It's a Small World

Disclaimer: The Sentinel and Pretender characters belong to their
respective creators. I swear I just borrowed them for a little while I
will regretfully return them. This is the fourth story in the
Sentinel/Pretender Crossover series. 

It's a Small World
By Trish 

Blue Cove, DE 

Broots, Sydney and Ms. Parker entered the Centre discouraged by the
lack of success in the hunt for Jarod. They had missed him by minutes
once again. They were struck by the level of activity. Sweepers rushing
around; people rarely seen outside of their offices searching for
something or someone. 

"Looks like someone has stirred up a hornets nest." Ms. Parker said
watching and wondering what Jarod had done this time. The trio watched
as Lyle burst out of Mr. Parker's office. Before he could get past
them, she reached out and grabbed her brother's arm. "So, brother dear,
what did you do this time?" she goaded. 

He glared at her. "Hello, Sis. Any luck on the Jarod front?" He said,
trying to distract her. 

"I've kept you updated, so give." She tightened her grip on his arm,
digging in her nails. He jerked his arm out of her grasp. 

"Angelo has disappeared." He said flatly. Ms. Parker and Sidney
exchanged looks. They knew that if the empath didn't want to be found,
the Centre didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of finding him. 

"We'll leave you to your snipe hunt." Ms. Parker sneered, walking away
before Lyle had a chance for a come-back. They swiftly moved to her
office. As soon as the door closed, she began issuing orders. "Sidney,
find out who was with Angelo last and why." She turned to the other
man. "Broots, check the surveillance tapes for the last 24 hours. See
if you can spot anything." As they dispersed she muttered. "I have a
really bad feeling about this." 

Broots booted up his computer and connected to the net. He was
surprised to see that there was an email coded for his eyes only. He
keyed in his personal code. The slight, balding man blanched when he
saw pictures of his little girl tied to a chair. "Oh, my God," he
whispered under his breath as he read the words on the screen. 

     "The girl is safe if you do as I say. If you contact the
     authorities, she will die. I will contact you with your orders."

The distraught man heard and intake of breath behind him. He moved to
blank the screen. Ms. Parker stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. 

Parker had grown impatient and decided to check on computer tech's
progress. She stood stunned at the blatant threat she saw on the
screen. He spun in his chair and watched the anger build on her face.
"Ms. Parker..." He started to speak. She motioned for him to stay
silent. They had been gone long enough for someone to have bugged to

"Broots, are you finished with my request?" She said abruptly. 

"No, Ms. Parker, I'll get right on it." Broots replied, catching the
hidden meaning behind her change of subject. 

"See that you do. I want the answer in ten minutes in my office." 

She exited Broots' office; she leaned against the wall once the door
was closed. Parker hadn't wanted the worried father to see the fear on
her face. She had, in spite of herself, grown attached to the young
girl during the time she had taken care of Debbie for Broots. Parker
pulled herself together and quickly found Sidney, ordering him to join
her in her office in ten minutes. 

Ms. Parker unlocked her desk and pulled out a state-of-the-art bug
detector she'd had Broots develop for her when Brigitte became an
employee of the Centre. She finished sweeping the office as the two men
entered the office. 

Broots paced back and forth as they tried to develop options. Ms.
Parker tried to curb her impatience. Sidney proceeded to outline the
problem. "As I see it, we have two problems: the disappearance of
Angelo and the kidnapping of Broots' daughter." He paused. "I think the
two events might be related." 

"Okay, so maybe they're related." Broots blurted out nervously. "What
can we do about it?" Fear present in his voice. "He said no

"No, he said you couldn't contact the authorities." Ms. Parker grinned.
"You won't be." She held up her hand before Broots could speak. "Don't
worry. We aren't going to involve the local bumbling law enforcement. I
think we need long distance help." 


Cascade, WA 

"Man, I can't believe you're going to eat that whole thing." Blair said
in disbelief. Watching as Daryl polished off an entire MegaSundae
Split. The teenager laughed and shook his spoon at his friend. 

"You should try it." He licked the spoon clean of the last of the
chocolate sauce. "You don't know what you're missing." 

"Oh, yes, I do." Blair chuckled glad that the young man was going home
with his dad and he wouldn't have to deal with a sick teen. The
observer knew it was only a matter of time. He looked over at Jim and
Simon arguing about the strength of the Jags chances for the coming
season. He was enjoyed watching the two men relax. It had been a rough
week; everyone stretched to their limits. Suddenly he felt an intense
pain and the world seemed to turn gray. 

"Blair!" Daryl shouted, panicking when he saw his friend's eyes glaze
over and a trickle of blood from his nose. "Holy shit! Jim! Dad!" 

Jim had already reacted, catching his partner before he could fall. He
had been feeling in the back of his mind Blair's feeling of well being
and knew when the pain struck. "Dammit, not again." Jim muttered. He
extended his senses to check his guide. Pain traveled along the mental
link between them. He could also feel the unmistakable presence of
Angelo for a brief moment. He would have to wait until Blair regained
consciousness to find out what had triggered Angelo's panicked cry. 

They carefully moved Blair out of the café without attracting a lot of
attention. Jim lifted the smaller man into the cab of the truck,
securely buckling him into place. By the time they reached the loft,
ten minutes later, the younger man was coming around. Blair lifted his
hand to his face. When he pulled his hand away he stared at the blood
for a moment. 

"I really wish this part would get easier." He stated as Jim pulled
into his parking space at the loft. The big man climbed out of the
truck and waited by the passenger side door to help his guide if
needed. Blair stumbled as he stepped out coming to rest against his
partner. He could feel the surge of energy as Jim supported him and
guided him up to the loft. 

By the time Simon and Daryl arrived at the third floor, Jim had already
settled the younger man on the couch and started to brew some tea.
Simon let himself in, Daryl quickly moved over to check on his friend.
The Captain joined his detective in the kitchen. 

Deliberately keeping his voice down, he asked, "Is this the same thing
that happened before?" 


Jim glanced at his partner, sending reassurance through their link.
Blair looked up and smiled. "As soon as he gets it sorted out he'll
fill us in on what's happening." 

"What do you mean, sort it out? I thought this Angelo guy talked to

"Not this time. All he got was a short burst packed with impressions
and feelings. He still needs to sort them in order." 

The two men settled in on their respective couches. Simon sitting next
to his worried son and Jim supporting his exhausted friend. "You okay,
Chief?" Jim asked aloud rather than just sending a mental question. He
knew Daryl and Simon needed to hear reassurances from Blair himself. 

"Yeah, I'm okay. Angelo just hit a bit harder than usual." The Guide
sent his Sentinel the mental image of their packed bags sitting by the
front door. "Jim will need to be away from work for about a week. Will
this be a problem?" 

"A problem?" Simon groused. "My two best men gone for an undetermined
length of time and he asks if it will be a problem." Blair smiled and
looked at the Captain questioningly. "Yes, you heard me." Simon said
trying not to smile. 

"You heard him, Chief. Now he can't take it back. You've got
witnesses." They all laughed, enjoying the brief moment of playfulness
before it was time to get serious. 

"Hopefully, we will only be gone for a week. Any longer than that and
something will have seriously gone wrong." Blair stated. 

"So where are you going?" Simon asked, worried but resigned. 

"Delaware." Jim answered seeing the image of the Centre in his mind. 

"Are you sure you have to do this?" Simon asked looking for a loophole.

"Two innocent lives depend on us getting to Delaware as soon as
possible." Blair looked at his partner. 

"He's right, Simon." 

Daryl stood and started to pace. "You're going to be dealing with those
people again." The teen said. He had heard about the pair's previous
run-ins with the Centre. 

"Don't worry, it's going to be okay. We are just going to help out."
Jim said to reassure the teen. Blair started sending out calming

//Stop that.// Jim looked down at his partner's head. 

//What?// His guide turned to look at him and gave him an innocent
look. Jim just looked at him and shook his head. Blair gave him a quick
grin and stopped broadcasting. 

Simon realized they wouldn't be getting any more information. He
motioned for Daryl to get up. "Come on, son. They have a lot to do
before they leave." He turned to Jim. "You will stay in contact." Simon
ordered, worry in his voice. 

"Yes, Sir." Jim said. "As soon as we can. If anything happens, you will
hear about it and you know what to do." Simon nodded. The details had
been worked out months before they had planned for every contingency. 

The two men had almost finished packing when the phone rang. "I've got
it. It's Broots." Blair said before he picked up the phone. Jim smiled
when he heard the younger man answer the phone; he listened in on the

Broots was surprised to hear that the two men had already booked a
flight and knew more about the situation than the people at the Centre.

"We'll be there in a few hours. Meet us at the airport and we will plan
what to do from there." 

Blair returned the receiver to its base and picked up his bag. "Let's
go man, our flight is in an hour." They headed out; their next stop ...
Blue Cove, Delaware. 


The Centre 

Broots hung up the phone, staring at it as if it would bite. "Whoa." 

"What is it, Broots?" Ms. Parker said impatiently. 

"He already knew." The balding man answered with awe in his voice.
"Sandburg told me what had happened and said that they would be here
this evening." He turned to her. "We need to meet them at the airport."
He looked at his watch. "In five hours." 

Even with the acceptance of Angelo's abilities, they were all a bit
nervous when confronted by The Guide and his Sentinel's abilities.
Knowing the pair had the ability to destroy the Centre. Broots had
searched for months with no success trying to locate the virus that had
been implanted within the Centre computers during the ill-advised
kidnapping of Jim Ellison. The virus was designed to constantly mutate
to avoid detection. It could be remotely activated from anywhere in the
world, and it was unknown how many people had been given the key to
turn it on. It wasn't one of the things the Centre wanted to test.
There was an unspoken agreement. 'You don't mess with us and we don't
destroy you.' 


The Centre trio stood impatiently waiting for the duo from Cascade's
plane to touch down, each with their own personal memories of help the
pair had provided. Ms. Parker thought about the time she had been able
to spend with the grandmother she had thought lost years ago. Sidney
and Broots were thinking about how Sandburg had, with Jarod's help,
rescued Ellison from the Centre and then months later been instrumental
in the rescue of Jarod. Broots prayed they would be able to help him
save his little girl. 

They watched as the plane taxied to the terminal. Even Sydney was
shocked when the two men exited the plane with Ellison almost carrying
his partner. Ms. Parker moved closer, and was the first to hear the
detective's request. 

"Get us out of here. I'll explain when we get to the hotel." Broots was
sent to gather the luggage while Sydney and Ms. Parker led the pair to
the waiting car. 

Broot's drove the rental car while Sidney and Parker followed behind in
her car. Every few minutes the computer tech would look in the rearview
mirror, watching as Ellison sat holding his partner close. He
remembered the last time he had seen them like this, the older man
lending his strength to the younger. Broots was worried. Something bad
must have happened on the plane for Sandburg to be so wiped out. He
held his tongue during the short trip to the hotel. 

The flight had been difficult. Blair had been repeatedly hit with
images of increasing pain from Angelo. As they were about to touch down
the images stopped, at first they had been afraid that Angelo was dead
until the young Shaman felt the tenuous connection between the empath
and himself. Jim fed him as much energy as he could to help maintain
the link. The process had however taken a lot out of the younger man. 

They had checked in and had been in the room for several minutes before
Blair was able to interact with anyone besides his partner. He asked
Jim to start filling the Centre personnel in on everything they had
learned from Angelo. 

Jim began. "Angelo has been taken by someone trying to control his
abilities. They honestly don't understand how he works. They are trying
to force him to perform by torturing him." He didn't miss seeing the
look of pain that crossed Parker's face. Sidney turned away. 

"What about Debbie?" Broots asked worriedly. "Is my baby there?" 

"Yes," Blair said. "They haven't hurt her." He hastened to add. "They
are using her as a pawn against you, to get you to do what they want
when they order." 

They were distracted by Sidney's phone ringing. 

"Sidney." He answered. 


"Nicholas?" Sidney was shocked. His son never just telephoned. "What's

"Mom is missing. She was supposed to call me two days ago. I've been
trying to contact her ever since." 

Jim's attention was caught by the sudden increase in the older man's
heartrate. Blair was struck with the image of a woman. Realizing it was
coming from Sidney he tightened his focus. The detective caught his
partner as he fell back. 

//What is it, Chief?// 

Blair sent him the image of a woman who looked exactly like Naomi. //He
calls her Michelle.// 

"Sidney." Jim said trying to get his attention. Sidney turned towards
the detective still staring at the cellphone in his hand. "Sidney, who
is Michelle?" 

"She's my son's mother." He said absently. 

"The same people have her." Blair stated. He looked at his partner. "I
need to try and contact her or the little girl." 

"What about Angelo?" Jim asked. 

"He is too busy fighting them. I don't want to distract him." 

"Okay, Chief. Try for the woman first." Jim sat back against the
headboard of the bed and settled his partner against him, already
providing the support the younger man would need in his search. He
looked over at Sidney. "You need to put your hand on his shoulder."
Sidney moved closer and did as he was instructed. Ms. Parker and Broots
watched with worried fascination. 

Blair focused on Sidney's mental image of Michelle and forced his mind
past the woman's resemblance to Naomi. Using Jim's strength, he reached
out searching. The long minutes passed before he could feel her mind.
Looking through her eyes, he could see the little girl sleeping with
her head in the woman's lap. He reached out gently, whispering in her

//Michelle.// She looked around searching for a voice. //Michelle, can
you hear me.// 

"Who's there?" 

//Don't say anything please. My name is Blair Sandburg. I am with
Sidney.// He projected a mental image of the older man. //We are trying
to find you.// He could feel the confusion in her mind warring with the
thinnest thread of hope. 

"How are you talking to me?" She whispered. 

//I am mind speaking with you. All you have to do is to think about
what you want to say. Okay?// 

She gave a mental laugh. //I'm okay with it. I may be going nuts but
I'm okay with it.// 

//You aren't going crazy. We do need your help. Is the little girl all


//Good, is there anyone else with you?// He sent a mental picture of

//He was here, but they took him away a few minutes ago. It looked like
he was in really bad shape.// 

//What can you tell me about where you are being held?// Blair asked. 

//I didn't see anything when they brought me in; I was blindfolded.
There are three guards that I have seen. They are the same ones who
kidnapped me. They were driving a burgundy van. The license number was
VPW 179, I don't know what state but the colors were white with blue
letters.// She sent him a mental image of the three guards. 

//Okay, we are going to find you soon. I promise.// 

//Come on, Chief, its time to let go.// Jim interrupted. 

//I have to go now but I will be back.// 

Michelle nodded, hoping she would see the man who had given her hope
for the first time in days. 

//Did you get all that?// Blair asked before letting the connection go

//Yeah, Chief, I got it. Now come back and rest.// Blair leaned his
head back and within seconds was out of it. The Centre trio stood
waiting impatiently for information. Broots was the first to speak. 

"What happened?" 

Jim began to fill them in. "He managed to contact Michelle." He looked
over at Sidney. "She is okay and is with Debbie. They have not been

"What about Angelo?" Ms. Parker asked. 

"He is a different matter. She said he was in bad shape. He had been
taken away shortly before Blair got through to her, so I don't know how
he is right now. She's not sure exactly where they are but knows they
are in Virginia." Suddenly Blair stiffened in Jim's arms and his nose
began to bleed. He partner tightened his grasp and sent as much energy
to the younger man as was possible. Jim had become so closely linked
with his Shaman that his nose too began to trickle blood. He received
the images with his partner. Angelo had sent the mental equivalent of a
zip file. Continuing to support his Guide the now exhausted Sentinel
explained what had just occurred. 

"Angelo is still alive." He stated, taking the tissue Broots offered to
clean Blair's face and his own. "They are in West Haven and are being
held in what was once a mental facility. He has managed to recognize
one face of one of his tormentors." Jim paused and looked at Parker.
"It's Brigitte." 

Ms Parker's eyes narrowed as she thought of the bitch from hell. She
started to make mental plans about what she would do with the woman she
considered evil incarnate. Broots paled, he had seen the woman in
action and the fear that had become a constant companion since Debbie
disappeared, increased. Sidney turned back to the window trying to keep
himself together. Michelle was the love of his life and everything he
had tried to protect her from had found her anyway. 

"As soon as he wakes up, we will leave." Jim assured them. "West Haven
is only an hour away, we can be there by the time it gets dark." While
the younger man slept, Ms Parker sent Broots and Sidney out for food.
It would be the last chance they would have to eat for a while. Ms.
Parker sat watching them, remembering a time when she'd had a friend
almost as close. Deep in her soul partially hidden from herself, she
missed Jarod and was really angry that he had left the Centre without

When they returned, Blair had awakened and was talking animatedly to
his partner. Parker was sitting on the other bed pretending not to
listen, but Jim had seen the corners of her mouth twitch as the
anthropologist had gone into one of his more outlandish stories. 

They ate quickly and then piled into the car and Jim started driving.
Blair was having a hard time processing the images Sidney was
unknowingly projecting. He kept focusing on the woman, Michelle. If he
didn't know that he was an only child he could have sworn is was his
mother, Naomi. He fell asleep thinking about his mom. 

When they arrived in West Haven, Jim gently shook his exhausted guide.
"Come on, Chief, its time to wake up." 

"Not yet man, ten more minutes and I won't use all of the hot water."
Jim chuckled and tried again. "Sorry, Sandburg, but it's time to wake
up. We've got work to do." 

Blair opened his eyes slowly. He raised his head and looked out the
window. //You know what we need to do.// Jim sent. 

//Yeah, time to turn on the direction finder.// This was a new skill on
the younger man's part. Within a two-mile radius he could locate anyone
he had been in mental contact with, he was receiving a faint pull from
the Northeast. He sent the feeling to Jim and they were on their way. 

The connection grew progressively stronger; they were going in the
right direction. The trail ended at what was once an opulent estate.
The gates were chained closed. They parked a distance away and waited
for nightfall. Blair realized this would be the perfect time to contact
Michelle. She could get the others ready and he would have enough time
to recover before it got dark. 

//Michelle, we are outside the gates and will be with you soon.// Blair
sent to her. 

//Who is with you?// He sent the mental image of his companions. Blair
could feel her relax for a second. //Please hurry, I don't think he can
take any more.// Worry for the tortured Angelo filled her thoughts. 

//As soon as it gets dark.// He reassured her before pulling back. 


They walked to the gates, Jim watched for guards as they drew closer.
He motioned for his companions to stay back. 

//What are you looking for?// Blair sent. 

//There's more than one kind of guard.// Jim responded, sending him a
mental image of tripwires, alarms, and dogs.// 

//Gotcha.// The younger man stood back and watched his Sentinel work. 

He no longer had to be in direct physical contact with Jim to keep him
from zoning. Their mental link now provided a secondary focus. It had
taken a lot of practice to get it right. The first time they tried to
use their link as an anchor it had almost been a disaster. Jim had
focused his sight during a test in the loft when Blair used the link to
distract him. It worked too well; the Detective had managed to zone on
the link, pulling his partner into the zone with him. Fortunately,
Simon had arrived early for the weekly poker game and found the
unresponsive pair. He was able to reach Blair by shaking him. In turn,
the Guide managed to pull his Sentinel out of the zone. That episode
had scared both of them. It was enough to get Jim to agree to as many
practice sessions as needed to learn how to control it. He had to make
sure he wouldn't endanger his partner. Simon was a constant observer in
the beginning, helping until the pair's mind-speaking abilities became
second nature. 

//Find anything?// 

"Just electronic security around the perimeter of the building, no
problem. Inside the house there are seven people scattered around in
the upper level of the house and three in one area of the basement."
Jim said looking at his companions. "They are all alive." 

Broots took a deep breath and wrapped his arms around himself. He
turned away from the others trying to keep himself together. Sidney and
Ms. Parker were better able to keep their feelings hidden from others. 

"What's our next step?" Parker asked, wishing mentally for a cigarette
or a certain pretender to calm her nerves. 

Jim had made short work of the security system and motioned for them to
follow. Jim took out the first guard they came across. They were now in
the building, carefully creeping down the hallways, Ellison defeating
the alarms as they came across them. They were almost to the basement
cell when everything went to hell. 

Blair was close behind his partner when the younger man suddenly
stiffened and fell to his knees. Jim quickly turned and caught his
before he collapsed all the way to the floor. 

"What's wrong with him?" Broots whispered. 

"Angelo. His timing still sucks." Jim answered quietly trying to
listen. He suddenly heard people walking down the hall in their
direction. "Get out of sight, we've got company." He bent down to lift
his partner up as the others melted out of sight. He had just raised
his partner to his feet when two guards turned the corner, weapons

The detective knew he didn't have a chance in hell of taking them out
without putting his young guide at risk. 

"Don't move." The taller of the two guards ordered. Motioning for the
other guard to search the pair for weapons. The guard quickly found
Jim's gun. Relieving him of the weapon, he motioned for them to walk
down the hallway. The detective saw Parker waiting in the shadows and
shook his head. Now was not the time. He led his barely conscious
partner, following their captor's orders. 


"Shit, shit, shit." Parker muttered under her breath as she watched the
duo being forced away. Once they were out of sight she gathered her
team. "It looks like it is up to us." She checked her weapon. "Broots,
do you have your gun?" 

Broots shook his head. "No, I never carry it." She looked at him in

"You've got to be kidding. We are trying to rescue your daughter and
you didn't even bring a weapon." 

Under his breath, he muttered. "We brought you and Ellison." Sidney
overheard him and was barely able to control a snort of laughter.
Broots began to explain. "I never carry a weapon anywhere around

She shook her head with disgust. "What about you, Sidney? Did you bring

"Yes, Parker, I have it with me." 

"Thank goodness for small favors." She turned. "Follow me." 


Jim was directed through a maze of hallways. The detective listened for
a moment to the trio left behind. Once he had determined that they were
safe, he focused on keeping his guide and himself moving. Eventually
they reached a locked door. The smaller guard unlocked the door and the
other shoved them into the room. 

Jim had been so focused on his guide that he hadn't heard the
heartbeats of the prisoners within. The door slammed shut behind them
and he was surprised by extra hands helping them up. When he looked at
her face, he almost zoned. She was almost an exact duplicate of Naomi
Sandburg ... the only difference was the absence of sage. 

"Jim." Blair whispered capturing his partner's attention. 

"Everything's okay, Chief." 

"Where are we?" Blair asked trying to focus his eyes. He looked around
and saw Michelle. "Mom?" His brow creased in puzzlement. "No, not mom."
He turned and saw the little girl and beyond her, "Angelo." The younger
man whispered. "Jim, help me over to him." 

Jim half carried the younger man, feeling the urgency Blair was
projecting. "What is it?" 

"He's disappearing." Jim was confused for a moment then he realized
what his partner meant. Without an anchor, Angelo would lose all
contact with the outside world. The Blessed Protector in him was
worried that his friend would over extend himself, but knew there was
no way to stop the younger man. He lent him what strength and support
he could to help him through it. He settled Blair on the cot next to
Angelo and sat with his hands on their heads providing an additional

"What's wrong with him?" Michelle asked after watching the curious pair
for a few minutes. 

"Angelo is hiding deep inside himself. If Blair can't convince him to
come out, he will stay like this forever." Jim responded, never taking
his eyes off of his partner. 


//Angelo, it's time to come out now.// Blair urged. 


//I know it hurts, but I won't let them hurt you again. I promise.// He
could feel the empath's mind cringe. //I'm here now and so is the
Sentinel.// He broadcast an image of Jim standing guard over them. 

//Danger close.// 

//Yes, it is, we won't let them near you. The others will be here to
get us all out.// Angelo caught the image of Ms. Parker and her
companions. The Guide sent as much reassurance as was humanly possible.
He felt Angelo reach out and take his hand. The abused man slowly
opened his eyes. 

"Safe now?" 

"For the moment." Blair stated, he looked over his shoulder, "Naomi,
could you get me a wet cloth." He said without thinking. He turned back
before he could see her reaction to his words. Jim however did and made
a note to himself to find out why once they were out of here. 

The big man turned his attention to the very quiet little girl on the
other cot. "Debbie, are you okay?" He asked gently. She looked at him
with solemn eyes and nodded. 

"How do you know my name?" She asked. 

"Your dad told me." 

"My daddy? Where is he?" 

"He's outside with Ms. Parker and Sidney." The tension in the little
girl's body eased as soon as she heard Ms. Parker's name. He smiled
when he heard her say under her breath, "Good! She can take care of my
daddy." She jumped up to help Michelle and Blair. 

Jim listened to the activity in the building, hoping it would stay calm
until his partner had recovered enough from the forced contact with
Angelo. The young Shaman's recovery time had shortened with every
contact but it still took time. 

The Sentinel could hear Parker and friends plan to take out the guards.
He heard them put their plan in motion, working from the outside in,
isolating a guard and rendering him unconscious. Broots was proving to
be very good at it. Forefront in his mind was the thought that his baby
was locked in a room and the guards were the only barriers between
them. Jim smiled when he heard Broots comments. 

"You will stay down, you S.O.B." There was the sound of a body
absorbing a blow. "Think you can take my daughter and get away with it.
I don't think so." Was heard next. "If I find out you so much as
touched my daughter I will personally castrate you with a butter

The last comment was overheard by Parker. She stopped and stared and
the very determined father. She shook her head and smiled. "I'll hold
him down for you." Broots jumped, not realizing that she was standing
behind him. He flashed her a quick grin. 

Sidney took out the last guard and rifled through his pockets to find
the key to the locked room. It was quickly opened and Broots was the
first one through. Informed by Jim that her dad was outside the door,
Debbie was ready for him. She launched herself into her father's arms.
He smothered her face with kisses, holding her close. 

"Daddy, I can't breathe." She giggled. 

Sidney moved around them, eyes only for Michelle. He walked over to her
and reached out taking her hands in his. "Are you all right?" He asked
quietly. She smiled, glancing at the young man with the long curly

"I will be." 

Parker made a beeline to Angelo's side. "How is he?" She asked the
younger man. 

Blair smiled. "Ask him." She looked at the man she had known since they
were children. 

"Angelo is good." He smiled a crooked grin. Blair suddenly looked up at
his partner. 

"I hate to interrupt," Jim said, "but the reunions are going to have to
wait. Reinforcements are at the gate and we need to get out of here."

They gathered everyone up and escaped from the building. Jim extended
his sight as they went over the wall and wasn't surprised to see
Brigitte exit the first car. He smiled, hearing her shriek when she
realized her prisoners had escaped. 

The detective looked at the passengers of the car. Everything had been
resolved except for one. His partner's curiosity was contagious. They
both needed to find out why Michelle seemed to be an identical twin to
Blair's mother Naomi. 

Michelle sat beside her former love and watched the young man. If she
was right he was the son of her long missing sister. She spoke up from
the back. 

"Blair, do you have a picture of your mother?" She asked hoping she was
right. Blair turned in his seat and handed her the most recent one from
his wallet. It showed Naomi standing between Jim and Blair laughing.
Michelle gingerly touched the picture. Tears began to fall as she
looked upon her sister's face for the first time in thirty-nine years.
She stroked the surface of the photograph, outlining Naomi's face with
her fingertips. She began to speak. 

"My sister, my twin was stolen from us thirty nine years ago. We had
just turned nine years old. We searched for years but after a while
people gave up. They thought she was dead." Michelle looked up her eyes
glittering with tears. "I told them she was still alive but they didn't
understand. They didn't know what it was like." Sidney put his arm
around her as she broke down. He understood what it was like for twins.

Blair spoke quietly. " My mom doesn't remember her early childhood. Now
it make sense." He thought of Naomi's philosophy of detach with love.
"I don't know if my grandparents took her or found her after someone
else did." He reached back and took her hand. "But we will find out, I
promise you." 

Parker caught Jim's eye in the rearview mirror and mouthed. "Small
world." He gave her a smile and nodded. She didn't know the half of it.