time I get a vision I'm
getting the answers to one question." Said Blair.

"Yes, but in the meantime you practice your skills." Answered Little

      They practiced for another two hours, and then went inside to
wash, change, and have breakfast.  After eating they went back to
practicing with their swords.  The practice lasted for another two
hours, and then around ten o'clock Jim and Blair went to practice
their abilities.  While they where practicing shape shifting, Simon
was in his room writing a letter to his son.     

"Megan can you do me a favor?" Simon asked, walking into her room.

"Sure Simon, what is it?" Asked Megan.

"Can you give this letter to Daryl, when you get back to Cascade?"
Simon asked, handing Megan the letter.

"Of course Simon." Megan said, taking the letter.

"Thank you." Simon said, leaving.

       For the rest of the day they practice they sword fighting and
their abilities, they also being to practice their telepathic

August 17th
8:00 A.M.

       They had just finished their training and where walking back to
the house, when Blair stopped in his tracks.  The vision that hit him
was of a round metal circle with strange language on it.  Coming and
going through the circle were men in army uniforms, while some wore
old fashion garb and had glowing eyes.

"Master, what should we do about the Tori?" Blair heard a voice in a
strange language.

"We will just have to kill them." Answered another voice.

"We tried that master, but now they are protected by the Azgar." Said
the same voice.

"Blair, you all right?" Jim asked, when he realized that Blair wasn't
following them.

"Yea, just had another vision of a round metal object, with the army
coming and going out of it." Blair answered, trying to understand the
meaning of the vision.

"Did you see the insignia of the uniforms?" Asked Jim.

"No." Blair answered, trying to remember the men with the glowing
eyes. " But I do remember something about Azgar."

"What are the Azgar?" Asked Simon.

"If I knew that I would tell you." Said Blair, then left to go and
clean up.

While cleaning up he found himself in the spirit world, "How, what?"

"Your vision is going to come to pass soon, and you need to be ready."
Said a voice.

"What are these vision about?" Asked Blair.

"You will know soon enough, but for right now what you need to know is
that the darkness is not only on this planet." The voice answered,
before disappearing.

      Coming back Blair finished getting cleaning up and then went to
find Little Star, so he could talk to her about the vision, and see if
she could help explain it.  Blair was walking toward little Star's
house when he had another vision, but this one was much more powerful,
causing him to fall to the ground.

"Chief!" Jim yelled, running up to him. "What happened?" 

(Wow, that was really interesting) Thought Blair.  "I just a vision of
creatures trying to kill someone, but the person knew how to destroy
them." Answered Blair. 

"Did you get a name?" Asked Little Star.

"The only the I heard was Angel." Said Blair.

"Do you know at least who the person is that is fighting this Angel,
or is it Angel that is fighting?" Asked Jim.

"Some one called the Slayer and Wanderer are fitting Angel." Blair
answered, with a confused look on his face.  But he did get the look
that came over Little Star.  " Do you know these people?" 

"No." Lied Little Star.  (I'm sorry, but you are not ready to know
about the two of the nine.)

(She's lying?) Thought Jim.  (There had to be a reason?)

Running up Simon asked, "What happened?" When he saw Blair lying on
the floor.

"He fell from the impact of another vision." Jim answered.  He was
trying to figure out why Little Star lied to them.

"You all right kid?" Simon asked, in a concerned voice.

"Yea, I'm fine." Blair said, getting up.  Then tells Simon about his

"Do you know where these people are?" Simon asked, after Blair

"No, but I know they are in a small town." Answered Blair.  (God, I
hope I can make it through this.)

"You will Blair don't worry I have faith in you." A voice said.

     Looking around for the voice Blair sees Michael sanding there
with smiling at him, before he disappeared with a wink.  Deciding to
leave everything alone for now, they went to get some breakfast, and
then maybe train some more.  While the guys where getting something to
eat; Little Star took Megan to the airport.  As they where saying
good-bye, Little Star stopped talking when she felt a buzz, causing
her to turn around and look for the source.  That's when she saw a
woman and man walking toward the ticket booth, when they booth stopped
and look at her.  

Walking up to Little Star, they introduced themselves, "Hi, I'm Duncan
McCLoud of the Clan McCloud and this is Amanda Devoux." 

"I am Little Star, Shaman of the Cheyenne Nation." Answered Little

"It is a pleasure to meet you.  Where are you heading?" Asked Duncan.

"I'm just dropping of my friend." Answered Little Star.  (They are the
fighters for the light) Then she asks in Gaelic, "Who has the nine
swords of destiny?"

"How do you know about the swords?" Amanda asks, in a surprised voice.

"I have seen them in my vision." Answered Little Star.

"We know of only three people." Answered Duncan.

"Excuse me, but I'm still here." Megan said, not understanding what
they where saying.

"Oh, sorry about that." Amanda said, with a smile.  "Duncan we should

"Sure, here's my number.  Call me if you need any help." Duncan said,
giving Little Star his number, before all three of them left to get on
the plane.

       Meanwhile, back at the reservation Blair, Jim, and Simon where
discussing the vision, when Little Star returned from the airport.
When Little Star returned she had them return to their sword training,
when Blair received another vision, but this time it was about a book
and men with the round object found.  The book had some kind of
writing on it, which was not clear, but it felt very old and very

End of Rebirth, to be continued in The Truth.