The First FKFanfic2 ( challenge, issued by Anita:

Must have the following-
  bunny slippers 
  a can of soda 
  a pillow 
  a bottle of nail polish 
  and a wrench 
  Must also involve Nick Nat and LaCroix. 

Pillow fight in the Raven 

Disclaimers: Star Trek is owned by Paramount. Forever Knight is owned 
by Sony. I’m not making a single cent off this fanfic. 

By Emily M. Hanson 

With a flash of light, the entity known as Q appeared in the Raven, as 
LaCroix was finishing his Nightcrawler show. A mischievous glint 
appeared in Q’s eyes, and the vampire Lucien LaCroix was suddenly 
wearing pink bunny slippers and a fluffy white bathrobe. 

LaCroix snarled at the strange being who dared to humiliate him. 
Remembering Q from his previous encounter with the pink tribbles, 
Lucien growled. “Get out of here, Q. Now!” 

“Not a chance, General. I think you need another lesson in humor.” Q 
snapped his fingers. 

Suddenly, Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert were transported to the 
Raven. Nick could only gape at his sire. “LaCroix?” 

The fuming Roman vampire lunged for Q, intending to strangle the alien. 
But Q teleported himself across the room. 

“Temper, temper, mon ami. Here’s a healthier way to work out your 
anger.” And with a snap of Q’s fingers, Nick, Nat, and LaCroix found 
themselves holding pillows. 

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Lucien growled. 

“I think,” Nick said, “Q wants us to have a pillow fight.” 

“Oh, come on,” Natalie responded. “We’re not really going to indulge 
him, are we?” 

Nick’s blue eyes twinkled. “I don’t know, Nat. After 800 years, I’ve 
got a lot of pent-up anger to let out.” 

“But with a pillow fight?” 

LaCroix heaved his pillow at the alien, who snapped his fingers and 
sent the pillow spinning back toward Nick. 

“Hey!” The former crusader ducked, and the pillow knocked a stack of 
CDs from the table. 

“You could have caught that,” LaCroix spat out, “some of those were 

Natalie picked up one of the shattered compact disks. “Like the 
Poke’mon soundtrack?” 

Nick burst into laughter. “Poke’mon!” 

“Well, there are some useful sound effects on that one.” 

“Like what?” 

LaCroix thought, but drew a blank. It was bad enough that one of his 
favorite CDs had been broken. “You will pay for that broken CD, 

“Oh, no,” Nick protested. 

“Oh, yes,” LaCroix said, and picked up the pillow and heaved it at the 
blonde vampire. 

A pillow fight ensued. Nick, Nat and LaCroix spent a good ten minutes 
throwing pillows at each other. The other vampires in the Raven had no 
idea what was going on, but none of them dared interrupt. Finally, 
completely fed up, the Roman vampire grabbed a nearby wrench and hurled 
it at Q, who was nonchalantly sipping from a can of soda and eating 
popcorn. The alien vanished, and the wrench went through a nearby glass 
window. That was the last straw for Janette, who had been trying to 
stay patient throughout the whole argument by painting her nails with 
the contents of a blood red nail polish bottle. 

“Enough!” The dark-haired vampiress stormed through the crowd, with 
golden eyes blazing. “You will stop fighting at once.” 

LaCroix, Nick, and Nat froze. The sound booth was now completely 
covered in feathers and so were they. 

“What were you fighting about?” Janette asked. 

They all exchanged glances. 

“Um,” Nick said, “I can’t remember.” 

“Neither can I,” Natalie replied. 

“Nor I,” LaCroix added. 

“Well, you will clean up this mess! I will not have the Raven looking 
like a . . . chicken farm.” 

“Yes, Janette,” Nick agreed. “We’ll clean up.” 

“You’ll pay for the window,” LaCroix said. 

“What? You threw the wrench.” 

“I don’t care who pays for the window,” Janette said through clenched 
teeth, “just as long as it is fixed.” 

With a flash of light, Q appeared again and snapped his fingers. The 
window was fixed, and the feathers were gone. The entity was laughing 
hysterically. “Oh, that was the most fun I’ve had in years.” 

“Q,” Janette snarled. “Get out of my club. Now!” 

“You wound me, Mademoiselle. I shall leave, but I’m not going to 
promise I won’t be back.” 

Q disappeared, leaving the vampires and the mortal to ponder what the 
entity would do when he next appeared. 

The End