Cascade Invasion

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Warning: This is a TS/SG-1 crossover it takes place after TSbyBS and
after Stargate episode Seth. Note: Samantha Carter is now a Major and
Blair is a Detective in Major Crimes.

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Cascade Invasion
By Trish

Stargate Command

"O'Neal, I am concerned."

Colonel Jack O'Neal looked up from the report on P-2387, the planet
they had just returned from that morning. "What's the problem, Teal'c?"

Teal'c frowned. "The Tok'ra stated that they had lost track of more
than one Goa'uld." The Jafar paused, "What if there are more here on

"We'll find them. We know there is a good chance there are more in
hiding. Daniel is working on a program to track any signs of a Goa'uld
cult. We will find them if they're here." Jack tried to reassure the
big man. Teal'c nodded, hoping his friend was right.


Cascade (two months later)

Jim sat at his desk trying to make a dent in the paperwork that had
piled to new heights while he and Sandburg had attended the most boring
police conference in recorded history. The detective sighed and pulled
another file from the stack. He worked for several minutes before
glancing at the clock on the wall. //Quit it.// he told himself.
//Watching the clock won't get Sandburg here any faster.// His young
partner was collecting the remainder of his equipment issue, required
since he was now a full-fledged member of the Cascade PD Major Crimes
division. Three files later a smiling Sandburg entered the bullpen.

"How'd it go, Chief?" Jim asked. He still worried about the reaction of
some of the detectives outside of Major Crimes. Especially the ones
who's requests for transfer to the elite unit had been turned down.

Blair recognized the hint of worry and grinned. "No problem, big guy. I
am now the proud owner of a bulletproof vest that actually fits." Blair
answered. He looked at the stack of paperwork on his partner's desk.
"You know, if I were a suspicious person..." He raised his voice enough
for a majority of the bullpen to hear. "I would think that certain
detectives, confused by our absence, misplaced their files on your
desk." They watched as Rafe turned red and Henri and Megan ducked their
heads. "Thought so." He said with a smile. "Come on, partner. You need
a break. Maybe when we get back, things will look better." He looked
around pointedly. Jim smiled. "Sounds like a plan." He stood. "I could
go for a cup of coffee right about now." As they headed for the
breakroom, Jim could hear the whispering behind them.

"Damn it, Rafe. I told you Hairboy would figure it out."

"Yeah, but who knew he would get through equipment issue so fast."

Jim closed the breakroom door and poured himself a cup of coffee. "So
how'd you know?" He asked before taking a sip. 

"Observation, man, observation." Blair chuckled to himself. "The file
on the top was the Henderson case. I remember Henri bitching about it
before we left for the conference." 

"Good thing you're a detective." Jim toasted his partner with his
coffee mug. When they returned to the bullpen they noticed a
considerably smaller stack of files. 

"Ellison, Sandburg. My office." Was the shout from the Captain's

They looked at each other wondering what had just hit the fan. When
they entered the office Simon motioned for them to sit down. "What's
up, Captain?" Jim asked as he took a seat. 

"A new group has moved into that abandoned farm outside of the city."
He picked up a fax from his desk. "I put out a request for information
on our new neighbors." He handed the two men copies. "It seems that the
Children of the Solstice have a rather spotted record. Everytime
someone starts investigating them, they pick up and move to a new

"It doesn't say why the investigations even get started." Blair noted. 

"I noticed that when I got the fax, so I called some of the departments
listed. It seems there have been mysterious disappearances but never
enough information to issue a warrant." 

Jim continued to read. "It says here that a Father Proteus is the
leader of the group." He looked at the second sheet. "He hasn't even
gotten a parking ticket." 

"You want us to go and check him out?" Blair asked. "Maybe some long
distance listening?" 

"I knew there was a good reason I keep the two of you around." 

"How long have they been in the area?" Jim asked, having spotted a
pattern in the group's movements. Approximately seven weeks after they
moved into an area, young people would begin to disappear. Their
missing status was listed a runaways. A few months later the group
would pick up stakes and move again, starting over in a new location. 

"They've been here for two weeks." Simon answered. 

"We'll go and start checking out the Children of the Solstice." Jim
interjected. "Maybe we will be able to get enough information to shut
them down for good." 

The two men headed out to stake out the compound. Jim parked the truck
in a wooded area out of sight of the farm's buildings. They moved
closer to the fence surrounding the compound. "Careful, don't touch the
fence." Jim warned as they drew closer. "It's electrified." Blair made
sure he stayed well away from the threat in front of him, keeping his
focus on his partner to prevent him from zoning. 

"There are too many conversations, I'm having trouble hearing them." 

"You can do it, big guy. Just take them one at a time." Blair watched
the compound through binoculars. "You know, this place looks like one
of the retreats Naomi goes to." From what he could see the people
seemed very peaceful and relaxed. His attention was attracted to two
men walking across the compound. One wore colorful robes and had the
bearing of a leader; the other had the build of a pro wrestler. He
tracked them as they crossed the compound. Suddenly the bigger man
stopped and turned, looking directly at the hidden detectives position.
"What the hell? He turned to his partner. "Jim, what do you...?" his
partner had zoned. "Jim." He reached out a hand grabbing the big man's
shoulder. "Come on Jim, wake-up, we need to get out of here." 

Ellison shook his head as if to clear it. "We need to get out of here.
Now!" Jim said, grabbing his partner's arm dragging him back to the
truck. The Sentinel didn't say another word until they were on the
road. He looked over at his increasingly worried guide. "You still have
Daniel Jackson's number?" 

Blair's eyes widened. "You mean?" 

"Yeah, Snakemen." They drove the rest of the way in silence. 

They slowly walked into Major Crimes, Simon motioned for them to join
him in his office. "What did you get?" 

They looked at each other. Jim answered. "This group is extremely
dangerous. We're going to need special help with this one." 

"You mean the Feds?" Simon asked, knowing it must be bad if his best
detective needed outside help. 

"No, we'll need a different group for this." 

"What group?" Simon asked. 

"They are connected with the military. I'm sorry but that is all I can
say for now." 

Simon nodded confident that when the time was right Ellison would tell
him what he could. "All right, I'm leaving this case with you. Keep me
informed." He looked pointedly at the tall detective. Jim gave his
Captain a quick nod. 

When they returned to their desks, Blair dug around in the ever present
pack and found the card he had been given the last time the men had


SGC Facility 

Daniel Jackson was sitting in front of his computer trying to convince
it to give up the translation of the symbols on the artifact they had
found on P-2387. Just when it seemed he was making progress, the phone

"Jackson." He answered distractedly. 

"Daniel, this is Blair Sandburg." 

"Yeah, Blair, what can I do for you?" 

"Well, you know the problem we had down in Peru?" 

"Yeah." Daniel said watching the analysis of the artifact come through.

"We have a cult set up outside of Cascade that you and your people
really need to check out." 

Daniel turned his full attention to the conversation. "What? Why do we
need to check it out?" He asked cautiously. 

"Because Jim said to." Blair snapped. 

Daniel immediately began to apologize. "Man, I'm sorry. We'll be there
as soon as we can get a plane. Do you have the name of the leader?"

"His name is Father Proteus." A slightly mollified Blair answered. "The
name mean anything to you?" 

"Not yet, I'll see what I can dig up before we get there." Daniel
paused. "Can you keep the rest of your department away from the

"No problem, but we we'll fill in our Captain. He's very good at
keeping secrets. Then we'll figure out what to tell them on this end." 

"Okay." Daniel agreed. We'll be seeing you soon." He hung up the phone
and sat staring for a long moment. He then headed out to track down the
rest of the SG-1 team and the extra reinforcements they would need. The
first person he ran into was O'Neal. "Jack, how do you feel about
visiting the Pacific Northwest. 

Jack looked up from the report he was completing with a puzzled look.
"What you don't get enough travel around here? Why would I want to go
to...?" He shook his head. "Not again?" 

"Cascade, Washington." Daniel interjected. Jack raised an eyebrow and
waited for an explanation. "It looks like we have another Goa'uld on
the loose." 

"You mean that program you've been writing really worked?" 

"Not exactly." He paused. "Remember the two guy we ran into in Peru?" 

"You mean Ellison and Sandburg?" 

Daniel nodded. "I just got a call from Sandburg a few minutes ago." 

Remembering Ellison's abilities, Jack was out of his chair and halfway
out the door. He looked back. "Let's go." 

There wasn't another wasted moment. Jack had their flight arranged
within minutes and Daniel found himself, Teal'c, Major Samantha Carter,
O'Neal and ten paratroopers on a plane less than one hour from the time
he had hung up the phone. 

"Daniel Jackson, what are you looking for?" Teal'c asked watching as
Daniel searched the Internet using his laptop. 

"The cult in Cascade is being led by a Father Proteus. From the looks
of it, this group has been very careful. They've had a number of
complaints but nothing ever seems to stick." Daniel paused. "Knowing
what he is, the name Proteus is a dead give-away." Teal'c looked blank.
"In earth mythology, Proteus is an ancient Greek god. One with the
ability to change his shape. I think his changing hosts frequently may
have given rise to the myth and made it possible to stay out of
Apophsis' reach. He however has made a big mistake moving his operation
to Cascade." 

"We will need to be careful not to alert this Proteus. If he has as
much practice changing hosts, he could be difficult to track." 

Jack entered the conversation. "Yeah, but we have a secret weapon." 

"One thing bothers me." Sam asked the group. "If Ellison was close
enough to sense the Goa'uld, wouldn't Proteus have sensed him being

"Let's hope Proteus didn't know what he felt. Otherwise we are going to
have problems." Daniel said. 

"That's an understatement." Jack said under his breath. Teal'c turned
and looked at the man sitting beside him. Jack just shrugged and
slouched down into the seat. 


Simon sat shaking his head. "You expect me to believe that aliens have
been on earth since ancient Egypt. And they travel through a giant
stone circle. Snakemen with energy weapons." The Captain shook his
head. "I really don't want to hear this." He took a deep breath. "I
don't know why I should be surprised." He muttered to himself. "What
can I do to help?" 

"We've got people coming who are used to dealing with this type of
threat. They will bring everything they will need." Jim answered. "We
will just need to keep anyone else away from the compound." 

Simon was struck by the wording. "It sounds like they will be going in
alone. This doesn't sound like you Jim. Usually I have to hold you back
from getting involved. What's different this time?" 

Blair spoke up. "There is a specific threat for Jim dealing with the
Goa'uld." He looked at his partner with worry. "The Goa'uld search for
Sentinels to inhabit. His senses would make one powerful enough to take
on the system lords." 

"Does this alien know about you?" Simon asked watching the pair's

Jim shrugged. "I don't know. The men we were watching did stop and look
in our direction at the same time I sensed a Goa'uld near." 

Simon stood and walked over to his friend. "I want you to have
protection in case this whatever it is comes after you." He held up a
hand seeing the protest beginning on their faces. "This is not
optional, this is an order." Seeing that Simon wouldn't budge from his
order the pair reluctantly agreed. 

Blair's cellphone rang breaking the tension in the room. "Sandburg." 

"Hey Blair, It's me Daniel. Just wanted to let you know we will be
landing in a half hour in Cascade." 

"We'll be there." Blair assured him. 

"No, we will come to you." Daniel said. "Jack wants to rent a vehicle
when we get there." 

"If you say so." Blair then gave him directions to the station. He
disconnected and closed his phone turning back to his companions. "We
wait. They will be coming here." 

An hour later Jim's phone rang. "Ellison." He listened for a moment.
"Yes, Sergeant, you can send them up." He turned to his partner.
"They're here." 

Daniel and his companions exited the elevator. They could feel the eyes
watching them as they entered Major Crimes. "Why do I suddenly feel
like a bug under a microscope?" Jack said under his breath. Jim smiled
as his hearing caught the comment. 

Daniel spotted Blair moving towards them. "Hey Blair, what's up?" He
gestured at the detectives watching his group. 

"We've had problems in the past." Blair gave a pained laugh. "Everytime
we let down our guard something happens. The last time took a lot of
spackle paint and surgery to repair." Jim heard the increase in his
partner's heartrate. He walked over and place his hand on Blair's
shoulder and was rewarded with the relaxation of tensed muscles. 

Teal'c stepped forward. "Ellison, you are well?" 

"Yes." Jim said tersely, fighting his reaction to the Goa'uld within
the Jafar. 

Pitching his voice for only the Sentinel to hear. "You have sensed
another Goa'uld?" 

Jim nodded. Then turned to the group. "Let's take this to the
conference room." They followed and were soon sitting around the table.
He handed them copies of the information they had gathered. "The leader
of the cult is Father Proteus. You know about the movement of the
group?" They all nodded. "This time things seem to be different. From
what we've been able to uncover, the cult has managed to dramatically
increase their holdings. At first we weren't sure how until Blair
tracked the members officially added in the past few years. He motioned
for The younger man to explain. 

Blair turned the computer monitor towards the group. "The first member
who's name caused a flag was Brian Wilston the Third. He and the five
million dollars he inherited upon his parents death joined the Children
of the Solstice two days after gaining access to the funds. Next we
have Amanda Lewis, heir to the Lewis Pharmaceutical fortune. There are
fourteen others from fortune 500 companies that we have found. The land
acquisition ties to the new members. The latest is Jeremy Delong, the
son of a very successful software designer. He has access to a four
billion dollar trust fund." 

"Whew." Jack breathed. "They have more money than most countries. Is
there a pattern to their land purchases?" Jack asked. 

In answer Blair called up a new screen. They could all see a map of the
United States and Canada. Throughout the two countries there was a
solid band. "This band is a corridor formed by the land owned by the
cult." They were stunned to see the strip of color reach from the
California/Mexico border into Canada. Blair struck another key and the
list was broken down by purchase date. The Cascade compound the last in
a long list. 

Daniel looked puzzled. "Why a corridor? Why not a large block of land?"

"Think about it, if he had a big enough army he could control all of
the land west of his boundary line. It can also be used as a pipeline
for drugs coming up from South America." Jim explained. 

Jack had focused on the word army. "Blair pull up the map again." The
Colonel had a theory. "With the money this guy is pulling in he could
have hired every mercenary currently out of work." 

"And setting up staging areas now for what ever he has in mind." Jim

"O'Neal, I believe that you and Ellison are correct." Teal'c entered
the discussion. "This is a Goa'uld pattern. We must hope he does not
have a companion." The SG-1 team looked at each other. The last thing
they needed was a breeder Goa'uld." Jack shuddered at the memory of
being made Jafar by Hathor. Sam had held back watching and listening to
the free flow of ideas. She moved closer to the computer screen to
check out the list. As she drew closer, Jim could feel the hairs rise
on his neck. He quickly glanced around, not seeing anything suspicious
he returned his attention to the planning session. When she stepped up
beside the big detective he instinctively moved away from her. Daniel
saw Ellison's reaction and pulled him to the side. 

"Don't worry, detective. Major Carter was a host for a very brief time.
It left a residual trace. I think that's what you are sensing." 

Blair had stepped close enough to hear the exchange. "Is the feeling
different from Teal'c?" Jim nodded. "Okay, you know what to do, big
guy. Tune out the feeling you are getting from her. Just turn the dial
down." The younger man could actually see the relaxation as Jim

They returned to the group. "If I remember correctly we won't be able
to deal with this group using conventional means." 

Jack smiled. "We came loaded for bear." He saw the puzzled look on
Teal'cs' face as he tried to decipher another colloquialism. "Figure of
speech." The Jafar nodded. "Join us at our place and we'll do a bit of
weapons training." The pair looked at each other hoping they would be
able to learn fast. If the Goa'uld got past the SG-1 team, they would
need everything at their disposal. 

They left for their respective vehicles and headed to the house the
team had rented. They weren't surprised to see it was in the middle of

Blair climbed out of Jim's truck and headed back toward Daniel. "I take
it you guys didn't feel like going the hotel route?" 

"Nah," Jack said walking up to the younger men. "They get really miffed
when you mess up their rooms. They also get nosy when you show up with
a large group of people. This way there isn't anyone to notice our
coming and goings." He pushed past with a load of groceries. He looked
back over his shoulder. "If you would get moving and help unload we
could actually eat before tomorrow." 

Daniel and Blair looked at each other and chuckled. "Okay, Dad." They
said as Jack entered the house. Jim heard them as he set his load of
Wonderburger meals on the countertop. 

"What's so funny?" Jack asked as he entered the kitchen. 

"You know it could be dangerous leaving the kids alone. You never know
what they might get into." Jim grinned. An agreement was reached to
wait until after the meal before discussing the upcoming fight. 

Pushing away from the table, Daniel spoke up first. "So Jack, What's
the plan?" 

"First we get plenty of rest tonight. Tomorrow we'll check out the
compound and then meet back here so Ellison and Sandburg can get a bit
more weapons practice." He looked at the diagram Jim had provided of
the building placement. "I think this will be the weakest point in
their defenses." He pointed to an outbuilding that was backed by a
wooded area. "This will probably have the best cover." They continued
to plan until they reached the point where they would need to see the
actual buildings. The meeting broke up with the agreement to meet at
the road leading to the compound at dawn that morning. 


"You okay with this?" Jim asked as they walked up the stairwell to the

Blair thought about the weapons he had seen used the last time they had
a run in with a Goa'uld. "Yeah, I am. I don't have a problem with using
the energy weapon. I don't have to worry about accidentally killing
anyone." He smiled reassuringly at his partner. Jim opened the door, he
stiffened momentarily and collapsed to the floor. Blair dropped his
pack and leaned down to help his fallen friend, eyes searching for the
threat in the room. He did not hear the footstep coming up behind him
before he was struck on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.


Blair groaned and raised a hand to the back of his head. //What the
hell happened?// He thought. "JIM." He scrambled to his feet, the
sudden movement threatened to return him to unconsciousness. He saw the
front door was still open and no sign of his partner. Holding his head,
he went straight to the phone and hit the speed dial. 


"Simon, they got Jim. They knocked us out, and when I came to, Jim was

"Slow down, Blair. Take a breath and tell me what happened step by

Blair took a deep breath. "After we got home, Jim opened the door to
the loft. He started to step inside and just collapsed. I don't know
what they used. It was some kind of gas that affected him immediately.
When I came in to help him, someone knocked me out." Blair looked at
his watch. "It's only been a half hour. We might be able to get to him
in time." 

"What do you mean in time?" 

"Remember what I told you about the aliens and how they survive?" 

"Oh, shit." 

"Yeah, meet us outside the Solstice compound." 

Simon agreed. Disconnecting, Blair called Daniel as he ran down the
steps and out the door. He didn't even give Jackson the chance to
answer. "Jim was taken a half hour ago. I'll meet you at the compound
entry road. Bring the arsenal." Blair hung up without another word. He
climbed into Jim's truck. He patted the steering wheel as he started
her up. "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'll get him back." The young man
said with grim determination. 


Daniel sat the receiver down. His face had gone pale. 

"What is it?" Jack asked. The rest of the team gathered. 

"Ellison was kidnapped thirty minutes ago. I'll give you one guess as
to who did it." Daniel said bitterly. 

"Let's go." Jack yelled for the rest of the group and they headed out.
When they reached the beginning of the compound entry road they turned
off their lights and drove the last mile in darkness. They stopped at
the fence line and quickly unloaded. Sam looked around for Blair. She
was surprised when the young man and his Captain suddenly appeared at
her side. 

"Jim is inside." Blair said quietly watching the activity near the main
building. "It hasn't been done yet." He stated positively. Sam raised
and eyebrow at the conviction in the young detectives voice. He saw the
skepticism in her face. "I would know." The link between the pair had
been growing for the past four years. Being taken over by a Goa'uld
would have broken the link. He didn't see a need to explain how in
times of extreme danger he could actually experience what Jim was
feeling. He concentrated on his partner as the rest prepared for the
assault. At first he could only pick up the confusion from Jim but the
drugs effect began to clear. He knew the instant his Sentinel realized
he was outside the compound. 

"We're coming in, it's only going to be a few more minutes." He said
quietly. Blair looked around and saw Teal'c watching him. 

"Ellison is still well?" The Jafar asked knowing the pair would be able
to sense each other. 

"Yes." Blair smiled. Jack handed him one of the hand held Goa'uld
weapons. Blair also double checked that he had Jim's gun. While the
younger man was comfortable with the alien weapon, he knew his partner
would be happier with his own gun in hand. 

They entered through the opening in the fence cut by O'Neal and Daniel.
They all ducked down as light started flashing in the buildings
windows. It suddenly looked as if the entire compound had been alerted.
The cult members all converged on the main building. The rescue team
followed, picking off cult members one by one stripping them of them
robes. Once the team had disguised themselves, they entered with the
rest of the cult. Once inside they could see a battle between cult
members who were possessed by lesser Goa'uld, Blair could recognize
some of the combatants as the wealthier members of the cult. When one
would lose, Proteus would destroy them completely. 

"It is as I thought." Teal'c said quietly as he watched. 

"You want to explain it to me." Jack whispered. 

"The Goa'uld Proteus is having the lesser Goa'uld battle for the right
to the Special One." Teal'c explained. 

Blair had only spared a glance at the combatants. He circled around the
big room edging towards his partner. The big man was tied to a post
beside what appeared to be an altar. As he drew closer, Jim lifted his
head and gave a slight smile to his worried partner. Jim had heard the
arrival of the SG-1 team and been thrilled when the Goa'uld Proteus had
been challenged by the younger Goa'uld. He realized that Proteus had
over estimated the loyalty of his children and was now in the middle of
a power struggle. The melee was providing enough distraction to allow
his guide to make his way to the altar without being noticed. 

Blair stepped behind his partner and started untying his bonds. Jim
slowly moved his wrists to return circulation. "When you have full
feeling in your hands I want you to squeeze my hand." Blair whispered.
A few seconds later Jim flexed his hands. The younger man was satisfied
with the strength of his partner's grip. "I'm giving you your gun."
Blair warned. 

Jim grinned to himself. His guide knew exactly what he needed. The
weight of the familiar weapon in his hand was a comfort. Keeping his
partner at his side Jim started to move away from the altar. The battle
between Proteus and one of the remaining Goa'uld suddenly stopped when
one of the Children saw that the point of contention was getting away. 

"Father, the host is escaping!" 

The SG-1 team threw off their robes and stood weapons ready. Jack
started firing into the crowd and the rest of the team also opened
fire. The bolts of energy criss-crossed the room knocking their
opponents into unconsciousness. Finally the only one standing was
Proteus. He faced the group, eyes flashing gold, voice taking on the
reverberations of a Goa'uld. 

"How dare you interrupt my ceremony." 

"Oh, we dare." Jack said. "You must really be out of touch with your
Goa'uld buddies." 

"What do think you know about the Goa'uld, human." He eyes sharpened.
"Why is a Jafar with you?" 

"Let's see, you do know the name Apophis?" The Goa'uld's eyes widened.
"Or maybe Hathor?" Jack smiled. "Those are just a few of the system
lords we have destroyed." 

Proteus smiled. "Fool, you have removed the one who exiled me on this
wretched world." He looked directly at the Sentinel. "Return my host to

"I don't think so." Blair said from his position in front of his
Sentinel. He raised the energy weapon to aim at the body in front on
him. "You are either incredibly stupid or suicidal. You don't even
listen to your own legends." Blair shook his head and turned his back
on the enraged Goa'uld. As Proteus raised his hand to fire at the
younger man he was immediately struck by the bolts of energy from
multiple weapons. His anger had distracted him and he had failed to
raise his defensive shield. He was staggered by the energy bolts,
dropping to his knees. The glow in his eyes dimming. "How?" 

Blair stepped forward. "Goa'uld never learn. You will always lose when
you take on a Sentinel and Guide." Jim saw Proteus bring up his hand
aimed at his guide, without conscious thought brought up his gun and
fired automatically. The bullet struck the kneeling Goa'uld directly
between the eyes. There was a momentary look of disbelief on the
Goa'uld's face before he toppled the rest of the way to the ground. 

Teal'c walked over to the man on the ground and prodded him with the
end of his staff. Jack turned to the big detective and motioned him

Jim walked over and looked down at the dead man. "Yes he is definitely
dead." Satisfaction colored the big man's voice. 

The rest of the team herded the surviving cult members into he yard of
the compound. Blair finished checking his partner. He wasn't willing to
accept Jim's word that he was one hundred percent. He had heard the
phrase one too many times. Once he was satisfied, they joined the rest
of their group. 

"Ellison, can you tell if there are any more of them left?" Sam asked
gesturing at the people sitting with their hands over their heads. 

Jim sighed and nodded. Blair whispered. "You don't have to do this, big

Jim looked at him and smiled. "I know, they could do it themselves but
it would increase the chance for one of those things to get away."
Blair could see the determination in the Sentinel's eyes and nodded his
reluctant agreement. 

Ellison turned to O'Neal. "You need to bring them to me one at a time.
I can't tell with them this close together. 

Teal'c stood guard in the compound. Sam and Jack brought them one by
one. They found that most of the people had just been in the thrall of
Proteus. Those who had been Goa'uld were all dead. He only had to find
those who had been made Jafar. Blair stood at his partner's side
keeping him grounded. 

Daniel stepped up to the younger man's side. "Daniel, what are you
going to do with the ones who are Jafar?" Blair asked curious about the
fate of the people in front of him. 

"There is a way to remove the Goa'uld safely if they are new Jafar, but
if it has been to long we will give them a choice. They can work with
us against the System Lords or be moved to a world where no one can be
hurt by the Goa'uld with in them. 

It took a couple of hours but Jim finally finished checking the
remaining Children of the Solstice. They were all grateful there were
only two Jafar to deal with. The secondary team was called in once the
prisoners had been cleared. Jim noted the care the specially trained
team took with the confused people. He listened curious about how the
team would explain what had happened. 

The first step was for a medic to ask for a blood sample, reassuring
the person that even if drugs were found it was known that they had
taken them unknowingly. The seed was planted. It seemed to reassure the
survivors, their heartrate slowed and they began to relax. Their minds
eagerly accepting a logical explanation for what they had witnessed. 

When the big man smiled, his partner looked at him questioningly. "I
think they are going to be okay, Chief." Jim explained to his concerned
guide. "They want to believe they were drugged." 

"I guess aliens aren't a concept they are willing to hold on to." 

"Would you if we hadn't been hit over the head with the evidence?" Jim
asked curious. 

Blair shrugged. "I don't know. I'd love to visit other worlds to see
how they developed and visitors to ours don't bother me. It's when they
decide to move in without asking that I have problems." They watched as
the remaining cult members were loaded onto busses to the debriefing

Finally the only people remaining were the SG-1team and the Sentinel
and Guide. O'Neal and Ellison watched as the two younger men stood off
to the side talking. "Why do I get the feeling those two are planning
something?" Jack asked. He looked at the man beside him. "Ellison, you
want to check?" 

Jim grinned and shook his head. "They'll let us know, trust me." 

Daniel assured Blair. "First chance I find with a good reason for us to
get the two of you on a mission you'll be there." 

"Great, now I just have to convince Jim that it would be a good idea."
He looked over at his partner and smiled, already planning his
arguments. Neither man realized how soon their plan would come to pass.