Authors note: I started this around the time of the two part
episodes of Surprise and Innocence came out so this takes
place before these episodes.  But because I am an optimistic
person (and until they change Angel back) this piece goes
off into an alternate reality that never has Angel lose his
soul and therefore Buffy's love or Jenny betraying Giles and
Buffy's trust and then later being killed by Angelus and her
background was still a mystery.  Also, I would rate this as
a P.G. for some language and violence.  Also, would like to
thank Robyn for her help in serving as a sounding board for
ideas.  Many thanks and arrowroot cookies (private joke) to
Jeanie for beta reading, and slashing me to the bone. with
my grammar and other mistakes.  Due to recent events any
copying of this Fanfic and distribution without prior
permission is not allowed (Anya and her archive have it any
others MUST ask)  Copyright 1998 by Windrider.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy and Co. they are the property
of Joss Mutant Enemy and/or the WB.  The immortal concept
and the immortal watchers are borrowed from Highlander which
is the property of Rysher Entertainment.  Katherine Goddard
and Martin are mine as are any unrecognized characters.  

By Windrider

                          Part 1

It was late about two in the morning and Buffy was tired,
she had been patrolling for the past three hours and dusted
two vamps.  This past week things had been busy for the
Slayer.  First she had midterm exams and then she had to
deal with a threat in the form of a new vampire group that
was passing through.  The group was nomadic and believed
that they were the superior beings that all others Slayer,
vampire, and human were little more than sheep for the
slaughter or little bugs to be crushed.  They blew into town
and began to reek havoc.  First they attacked the Slayer and
her Slayerettes, but Buffy and the others set them packing
after dusting a couple.  Then they found Spike and Drusilla
and their minions.  The battle between the two respective
groups lasted two nights.  However, thanks to a little help
from the Slayer Spike and Drusilla wiped the nomads off the
face of the earth.  Those that Spike did not kill decided
that he was the strongest and pledged their loyalty to him. 
This had given him several vampires to spare.  He was
currently using them to run her ragged.

Buffy continued to walk through the park on her way home. 
She was getting very tired and a tired Slayer could make
mistakes.  She almost made it out of the park but she heard
a growl and turned around to face the vampire.  The vampire
was big around six-seven and looked well over 250 lbs.

Buffy looked at him and said, "Jeez can't you guys give it a
rest I need my beauty sleep."  

The vampire looked at her and growled, "Don't worry when I
kill you you'll get all the rest you'll need."

"Well if you insist on doing this then I'll make it quick,"
responded Buffy.

The vampire launched himself at Buffy intending to knock her
down, then kill her.  Buffy had other plans, she turned and
used his momentum to toss him to the ground.  However he
recovered quickly enough to avoid the stake that Buffy tried
to use on him.  He leaped to his feet twisted around to face
Buffy as she slowly got up and assumed a defensive stance.

"Time to go now, bye," Buffy said as she jumped up and
kicked the vampire in the face knocking him backwards.  She
then followed through with a couple of punches driving the
vampire farther back.  Then with one of her super kicks
drove him into a tree.  He looked down and screamed then
turned to dust from the broken tree limb that had pierced
his heart.  

Buffy looked at the settling dust and said, "See ya."

She then turned as she heard a sound behind her.  Buffy
rolled her eyes and said, "Okay that's it I've had it, I
don't have time so no more miss nice Slayer." 

"Even for me?" asked Angel as he stepped into view.

"For you I always have time," cooed Buffy as she grabbed
Angel in a hug.

"Nice job you did," said Angel as he hugged Buffy tightly.

"Thanks, but you could have helped," said Buffy as she
looked up at Angel.  

"And ruin your fun," stated Angel lightheartedly.

"Okay, but how about walking me to my house?" asked Buffy.

"Anything for you," responded Angel.

Buffy and Angel walked toward her house hand in hand.  They
whispered stuff to each other.  If someone had been around,
they would not have thought that they were seeing anything
but two young people in love.  Not a 241-year-old vampire
and a 16-year-old Slayer.  Angel walked Buffy to her house
and watched her crawl in her window.  As she looked out and
waved goodbye to Angel he waved to her and then melted into
the shadows.


The next day Buffy met the others at the library after
class.  She was due to do some training.  Willow was at her
computer surfing the net, Xander and Cordelia were sitting
at a table arguing over something, and Giles was reading one
of his dusty old volumes.  Things looked like normal to her.
She walked in then went over to see what Willow was doing.

"What ya doing Will?" asked Buffy as she stepped up behind

After not getting an answer Buffy shook her head and then
poked Willow on the shoulder and said again, "What ya

"Huh, oh hey Buffy nothing just surfing," answered Willow. 

"I bet--is that the I love Brad Pitt page again?" asked
Buffy innocently.

"No, it is not," Willow replied righteously as she tried to
hide the screen.

"Well then what is it then?" asked Buffy, as she looked
closer at it.

"Oh the David Boreanaz page, he's a hottie but no Angel,"
said Buffy as she watched as Willow blushed and then closed
the connection.

"Don't you have some training to do," teased Willow.

"Okay I get the hint," laughed Buffy as she turned and
headed for Giles.

"Hey Giles,"

"Hello Buffy how are you today?" asked Giles.

"What are we going to do today?" asked Buffy.

"Well you have mastered the quarter staff and doing well
with the crossbow, so I think we should learn the sword,"
answered Giles as he headed for the weapons' cabinet.

"The sword, why?" asked Buffy following him.

"Well one way to kill a vampire is to decapitate it, but in
the Master's case this seems necessary for older vampires. 
Removing the head should render any revocations ceremonies a
moot point," replied Giles as he stopped in front of the
cabinet and unlocked it.

"Revoca-what?" questioned Buffy.

"Revocation Ceremonies are what the Anointed One tried to use
to revive the Master.  Better safe than sorry on any older
vampires," answered Giles as he reached in and retrieved two

"Okay, what's the best way to handle this thing?" asked Buffy
as she accepted the sword handed to her.

"Well since you'll probably not face any other sword armed
people, lets concentrate on you attacking," answered Giles.

"Sure," said Buffy as she suddenly attacked Giles.

Giles was ready for this, as Buffy had many times surprised
him, but not this time.  He parried her thrust and then, as she
was off balance, used the sword to knock Buffy's feet out from
under her.  The stunned slayer looked up at him as he looked
down at her and told her what she did wrong.  He then suggested
to her that they change into some padded fencing clothes to
protect them from injury.  While they were doing this Xander
and Cordelia had finished their argument and decided that
Willow was needed to help them with their homework, or do it
if the case be known.

"Willow come over here," pleaded Xander.

"Why?" asked Willow as she looked over at Xander and Cordelia.

"We have been trying to do this algebra homework problem for
twenty minutes, we need your expertise oh study buddy of mine,"
answered Xander as he gave her his patented "help me" look.

"Ya doofus over here has tried three times to get the answer
to X and still can't get it," stated Cordelia.

"Well if you would help instead of primping..." started Xander. 

Cordelia interrupted with "primping?  Well at least I care what
I look like, not like some reject from the locker room."

"Oh ya well do the words less is more mean anything to you,"
quipped Xander.

Willow quickly used the moment to angrily break in the
conversation, "Guys enough I've listened to you two long
enough, either shut up or get out."

The two looked on stunned at Willow before both muttered okay. 
Cordelia also muttered "who made you ruler of the library."

Willow reverted back to her normal voice and demeanor and
helped them finish the algebra homework, while Giles preceded
to teach Buffy some finer points of sword fighting.


Giles and Buffy sparred for nearly an hour.  Buffy's natural
talent for weapons again became evident. In an hour's time she
learned almost all that Giles needed to teach her about sword
fighting.  While she was not a master, she should do well
against most anyone unless they had trained to sword fight. 
While this was possible it was unlikely that a vampire would
have a weapon to use as a defense.  The only thing that really
worried him was that older vampires probably grew up in times
when swords were the weapon of choice so would be familiar with
them.  He decided that he needed to teach Buffy to defend
herself better before allowing her to patrol with the sword. 
Buffy looked tired though so he decided to save the defending
part until later.  Willow and Xander looked like they were
almost ready to go home.  Cordelia had already left to go to
cheerleading practice.

"Okay well you seem to be doing well, but this is enough
practice for today," said Giles.

"Cool anything else?" asked Buffy.

"No, just don't forget to watch out tonight for Spike's men,"
reminded Giles.

"No worries Giles, I have that very thought in mind," replied
Buffy.  She then headed toward the office to change out of the
pads and into her regular clothes.

Giles watched her go before turning to collect the swords and
put them away in the weapons closet.  Buffy returned as he
finished up.  He went and changed himself then looked out at
the suddenly empty library.  It seemed that where Buffy went,
the Slayerettes always followed.  Giles decided to close
everything up and see if Jenny was free to go to dinner.  He
didn't realize just when he had gotten over his awkwardness
with her, but he was happy that he did.  For he believed that
he was coming to love the techno-pagan.  He started to head
toward the door when Xander and Willow came running in,
carrying a blood covered Slayer.


Buffy left the library with Xander and Willow deciding to head
for her house to hang for awhile then go to the Bronze for some
*Happy* time as Xander liked to call it.  As they walked out
of the school, Xander was walking backwards talking to Willow,
when he tripped and fell into Buffy.  He knocked Buffy forward
and she lost her balance at the top of the entrance steps.  She
fell forward, did a flip and almost landed on her feet but
instead she hit her head on the railing and then tumbled
forward down the steps.  The hit to the head rendered her
unconscious and the subsequent fall skinned her up as she
brushed against the concrete.
Willow and Xander looked on for a few seconds in stunned
silence and then they quickly rushed to Buffy's side to help

"Buffy wake up, please wake up," cried Xander as he gently
lifted Buffy's head while Willow looked Buffy's injuries over. 
She thought that aside from the cuts and beginnings of some
bruises Buffy should be fine.  However she knew that the blow
to the head could be life threatening if they could wake her
up.  She couldn't decide whether to move her or not, but
decided that the moving would not be any worse for Buffy and
they needed to get her to Giles.  He would know what to do.

"Come on Xander help me! We need to get her to the library,"
Willow commanded as she picked up Buffy's feet.

Xander looked up at her and in a struggling voice said, "I
didn't mean..."

"I know but this is not the time for this, MOVE IT!" Willow
said with authority immediately causing Xander to recover
enough to help her carry the wounded Slayer to the library.

Xander lifted Buffy by her shoulders and supported her head
while Willow lifted her feet.  The two then ran back up the
stairs toward the library.  Along the way Miss Calendar was
walking down the hall toward the library.  She looked up as
Willow and Xander came running toward the library from the
opposite direction.  What the hell is happening wondered Jenny
as she saw they were carrying an obvious hurt Slayer.  She
bolted for the library to help and find out what happened.  She
was just a few steps behind Willow and Xander.

"Oh lord what happened?" Giles asked as he indicated that they
lay Buffy down on one of the tables.  He began to examine her
as Jenny ran up and then turned and headed to his office.

"She uh..." started Xander before he was over come with

"She fell down the stairs.  She hit her head I think she has
a concussion," answered Willow between tears.

"Jenny, get me the first aid kit," yelled Giles.

"Here," said Jenny as she ripped the kit open and handed Giles
some absorbent pads and then got the smelling salts out to try
to wake Buffy up.

While Jenny was looking for them, she heard Giles gasp and
Willow and Xander let out small cries.  She looked up and
asked, "What's wrong?"   

"What the devil," exclaimed Giles.

Buffy was laying on the table but her cuts were healing as if
by magic.  Each cut had a little electrical flash of current
go across it and then in place of it was normal flesh,
untouched and unscarred.  In a few seconds "all of the cuts"
were healed and the bruises were fading away also.  The swollen
place on her head also appeared to be healing.  In about a
minute, much to everyone's surprise Buffy opened her eyes and
sat up.

She looked at her friends worried faces and asked, "What's
wrong?"  She then looked down at her bloody clothes and
repeated the question but in more of the form of a scream.

"It's okay Buffy," consoled Giles as he tried to figure out
what was going on.  

"Willow would you go get some clothes for Buffy.  Xander go get
a wet towel and some dry ones," ordered Jenny.  Willow and
Xander rushed off to complete their tasks.  Jenny looked up at
Giles and Buffy.  She knew that Giles looked like he was in
shock and Buffy looked terrified.  So she thought it begins.

By Windrider

                          Part 2
Jenny did not know what to do.  This had happened too fast
Buffy was already immortal, but for the life of her Jenny could
not figure out how.  The fall had been bad but not enough to
kill her, especially with her natural Slayer abilities.  Jenny
needed time to think and to contact headquarters.  She was a
researcher now and no longer an active field agent, but time
for that to change.  Jenny would need to be assigned to Buffy
as her watcher to protect her secret.  Jenny had been sent to
watch Buffy by the Watchers because it was believed that she
was a preimmortal and therefore a great opportunity for the
Watchers to study the transition of an mortal into an Immortal. 
Jenny had been surprised to find out that she was also a
Slayer. Jenny had always been fascinated with the supernatural,
which in her mind went hand in hand with Immortals, but knew
she had to use some spin control if need be to keep things
under raps for now.  Another problem was training Buffy to
protect herself from other Immortals, she would need a mentor. 
Jenny new just who, but would need to break the noninterference
policy of the Watchers to get it done.  These thoughts raced
through Jenny's mind in the time it took for Xander to go and
return with the towels and shortly thereafter Willow's return
with a change of clothes for Buffy.

Jenny made Giles and Xander stay in the main part of the
library while she and Willow helped clean up Buffy in Giles'
office.  While they were doing that, Giles decided to try to
research the reason behind Buffy's miraculous recovery.  Xander
just sat down and looked off into space, reliving over and over
what he had done to Buffy.  Giles looked up references to past
Slayers' abilities.  While all Slayers seemed to have excelled
healing abilities and recovery, he had never heard of that
strong or fast of healing abilities.

In the office Willow and Jenny were helping Buffy clean off and
take the bloody clothes off so she could change into the clean
ones.  Buffy was still having problems focusing because she was
trying to figure out what had happened.  

"Willow, what exactly happened?" asked Buffy.

Willow told her, and Buffy commented, "I remember doing the
flip and then the an awful pain in my head, then nothing. 
Right now I feel fine no pains not even a headache."

Willow looked her over and suggested that she might be in shock
and therefore not feeling the pain because it was being blocked
by the shock.

Buffy was finishing getting changed when she replied: "But
where would I have pain that the shock would block?  Check...
no cuts, no bruises, or even a bump on the head."

Jenny decided that until she could speak to Buffy in private
and fill her in on what she was, it might be better that she
pass the occurrence off as a possible plus from the Slayer
aspect of her abilities.  Jenny looked at Buffy and said, "Well
don't you normally heal fast as the Slayer?"

"Well ya usually not this fast," answered Buffy.

"Well maybe it's the Hellmouth," interjected Willow.

Bless you Willow Jenny thought and out loud said, "She could
be right. Your naturally augmented Slayer healing could have
received an unexpected boost from the Hellmouth's energy."

"Well maybe, but lets see what Giles says." acknowledged Buffy.
Buffy gathered up the bloody clothes and stuffed them into the
empty trash bag from the trash can by Giles' desk.  Then she
led the others out into the library where Giles and Xander were
waiting.  When Xander looked up and saw Buffy, he ran over to
her and apologized profusely.  

Buffy stopped him and told him it was okay, it could have
happened to anyone and that apparently she was no worse for the
wear.  Buffy then asked Giles what he thought about what
happened.  He was at a loss to explain what had happened,
though after hearing Jenny's idea, he believed that it was a
plausible explanation, Although he would still research other
possibilities.  Giles suggested that Buffy go home and rest for
the night and, sent Xander and Willow with her.  He then
suggested that Jenny have dinner with him.  She accepted but
told him that she had things to take care of first and that she
could meet him there.  Giles agreed and then walked Jenny to
her car, then as she headed home he got in his car and also
went home to get ready for his *date* with Jenny.


Jenny entered her house and immediately went to her computer. 
She booted it up then connected to the regional Watchers
headquarters in Seattle.  She entered her update and the
request for the change in status for Buffy and her request to
be assigned to Buffy on a permanent basis.  She then accessed
the Immortal Database on file.  She was looking for the
location of an Immortal that she knew about, who knew about
watchers, and was trusted to be honorable as well as was a
friend of hers.  She found the person she was looking for. 
Luck was with her because the person currently lived in Los
Angeles instead of New York as they had the last time Jenny saw
them.  She could probably get them to move here and help Buffy. 

Jenny looked up the address and then dialed the information for
the number.  The screen on Jenny's computer showed the picture
of a tall late twenties or early thirties looking woman with
dark blonde hair and an athletic build.  She had a history
beginning in 1027 when she died her first death at age thirty.
Her original name was Elisabeth Hunter currently going under
the same name only shortened to Beth Hunter.  Jenny dialed the
LA number but received only Beth's answering machine.  Not
wanting to leave any thing incriminating on her machine, she
just asked Beth to call her at home later that night when she
got the message or Jenny would try back the next afternoon.
Jenny then changed her clothes for her date with Rupert.

Jenny met Rupert at the restaurant.  She had a great time.  She
realized that she was starting to fall for his *British* wit
and charm.  The meal was excellent and the chocolate fluff
desert was perfect.  Giles escorted her out into the parking
lot and to her car.  Before they parted, they shared a long
good night kiss.  Jenny walked into her house as the phone was
ringing. Jenny rushed up to answer it after verifying that it
was Beth from the Caller ID.

"Hi Beth," answered Jenny as she picked up the phone.

"Jenny what's the matter, your call sounded urgent but you were
so cryptic on the machine?" asked Beth.

"Well I have a problem," started Jenny then she paused.

"What kind of problem?" asked Beth.

"Well I don't want to say over the phone, but it's a about this
teenage girl I 'watch'.  She just had a unusual event happen
and it is the kind of event you know well." stated Jenny

"Oh yeah that type of problem, well you know I love kids.  So
I guess I could come help out for awhile," replied Beth

"Thanks, do you know where Sunnydale is?" asked Jenny.

"That's south of here isn't it?" asked Beth.

"Yeah about two hours, and Beth you can room with me so we can
catch up on things," said Jenny.

"Sounds good with me but I have plenty of money for a hotel
room," responded Beth.

"This way would be easier and safer, plus the only thing
Sunnydale has is a couple of fleabags anyway," laughed Jenny
as she exchanged byes with Beth and hung up.


The next day Beth arrived just after lunchtime.  Jenny called
in sick at school so she could have time to talk with Beth
before she introduced her to Buffy.  Jenny showed Beth in and
after getting her a coke, preceded to tell her what had
happened.  But first she wanted to get a feel for Beth's belief
in the supernatural.

"So now that I told you about my problem  maybe I should tell
you about Buffy's situation," said Jenny hesitantly.

"What do you mean?" asked Beth.

"Well you have been alive over 900 years, so I'm sure you have
seen some strange things, but how open minded are you?" asked

"I am Immortal I keep an open mind," replied Beth.

"Well Buffy has a special situation," Jenny started then paused
for a couple of seconds, she continued, "Buffy has special
abilities, she is a Slayer."

"Oh..." responded knowingly Beth.

"You mean you knew what a Slayer was?" Jenny asked surprised.

"Well yes, like you said I have lived over nine hundred years,
I have meet a couple of Slayers in my time.  Remember I was
born in a time that the supernatural was more prominent than
in day to day life than it is now," replied Beth.

"Besides I have traveled the world and mysticism is not the
novelty it is here in America.  Not all rabbit foots and love
potions," stated Beth.

"I know, when I studied the supernatural, the other watchers
did not understand why I did it.  It was partly because an
interest of mine but also, to understand any of the older
Immortals, I needed to know more about things like the
supernatural.  Because they grew up in times that had a lot of
those events and that had to effect their beliefs and values,"
said Jenny.

"Well like someone once said 'The journey to knowledge starts
with learning'," said Beth.

"Also the watchers in my opinion have become a little to snotty
and careless.  They are several Immortals that know about you,
mainly because their watchers are getting more and more lazy. 
Not taking care to hide well or even learning anything about
us.  We don't live for centuries without gaining an awareness
for the obvious," informed Beth.

"I agree.  The counsel has become lacking in its recruitment
and training," replied Jenny.

"I know.  By the way who is my new watcher?" asked Beth.

"Well I'm not suppose to tell," said Jenny.

"I know we aren't suppose to know about you and you about us. 
Seriously though this new person is terrible.  I pegged him
following me as I left LA.  I mean he stayed only a couple cars
behind me and all I did to lose him was speed up and go top
speed until I got far enough ahead to get off and then back on
the freeway behind him," laughed Beth.

"Well Jack was not the best we had to offer but they thought
that since you knew about us anyway they would not waste
anymore good ones on you," said Jenny.

"Like you my dear, it took me over a year to figure out my new
tenant was my watcher," said Beth.

"Well the best way to hide is in plain site, I still don't know
how you found out about me," replied Jenny.

"Well you know when you took your vacation and your 'sister'
came to stay at your apartment to watch over things..." asked


"Well she was not as good as you, she let me see her tattoo.
I should have wondered why you wore such a large banded watch,"
said Beth.

"Well they say we need the tatoo, but not that we have to show
it to everyone," replied Jenny.

"Well back to business then.  Does the Slayer have her own
*watcher* and does that person know about your watchers?" asked

"Rupert, nope he just knows the supernatural stuff, I am
Buffy's watcher now," said Jenny.

"Good I don't think the others are ready for that kind of
watching," replied Beth.

"Well I was assigned to her before she become immortal,"
replied Jenny. 

"Before, how did you--know only we can sense Immortal-to-be's,"
said Beth.

"Well one of the watchers intercepted a conversation about a
preimmortal between two Immortals.  One of them had found a
girl and was watching her, waiting for her to change so he
could train her.  He unfortunately lost a fight soon after but
not before we found out who it was," replied Jenny.

"Well that answers my question," said Beth as she got up.

"Well if you are ready then lets go meet this Buffy girl and
let her know about her destiny," 

"Okay she's probably at school with Rupert and her friends,"
Jenny said as she went to get her purse and keys.

"A Slayer with friends?" questioned Beth.

"Well Buffy is not the normal Slayer," replied Jenny as she
locked up and then headed for her car.


Buffy was, as usual in the library after school.  If she spent
as much time studying class stuff as Slaying stuff in the
library, she'd have straight A's not borderline C's.  Buffy was
doing some warmup exercises while Giles looked over some more
of his *beloved* books.  The strange thing was that Xander and
Willow were not present in the library.  Xander had a dentist
appointment and Cordelia had conned Willow into helping her
with a computer project that was due.  

Buffy knew that after the warmup Giles planned on having Buffy
run through the usual paces: Practicing her kicks punches and
other defensive moves, before continuing with some offensive
practice.  Buffy was just getting warmed up when she suddenly
felt the strangest sensation.  It felt like electrical charges
had started at the base of her spine and traveled up it to her
neck and head.  It was almost a buzz.  She shivered momentarily
then started looking around hunting the source because it felt
a little similar to the sensation she had around vampires.  The
feeling felt strongest toward the door but it was still daytime
so not a vampire.  She didn't like it, she called out for Giles
just as the doors opened and Ms. Calendar and a woman walked

"What is it Buffy?" asked Giles.

"Something is not right with that woman with Ms. Calendar.  She
is sending out major vibes," replied Buffy quietly.

"Okay be on guard," warned Giles in a whisper.

Then he said in a normal voice, "Jenny wonderful to see you,
and who is your friend?"

"Hello Rupert, this is my good friend Beth Hunter.  Beth this
is Rupert Giles and his charge Buffy Summers," Jenny said
introducing Beth to the two.

"Hi" replied Buffy as she eyed Beth suspiciously.  

"Hello Ms. Hunter, what can I do for you?" asked Giles.

"Hello to both of you, but I have some business with Buffy,"
stated Beth.

"About??" asked Giles and Buffy together.

"It's okay Rupert nothing is wrong Beth just needs to talk to
Buffy about some things that she will have to go through,"
interjected Jenny diplomatically.  

"Well I must insist on knowing what it is," replied Giles.

"It's okay Giles, if vibes lady wants to talk then let her
talk," Buffy said impatiently. 

"Well 'vibes lady' thanks you, but this matter is best
discussed in private," Beth responded.

"Anything you need to tell me you can tell Giles and me," said

Jenny looked at Buffy and Giles then looked at Beth and in
silent communication let her know that the truth could not be
helped.  She trusted that Giles would not repeat anything that
he heard if for no other reason than to protect Buffy.
However he need not know the whole truth.

"Okay well when the incident with Buffy happened yesterday I
realized that something was up.  I knew that the Hellmouth
could have done something to accelerate Buffy's healing
ability.  However, I also knew of another reason that could
account for it.  I needed Beth to confirm it for me which she
has," finished Jenny as she looked at Beth to actually explain
what Buffy was.

"Buffy have you recently had an unusual experience, besides
yesterday, where you where hurt--so bad that you thought that
you died but didn't?" asked Beth.

Buffy looked shocked but replied, "Kinda I drowned but Xander
revived me."  I was only gone for a second but apparently all
hell broke lose while I was gone thought Buffy to herself.

"Well this Xander need not have bothered, you died and would
have comeback once removed from the water anyway.  You are
immortal," stated Beth.

"Immortal" said Giles unbelievingly.

"Immortal huh, well I think it's about time for a Prozac,"
replied Buffy unconvinced.

"Yes I agree nice meeting you but time to leave," informed
Giles as he started to escort Beth to the door.

"Rupert, Buffy, wait, listen to what she has to say?" asked

"I will do know such thing," said Giles sternly.  He did not
want Buffy to get any ideas it could make her sloppy and a
danger to herself.

Beth looked at the two and decided that they needed some
drastic measures to believe her.  She let Jenny begin to argue
with Giles to distract him and Buffy.  When this was
accomplished she quickly unsheathed her sword and ran forward
to attack Buffy.  Buffy was used to the unexpected happening
and faired better than Beth expected.  Instead of Beth's sword
sinking into Buffy's stomach and 'killing' her, Buffy was able
to side step most of it.  The blade cut her side but other wise
did no damage.  Buffy although well trained did not have the
experience at defending against an armed opponent.  Also she
did not have Beth's centuries of experience in attacking. 
While Buffy sidestepped, Beth followed through with a quick
thrust to her side that caught Buffy in the ribs and pierced
her heart.  Buffy looked down stunned as she looked into Giles
eyes as she fell forward.

happened He moved to help Buffy but knew it was to late.  The
look she gave him as she fell forward nearly killed him.  He
gently let her down as he watched the last bit of life leave
her eyes and her body relaxed in death.  

Giles looked up at Beth and said, "You bitch you killed her."

"Just wait," Beth said coolly. 

"Giles..." started Jenny.

"Don't," Giles said loudly as he laid Buffy on the floor then
jumped up and ran to the weapons locker.  He retrieved a sword
and rushed back toward Beth.

"You killed her.  She was defenseless.  I'm not," Giles said

"Giles don't you don't understand," Jenny said as she tried to
stop him.

"Move," Giles said as he shoved her out of the way and lunged
at Beth intending to kill her.

Beth looked on as Giles came at her and thought to herself as
she parred his lunge.  He must have love her like a daughter,
but he is mortal so I don't want to hurt him.  She said to
Giles, "I don't want to hurt you so stop now."

"But I want to hurt you," replied Giles as he attacked.

The fight did not last very long but in the time that it did
Giles got in several good hits.  Beth truly did not want to
hurt him so she held back.  Although she thought that for a
mortal without her centuries of practice he could fight well. 
He started to break her defenses and inflict some damage when
he was brought up short by a sudden gasping and sound of
Buffy's voice behind him.

Jenny looked on as Rupert and Beth fought.  On a technical side
Rupert fought well, on the emotional side it pained her that
her friends were fighting.  She hoped that Beth did not have
to hurt him.  She looked down at Buffy and wished she'd recover
soon to stop this needless battle.  Just as it looked like Beth
would have to go on the offense, Buffy suddenly revived.  Buffy
gasped and raised up.  She quickly called out to Giles as she
felt for the injury that was not there.

Giles turned and could not believe his eyes.  Buffy was alive. 
He dropped the sword and ran to help her up and hugged her. 
He then looked her over.  The wounds had disappeared.  He then
looked at Beth.  While she was bloody all the gashes his sword
had made in her skin were gone.

"Believe us now Rupert," asked Jenny as she looked at Slayer
and Watcher.

Giles looked on speechlessly.

"Immortal? Cool factor ten," said Buffy.

"Immortal but how?" asked Giles as he finally regained some of
his composure.

"Well I suggest we sit down and talk about this calmly.  I am
Elizabeth Hunter.  I was born in England in 1027 A.D. and I am
an immortal..." said Beth as she explained what immortals were
and about the *Game*.

"So I can only truly die if my head is separated from my neck?"
asked Buffy after the explanations.

"Yes, you will not age or get sick, you will be forever young,"
said Beth.

"Well that's a plus," Buffy said.

"But remember this immortality comes at a price, you cannot
avoid the game unless you stay on holy ground..." Beth said.

"Not likely," interrupted Buffy shuddering with visions of
living as nun flashed through her mind.

"Like I started to say there are good and bad immortals just
like people.  Most let each other alone, but there are
headhunters out there.  Some also don't have scruples.  They
would sooner shoot you then take your head that do the
honorable thing and fight for it.  You will also need to train
to defend yourself.  Newbies are easy targets," warned Beth.

"Okay but that could be a problem," Buffy said as she looked
at Giles.

"I know but why don't we make it part of your regular Slayer
training," replied Beth.

"My what," Buffy said innocently.

Giles looked at Beth worriedly as she repeated the statement. 
He looked at her and said, "She just does her aerobics in her."
as he tried to cover for Buffy. 

"Come on, even if Jenny had not told me about you being the
Slayer, which before you get mad at her about, I would have
found out about it anyway.  I have met a Slayer or two in my
nine hundred years.  Also in my youth the supernatural such as
vampires and witches were common as Jehovah Witnesses are now,"
said Beth.

"Okay so you know," Buffy said.

"Yes and for you it will be an advantage most Newbies don't
have.  The extra skill and strength as well as knowledge with
weapons," stated Beth as she stood up.  

"Ready to begin lesson one?" she asked Buffy as she unsheathed
her sword. 

End part 2

By Windrider 
                          Part 3
A month later...

Buffy looked down at the sword she held and turned it over. 
She looked at it and admired how it fit her hand perfectly and
the balance was also great.  In addition the sword looked
beautiful.  It has a Japanese katana with an ivory handle. Beth
said *that* it was over 400 years old.  Buffy looked up at Beth
and said," I love it but I can't accept it.  This thing must
be worth a fortune and besides I already have a sword."

"Buffy I want you to have it.  Yes it's worth a lot now but
when I had it made I only paid for it with one horse and some
mink skins.  Beside it has a reinforced blade.  That practice
sword that you have been using is a mail order sword.  It could
break in a serious battle and I would feel better if you had
this one.  Please just humor me okay," said Beth.

"Okay, but where can I hide it?" asked Buffy.

"Well come closer..." said Beth as she whispered in Buffy's ear
were she could hide it.

"Oh cool I like that," Buffy laughed.

"Well then lets practice some more and then I can help you with
your history homework," replied Beth.

"Do we have to the homework that is," Buffy said as she
followed Beth into the training room.

"I know Willow would help you but you need the excuse of a
tutor to come train with me and I see no use in not training
both your swordsmanship and your mind also," responded Beth as
she suddenly attacked Buffy.

Buffy parred the swing excellently just as Beth had shown her. 
She then followed through with a thrust of her own.  Beth
parred it and then stabbed at Buffy's unprotected stomach. 
Buffy noticed the intention almost immediately but could not
get her sword back in time to stop it.  She did the next best
thing.  She jumped up and did a forward flip over Beth's head
and shoulders.  She landed behind her and twisted around and
caught Beth with a glancing blow to the side.  This momentarily
knocked Beth off balance.  Buffy used this to knock Beth off
her feet.  Buffy then looked at Beth's prone shape and
hesitated but then thrust her sword toward Beth's heart
confident that she had finally won a round.  However, Beth used
the hesitation to roll to the left and thrust her sword into
Buffy's chest 'killing' her.  

Beth then sat up and looked down at Buffy and thought to
herself 'the kid has potential, but needs to learn discipline.' 
She then walked to the side of the training room and got two
towels and a couple of bottles of water.  She was walking back
in to Buffy just as she revived.

"I hate that.  Why is it again that we are doing this?" asked

"Because you need to learn to defend yourself, and why just
spar.  If the real thing happens it will be to the death.  So
why not practice like the real thing.  If you learn to fight
while hurt it will be your advantage.  Many of us teach and
practice but not to draw blood, but if you are hurt and have
practiced hurt then the pain should not cause you to get
sloppy," replied Beth as she handed a towel to Buffy along with
a bottle of water  

"Thanks but I lost, I always lose," pouted Buffy.

"I know but your training is coming along great and besides I
have had a few more years of practice," smirked Beth.

"A few years huh, more like centuries," responded Buffy.

"Pfft.  Well let me tell you little one, that flip was an
excellent move.  Totally unexpected and the follow through was
great, but don't let you guard down until the opponent is dead
and or headless.  Also don't hesitate I didn't and defeated
you.  Remember that in a real fight instead of letting you
revive the adversary will remove you pretty blonde head from
your body," said Beth sternly.  

"I know but I don't like to kill living things," replied Buffy.

"Well if helps think of them as a vampire, heck even stake
them.  A sword tip or wooden stake will still stop them for a
few minutes," answered Beth.

"Well since you put it that way, sounds good" replied Buffy.

"Okay then enough sword play, time to clean up and go over that
history," Beth reminded Buffy.

"Oh yeah," said Buffy unenthusiastically.


The next night Buffy was on her first patrol of the night.  She
started at her house then worked her way to the Bronze to meet
Xander and Willow.  Along the way she checked the cemetery and
the park but no fang gang around. She was walking behind the
Bronze toward the front of it when an unexpected event
happened.  She looked up to see a man step out in front of her
blocking her way.  She looked up and knew he wasn't a vampire
but still put up her guard.  

"Hello miss, do you have the time... my watched seems to have
stopped?" asked the man innocently.

Buffy looked at him then let her guard down and looked down at
her watch, "Its about..." as she was suddenly grabbed from
behind by the man's partner. 

"Alright give us your money and that cross," stated the man in
front of her as he pulled out a large switchblade out and
pointed it at Buffy.

Buffy looked hesitantly at the man before she quickly made her
move.  She suddenly used her strength to bend forward and throw
the man over her shoulder.  Then she took a defensive stance
as the other man attacked her with the knife.  He thrust toward
her but she sidestepped and then locked his arm in place with
her strength then applied enough pressure to cause him to
release the knife.  However the man was not done, he brought
his other had up in a fist and hit Buffy in the head.  This
caused her to release him.  She quickly recovered and sent out
a kick that sent the man spinning.  She then started to turn
to face the other man when three things happened.  First she
heard some one shout her name, secondly she felt a buzz, and
then she felt an incredible pain in her back and chest.  She
then fell forward quickly with darkness descending around her.


Beth Hunter, Immortal was going a little stir crazy in the
small town of Sunnydale.  They did not have anything to do. 
No opera, no ballet or theater, the only culture of any type
was a couple of small museums.  She would kill to go to a play
or go to the opera like she did in New York.  Hell at least LA
had things to do, Sunnydale was just plain boring.  If not for
Buffy being needed and her needing trained Beth would have
split.  She was lost in thought about a how well Buffy was
doing when she heard some one call her name.  She looked up and
saw two young adults looking at her.  A boy and a girl.  Her
mind quickly supplied their names.  Xander and Willow, Buffy's

"Hello Ms. Hunter," called out Willow.

"Hi there Willow Xander how are you two this evening?" asked

"Oh we're fine," replied Willow as she look at Xander who was
looking at Beth like a starving man looking at a seven course

"Hmm Hi Ms. Hunter," Xander finally got out.

Beth looked at Xander and thought he's cute in a lost puppy
sort of way.  She knew that he had a mild crush on her ever
since she had met him and Willow a couple of weeks ago in the
Library.  She took it in stride.  Then looked at Willow and
thought the poor thing she obviously loves him and all he does
is look at her as a friend and chase everything else in a
skirt.  She then said, "That's good, so what are you doing."

"Nothing really just going to the Bronze and you?" replied

"Same here just out going for a walk," answered Beth.

Willow and Xander exchanged looks.  They both believed that
this was definitely not a thing to do in Sunnydale after dark
alone, unless you knew the then town or were in pairs.  The
dangers of vampires was great and she was a friend.  

Then Xander said, "Well if your not doing anything, why don't
you come to the Bronze with us." 

Beth looked at them and then though about it.  A club full of
young people should be fun if nothing else to watch then
interact with each other.  She also though that the two might
be trying to protect her from the things that go bump in the
night that she was *supposed* to be oblivious to.  She finally
said, "Okay."

She was walking between the two friends talking to them about
school as they approached the back of the Bronze when she
looked up and saw Buffy in the other direction past the Bronze
talking to a man.  As she look on suddenly another man stepped
behind Buffy and grabbed her while the first man pulled a knife
on Buffy.  She started to run to help when Buffy threw the man
over her shoulder.  Beth stopped and thought 'good for her as
she watch Buffy continue fighting the other man.'  She was
vaguely aware of Willow and Xander asking her what was up but
she was concentrating on Buffy to much.  She started forward
in a run when she noticed the other man pick up the dropped

She hollered, "Buffy look out."

It was too late though, she watched as the man shoved the knife
into Buffy's back, deep.  Deep enough to pierce her heart and
kill her so it looked.  She started to follow the two as they
fled when she realized that Willow and Xander were with her. 
She turned and looked as Xander and Willow reached Buffy.

"Buffy.." screamed Xander as he grabbed Buffy and turned her
toward him and cradled her in his arms.  Willow to stunned to
speak bent down beside him to look in horror at the blood
quickly covering both Xander and the ground.

Beth walked up as Buffy died in their arms.  She thought oh
shit the secret's out.

Willow finally recovered her voice and let out a strangled, "Oh
my god Buffy, NO NO NO" before completely losing it and
slumping back racked with tears.  Beth kneeled down beside
Willow trying to calm her but just held her as she continued

Xander watched as Buffy went limp in his arms so much like when
he had found her after the Master had drowned her.  This time
though CPR would not bring her back.  He looked up in disbelief
until he let out a strangled full of tears "NO".

Beth looked down at Buffy she had a decision to make, should
she let them think Buffy was dead or let them know she would
be okay.  She knew that they had kept secret Buffy's secret
identity so why not about her Immortal identity as well.  She
then let Willow go and turned to Xander and gently removed
Buffy from his arms. She then grabbed both of them and shook
them gently until they looked at her.

"Listen to me, We have to get Buffy out of here before someone
see her or us," Beth said sternly to break through their haze.

"Why?" Willow asked tearfully.

"Because we need to, help me get her up" replied Beth quickly. 

"But where can we take her? She's dead," responded Xander
somewhat shell shocked.

Beth decided that the only option was Jenny's house.  It was
relatively close and they should be able to keep out of sight
on the way there. 

"Lets get her to Jenny's" she said to them.

As they finally started to help her pick up Buffy, Beth and
Willow grabbing her feet and Xander grabbing her shoulders. 
When she chose that time to come back to life.  Buffy let out
sudden gasp and Xander released her and jumped back Willow let
out a little scream.  Buffy sat up and then looked around to
she her Mentor and best friends.  Oh boy she thought.

"Buffy" Willow and Xander said in unison before they both
grabbed her in a hug glad that she was okay.  Buffy just hugged
them back tightly.  She knew that she had died and that they
must have found her.

Finally they both release her and Xander said, "Are you okay."

Willow followed by saying, "What happened you were dead I know

Xander looked at Willow then looked at Buffy and said, "Yeah,
what's up."

Before Buffy could explain, Beth interrupted them and firmly
said, "This can wait, we need to get out of here NOW." 


Then next day outside during lunch Buffy was sitting with
Xander and Willow.  Buffy was amazed how much her life had
changed and how well she and her friends were taking the
changes.  She and Beth had explained to them, the night before
at Ms. Calendar's house, about Immortals.  Jenny had been
surprised to see them but let them in and helped explain
Buffy's condition, then explained to Buffy about the Watchers
and what they did.  

"So your Immortal?" asked Willow again break Buffy's train of

"Yep and so is Beth," replied Buffy.

"I can't believe it she looks so normal and young and
beautiful..." rambled Xander.

"And over 950 years old," reminded Willow.

"Yah don't remind me," Xander replied.

"But think of all the things she has seen and you too Buffy,
I mean to live forever," Willow replied dreamily.

"Yah but then I have enough problems with demon's and vamps now
I have to worry about other Immortals," responded Buffy.

"But then no dying and getting sick is a plus," said Willow.

"What about sick days Will, no school and serious tv watching
would be out," reminded Xander.

"Don't remind me," said Buffy.

Before anything else could be discussed the bell rang signaling
the end of lunch.  Willow and Xander headed for class and Buffy
headed for the Library.  Unknown to them they were being
watched by someone in a dark blue BMW with tinted windows so
dark that nothing could be seen of the driver and even doubtful
that light could not have penetrated the windows.  As the
friends left, the BMW started up and left the parking lot.

End part 3

By Windrider

                       Begin part 4
The dark blue BMW pulled out of the Sunnydale High parking lot
and headed out of the downtown area.  The car pulled up to a
house on the outskirts of town.  The house was a typical split
foyer house with a downstairs, a garage, and an upstairs main
living area.  The untypical part was the fact that every shade
in the house was pulled down.  The
driver pressed a button and the automatic garage door opener
activated the garage door.  Inside was darker than night.  The
car came to a stop and a young couple got out.  The man was
tall, about 6'4, and his companion barely came to his
shoulders, 5'5 if anything.  The couple had a timeless look
about their faces; they could pass for twenty but could be in
their late thirties.  This was to their advantage because their
true age was almost unimaginable, he was over 700 years old and
the woman was over 600 years old.  They were both immortal but
in separate ways.  He was immortal because he was a vampire
transformed in the late 1200's. She was immortal because she
was born that way and after a temporary death in the 1300's she
became Immortal.  They were lovers and married, had been for
350 years, and because they were both evil to the bone and had
found a kinship in this.  He because of the demon and her
because she was a headhunter and a cheat.  She used any way she
could to win a fight.  However, for all their evilness one
thing was different they loved each other.

"Well isn't this town just a roller coaster of fun," sighed 
the woman sarcastically.

"Come on Kate, this town is just what I need.  The Hellmouth
is just teeming with evil energy, more than enough to
accomplish my goal," the man replied.

"I know Martin, but still, couldn't this thing have been in LA
or something, at least there a girl could have a good time?"
said Kate as she looked up wishfully. 

"Well you know as well as I, that you could have a good time
in Siberia if you wanted to," responded Martin as he nuzzled
her neck.

"Stop that, It's a little late for a snack," said Kate coyly.

"Party pooper, come on a quick snack and then we can get some
sleep," Martin begged using a puppy dog look that Kate couldn't

"Okay, if you insist," Kate replied.

With that Martin's face slipped into his full vamp mode and he
sank his fangs into his lover's neck.  He quickly drained her
to unconsciousness. Then as she slumped down he picked her up
and carried her into their bedroom, like a father carries his
child.  She would recover in a few minutes but they were both
tired.  It had been very late for them to get to bed but worth
it they had found the Slayer.  

Later as night began to fall Kate woke up.  She looked across
at the sleeping form of her husband and lover.  For the
thousandth time she could not believe their circumstances.  She
loved him with all her heart but he could be just so reckless
sometimes.  I mean yes they thought the Hellmouth could give
him power, but gods there was a Slayer in the town.  She was
the one thing that could take him away from her.  Disease and
age could not, but a simple stake could.  Well she would just
have to do something about that she thought evilly.  This
little Slayer should be strong as a Slayer is, but still she
was only human and not likely to be able to fight the way Kate
planned to with a sword.  A plan was beginning to form in her
mind.  She would find this Slayer and would wound her enough
to be manageable, then let Martin have himself a gourmet meal. 
Just as she was ready to get up and start to put her plan in
action, Martin awoke.

"Where're you going my love?" Martin asked.

"Well a shower and then out to have a bite to eat," Kate said
giving him her best I'm not doing anything look.

"Huh huh, I know that look, what are you planning?" Martin

"Nothing, I mean it.  You just stay here and I'll go out and
pick up some burgers for me and then you can have a nice
breakfast when I get back," Kate said innocently.

"So you would not be going out by chance to kill the Slayer,"
replied Martin.

"Well you know if she and I meet, well..." said Kate.

"Dammit Kate I am not a child, I can take care of myself," said
Martin angrily.  

"I know that baby but you are still weak, you were nearly
killed by that damn witch," Kate replied sternly.

"But still I'm not some fledgling out for his first meal, I am
720 years old," he replied defensively. 

"Come on I'll be back later and I'll bring you a tasty morsel,"
she replied heading for the shower ending the conversation.


Jenny was having a crisis.  She knew that she needed to do
something.  She had to break her oath of noninterference  to
the watchers.  She had to let Beth and Buffy know about
Katherine Goddard being in Sunnydale.  She had been walking
back to her class after lunch to grade some computer projects
her third period class had just turned in, when she noticed a
unusual vehicle pull into the parking lot.  While Sunnydale had
its share of yuppies and rich kids, they usually did not drive
a new $75,000 BMW 840ci.  The car also felt wrong somehow, the
windows were so dark tinted that she could not see in it and
no one left the car.  She decided to let things wait and watch
the car.  She then looked around to she if anyone else was
around.  She spotted Buffy, Xander and Willow over to the side,
having lunch, and a couple of other students milling around. 

This really worried her.  Immortal's usually could afford
expensive cars, so was this an immortal waiting and looking for
Buffy.  She continued to watch until the bell rang and she
looked over to see Buffy, Willow and Xander head to class.  She
looked back to see the BMW backing out getting ready to leave. 
Jenny hurried toward the parking lot to get the license number. 
It had California plates 1CHP265.  Jenny turned and walked back
to her classroom.  While she assigned some busy work to her
fourth period intro to computers class, she hacked into the
California DMV.  She ran the plates and they were registered
to a Katherine Webster.  The name sounded familiar so she ran
the name through the Watcher database.  The name hit and a file
came up on Katherine Goddard and immortal born in 1370 in
England.  She scrolled down to read up on her.  She almost
jumped out of her seat to call Beth immediately, but decided
that she would have to wait cause Beth was probably not home
yet.  She new that Beth needed to know that a headhunter was
in town.  She looked over the rest of the file, for a such a
young one she had already killed nearly 200 immortals that were
counted, but she often was not watched so it could be more. 
Her watchers had a bad habit of turning up dead or missing so
she was not a high priority assignment.  Also she cheated in
fights, if things were not going good she was known to pull a
gun and kill the opponent and then remove their head.  She also
liked to use poison on the blade to help weaken an adversary. 
This did not bode well for Buffy or Beth.  Damn her oath! She
had to warn them.  Buffy was too important and Beth too good
of a friend.  She decided to head to the Library and talk to
Buffy, then call Beth from there.  She walked down the hall to
the Library, walked in and saw Beth and Giles talking while
Buffy was doing some warmup exercises.  Well two birds one
stone thought Jenny.

"Good you are both here, Buffy can you and Beth come here a
minute?" Jenny asked as she motioned then to sit down at the
table farthest from the door can't have any prying ears.

"What's up?" asked Buffy nonchalantly. 

"What's wrong Jenny?" asked Beth when she noticed the worried
look on Jenny's face.

"We have a problem in the from of an immortal by the name of
Katherine Goddard...," Jenny started before Beth interrupted

"What?  That bitch is in town?" Beth hissed.

"You know her?" Jenny questioned.

"Yes I ran into her back in the Civil War," replied Beth.

"Um back story here, what's the problem?  She's an immortal,
one of us fights her and kills her. End of story," replied

"Well its not that easy she cheats, can you take a bullet and
still defeat her in combat?" asked Jenny.

"Plus we have a even bigger problem," Beth started.

Flashback 1863 Alabama woods nightfall.  Beth was sneaking
through the woods on a recon mission for the underground
highway, trying to find a way around the Confederate camps to
get through to the Union camps to the north.  She suddenly felt
a buzz.  She looked around and out in a nearby clearing another
woman walked out also looking around.  Beth did not know this
immortal so she walked forward to introduce herself and prepare
for a challenge if need be. 

"Hello I am Elisabeth Hunter and you," Beth said cordially.

"Katherine Goddard.  Ready to die?" she said and then attacked.

Beth anticipated this and quickly parried the thrust and then
made a swift cut to the other woman's stomach area.  The blow
landed but was partially deflected by the other woman's sword. 
The two then traded blows for several minutes without
inflicting any damage.  Finally Katherine made a feint to
Beth's neck but at the last minute dropped her attack and
sliced open Beth's thigh.  Beth cried out in pain but did not
let it distract her, she returned the cut with one of her own
to Kate's abdomen then followed with a slice across the
shoulder.  Then Kate's defenses were back up and blocking her
attack.  Beth then changed tactics and let Kate score some hits
to make her over confident.  She was bleeding in several places
but her tactic was working. Kate was so intent in attacking
that she was leaving her self open in places.  Beth took
advantage of one of these openings to thrust her sword into
Kate's chest.  Kate looked down and disbelief shone in her
eyes.  She let out an gasp and the fell to her knees.

"There can only be one," Beth said then started to make the
slice to remove the head when from the corner of her eye she
saw a blur of movement.  She turned slightly the blur
solidified into a vampire running full speed at her.  He hit
her and knocked her a way before attacking her.

"Leave my wife alone," he growled as he circled the armed

Stunned Beth only was able to defend herself slightly and
before long the she was disarmed and the vampire was leaning
forward to drain her.  She collected her thoughts and just as
the fangs ripped into her neck she pulled out a cross from out
of her pocket and thrust it against is face.  The smell of
burning flesh and the shriek was followed by him releasing her. 
She held the small cross that she carried for luck in front of
her to ward off the vampire.  He hissed at her but did not
renew his attack.  She bent down and picked up her sword and
then backed away.  He followed her with his gaze until finally
he turned and returned to his *wife*.  Beth knew that she did
not stand a chance against both of them so she ran to a nearby
church.  It was holy ground so safe against the Immortal and
the vampire was definitely not invited in.


"So a vampire and an immortal married?" asked Jenny

"So it appears," replied Beth.

"Well that's so unfair, I mean vampires don't just love do
they," Buffy asked looking at Giles who had listened in on the
story but remained quite until now.

"Well its not unheard of take Spike and Drusilla, also as a
vampire ages more depth of emotions begin to show up.  Young
vampires are mainly driven by the need to hunt and respond to
their master, where as the older ones like the Master start
having stronger emotions.  They feel the need for more power
and to get it they will do anything possible even fall in
love," replied Giles.

"Just think a fresh supply of blood without the hassle of
hunting and the protection of a very hard to kill companion
during the day," interjected Beth.

"What would be in it for the immortal besides a constant
hickey," questioned Buffy.

"It works both ways, an immortal can't feel a vampire so if she
starts to lose the vampire can drain the winner and then let
her take their head or even take it himself and let the
Quickening go to her anyway, besides maybe she has a neck
fetish," replied Jenny.

"Well then I have a surprise for them, I can feel her and him
both," Buffy replied gleefully anticipating her first
Quickening and dusting another vamp.

"Yes but you will not fight them," Beth stated.


"You will not, you are not ready.  This woman has centuries of
experience on you and she cheats, I will take care of her, but
if you want to come with me and take care of mister bad tooth
be my guest," Beth firmly stated.


"END OF DISCUSSION," ordered Beth.

"Yes, Buffy take her advice and mine don't go after this woman,
you are to important to risk," Giles said.

"Okay but I am still hunting tonight," replied Buffy

"Okay but I will accompany you," Beth interjected.


Buffy was not very happy but she decided that Beth could not
be talked out of going on *patrol* with her.  Beth's argument
that vampires couldn't hurt her made sense, but Buffy liked to
patrol alone.  The one good thing about it was she had a good
excuse to go out.  She was going to get *tutored* in history. 
Technically that was not a lie because Beth loved to tell
stories about things that happened in her past and how wrong
some of the history books were about what *really* happened at
some historical events.

Buffy met Beth at her house.  Once Beth decided that she was
staying to train Buffy she had purchased a house.  It was a two
story house that was owned by an elderly former dance
instructor who had made the down stairs into a dance studio.
This served Beth perfectly because she quickly turned it in to
a training area while still having an fully functional living
area upstairs.  

"Are you ready?" Beth asked as she opened her door to Buffy.

"Yes, are you sure you don't want stay here," Buffy asked


"Okay then here take this," Buffy said as she handed her a

"No you keep it, I don't need it, besides any vampires we find
are yours and any immortals mine," answered Beth.

"Are you sure?" Buffy asked.  When Beth nodded she continued,
"Okay but don't say I didn't try."

"Well where are we going to start at?" asked Beth as she and
Buffy walked away from her house .

"Well there is the cemetery, the park, or the Bronze, but
personally I like to start at the cemetery and work my way to
the Bronze.  Besides I'm suppose to met Will and Xand there
later," Buffy replied. 

"Sounds good to me," said Beth.

They entered the cemetery and preceded to wonder through the
area covering the first half with out trouble when Buffy
suddenly felt them.  As suddenly as she felt them four large
male vampires sprung out in front of her and Beth.  Buffy took
stock of the situation instantly and then yelled get out of
here to Beth who backed out of the way but did not leave.  The
vampires split to attack three converging on Buffy and one
going after Beth.  

Buffy quickly decided on a course of action.  She let a vicious
kick fly hitting the male vampire in the middle between the
legs.  He fell backwards groaning and thus taking him out of
the fight for a few seconds.  She then ducked under the arms
of the other two vampires and did a sweep kick knocking one
vampire of its feet.  She then staked it into oblivion.  Then
turned her attention to the other one but a second to late as
he grabbed her from behind.  He was surprisingly strong and
held her immobile as the other now recovered and very pissed
vampire let loose a right hook that caught Buffy in the left
temple stunning her for a second.  Then as suddenly as it
happened Buffy recovered but was thrown to the ground.  She
looked up and saw three things simultaneously.  The vampire
that had been holding her was fighting an enraged Angel.  Two,
Beth and the other vampire where fighting and three, that the
first vampire suddenly turned to dust.  Unknown to him he had
fallen on an small old flag left beside an veteran's grave last
veterans day which had a wooden tip.  A thought flashed through
Buffy's mind Old Glory to the rescue again.  She jumped back
to her feet then turned to help Beth, seeing that Angel had
taken care of himself as he staked the last vampire, only to
see that Beth did not need any help either.

While Buffy had started to fight the other three, Beth looked
on as the other vampire came toward her.  She though to her
self this is what I get for trying to help.  I should have
taken that stake when Buffy offered it to me.  She started to
pull out her sword but the vampire was to fast.  He jumped and
tried to tackled her.  Beth twisted and jumped up then used his
forward motion to flip up and over him.  She then turned and
used a combination punch to the face and kick to the stomach. 
Though she lacked the Slayer's strength she had been fighting
for her life for over nine centuries.  She did not let the
vampire recover a bit before launching into another combination
punch to the kidneys and then the almighty groin shot.  The
vampire fell back stunned, this gave Beth enough time to pull
her sword and quickly decapitate the vampire.  He turned to
dust before his head hit the ground.  She then turned to look
at Buffy.  Beth noticed that Buffy had taken care of the other
two but was looking at her and thus not seeing the one coming
up behind her.

"Look out Buffy," Beth said.  But she knew that Buffy would not
react in time so she threw her sword at the vampire trying to
slow it down.

Buffy heard the warning and started to tell her that no need
to worry, when Beth suddenly threw the sword at her.  Or at
least it looked like it.  Her own survival instinct took over
as she ducked.  Then she heard a grunt and turned to see Angel
stagger with the sword stuck in his right shoulder.  Startled
she froze and cried, "ANGEL!"

Angel looked down and then grabbed for the sword as Beth came
up and yanked it out then started to pull back to behead him,
when Buffy recovered and grabbed her arm making it impossible
to move. 

Beth turned angrily and asked, "What the Hell are you doing?"

"This is Angel the friend I told you about," Buffy reminded

"But he's a vampire," Beth said uncomprehendingly.

"Yeah I know but let me tell you a story..." Buffy started.


Kate was laying in wait at the park waiting for the Slayer to
show up.  She knew that Slayers usually do patrols around the
area's they live to look for any vampire activities.  She had
scouted the areas likely to be patrolled.  The park was the
best place for her to set up the trap, because, dressed in
shorts and a T-shirt, to the Slayer she would look like just
other runner sitting on the bench resting.  Kate had been
sitting there a while when she finally saw the Slayer coming
but she was not alone there were two people with her.  A man
and woman.  Suddenly she felt the buzz of an immortal ring
through her being. *Shit* not now she thought but noticed two
things one that the woman was looking directly at her and
second she knew her.  Oh hell she thought as she jumped up and
started to jog away in a unhurried manner trying to maintain
the jogger persona.  Hoping that the woman would not remember
who she was so she could disappear into the night.  She had
left her sword in the car because she figured not to need it. 
However, she was not defenseless, she had a silencer equipped
pistol tucked into the waistband of her shorts and a small
dagger tucked into her running shoes.  

Beth felt the buzz just a second before Buffy did and looked
up to see who and where it was coming from.  The only one she
could see was a jogger sitting on a bench a farther down the
path.  She looked closer trying to see who it was.  The runner
was in the shadows so she could not be for sure who it was. 
The odds were though that it was Katherine.  She turned to
Buffy who was also looking at the woman who now was jogging
away from them.  

Buffy turned to look at Beth to ask, "Is that Katherine?"

"I believe so," answered Beth.

"Okay then lets get her," Buffy said before taking off after

"Wait Buffy, you promised," Beth said trying and failing to
grab the Slayer as she passed by her.  Gods thought Beth as she
ran after Buffy.

Angel for his part looked at the two running women then shook
his head and after several seconds tore off after them
wondering what the hell was up.

Kate felt the buzz getting stronger and turned her head to look
over her shoulder.  Yep she must have recognized me she thought
as she saw the Slayer and Beth running toward her and further
back the man.  Oh well, she quickened her pace to try to out
distance them but then thought better of it.  The Slayer with
her enhanced abilities would be able to catch her.  So she
stopped turned then jerked the pistol out of her waistband and
aimed at Beth and fired.

Beth was gaining on Katherine and running beside Buffy when
Katherine suddenly stopped and turned to face them.  Beth
wondered what the heck when she saw a flash of metal.  Before
it could register as a gun in her mind she felt the searing
pain as several bullets hit her.   She stumbled forward and
then collapsed to the ground and died.

Kate then turned the gun on the Slayer and thought what a waste
but can't let her get me or Martin won't stand a chance.  She
took aim and shot Buffy who also fell to the ground.  Then
turned an ran into the darkness leaving the one dead immortal
and slayer to the screaming man.

Angel was running after the two when their quarry stopped and
turned.  His vampire enhanced sight let him see the pistol the
woman had produced.  He started to shout a warning to them when
the woman opened fire on them.  He saw Beth go down with a
bullet to the heart and the head.  His cry died in his throat
but rose to a soul shattering scream as Buffy was shot.  

"BUFFY NO," screamed Angel as he dropped down beside Buffy. 
He looked down at her.  She was shot in the stomach and chest. 
Blood was everywhere, but Angel did not even notice.

"Angel I.." said Buffy weakly as she passed out in his arms.

"No Buffy please. No come on wake up," Angel pleaded as Buffy
relaxed in is arms, death finally taking her. Angel let the
tears flow.  

He then looked up.  He changed into his vampire mode
momentarily letting the demon have full control and he welcomed
this. He hissed an oath, "I will find you and when I do you're
going to die slowly and painfully."

He then started to get up and carry both Beth and Buffy out of
the park when he detected a soft heartbeat.  It was slow and
irregular but as he listened was gaining strength.  It seemed
to be coming form Beth and just as he looked over at her.  She
revived raising up and sucking in a gasp of air.  Angel stared
at her for several second froze in disbelief. He recovered from
the shock as Buffy gasped back to life in his arms.

"Buffy..." Angel asked unsure of what was going on as Beth got
to her feet and walked over to them.

Beth saw that Angel was holding Buffy and that she had just
revived too.  She scanned the area feeling no buzz she knew
that Katherine was gone but they were in luck cause no one
seemed to be around either.  She stuck her hand down to Buffy
to help her and Angel up.

"Well how are you feeling?" Beth asked.

"Like Principle Snyder's punching bag.  And you?" replied Buffy

"Like I've been shot," responded Beth with amusement seeing
Angel's continued stunned look.

"Okay what the hell are you and what did you do to Buffy,"
demanded Angel finally gathering his wits.

"Angel she didn't do anything to me, and we are Immortals,"
Buffy replied.

"Immortals?!" questioned Angel.

"Time out folks, before we explain I think we need to get back
to my place before someone sees us and starts to ask questions. 
Oh and Angel dear could you at least look human the blood is
enough of a question asking factor," said Beth.

"Huh?" asked Angel not realizing he still had his *game* face

"She means dear, hide the fangs and your wrinkles," Buffy said
as she leaned up and lightly kissing him.  

"I'm okay" she whispered to him assuring him as he finally
calmed down enough and slipped back into his human guise.

The three headed back to Beth's house to change and fill in
Angel about what was going on.


Kate, as she ran up to the car, pulled out her keys to shut
down the alarm.  She could not believe her luck.  Another
immortal in town an enemy and to top it off, she seemed to have
been protecting the Slayer.  Kate could not figure out for the
life of her why.  Could the Slayer be a preimmortal? Kate tried
to remember if she felt a second buzz.  She could not, but she
knew that she had killed the girl, so she was either very dead
now, or an immortal.  Kate hoped for the latter, she *loved*
newbies.  Any quickening is good but newbies are weak but
easiest to acquire.  Oh well so much for my plan for getting
Martin a gourmet meal.  Guess he will have to settle for some
takeout she thought as she spotted a young man walking along. 
She pulled to a stop and then grabbed her purse and pulled out
a Taser.  She then hid it beside her and pulled back out into
the street.  She pulled up along beside the young man and then
rolled down the window.  

"Excuse me can you help me?" she asked seductively.

The young man turned and looked down into the car before
answering nervously, "Is anything wrong?"

"Well can you help me?  I seem to be lost.  I am trying to find
a friends house," she cooed at the boy, meeting his eyes. 

"Uh I can try," the boy stammered as he was caught up in her
beauty like a fly in a spider's web.

"Well I am looking for 321 Sycamore Lane," she said fully
knowing where that was.  Across town where her and Martin were
staying, her number one rule never hunt in your own backyard.

"Wow are you ever lost, that's on the other side of town," the
boy exclaimed.

"Well shoot! I must have made a wrong turn somewhere, you don't
suppose you would have time to show me where it is," she asked
batting her eyes at him.

The boy's mind raced here was a beautiful woman asking him for
help.  In the back of his mind, warnings of don't get in cars
with strangers or trust them, were quickly squashed by the look
she was giving him.  He answered, "Um well I am going kinda
that way, The Bronze is close to there.  You..."

"Of course I can drop you off there as soon as I find my
friends house," she interrupted him.

"Okay and the name is Xander, Xander Harris" he said as he
opened the car door and got in and she pulled back into the

"Thank you the name is Kate but your name should be Sucker,"
Kate answered evilly locking the doors.

What..." the boy started to ask when suddenly he jerked like
something had possessed him when the Taser touched his leg. He
then slumped back against the seat unconscious.

"Silly boy didn't you mother ever tell you not to talk to
strangers," she asked the unconscious boy and then laughing put
the Taser back into her purse and tossed it into the backseat. 
Oh well girl you still have it.  This was not the Slayer, but
he looked healthy and strong so should be good meal for Martin. 
Now to get something for herself.

End part 4

By Windrider

                       Begin part 5
Xander was having a nightmare.  He had done it again.  Another
pretty face and his young life was back in danger.  His luck
had to change and soon.  Between Praying Mantis lady Mummy girl
and the love/hate relationship with Cordy, it was a wonder
Xander still liked the opposite sex.  Heck here he was again. 
What was it about pretty females and Xander that did not mix? 
These and some other jumbled thoughts were crashing around in
Xander's mind as he struggled to regain consciousness.  He was
vaguely aware of someone talking but could not make out the

"Martin I told you I would be okay, I am not some doting kid
you have to look after," said Kate angrily into the car phone.

After a second and a tinny voice trying to calm her down and
finally succeeding, she continued, "Well I guess I can forgive
you if you are that hungry, but still I hate phones.  I don't
know why we need one in a car," she stated.

"Okay I have you a snack and once I have picked up some burgers
for me, I'll be back," Kate said.

"No you can wait.  There is no reason to make two trips,
besides we can make it a romantic dinner," she said firmly at
first, then in lighter suggestive tones.

"Really pleading is beneath you.  Bye," she jokingly as she
pressed the end button on the phone and placed it back in it's

Kate spotted a Wendys up ahead and decided that she would love
to have a baked potato, some chilli, and a cheeseburger.  She
looked over at the unconscious passenger, he looked like he was
still out and from the looks of it would be for awhile.  It
would be better for her to go in than go through the drive
through.  The tinted windows would keep prying eyes away.  She
opened the door and got out, walking away from the car toward
the restaurant.  She turned and press a button on the keychain,
activating the alarm with a high pitched beep.

Xander, hearing the sound of the alarm, jerked into semi-
consciousness.  He looked around in a fuzzy state for a few
seconds before remembering what had happened and regaining full
consciousness.  Luck was with Xander for once, the Taser that
had been used on him had a faulty power cell, so it did not
hold a full charge.  If it had, he would have still be out of
it.  Xander looked around and figured out that they were in a
parking lot of Wendys.  He looked around for the kidnapper and
spotted her in line waiting to give her order. Xander looked
himself over and realized he was in luck.  No restraints.  He
looked to make sure that the woman was occupied then tried to
open the door.  It would not open.  He looked down and began
to jerk the handle trying to open it.  Finally he realized that
the door must not open until it is unlocked.  He hunted until
he found the power locks button and pushed it to the unlock
position.  He was rewarded by the solid sound of the doors
unlocking.  He then jerked the door open.  A horrendous sound
immediately started. The alarm went off as well as the horn
began to beep in an annoying way.  Xander froze for a second
and then jumped out of the car.  He tripped and landed on the
ground beside the car.  He looked up and saw the woman looking
at him.  She then started running to the door.  Xander's fight
or flight reflex kicked in.  He flew down the side walk away
from the car.

Kate walked into the restaurant and the smells ignited her
hunger.  She decided that she would add to her order a Biggie
fry and Frostie.  She was just getting ready to order when her
car alarm went off.  She turned around to see what was wrong. 
She saw the door open and the boy jumping out.  She was so mad
she froze for a second in anger.  She saw him look at her then
get his feet.  She muttered "shit" and headed for the door. 
She jerked it open and saw the boy running down the street. 
She took off after him, she was going to kill him for
interrupting her and Martin's dinner plans.  She knew she would
catch him then knock him out and come back and get the car to
pick him up.  He would die slowly she vowed.

Xander ran down the street at full speed, but he was starting
to get winded.  He risked looking behind him hoping not to see
anyone.  He did not get his wish.  The shorter woman was
chasing him and even though he was taller and had longer legs,
she was gaining on him.  The realization of this gave him and
extra burst of adrenaline induced speed. He wondered what the
hell she was, how could she keep up with him.  He was beginning
to tire and knew that she would catch him unless something
happened.  He was running down the sidewalk toward the edge of
downtown when he saw out the corner of his left eye a car
bearing down on him.  What else could happen he asked as the
car suddenly squealed to a stop in front of him blocking his
way.  He saw a woman in the car and knew it was over.


For once Xander's dumb luck was good.  Jenny Calendar was
craving some burgers and fries.  The closest place to her house
was Wendys.  So she hopped in her Volkswagen Beetle and headed
there.  Just as she was pulling into a parking space she heard
a car alarm go off beside her.  She almost ignored it until she
saw that it looked like Katherine's car.  She was surprised
also to see Xander fall out of the car.  What the heck was he
doing in her car.  Before she could even call out, she saw him
take off in a dead run away from the car.  Then saw Katherine
barrel out after him.  Jenny saw the murderous look Katherine
had as she passed by, chasing the teenager.  Jenny threw the
bug in reverse and backed out nearly hitting another car.  She
put the car in first and pulled out of the parking lot as fast
as the little car could go. She turned and followed them out
of the downtown area. She caught up and passed Katherine but
saw that she was gaining on Xander.  Jenny realized he knew
this, as he looked back and saw her, a look of pure horror ran
across his face.  Jenny pressed down on the gas pedal and then
headed toward Xander.  He seemed not to notice her. She pulled
ahead of him then jerked the wheel to the right and locked the
brakes.  She came to a stop in front of him.  She reached
across the seat and opened the door.

"Xander GET IN," Jenny yelled as the stunned teenager came to
a halt.

Xander stopped and then looked at Jenny for a second not really
recognizing her.

"Dammit Xander GET THE HELL IN HERE," Jenny screamed forcibly
breaking his paralysis.  He dove into the car.

Jenny didn't wait for him to close the car door.  She slammed
the car in reverse and peeled out. Then shoved it into first
and pulled out.  She glanced up in the rearview window to she
Katherine slow down and stop, glaring at them.

She looked over at the teenager and asked, "Xander are you

Xander for his part finally had had it.  He had been seduced
then knocked out and then chased by a woman.  Yep in fantasy
that sounds fine, but in real life it was not.  He started
shaking as the adrenaline rush abated.  He started to answer,
"I am fine..." but passed out as the rest of night's  the
events caught up with him.

Jenny eyed him as she saw him pass out.  Okay, she decided he
needed to rest, and be checked for injures.  She knew that Beth
needed to know the latest news as well.  She headed towards
Beth's house as fast as she could.  If she was not home, Jenny
had a key so she could let herself in.  She would call Rupert
because he had some skill in patching up the Slayer and Xander
might have some injuries.  She thought about taking him to the
hospital, but then thought better of it.  Katherine might check
there and try to kill the boy to keep him quiet.

As Jenny pulled up to the house, she saw lights on inside. 
Beth must be home.  Good.  Jenny pulled in the driveway and
parked the car.  Jenny looked over at Xander who had curled up
against the side of the door.  She knew he would be okay while
she went to get Beth to help get him in the house.

Jenny walked up and opened the door and called out to Beth.

"In here," came the response from the livingroom.

Jenny walked in to see Beth and Buffy, both in robes, obviously
just come out of the shower.  Angel was with them.

Beth and Jenny looked at each other and spoke at the same time,
"We have a problem."

End part 5

By Windrider

                       Begin part 6
Jenny looked at the trio and said, "Come on I need help getting
Xander in here."

"What's wrong with him," Buffy asked as she rose to help Jenny.

"He's passed out in my car, he had a run in with a very
unsavory woman," Jenny replied as the three followed her to her

Jenny led the three out to her car.  She motioned for the
others to wait for her as she went around to the other side of
the car.  Xander was leaning against the door and unless
someone held him, he would fall out as soon as the car door
opened.  Jenny grabbed his arm and held him as Buffy opened the
door.  Jenny let go of him and he fell into Buffy arms.  Well
Xander was finally in Buffy's arms but too out of it to know
it.  Buffy gently lifted him out of the car.  Angel grabbed an
arm and Buffy held the other.  Beth grabbed his feet and they
carried him inside.

Once inside Beth said, "Okay lets sit him down on the couch and
then Jenny can tell us what she knows."  

"Well I don't know the whole story but..." Jenny started as she
told them about seeing Xander escape from Kate's car and then
her chasing him.  Then about how Jenny saved him, but he passed
out before explaining what happened.

"Well then lets see what's wrong with him, Buffy could you get
the first aid kit out of the kitchen," said Beth as she began
to examine Xander.  

He had some scratches and bruises but nothing appeared to be
dangerous.  He was still unconscious but seemed to be breathing
okay.  Beth decided to try to wake him.  She opened the kit
that Buffy handed her and pulled out the smelling salt capsule
and broke it.  She passed it under Xander's nose.  The other's
moved closer to Xander to see what would happen.

The reaction was immediate.  Xander's eyes flew open but held
no recognition in them.  He took one look and the evenings
events came back to him full force.  He suddenly felt very
cramped and scared to death.  Not realizing he was safe, he
lashed out.  He threw his arms out away from him trying to hit
something so he could get away.  The effect was stunning.  He
landed two solid hits one to Beth's jaw and the other to
Angel's chest.  They all jerked back to avoid more punches. 
Xander sat up and turned around to get off the couch when Buffy
grabbed him and held him down.

"Xander it's okay its okay it's me Buffy, you're safe," Buffy
said soothingly trying to calm him.

Xander shook for a second and then his eyes finally showed some
recognition.  He grasped Buffy in a hug and started muttering. 
Buffy held him for several seconds before letting him go. 

She grabbed his chin and made him look up and said, "Look
you're safe, so what happened?"

"I don't know for sure, I was walking along and this woman
stopped to ask for directions. I told her how to find the place
she was looking for and she asked me where I was going.  She
offered me a ride.  I got in and then felt a pain in my leg and
don't remember much after that.  Something about dinner... then
running and then waking up here," answered Xander.

"Well my young friend you are very lucky, the woman you
encountered was an Immortal and married to a vampire.  You were
probably breakfast for her husband," Beth told Xander glumly.

Xander was for once speechless.  Buffy on the other had asked,
"Xander what's with you and killer women?"

Beth looked at Buffy and said, "Oh leave the boy alone."

Xander finally regaining his composure said, "That's it!  No
more women for me I think monk-hood is looking mighty good
right now." 

Jenny decided to change the subject now that Xander was
obviously doing better if he could joke about it.  "Okay Beth
what happened?  You said 'we have a problem'."

"Well we ran into Kate earlier tonight, apparently she was
hunting for Buffy to kill her but not expecting her to be
immortal or to have me along.  She shot both of us and killed
us," answered Beth.

"So if she sees Buffy she will know that she is one of you,"
Jenny surmised.

"Yes, an there's another problem," Beth answered and then
continued, " Any idea why she is here."

"Well Rupert told me that a couple of years ago it was rumored
that Martin was nearly killed.  He apparently tried to takeover
a rival vampire king's area.  He killed the vampire king but
his wife was a mystic.  She cast some kind of weakening spell
on him before he killed her.  Rupert believes that Kate and
Martin are here to try to use the Hellmouth's energy to break
the spell," Jenny replied.

"Then we are in trouble.  If he regains full strength, at my
worst comparing me and Martin would be like comparing a choir
boy to Hitler," Angel responded. 

"Well then sing us a little diddy," Xander said sarcastically
but then shrunk back as the others glared at him.

"Well then we dust him an behead her, I mean you can shoot me
you can attack me, but NO ONE messes with my friends," Buffy
said defiantly as she got up to pace.

"Well what we need to do is gather everyone together.  Kate
obviously has watched the Slayer so she probably knows who her
friends are," Beth said.

"Then we need to find Giles and Willow and then get them here
pronto," Buffy replied.

"Willow's at the Bronze probably waiting for me, we were
suppose to meet her there," Xander said indicating himself an

"Okay you three go pick up Willow at the Bronze.  Angel you can
drive right?  Good.  Here are my keys," Beth said after Angel

"Good then Beth and I will find Rupert and meet you all in the
Library for a strategy meeting," Jenny answered.

Buffy looked at Angel and asked incredibly, "You can drive."

Angel glanced back at her and said, "See what you learn in two
and a half centuries?"


Kate was so mad that she could spit fire.  She had lost the
gourmet meal of the Slayer and then the takeout meal of that
boy Xander.  She was starving herself to top it off.  She
jogged back to her car and then decided to split in case the
boy returned with the police.  So much for burgers and fries,
she would have to settle for pizza.  Then an evil thought
entered her mind.  Hmm It's not delivery its meal on wheels.
Two birds one stone.  All she had to do was get a pizza
delivered for her and the deliveryman could be for Martin.  It
was not the best in the world but both alternatives were
acceptable.  Well may be not to the deliveryman but he does not
get a vote.  Now for a suitably remote area but not to close
to home.  Kate drove around for a several minutes before she
found the perfect house.  There were newspapers piled on the
porch and mail in the mailbox.  The owners were obviously not
home, but it was on the end of the street and several trees and
shrubs blocked the area from prying eyes. Kate picked up the
phone and dialed the pizza place. 

"Yes I would like to place an order for a large pepperoni with
extra cheese pizza with cheesy bread on the side," Kate
requested pleasantly.

"Yes the address is 157 Silver Lane, and my phone number is
555-1232," responded Kate answering the questions.   

Twenty-five minutes later a loud battered Nissan Sentra bearing
the pizza places logo pulled into the driveway.  A young
college student walked up to the door and rang the bell. 
However he soon found out no one was home.  Great another crank
call.  He started back to his car when Kate suddenly stepped
up behind him.

"Hello, is that my pizza?" she cooed.

The man turned startled and answered, "Did you order a large...

Kate was taking no chances this time.  As the man looked down
to see what the ticket said, she whipped out the pistol and
thumped him across the temple.  The blow dazed him and caused
him to stumble dropping the pizza.  Kate caught it and then
evilly said, "Hey that's my dinner watch it."

She then hit him again with the pistol and he fell to the
ground unconscious.  Kate put the pistol up and pulled out the
Taser.  She touched it to him and he quivered.  She wanted to
make sure he was out.  She then pulled her car up to him and
opened the trunk.  She then lifted him into it and shut the
trunk.  Therefore locking him up.  She then placed the pizza
in the passenger seat and was finally homeward bound.  

Martin was waiting for her when she arrived home.  She walked
in and said, "Dinner is served."  

Showing Martin the pizza, he frowned at her remark and added,
"What is this *pizza*, need I remind you that the red sauce
that I like is type O or A, not tomato."

"Oh lover this is mine, go look in the dinning room," Kate

Martin was gone in an instant.  She followed carrying the
pizza.  He looked and saw the arrangements a plate with
silverware for her and the man laying across the table for him
as well as the candles. She had apparently been home for a few
minutes to have set this up.  He turned to her. 

"Well, feel like a romantic candlelight dinner," she asked

"Did I tell you I love you," Martin asked.

"Yes but I love to hear it repeated," she sighed.

"I love you, I love you, I love you..." he started repeating
and nuzzling her.

"Wait a second aren't you starved," Kate asked.

"Yep for you baby," Martin whispered.

"Well food first then other things," she said pointedly.


"NO BUTS EAT NOW," Kate commanded and then they both sat down
to a nice dinner together.


Buffy, Angel, Xander and Willow, walked into the library to see
that Beth, Jenny, and Giles were already there.  Cordelia
walked in after them.  She had been called by Jenny as a last
thought before going after Giles.  Jenny knew that Cordelia
would not consider her friends with the Slayerettes out in
public, but Kate might have spotted her with them in the
private.  Better safe than sorry.

"Well what was so important that I had to cut my Bronze plans
out," Cordelia whined.

"What's the matter? Not having fun being here with us," Xander

"You should know better than ask that," Cordelia said icily. 

"Okay that is enough, the reason that we are all here is we
have a problem," Beth said before bringing Willow Giles and
Cordelia up to speed on the nights events.  

Cordelia was livid at the thought of Buffy being Immortal but
then changed her mind when she realized she would always be
better than her at everything important.  Slaying and Sword
fighting were so passe'.

"Xander are you okay," Willow asked Xander after hearing about
his night.

"Yeah, no worries for me," Xander responded.

"Okay we need a plan," Jenny stated to the group.

After several second of silence, Beth finally said, "We need
to find out where Kate and Martin are at?  Jenny do you think
you could use your contacts?"

"No unfortunately she does not have a watcher assigned to her,
no one wants her.  They turn up dead or missing," Jenny replied

"Well any information on them that can help," Beth asked.

"Well they drive a new BMW with tinted windows, they like to
have a house that is away from others, and they have lots of
money available to use," Jenny recited from memory the file on

"A BMW with tinted windows, that is so tacky, If it were me I
would not settle unless it was a Mercedes convertible,"
Cordelia informed them.

"Uh Cordelia, a vampire can be killed by the sun so a
convertible is not high on the options list," Angel replied.

"Well..." Cordelia started to say.

"Well that's all interesting but perhaps we should stay on the
subject, Yes? Good Willow see what you and Jenny can wrestle
out of that dreaded machine, while the rest of us inquest about
Martin," Giles stated.

The rest of the group looked at him and then amongst
themselves.  Then Buffy asked the question all of them wanted
to, "What did you say."

Giles rolled his eyes and repeated in Americanese, "I said
'Willow and Jenny surf the net, while the rest of us try to
look up stuff about Martin."

"Why didn't you just say so, G-man," Xander replied.

"Yeah, that I can do, I am so the net girl," Willow answered.

"I did, and thank you Willow.  Xander I thought I warned you,"
Giles said firmly.  Xander's reply was a small laugh.

Giles indicated the others follow him to the stacks to search
the watcher diaries and the occult books.  He pulled Xander to
the side.  He whispered to him, "If you call me G-man one more
time, I will tell Buffy and Willow that you remember the Hyena
incident in full detail."

Xander looked at him in horror and then whispered back, "Okay,
sorry did not mean to ruffle your feathers so much."

Willow and Jenny hit the computers.  Willow searched the local
real estates for recent house sales that fit the general
criteria.  Jenny searched the local banks for new or recent
account activation's.  Kate liked to start an a account and
then leave it for about fifty or sixty years and then close it
out.  The interest alone was enough of a reason, but also it
made tracking her net worth hard.  Also it provided emergency
funds if needed.

After a couple of hours they finally hit pay dirt.  Jenny found
an account in Kate's name at the Sunnydale National Bank.  She
then hacked the account and found that it had a balance of over
$500,000.  She checked recent activities and found a large sum
amounting $180,000 had been withdrawn on the 5th of the month. 
She relayed this to Willow. She had found several houses that
matched the search, but only one had been closed around the 5th. 
The house had a list price of $179,500 and it was paid for in
cash.  She looked at Jenny and they confirmed each others
thoughts.  It had to be Kate and Martins house.  They read the
address, it was on the outskirts of town.

"Hey guys we think we have the address," Willow said.

The others stopped looking at their respective books and joined
the two at the computers.  Willow informed them of the address
and Jenny backed her up with the information that she had

"Well now that we know where they are, What now," Jenny asked.

"Well our research has proven that Martin has been weakened by
something but we don't know the extent of the weakness," Giles
replied summing up what the rest had found out.

"Well then I vote we kick butt and party, all in favor," Xander

"Yay," replied Willow, Cordelia, and Buffy.  

"Against..." Xander said and before the other could reply,
finished, "The Yay's have it."

"Wait just a minute, we are not going to just barge in on them
without a plan," Giles said firmly.

"I thought that was a plan," Buffy replied.

"No dear it was not," answered Beth.

"Well we need to lure Kate away from Martin and then while
divided, conquer," Angel inputted. 

"That sounds good, Buffy takes out Martin and I take Kate out
of the picture," Beth said.

"Hey, I don't need no protection," Buffy answered glaring at
Beth and Angel.

"Buffy I have a score to settle and besides you are the Slayer,
its your duty to kill Martin," Beth said to sooth Buffy's

Buffy looked at her mentor and sighed, "Okay you have a point."

Well then, How do we get them where we want them," Giles asked.

"Well I have and Idea," came a menacing voice from behind the

End part 6

By Windrider

                       Begin part 7
Kate and Martin finished dinner.  They decided to work off some
of the calories in the bedroom.  After their *workout* they
began to talk.  Kate told Martin about running into Beth and
the Slayer.  She told him about killing them.  

He looked at her and sighed, "Dearest, you did not kill the

"Oh yes I did she went down like a ton of bricks," Kate

"Well you did not kill her," he repeated.

"I did too.  I saw her hit in the heart and several other
places, she could not have survived.  Beside's what do you know
you were not there," Kate annoyingly replied.

"I know but I still feel her," Martin said.

"What do you mean feel her," Kate asked intrigued.

"As a vampire ages they get more powerful, with that power
comes sensitivity, I can feel the psychic energy that the
Slayer uses.  Just as she can feel vampires out so can I feel
her out," Martin replied.

"How powerful is that feeling," Kate asked.

"Enough to know that she is alive, and if closer in what
direction she was coming from," Martin replied.

"Kinda like my Immortal perception, but still she must be
dead," Kate said.

"Or Immortal," Martin said.

"WHAT!!" Kate asked with surprise.

"Well there is a legend that as there was an Immortal Watcher,
there would one day be an Immortal Slayer, after the time of
the Immortal Watcher.  Merrick was that watcher and he was
killed by Lothos," Martin answered.

"So this Slayer is an immortal, come to think of it that Buzz
was strong, it might have been a double buzz that I felt," Kate

"Well you are the expert on Immortals," Martin replied. 

"This gives me a plan.  If the Slayer is Immortal then she
should be very powerful.  Her blood could rejuvenate you, and
then I can take her Quickening," Kate said evilly.

"My thoughts exactly," Martin said.

"Well then to find her," Kate said.

Kate and Martin got ready for battle.  Kate made Martin wear
a Kevlar lined vest to protect against stakes.  While she
dipped a dagger and her sword in some fast acting poison.  The
poison was colorless and odorless so not as to alert her
adversary to the fact.  She also hid the pistol in the small
of her back. They then went and got in their car.  They looked
at Buffy's house, but she was not there.  They tried Willow and
Xander's houses but no luck.  They even tried the Bronze but
neither Martin or Kate felt anything.  

"Where the hell is she," Kate asked as she slapped the steering
wheel in frustration.

"I don't know, the only place we haven't tried is the school,
but what teenagers would be at school after hours," Martin

"Wait that is it. The Slayer's Watcher is the Librarian, so
where would the perfect place to train her be," Kate asked

"Of course the one place most people don't go, the Library,"
Martin answered.

Kate sped off toward the school.  She pulled into the parking
lot.  In the parking lot were several cars.  One was the car
that rescued that boy, a Chrysler Cirrus, a Pontiac Firehawk,
and a older British made Citreon.  Kate looked over at Martin. 
He had his eyes closed.

"Yes she is here and close," Martin said.

"Ten to one she's in the Library," Kate joked getting out of
the car.

"No bet," Martin said getting out also.

"Well lets go get some," Kate said.

She and Martin sneaked across the courtyard to the main
building.  The door was unlocked, they preceded to enter the
school building.  They walked toward the library.  They could
hear voices coming from inside.  Kate stopped she did not want
to set off the buzz until she was ready.  She drew her sword
and started forward.  Martin stopped her.

"They know about us and are trying to decide a plan of action,"
he relayed to Kate the conversation he heard using vampire
enhanced hearing.

"Well how about we kill them," Kate said.

"Well that's my girl, but wait here for a second" Martin said
grabbing the gun from Kate and walking forward.  He opened the
door quietly.  He surveyed the scene across the library there
were two women at a couple computers surrounded by five others. 
Three women and two men.  Much to his surprise one of the men
was a vampire.  Must be that renegade Angel that he had heard
about.  He needs a lesson taught to him about loyalty to one's
own kind.  He turned and motioned for Kate to come on.  He knew
that the Immortals would feel her so he walked on in.  

He looked at them and to catch them off guard said menacingly,
"Well I have and Idea."  As he cocked the gun with a resounding


The entire group turned toward the sound of the voice.  At the
same time Beth and Buffy felt the presence of an another
Immortal.  Buffy also felt something else, a vampire and strong
one at that.  Apparently the mountain had come to Mohammad. 
Kate joined her husband in the doorway.  The site was not one
to inspire hope.  Kate looked regal standing there with her
sword drawn and Martin looked strong enough plus he had a
pistol.  This did not frighten the three immortal beings, but
scared the hell out of the other five.  Cordelia started
muttering and whining about they did it to her again.  Xander
looked to Willow to say good bye, as she looked at him with a
firm look of love and acceptance of fate.  Jenny and Rupert
exchange looks and then turned to face the pair.

What happened next can only be summed up in four little words:
ALL HELL BROKE LOSE.  Buffy and Beth drew their swords in
preparation to defend the others, Angel changed to his game
face.  Willow Xander and Cordelia froze in place.  Jenny and
Giles did the unexpected.  Giles produced small crossbow from
seemingly nowhere and aimed at Martin.  Jenny on the opposite
hand reached under the computer table and grabbed a large
pistol from the hidden holster attached to the table.  Jenny
took aim and fired at Kate hitting her in the chest.  Giles
shot the crossbow arrow directly at Martin hitting his heart
area dead on. The effect was immediate, nothing happened to the
pair, except surprising them and then pissing them off.  They
both were wearing body armor.  The bullet caused Kate to
stumble but she quickly recovered and the arrow stuck into the
fabric of Martins shirt.

Jenny dropped down to the floor. Along the way she jerked
Xander and Cordelia to the ground with her.  She knocked a
table onto the side to provide some protection against the
gunfire about to irrupt. Giles froze in shock for a second at
the sight of Martin, who was looking down and then plucked the
arrow out and tossed it away.  Willow recovered from her
paralysis and grabbed Giles bringing him to the floor beside
Jenny and the others.

Kate ducked down to avoid any other shots that Jenny would
fire, she knew the Watcher would now go for the head shot. 
Martin on the other hand opened fire.  He aimed for, but thanks
to Willow, missed Giles.  This gave Beth and Buffy time to duck
for cover.  Angel started forward but Martin turned the pistol
and emptied it into him.  The shots could not kill him but they
sure smarted.  Martin then clicked the release and the clip
fell out.  He was in the process of putting in another clip,
when Jenny emptied her gun into him.  One bullet hit just right
to damage the clip so it could not go into the pistol. This
caused Martin to drop for cover with Kate who had the ammo. 
Kate looked and only had one more clip.  She handed it to
Martin, she motioned for him to provide cover fire while they
retreated.  Jenny on the other hand reloaded the pistol to
provide cover for Buffy and Beth to get closer to the pair. 
Kate and Martin realized this and he aimed the gun and opened
fire.  With the first shot he and Kate were up and moving
toward the door.  He fired the last round as the doors opened
letting them into the hall.

Buffy and Beth jumped up to pursue.  Buffy meet Angel eyes
said, "Protect them.  I Love you," then ran out the door behind
Beth.  The two ran down the hall full speed.  Beth's slight
lead diminished as Buffy put her enhanced speed to good use. 
She quickly caught up with Beth as she slammed the doors to the
outside open.  Up ahead Kate and Martin were a few feet away
from their car.  

Beth stopped and grabbed Buffy knowing that it was futile to
try to stop them.  She knew that they would make it to their
car before them. She did the only thing she could do. Beth
issued a challenge to Kate, "Katherine Goddard I challenge you
for your head, If you run away I will hunt you down like the
bitch you are."

Kate halted at the sound of the challenge her blood boiled and
she turned and said, "Alright, I accept but know this when you
die your student will follow suit very soon."  

She said as she opened the trunk and pulled a large broadsword
out and handed it to Martin.  She looked at him and said,
"Drain the Slayer and then when I am done with this one remove
her head and I will take both of their Quickenings."

Buffy put her hand on her hip and said, "I don't think so."

Kate and Beth met each other in the middle of the parking lot
with a clash of swords.  Kate, while a good fighter, was not
really in the same league as Beth.  Beth had more experience,
agility, and strength, but Kate had her cheating ways to equal
out the fight.  In addition to the poison on her blade, she had
the dagger, and the body armor. Kate thrust toward Beth
intending to cut her shoulder, but Beth parried and Kate
missed.  Beth returned the favor but her hit was lessened by
the armor protecting Kate's chest and abdomen.  Kate returned
landing a scratch to Beth's arm.  Beth felt the fire in the
scratch and knew that the blade had poison on it.  She had
expected it and allowed for it.  Beth backed up and then moved
forward and attacked Kate full on frontal with her sword
swinging in a dangerous arc.  

Meanwhile Buffy was having her own problems.  While Beth had
taught her well, this was an unusual fight for Buffy.  Martin
may have been weakened but he could still pack a punch.  He
attacked Buffy, using his vampire strength and agility to his
advantage.  He cut at Buffy's shoulder and as she would parry,
he would drop and nick her leg.  Then he tried lunging forward
and thrusting the sword into her chest, Buffy blocked him.  He
then kicked the feet out from under her and tried to skewer her
to the concrete.  Buffy rolled out of the blade's reach and
jumped to her feet.  She waited as Martin paused looking at his

Kate tried to block the arcing swing but took a very deep cut
to the shoulder for her trouble.  The pain was so intense, it
broke her concentration.  Beth used this advantage to press her
attack.  She had to end this fight and soon for the poison was
working fast.  Beth's arm was numb and the feeling was
spreading. She let Kate get a good hit in to her shoulder
before slicing Kate's leg to the bone with a downward stroke. 
The pain caused Kate to back off enough for Beth to take aim
at her sword shoulder.  Beth sliced it deep.  Kate cried out
and then dodged back out of reach.  Her sword dropped as
damaged shoulder muscles were not relaying the proper commands
to her arm.  Kate was desperate, she used her free had to grab
the dagger and toss it at Beth.  The pain caused two things to
happen first she misjudged and second she telegraphed the move
to Beth.  She saw the dagger and ducked as it flew over her
head.  She then from the ducked position thrust the sword up. 
The point of the blade slid in under the body armor and sunk
up into Kate's body.  She looked down stunned and then fell to
her knees.  She looked over to Martin with disbelief in her

Martin was looking at his wife when he heard two things.  The
first was Beth saying "There can be only one" and Buffy saying
"Nighty night Martin"

Beth's sword dropped down and sliced through the neck
separating the head from the rest of the body.  A blueish mist
rose up from the body.  At the same time Buffy swung her sword
in a high arc separating Martin's body from his head.  The body
fell to the ground and a black mist started rising from the
body as it dissolved into dust. 

The two mists one black and one blue joined together the black
seeming to feed the blue.  The result was a giant Quickening. 
The two merged then split apart and hit both Buffy and Beth at
the same time.  They both screamed out as the Quickening was
unleashed.  A ring of damage spread out around them.  There
were lighting bolts flashing everywhere and small explosions
as well.  Luck was with them when only the BMW exploded from
the energy release.  Finally they were released and fell to the
ground on their knees.  Out of breathe, bloody, tired but
alive.  This is the way the others found them.


The next day was business as usual for the group.  They met in
the library.  After the fight the night before they had split
up.  They left in a hurry to avoid any police involvement.  The
next day the official story was a freak storm had blown through
and as a result a car exploded and some how this caused a woman
to be decapitated.  The library was more or less undamaged from
the gunfight.  A few judiciously rearranged bookshelves and the
damage to the walls were hidden.  The damaged table was
substituted for the one in Giles office and all evidence was
thus covered up.

What was uncertain was what had happened.  Why had both Buffy
and Beth received a Quickening.  Never in all of Beth's years
or Buffy's Slaying had something like that ever happened.

"And you two don't know what happened," Willow asked.

"No, it was like nothing I have ever seen, and believe me I
have seen a lot," Beth replied.

"Ever see a tortoise fly," Xander remarked with a smirk.

"Yes I have," Beth responded stunning the smirk off his face
and causing him to go speechless.

"Well there is no precedence in any of the books I have read,"
Giles said ignoring Xander and Beth's off subject banter.  

"There is one possibility that because Martin used Katherine
as a constant food source this some how transferred some of the
her power to him.  Once both were killed the power converged
and then split going to the respective killers," Jenny

"Neat although a little on the Wiggy side," replied Buffy.

"Well what ever, I have cheerleading practice," said Cordelia
as she vaunted away from the group and out the library doors.

"Well we have class, too see ya later guys," said Willow as she
and Xander left for class.

"Later," Buffy replied.

Finally it was just Buffy Giles and Beth in the Library.  Jenny
had class.  They were sitting discussing something when the
doors opened again.  This time a young woman about fifteen or
sixteen walked in.  She bravely walked up to them and asked,
"Is this where I come to get my books, I am new here."

"Yes which do you need Miss..." Giles asked.

"Oh it's Robyn, Robyn Snow," said the young woman as she and
Giles walked toward his office to retrieve for her the
requested books from the storage closet.

Buffy was stunned and looked at Beth to confirm what she felt. 
She asked, "Am I flipping or did she feel like one of us only
not as strong."  

"Yes, she is or will be an Immortal," Beth said.

End part 7
By Windrider

The party was in full swing.  The beginning of a new century
was imminent.  It was eleven o'clock New Years Eve when the
young couple arrived hand-in-hand.  They walked in and Buffy
spotted Beth and Robyn sitting at a table laughing and
talking.  She grabbed her husband's arm and pulled him over
with her as she walked over to them.

"Hey guys what's up," Buffy asked festively.

"Buffy, Angel glad you could make it," Beth replied happy to
see her former student and her husband.

"Hey Buffy," Robyn said.

"Well how has life been treating you," Beth asked.

"Well everything is fine, and you," Buffy inquired.

"You know the usual living and still training the kid here,"
she smirked indicating Robyn her surrogate daughter.  The
one Beth could never have.

"Hey I am not a kid," Robyn replied.

"Hey she calls everyone that, you get used to it," replied
Buffy knowingly.

"Yes, but she at least let you go," Robyn said mockingly.

"Robyn dearest you are always free to go, but I will always
follow you.  You are still not good enough to last long with
out me," Beth said protectively.

"I know but still you smother me sometimes," Robyn replied.

"Hey guys it New Years Eve let bygones be bygones and lets
party," Buffy said.

"Fine with me," Beth and Robyn replied together and then
broke into laughter knowing everything was forgiven.  

They are very much alike, Buffy thought, and that is why
Beth had taken to the girl so.  Buffy knew that Beth would
eventually let Robyn lose on the world but only after
preparing her the best she could.  So had she done with

The four sat talking about things that happened since they
had parted company.  They talked the hour away and near the
midnight hour Beth asked, "Well how was your anniversary."

"Well you know it was like the very first one we had not the
ninety-fifth that it was," Buffy said reminiscing. Buffy
told them about the anniversary present Angel had purchased
for them.  An new Mercedes, Cordelia would have said about
time.  She finished as the crowd cheered loudly ringing in
the knew year.

"Happy New Year," Beth and Robyn said.

Angel echoed their words and then looked at Buffy.  

She was looking a little down but perked up at the look of
love Angel sent her way and said, "Yah, Happy 2100
                           The End