Futures Past 01: The Awakening


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Author's Notes

Thanks to all of you who responded to my first fanfic post. 
I can't believe all the positive responses. Your favorable 
reviews are what convinced me to post this. Be aware that this is 
the first piece of fiction I ever wrote. So, I don't know how 
good the style is.

This has nothing to do with the previous post though. This 
short could probably stand completely on its own, but I'm not 
sure how well. If it totally confuses you, I'm sorry. I 
originally intended for it to be a lead in to my next post. And 
there *will* be a next story, as you can tell from the title.

This story is safe for all you non-shippers out there. But, 
my fellow shippers, clear the shipping lanes, cause the next 
couple will have UST, and the ones after that, when I finish 
them, will progress into solid MSR. This just sets the stage for 

So, with a few milligrams of ado...


Futures Past 01:
The Awakening
by Arvy 

Trinity Hospital
Wednesday, October 15, 1997
8:19 PM

The room was quiet except for the slow, unsteady blip of the 
heart monitor next to the bed. A minute later, it too stopped.

"Code Blue, Code Blue!!!, Dr. Zuckerman to Room 21 stat. 
Code Blue, Dr. Zuckerman to Room 21 stat." 

Robert Zuckerman looked up when he heard the call. He ran to 
the room followed by a couple of nurses. When he reached the 
room, he found a nurse looking at the monitors next to the 
patient's bed.

"Status?" he barked, reaching for the patient's chart, 
prepared for the worst. He knew this patient, and a code blue 
alarm at this stage probably meant that it was already too late 
to save her.

"I... I'm... I'm not sure, doctor." Zuckerman looked up to 
see the nurse staring at the heart monitor, and at the steady 
blip flickering across it.

"What do you mean, nurse?" he asked. "Was that or was that 
not a code blue alert I just heard?"

"Yes sir. But, uh, I don't see anything wrong with this 
patient. The heart monitor seems to show a normal heartbeat. If 
anything it's steadier than it was when I checked up on her a 
couple of hours ago. I don't know how to explain the alert."

Zuckerman looked at the monitor himself. Noting the steady 
pulse, he muttered, "Probably just a false alarm." Looking back 
at the nurse, he said, "But, to be on the safe side, I want a 
complete work up done on her. Send me the results as soon as 
possible. I'll be in my office. Good night, nurse." With that, he 
stalked out of the room.


Trinity Hospital, Dr. Zuckerman's office
Wednesday, October 15, 1997
10:10 PM

Robert Zuckerman could not remember when he had been more 
shaken. He looked at the two x-rays on the lighted screen in 
front of him. Both showed images of the same patient, one taken 
the day before, the other, an hour ago. Moving closer to the 
older picture, he slowly traced the outline of the cancerous mass 
shown clearly at the bridge of the patient's nose. He then 
glanced at the other x-ray. There were no signs of any 
abnormalities, and not even a hint of the cancer remained.

He was at a loss to explain this seemingly miraculous 
recovery. Yesterday, he would have given her another week at the 
most. When he had performed the surgery to implant the chip in 
her neck, at the insistence of both the patient and her partner, 
he had not fully understood the effect it would have on her 
condition. He had almost agreed with the patient's family, 
deciding to wait until he had had a chance to examine the chip in 
more detail. Almost...

He would have been surprised if the tumor had stopped 
spreading, or even slowed down. What he had not expected was a 
complete and total remission. There seemed to be no sign of the 
deadly disease that, until a few hours before, had been slowly 
ravaging her body. There were miracles, and then, there were 
miracles... He shook his head and reached for his coffee.

The End
Futures Past 01:
The Awakening
by Arvy 


End Notes

Feedback, please. And for those who have noticed, my email 
address is unmai@bigfoot.com now. I got tired of using hotmail. 
Now, this is only my second post, and after the great reviews you 
guys gave me for my first, I'm not sure how this will be 
received. If it confused you, send feedback anyway, just to tell 
me you read it, or ask for an explanation. If you figured out the 
crossover, email me, and I'll personally congratulate you 
(Actually a shameless ploy to get more feedback, but never mind 
that :) Here's a hint... the best clue you could hope for is in 
the first line.

I wanted to keep the intro short, so I think I'll put any 
stuff about the story itself, along with deep personal thoughts, 
in the end notes. That way you can skip it if you want, or read 
it to experience the whole enchilada. And it's starting to look 
like the notes section's gonna be longer than the story. Go 

Ok. Possible causes for Scully's remission: the chip, her 
faith, the chemo and radiation treatments, Mulder's beliefs, her 
family's prayers, Father McCue's magic rosary... and the list 
goes on. I thought, what the hey, here's the real reason :) If 
you can't figure out the crossover, either read the next 
installment, where it'll be obvious, or assume Father McCue and 
Nurse Owens attended the same convent, or even more simple, ask 

BTW, from what a future doctor in my family told me, a code 
blue is when a patient's going into cardiac arrest. I hope that's 
right. For all I know, she got that piece of info from er or 
something. No offense to er fans.

Futures Past Chronology:

01 - The Awakening     (Oct 1997)