Angels and Demons II

Title: Angels and Demons II-1A
Author: Thunderchild
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Rating: PG+13 for language
Fandom: Pretender, Angel
Summary: Jarod goes to Los Angeles and discovers something he never
dreamed of

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* ~ * Disclaimer: I don't own 'The Pretender' or any of its characters.
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Thunderchild. * ~ *

Author's Note:
This isn't the sequel to Angels and Demons I, but with this one I've
changed the main plot. Read it and find out what I mean. This FF was
DAMN hard to write so I HOPE the trouble was worth it. Thunderchild.

Angels and Demons II-1A


"Wesley, do you ever take your head out of those books?" Cordelia asked
as she looked at the man sitting with his face in the big, old, red

"Do you ever miss a sale?" He shot back.

"Why…" Cordelia looked like she was about to blow a fuse.

"Now, children we don't need any fights." Angel said as he walked down
the stairs. 

"It's about time you got up." Cordelia said turning to look at him.

"Why? This is the time I usually get up." He walked over to the
computer. "Any problems?"

"Apart from Wesley looking for me to kill him. None." She came over and
got some coffee. "If you ask me it's been too quiet. It's been three
days and nothing. You know how the demons populate LA but nothing."

"Well, don't get too comfortable, something will come up, it always
does." Angel stretched out on the couch.

Cordy started to sway on her feet, squinting. "Ah, guys."

"Like now!" Angel leaped off the couch and held Cordy up, walking her
slowly back to the couch when the vision hits her. She slams her head
back against his shoulder.

When it started to subside she leant away from Angel. "What was it?"
Wesley asked, getting his pad and pen ready.

"I don't know. It wasn't any demons just a guy walking on Willow
Street. Dressed in black, tall, quite good looking. But he didn't seem
to be in trouble, he just felt lost." Cordy said as she walked around


"I don't know, I should go and get him, just in case it's an early
warning that this guy needs help but just not yet."

"Wesley and I'll go, you can't because the suns still up and he's in
it." Cordy and Wesley walked to the door, getting their coats and the
keys to Angel's car.

"Guys, be careful you don't know when this guy will need help or if he
even needs help. He could be a walking time bomb."

"Look who's talking, the guy who if he goes bad could kill the whole
human race." They left.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Parker was standing at the window looking outside when Mr Parker walked
in. "Angel?"

She slowly turned around and looked at him. "What do you want Daddy?"

He walked over and sat on the corner of her desk. "Is there anything
wrong Honey? You don't seem to be yourself."

"I don't know anymore." She returned her gaze out the window.

"Has there been any word on Jarod?"

"No, not since Denver." She leant against the wall.

"You're probably just restless. You're used to going out a lot but
you've been stuck here for 2 weeks with no hit on Jarod. You were the
same when you were little. You'd get restless very easily." He laughed
gently. A small smile played on her lips. "Don't worry Honey, you'll
get something soon."

Broots ran in with some papers. "Miss…Sorry, I'll come back later." He
turned back to the door when he saw Mr Parker in there with her.

"It's all right Broots, Daddy was just leaving." She turned round and
faced him.

"This could the hit you've been waiting for. Goodbye Angel." He kissed
her cheek and walked out.

"What is it Broots?" She snapped.

"I've got two possible hits."

"What do you mean TWO?" She growled. "Don't tell me Rat Boy has a

"No, nothing like that. There are just two different places where he
could be. There's a big investigation in New York and a weird chain of
events in Los Angeles. We know how much Jarod loves a mystery,
especially when there are innocent people getting hurt. And in New York
there's a detective been charged of neglect occasioning death."

"So which one?"

"These are the ones that he's attracted to, but I don't have any proof
that he's there." Broots said quickly. "I was thinking that if we send
Lyle to one place and we go to the other, we might catch him before he
even starts the pretend and gives us the slip."

"Correction! He gives you the slip. You're the one who's slow in
tracking him down. Get Lyle!"

"But what if…"

"GET LYLE!" She ordered.

"Y-yes Miss Parker." He yelped and ran out of the office. "I just hope
we pick the right place, cause if Lyle gets him first, heaven help us…"
Broots mumbled to himself.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Lyle, Broots, Sam and Sydney walked into her office. She was up at her
desk, with her back to the door, leaning over her desk, looking at
papers. "What's up Sis?"

She turned round and glared at him. "How many times have I told you not
to call me SIS?" She hissed at him.

"Sorry, what do you want?" Lyle could tell she wasn't in a good mood so
best to tread lightly. 

"We have two possible hits. I'm going to Los Angeles. You're going to
New York. Any problems?"

"None, I like New York." He smiled at her.

"Save it! Now if you miss him I'm going to beat your arse till you
can't walk for a month. Kapeche?"

"Clear as Crystal."

"Cut the wise-arsed act. It's wearing VERY, VERY thin!"

"Yes Parker." He said gently. 'She really is pissed today.'

"Sam, assemble the teams. We've got a hunt to do." She ordered as she
put on her red leather coat.

"Yes Miss Parker." He ran out of the office.

"Lyle, get your arse up to the jet."

"Can we just put our differences aside until the hunts over?" He asked

"Says he who tired to blow me up in a building. No!" She hissed and
walked out the door. Lyle just shook his head and followed her. Sydney
was smiling as he and Broots followed the two fighting twins.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Wesley and Cordy had been walking along Willow Street for 45 minutes
and there wasn't any sign of the man she saw in her vision. "Are you
sure you got the street right?" Wesley asked.

"I'm sure. He should be here. He was standing right at this window.
He's wearing black jeans, black shirt and a black leather jacket. He's
tall. Got dark hair and he seems lost." Cordy said pacing around.

"Cordy, he's not here. Let's just get back." Wesley started to walk to
the car. Cordy followed. Neither knew it but they were been watched.
Just as Wesley got the car, someone grabbed him from behind and held
around his neck tightly.

"Why are you following me? Who are you?"

"Cordelia get help!" Wesley whispered hoarsely.

"No, that's the guy I saw." Cordy smiled. "We were looking for you. We
won't hurt you, but could you let go of my friend?"

"Who sent you? Are you working for Miss Parker?" He asked as he
released Wesley.

"Who? We don't know who you are or who this Miss Parker is. I'm Wesley
and this if Cordelia."

"I had a vision of you and that's why we're here." Cordy smiled at him.
'He's the cutest client we've had.'

"Vision?" He asked confused.

"We'll explain everything if you'll come with us. But we don't know
your name." Wesley said.

"Jarod. Jarod Williams." He held out his hand. "Sorry about the neck
thing, but I get jumpy when people follow me."

"Is someone following you or something?" Cordy asked.

"Or something."

"We'll get all the information later but can we get back to the hotel?"

"Yeah, whatever. Do you have anywhere to stay?"

"No, not yet, I've just go into town." He ducked round the corner and
retrieved his black leather bag and the silver DSA case.

"That all you have?" Wesley asked in awe.

"Yeah, I have to travel light. I move around a lot." Jarod explained.

"Because of the person following you?"

"I think HUNTING would be a better word than following. And PEOPLE
would be better than person."

"You can tell us the whole story when we get back to the hotel. You
seem like you need a friend and I don't know why I had the vision of
you, but just to be safe we'll let Angel check you out."

Jarod panicked. He only knows ONE person called 'Angel'. "Angel?"

"Yeah, his real name is Angelus, but we call him Angel. It's a long
story but it can wait till we get back to the hotel." Wesley walked
them down to the black car. Jarod put his bags in the bag seat and got

"Angel helps the helpless as well, you two will have a lot to talk
about." Cordy started the car and drove off. Jarod just sat there in
silence wondering how she knew he helps people. The car trip back to
the hotel was in silence. 

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Cordy walked through the lobby door and toward the front desk. "Angel!
We're back and we have him!" She yelled.

"Don't mind her, she's always that loud." Wesley said to Jarod in a
hushed tone. Jarod smiled and walked in further putting his bag and
case on the couch.

"Cordy, stop yelling!" Angel growled, coming down the stairs. "Hello.
I'm Angel. I presume you've met Cordelia and Wesley."

"I'm Jarod. Why am I here?"

"We don't know that one yet either. But if we get our stories out we
should be able to figure out something." He walked over to the couch
and saw Jarod's stuff. "Traveling light are we?"


"Well firstly, I'll tell you about myself and what we do here." Angel
sat down. "Please have a seat."

"Thank you." Jarod sat down in the armchair.

"Firstly I'm a vampire. But I was put under a gypsy curse, which gave
me a soul. I don't kill anyone anymore, unless they're demons. Cordy,
Wesley and myself run a PI office on the side. Cordy has the sight,
which enables her to see where demons are and then we go in and kill
them. We haven't been in the PI business long, we're still trying to
iron out the creases that are in it." Angel explained carefully and

"What are vampires?" Jarod asked confused.

Everyone exchanged glances. "It's pretty complicated. But I'll give it
a shot." Wesley stepped forward. "A vampire is a preternatural or
supernatural being of a reanimated corpse of a person that was created
by another vampire. The vampire breed is often called the 'undead'
since they have no pulse and they don't breath but they walk among the
living. The vampire preys on unsuspecting victims and drinks their
blood. They live as long as they don't get a stake in the heart or are
exposed to direct sunlight, for they are creatures of the night." He
explained carefully, but Jarod didn't seem to freak out.

"I think I'll have to read about them." Jarod said indifferently.

"That's OK, it's a bit difficult to explain and if someone doesn't have
a clue makes it harder but that's enough of that, tell us about
yourself and why your in LA." Cordy and Wesley sat down and prepared
themselves for a boring, long dreary story.

"OK, this might sound far fetched but it's the truth."

"You wouldn't say that if you knew what we do and see for a living."
Wesley told him.

"This organisation called The Centre stole me from my family when I was
4. They took me because I'm a pretender, I can become anyone I want to
be, pilot, police officer, fireman, anyone. They used my genius for
their own purposes. They used me for over 30 years and I escaped four
years ago. But this organisation doesn't want to let me go so they've
got Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots, Lyle and hundreds of sweepers hunting
me down like an animal. Parker and I used to be friends but her father
didn't like that so he sent her away to boarding school. When she came
back he trained her to become The Centre's greatest huntress. They
control her more than they did me. They don't know how close she has
come to catching me but I see her before she has a chance to see me and
I disappear. I don't know anything about myself, my real last name. I
change my identities like you breathe air. I help the weak and abused
and, what Parker likes to call, 'The Little people'. Anyone who can't
help themselves." Jarod stopped and took a few deep breaths. "Well?"

"I believe you but I still don't know why I had a vision of you. You're
not in trouble with anyone else but these hunter people." Cordy shook
her head to try and clear it.

"I know you only want to help me but I can't stay. The Centre will find
me and I'll be putting your lives in danger." Jarod stood up.

"We'll come to that when they find you but right now you need to stay
here with us until we can determine why we are to protect you." Angel
stood up. They were the same height.

"All right." Jarod nodded. "But if you don't mind I'll go for a walk. I
need to think some things through." He walked out the door.

"What do you think?"

"I don't know, but the PTB's told us to protect him for some reason."

"Maybe we aren't to protect him. Maybe it's just who's following him.
Maybe that's who we need to protect or something." Cordy said.


"We'll find out soon enough."

Angels and Demons II-2A

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Jarod was walking along the sidewalk not noticing the three people that
were at the building across the street. "Miss Parker!" Broots yelped.

"Shut up!" She hissed back. "Looky who's dragging their sorry hide down
the street. One PEEP Sydney you'll have something in common with Manny
the mute." She threatened. "WALK back and tell Sam to get the sweepers
in the van. Sydney, in the car…QUIETLY. One noise and you'll spook
him." Broots walked quickly down the street.

Parker and Sydney got silently in the car. "Parker, you know what
they'll do to him when they get him back."

"Sydney what didn't you understand about SILENCE?" She growled watching
her prized catch walking down the street, with his head lowered and
shoulders slumped. Broots got into the back seat.

"Sam's ready to move on your mark Miss Parker."

"Not yet, let him lead us back to his lair, he hasn't got the DSA case
with him. We need it." When he turned the corner Parker started the car
and followed him at a safe distance. "Tell Sam to stay put."

Broots picked up the radio. "Sam."

"Yes Mr Broots?"

"Miss Parker said stay put, we're following him."

"Tell Miss Parker 10/4."

"Sam said…"

"I heard!" She hissed, getting impatient by driving slow.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Jarod just walked through the door. Cordelia and Wesley were at their
workstations. Cordy on the computer, Wesley in his big old books. Angel
was pacing around. "What's up?"

"Nothing, just trying to figure out something." Angel answered as he
stopped pacing and walked behind Cordy and looked at the monitor.

"Jarod, I've got some books here that you could read and get a better
understanding of vampires." Wesley said to him, indicating to the
buried desk.

"Thanks, but I've already been reading. I know a lot more now."

"How much on Angelus?" Jarod was silent. He walked over and sat down at
the books.

"Jarod?" His blood froze when he heard her voice.

"Jarod, who are they?" Cordy, Wesley and Angel all walked into the
lobby, looking at the three strangers. Angel's eyes were focused on
Parker, who was looking at Jarod.

"The Hunters…And Huntress." Jarod said as he stepped forward to face

"Well, well, well, looks like Rat Boy has a friend." Parker snarls as
she stands at the door with her gun aimed at Jarod. She was looking at
Angel with hungry eyes, which didn't go unnoticed by Jarod, who looked
at Angel who was still staring at her. Wesley was staring at her with a
slightly opened mouth.

'What? She's just wearing leather pants and jacket and a black tank-top
underneath. I've seen her like that before.' Jarod thought to himself,
watching the way Wesley was drooling. Angel was just staring at her,
like a deer caught in car headlights.

"You don't need the gun." Angel said when he finally got a hold of
himself. 'What is it about her?' Angel thought.

"Don't tell me what I need and what I don't." She snapped walking down
the lobby stairs toward them. Sydney and Broots followed.

"OK." Angel starts to walk toward her. She shifts her aim from Jarod to
Angel. "But we won't hurt you, so just put the gun down."

"Take ONE MORE STEP, I'll blow you to OBLIVION. I don't wanna hurt you
but you're gonna force me to do it and I don't want such a nice looking
guy on my conscious." She tells him calmly, her eyes burning.

"You can't hurt me." Angel laughs.

"Parker, he hasn't done anything, we just want Jarod, don't start
anything." Sydney said from behind her. With everyone talking to her
and with Angel still walking toward her, she panics and fires upon

After firing 5 bullets Parker notices that Angel is still standing.
"What the fuck?" She points at the desk and fires. "Not blanks. What
the Hells going on?"

"Parker just relax. He won't hurt you." Jarod walked over to her
quickly but stopped when she aimed at him.

"What the fucks going on? I put 5 fucking bullets in him and HE'S STILL
STANDING!" She yells at them.

"I won't hurt you, but if you'll calm down I'll explain everything to
you." As Angel started to walk toward the frantic Parker a thin, sharp
piece of wood comes flying across the room and hits Angel in his left
shoulder. Simultaneously, Parker spins around to face where the wood
came from and Angel falls to his knees clutching the spear in his
shoulder. Jarod rushes over to him and looks at the piece of wood.
"Pull in out. One fast, quick jerk." Angel instructs.

Jarod yanked it out. Angel starts to growl deep with in his chest.
"Angel, you OK?" 

"Just fine Wesley." Cordy walked over and helped Jarod get Angel to his

"You have to stop getting skewered every few minutes. Someone might get
you in the right spot and then you'll be a pile of ash on the floor."

"Thanks Cordy, you're so compassionate." Angel said sarcastically as
they gently sat him down on the arm of the chair.

"How bad as it?" Wesley asked as she was undoing the buttons on his

"The wooden spike isn't that bad but I don't know what we're meant to
do about the bullets." She turned to Jarod. "Wesley and I can take it
from here but I think your friend needs a REALLY long explanation." And
indicated to Parker, who was white as a sheet. Sydney was trying to
calm her down but failing miserably. Her eyes were wide with fear and
she was trembling. Her eyes were glued to Angel's form.

He nodded and walked over to her. "Parker?"

"I…I…He…Why? How?" She was stumbling with words which was scaring
Broots and Sydney since she ALWAYS has a cool composure.

"Shh, just take it easy. If you're ready, I'll explain everything." He
gently touched her arm.

"How? I shot him 5 TIMES…What's going on?" She shook her head in

"How about we go outside and let Cordy and Wesley get him patched up?"
He walked to the door and waited for her. Parker slowly followed but
watching Angel as she walked past. He looked at her and smiled. She
walked out into the courtyard quickly, putting her gun back in its

Sydney and Broots were looking around nervously. "Maybe we should go
out there too."

"No, you can stay here if you like. But first of all, this is Cordelia
and Wesley and I'm Angelus, but you can call me Angel."

"You can call me Cordy, everyone else does."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Sydney and this is Broots…"

"And that pale person who walked out with Jarod is Miss Parker." Broots
finished. He always wanted to introduce her to someone, even if she did
just try and kill him.

"Nice to meet you…Don't worry about the bullet wounds, I'll go upstairs
and deal with them myself." Angel got his shirt. "If you'll excuse me."

"Of course." Sydney answered politely. Angel walks up the massive
staircase and up to his room. "Cordelia?"

"Yes?" She looked at the older man.

"Why wasn't Parker able to hurt Angel when she shot him?"

"Umm…Angel's a vampire…" Was all Cordy said before Parker stormed in
and headed for the door. She was back.

"Parker wait!" Jarod called out running behind her.

"No, you're crazy, I'm not, I'm leaving!" She snarled and headed for
the door again.

"He won't hurt you." She stopped suddenly and spun round to face him.
He stumbled back. He wasn't expecting her to spin round so sharply.

"What don't you understand? READ. MY. LIPS. HE'S A VAMPIRE HE SUCKS
BLOOD FOR A LIVING!" She yelled at him.

"Miss Parker." Wesley said bravely.

"What?" She turned her blazing eyes on him.

"A-Angel isn't like that. H-He was put under a gypsy curse."

"Well WHOOPY!"

"Parker just listen to them. They're still alive and Jarod's all right.
Maybe they're telling the truth." Sydney said to her soothingly.

"Am I the only one sane here? You brainless twits can die, I'm

"Parker! STOP BEEN SO FUCKING ARROGANT!" Jarod yelled at her angrily.
She froze in her tracks. "Thank you, now just listen to them. They know
what they're talking about." He said in a calmer voice. Everyone was
stunned to hear Jarod raise his voice and swear at her, but it got her
back into gear.

Wesley took this moment while she was momentarily stunned to explain to
her. "Angel was cursed with a soul when he killed a gypsy woman. He
doesn't kill anyone to feed he gets the blood from the hospital." He
said in his calm, slightly accented voice. She slowly turned around and
faced them.

"Why are you here?" She asked Jarod.

"I came to work on a case in the police department and finding out some
information on The Centre. But Cordy had a vision and I was in it, so
I'm here now till they figure out what it means."


"They're kinda like dreams, except they hurt like Hell. They tell me
when there's a demon about to go on a rampage and Angel goes and
squashes him before he hurts anyone."

"Vampires. Demons. Visions. Someone PLEASE pinch me." She said to
herself. Broots stepped up and pinched her arm gently. "Hey! I wasn't
serious!" She hissed.

"He's just like me, defending the weak and abused."

"He isn't just like you." She sat down on the stairs leading to the
door. Angel came back down in a fresh black shirt and the silence was
thick and heavy. He walked over to Wesley, who shook his head.

"She needs a little time to adjust. She wouldn't listen but Jarod
seemed to get her under control." Angel nodded and watched her.
'There's something about her that I can't quite put my finger on.' He

Jarod walked over and knelt in front of her, taking hold of her icy
hands. "Why don't you go back to the hotel and get some sleep. When you
come back tomorrow we'll talk some more."

"We don't have a hotel. We only found you on a fluke guess. Lyle's in
New York. We didn't expect to find you." She said, taking her hands
away from him.

"You could stay here, there's a few rooms that won't collapse if you
sneeze." Angel joked but she didn't seem to find it funny.

"I'll take Miss Parker with me, I don't think she wants to spend the
night surrounded by men." Cordy joked but even that didn't snap her out
of her deep thinking.

"Parker?" Jarod asked gently. She nodded, stood up and walked out the
door, retrieving her cell from her pocket.

"Sam, something's come up, I want you to…" Then her voice faded.

"Cordy, she might be a bit quiet like she has been but that's nothing
to worry about, she just wants to keep to herself." Cordy nodded and
walked out the door.

Angels and Demons II-3A

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"Home. Sweet. Home." She said as she unlocked the door.

Parker flinched as a voice boomed in her head. [Angel, don't go in
there. Something's wrong!]

"Miss Parker are you OK?" Cordy asked when she saw Parker flinch.

"Just fine." She walked in as Cordy closed the door behind her. A book
came flying across the room. Parker spun round and caught it.

"Denis!" She hissed.

"Who's Denis?" Parker asked as she put the book down on the table.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You'd probably freak out

"I probably wouldn't. But I think I know who Denis is. I've dealt a lot
with ghosts." She smiled. "Where's the bathroom, if you don't mind I'd
like to have a shower."

"Of course, it's down the hall second on the left. I'll try and find
some clothes that you could sleep in. I don't think leather would be
very comfortable."

"No. Thank you." She walked on to the bathroom

"I'll leave the clothes outside the door." Cordy walked down to her

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Cordy was just walking down the corridor, past the spare room when a
movement caught her attention. The blankets were slowly moving up
around Parker's neck, but she wasn't moving. "Denis." She walked away
from the door and back out into the living room. She got a pen and
paper, setting them on the desk. "Tell me what you feel in her." The
pen lifted vertically and began to write.

Powerful. Dangerous. Trust her and help her get a handle over her

"What gifts?" Cordy asked.

Get Wesley to investigate her.

"A lot of help you are." Cordy ripped the piece of paper off the pad
and walked down to her bedroom, turning the lights off on her way.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Parker was sitting out in the courtyard, in the sun. Sydney and Broots
were behind her, watching quietly. Jarod came up behind them and looked
at her. "How is she?"

Sydney shook his head. "She been there since she and Cordy came this
morning. She hasn't spoken a word."

"We better get her out of the sun. You know what happens when she gets
too hot." Jarod walked quietly behind her. "Parker?"

"Go away."

"Will you come out of the sun for a little while?"


"You know he won't hurt you." He put two and two together.

"What I don't understand is that I BELIEVE everything. And I'm not
surprised by it."

"That's what happens when you get raised in The Centre. You find out
things that anyone else would go El' Freako about. But we just stop
look, shrug our shoulders and walk away like nothing ever happened."

"But at first…" She stopped short and looked at the ground.

"I know." Jarod sat beside her.

Cordy and Wesley were watching from their workstations. "I think we
have a problem." Cordy said.


"I asked Denis last night what he feels in her and he wrote this down."
She pulled out the piece of paper out of her pocket and showed him.

"What gifts?"

"I don't know."

"Do you think she could be responsible for the spike that nearly killed
Angel?" He asked her.

"I don't know. Maybe we should ask one of them." She indicated to
Sydney and Broots.

"We'll talk to Angel first. They mightn't know and there's no point in
worrying them."

"Worry who about what?" Angel appeared out of nowhere.

"We think Miss Parker is responsible for you getting spiked."

"There's only one way to find out." They walked over to where Sydney
and Broots were standing. Jarod turned round and looked back at them.
Angel signaled him to come back.

"I'll be back in a minute." Parker nodded. Jarod stood up and walked
over to the group. "What's wrong?"

"I need you to get Miss Parker out of the sun. We need to check
something." Angel instructed.

"What?" Sydney asked.

"You might find it unbelievable." Wesley said to him.

"You wouldn't say that if you knew where we worked." Sydney said

"We think Miss Parker might have the gift of telekinesis."

"I wouldn't be surprised." Sydney said quietly, looking out at where
she was sitting.

"How do you mean?"

"She has something called the 'Inner Sense'."

"Oh, we just need to get her out of the sun so I can see if she has
that gift." Angel explained.

"What are you going to do?" Broots asked.

"I won't hurt her. Just make her think that her life is been threatened
should be enough to kick it off."

"As long as you don't hurt her." Jarod said dangerously.

"I won't, just get her out of the sun." Jarod nodded and walked over to

"Parker, would you come out of the sun for a little while. You'll get
too hot in your suit." She nodded and stood up, walking back into the

"Where is everyone?"

"Don't know." Jarod understood how Angel was planning to frighten her
and so played along.

"I do." They heard Angel growl from behind them. They spun round to
come face to face with him. Jarod stood in front of Parker but Angel
just threw him across the room, knocking him out when he collided with
the wall. 

"Jarod!" She cried out as she saw him fall limply to the floor. She
backed away quickly.

"You don't need to worry about him." Angel growled, transforming into a
vampire. Ridge forming on his forehead, eyes changing to green and gold
and burning, teeth sharpening and two teeth lengthening to make fangs.
"You should be more concerned of what I'm going to do to you." He
started to walk toward her.

"You're not going to do jack to me."

"Don't be so sure. I've all ready killed your friends. But the old guy
tasted funny." Angel shrugged and continued to walk toward her. Parker
stepped back and started to circle him. He too began to circle, their
eyes locked. "But I have a feeling you'll taste different to EVERYONE.
But it's a pity to kill someone so beautiful."

"Hate to disappoint you but I'm not going to die that easily." She
hissed at him, not breaking eye contact.

"You would be quite convincing if it wasn't for the fear in your eyes
and the pounding of your heart. The heart that I want unified with
mine." He growled, making his eyes burn brighter.

Something snapped inside of Parker. "I AM NOT AFRAID!" Parker yelled.
Angel flew across the room backward and smashed against the wall. His
feet lifted four metres off the ground.

Jarod slowly stood up. "Parker?" She spun round and faced him with an
angry glare on her face. "Easy it's just me."

"What's going on?" She snarled.

"We had to find out if you were the one responsible for the flying
piece of shrapnel. I see that you are." Angel stood up and started to
walk toward her. His face was normal. "I didn't mean to frighten you
but it's the only way we could find out."

"FIND OUT WHAT?" She hissed like a wild animal caught in a small cage.

"Telekinesis. Parker you just threw him across the room using your
mind." Sydney said gently, coming back into the room, showing her that
Angel didn't hurt him. Wesley, Cordy and a frightened Broots followed

"I didn't do JACK FUCKING SHIT!"

"Parker I've got something to tell you that I've wanted to do for a
long time…I'm the one who killed Thomas, not Brigitte."

"You WHAT?" Jarod flew backward across the room and crumbled to the
floor after he smashed against the hard wall.

"Parker he didn't kill Thomas, he just said that to trigger off your
anger." Sydney said to her before she smashed his head to a pulp
without lifting a finger.

"That's not funny!" She cried out. Jarod began to rise to his feet. He
was holding his throat, like something was around it. "I SAID THAT

"Sydney…Cover her eyes." He whispered hoarsely. His feet were no longer
touching the ground. Angel ran up behind her and put a hand over her

"GET OFF!" She yelled and started to twist. Angel quickly wrapped his
other arm around her middle and stilled her. "LET GO!" She hands came
up and tried to get Angel's hand away from her face.

Jarod fell in a heap on the floor, coughing. "Watch her, she's deadly
when you've got her cornered like that." Sydney went over and helped
Angel to restrain her. He held her hands in a strong grip.

"Parker, calm down. He only meant to show you. He didn't mean anything
by it. Just calm down."

"He's treating Tommy like a GAME. HE'S NOT A GAME. JAROD DESERVES TO
DIE!" She screamed at them. Jarod got to his feet and walked toward
her. He bent his head closer to her ear and whispered to her.

"Listen to your Inner Sense." She started to thrash but Angel stilled
her movements. "Listen to the voice."

She stopped and listened. "Tommy!" She cried out.

"What's he saying?"

"I don't want to listen. I don't want to listen!" She tried to get away
from them but no one would let her go.

"Just listen to him. What's he telling you?" He gently stroked her

[Parker, believe him, he didn't mean it. Jarod didn't kill me. Just
calm down Angel, no one here will hurt you on purpose]

She slowly calms down. Jarod nods and Sydney lets go of her first. He
sees red marks on her wrists where he was holding. Her hands slowly
drop to her sides. Angel moves his hand away from her eyes. Jarod looks
into them but they were just normal sapphires in the sun. "Let her go
now. She's OK." Angel lets his arm snake around her waist and then
releasing her.

Cordy steps up to her. "How about you come with me and we can talk for
a while if you want. I'm a good listener." She suggests.

"Did I hurt either of you?" She asks in a small voice.

"No, but I'll have a few bruises." Jarod smiles at her. "You go with
Cordy." She walks away and out into the courtyard. Cordy follows her.

"Maybe we should have gone about that another way." Sydney said to them

"It was the only way and what's done is done. And no one got hurt."
Angel said reassuringly.

"Sydney's right. They way we did this we've just destroyed any barrier
she might have made concerning you. She might've trusted you but now
after this display she mightn't be sure." Jarod said.

"Yeah." Angel responded, but he was in his own thoughts. 'What these
people don't know I WASN'T pretending. But they will soon.' He walked
away from them. 

Jarod noticed something in his eyes. Apart from not having any life,
there was something else there. 'It might be best if I watch him for a
little while. I get the feeling there's more to him than meets the eye.
And if he's going to do anything to Parker he's in trouble.'

Sydney looked at the way Jarod was watching Angel walk away and shook
his head. 'Will he never learn to trust those feelings?'

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Cordy was sitting down on the garden seat watching Parker pace in front
of her. "Do you want to talk?"

"No." She said as she turned and did another length of the courtyard.
"How much do you know about this telekinesis?"

"Not a lot. But we've had some experience with it. Your case is
different to the other one." Cordy answered, seeing where the
conversation was going.

"Do you think you'll be able to help me get a hold on it?" Parker
stopped pacing.

"I could try." She looked around, but couldn't find anything. "I'll be
back in a minute." She ran back into the lobby.

"I'm not going anywhere." She started pacing again.

Cordy came back out with a book. "OK, focus on the book." She sat it on
the ground. 'Wesley won't mind if she smashes his book against the
brick wall.'

"You aren't serious!" Parker exclaimed.

"Apparently not." She walked over to where Parker was pacing. "How did
you throw Angel against the wall?"

"I don't know. I was just angry."

"OK. Just concentrate on the book." Cordy picked it up and held it in
front of Parker.

"I have never heard of anything SO STUPID in my life and I've heard
some pretty stupid stuff!" She snarled.

"Just focus. Think of something that would make you angry." Parker
stared at the book. "You'll have to concentrate." She took a deep
breath and focused.

[Parker, think about what happened to me. But control that anger and
focus it]

Cordy saw Parker nod. She could see her bright blue eyes getting a
green tinge in them. 'It's working, she's got it.' Cordy smiled as she
felt the book lift out of her hand.

"Now hold it there."

"HOLD IT! I just got it up!" The book flew across the courtyard and
smashed into the glass window. Sydney came running with Broots and

"What happened?"

"Someone just got a little frustrated. Can someone bring me the book
back?" Broots got it and walked back over to them, cautiously. Parker's
eyes were a bright green and it was scaring him.

"Has anyone seen my…Cordy! Haven't you heard of asking before taking?"
Wesley saw the book Cordy had in her hands.

"I needed a book so I just grabbed this one. I'm teaching, now you lot
go away." Cordy said turning back to Parker. They slowly walked back
into the lobby.

"Do you think it's wise to let Cordy teach Parker how to throw books? I
mean she's dangerous enough with her gun but now she can throw objects
without lifting a finger." Broots said.

"It would be better if she's taught to control it otherwise every time
she gets angry objects will be flying and she can't do anything to stop
it." Wesley said.

"He's right Broots. Would you prefer a time bomb with a good long fuse,
that can deactivate itself or a time bomb that's likely to blow up in
your face?" Sydney asked.

"I would prefer the old Parker."

"Well that is no longer an option." Jarod said.

Meanwhile out in the courtyard Parker was controlling the book a lot
better. She found out she could control the objects better with her
hand raised, moving. "OK, now go to throw it against the wall but just
before it hits, stop it." The book flew towards the wall but stopped a
few inches away. "Good. Now the only problem is that your eyes change."

"That is a bit of a problem. Everyone at The Centre knows what colour
my eyes are and if they change people might start asking questions."
She said as she zigzagged the book around.

"Well, try it again, but try and control your eyes. Try and make sure
they don't change."

Angels and Demons II-4A

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

When Jarod came to the door he saw Parker was still out there with
Cordy. Cordy threw the book at her but Parker waved her arm sharply and
sent it flying, but stopping it before it hit the wall. 'I see she's a
fast learner.' Jarod thought and smiled. 'We have a lot more in common
than she knows.'

Sydney came up behind him. "How's she doing?"

"Learning fast. Maybe we should call it a day, we don't want her too

"Might be best. If she's learning that fast we better call it off for a
few hours so she can have a rest." Jarod nodded and walked out into the

"OK, let's…Hey!" Jarod caught the book that flew at his head.

"Jesus Jarod! Don't sneak up on me like that, you're just lucky it
wasn't a knife!" She opened her hand and the book flew back to her.

"Sorry, but I just think you should have a rest."

"Fine. But later." The book flew slowly across to Cordy and hovered in
front of her. "Throw it again."

Cordy plucked the book out of the air. "Later. Jarod's right we've been
working solidly for nearly 1½ hours. Your eyes are burning too bright
for my liking."

"You lot aren't any fun!" She stormed inside.

"At least we know she isn't likely to kill us now." Jarod joked and
walked inside.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"OK, who's the wise arse that stole my books?" Wesley fumed.

Parker looked up from where she was lying on the couch. "Don't know?
When was the last time you saw them?"

"They were on my desk…Cordy where did you put them? I need them!"

"I didn't take them. I only had the one when I was working with
Parker." Everyone looked at Parker.


"Parker, where'd did you put Wesley's books?" Jarod asked as he moved
towards her. She laid back down and looked at the ceiling. Jarod looked
up. "Found your books."

Wesley looked up and saw his books going round in circles like in a
cyclone. "Hey! Get them down here now."

"Say please." She whimpered. "What did you expect? I was bored and you
lot wouldn't occupy me so I'm just amusing myself."

"OK, we're to blame, just give Wesley his books back." Jarod said

"Say the magic words."

"Please." Jarod and Wesley said in unison.


"Bring them down now or we'll make you." Parker's head shot up. Broots
just shrugged. A smile crept across her face and she started to laugh.

"All right, when you asked so nicely." The books came down and landed
on Wesley's desk.

"Thank you." Wesley walked over to his workstation. Parker poked her
tongue out at him. Sydney and Broots started to laugh. Wesley turned
around. "What's so funny."

"Nothing." Parker laid back down. She tossed a cushion up and started
to make it circle like a tumbleweed.

"Parker, don't you think you should give that a rest?" Jarod asked.

"Maybe." The pillow dropped fast and hit him in the head.

"Hey, no fair." He picked the cushion off the floor.

"So sue!" He started to walk towards her but another cushion flew up
and hit him in the face. Sydney, Broots and Cordy just stood back and
watched the one-man pillow fight.

"Come on Parker, play fair. I have to be able to hit you."

"Says who?" She growled and stood up, holding out her hand for a
cushion. It floated up to her opened fingers.

"Come on. Just one on one no little mind tricks." Jarod taunted as he
tosses the pillow up in the air in front of him then catching it..

"You think I couldn't whip your arse?"

"Umm…Nope." She stepped up and hit him in the head. "Ow."

"Can't take it Lab Rat?"

"He doesn't know what he's getting himself into." Cordy whispered.

"He knows." Broots and Sydney said in unison.

"I'll give you Lab Rat!" He hit her in the head. She had her head hung
down. "OOPS!" When she lifted her head her eyes were a greeny blue
colour. "Oh-oh." Jarod dropped the cushion and bolted. Parker did the
same and she was right behind him.

The others just watched them ran outside. "I hope she kicks his arse."
Cordy laughed.

"She will." Sydney laughed as well. They all walked over to Wesley.

"Found anything yet?"

"Not much. Only that anger can be a trigger but the harder part for the
person is if they can't control the objects that are flying around
them, they are likely to go insane. Eye colour change can occur but
only in rare cases, if…" He read further down. "If the gift has been
inherited from a strong power source."

"Catherine." Sydney thought out loud. "No. But I wouldn't have seen the

"Not necessarily. If they are in complete control it is harder to
identify if that person has the gift."

"But why has it only surfaced now?" Sydney asked.

"It surfaces if there has been a traumatic event. And…that's all this
book says but if I look at other books I'll be able to find some other

Parker and Jarod come back. Jarod was holding his head. "I don't need
to ask who won."

"I did." Parker smiled brightly. Her piercing blue eyes had returned
one more.

"Come on, we'll do some more training."

"Good. I'm getting restless."

"Oh God. I don't know how Thomas put up with her."

"I heard that!"

"You were meant to." Jarod called back.

"Bastard!" They heard Parker mumble.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Cordy had been working with Parker constantly all day. Parker was now
exhausted. She was lying on the couch, sleeping. Everyone else had
something to eat but they thought it best if she slept for a while.

They were around Wesley, listening to what he had to say about
telekinesis. All except Angel, who was looking at Parker's sleeping
form. Jarod saw him and stood up, walking to the edge of the front desk
and watched him closely. "Jarod, you listening?"

"What…Yeah." Jarod still watched him.

"We better leave it for a while. He's distracted." Sydney said and
stood up, walking over to where Jarod was standing.

Angel turned around and saw everyone looking at him. "I'm going out."
He walked to the door and out into the night.

"I think someone should stay with Parker. I don't trust him." Jarod
said walking over to Parker. He knelt down on the floor and gently
stroked her head.

"We'll finish discussing. He won't pay attention now." Sydney smiled
and sat down at the desk.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Everyone else is outside to get some fresh air. They thought it would
be safe enough to leave Parker alone to sleep in the lobby since Angel
wasn't at the hotel. They saw him leave a few hours ago. What they
didn't know that Angel had crept back into the hotel and was waiting
till they all left the lobby so he could be alone with Parker. 

After 2 and a half hours perched on the ceiling it was now safe to go
down to Parker. He fell to the floor, but stopped a few inches before
impact to make it soundlessly. He walked over to her sleeping form and
knelt next to her head.

He slowly reached out to touch her head, but she didn't wake up. He
gently ran his hand down her head and touched the soft, warm skin of
her neck. He leant over her and rested his head lightly on top of hers.
"You are mine. I can smell it." He whispered to her soothingly. She
stirred in her sleep, but only to tuck her head more comfortably under
his chin. "Who else would sleep so trustingly with death sitting
nearby?" He changes and moves away from her. He moves her head to the
side gently. "This won't hurt." He whispered and sunk his teeth into
her neck. She groaned and moved, but Angel calmed her by gently
stroking the other side of her neck.

Jarod walked back in to check on her. He stopped suddenly when he saw
Angel leaning over Parker's form. He ran over and pulled him roughly
away from her. "Get away from her!" Jarod growled. His eyes widen with
fear when he saw blood around Angel's mouth. He looked down at Parker
and saw two puncture wounds on her neck. "You fucking arsehole! I
thought you had a soul!"

"Don't you dare pull me away from her!" Angel yelled and knocked Jarod
out. He bundled up Parker's form in his arms and ran up the stairs
before the others came.

Sydney came in to see what the yelling was about. "Jarod!" He ran over
to where the pretender was on the ground. When he gets to him Jarod was
starting to come round. He looked up at the chair only to see it empty.

"Bastard!" He tried to sit up but Sydney held him down.

"What was going on?" Sydney asked.

"Angelus has taken Parker! I was too late!" Jarod sat up and pushed
Sydney's hands away so he could stand. He looked at Wesley. "He's

"I thought we had time." Wesley said shocked. "I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault, but if he hurts her he's going to get staked and
I WON'T BE MISSING!" Jarod growled angrily, rubbing his head where
Angel punched him.

"He won't be hurting her." Wesley shook his head.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

He had placed Parker on the bed and went back to lock and wedge the
door shut, to make sure he didn't have any unwelcome visitors. He went
back to her and she was still sleeping. He climbed back onto the bed
next to her and smiled. He had beaten Jarod. He had won. The proof was
lying next to him, oblivious to what was going on around her.

"Everything will be over soon." He growled and sunk his teeth in again.
She whimpered, but he just silenced her by rubbing the other side of
her neck. When he'd finished, he hadn't taken much blood, but enough
for his purpose. He bit his wrist, enough to make it bleed a little. He
turned it up side down and let a couple of drops fall in her slightly
opened mouth. "It's done. Now all I have to do is wait." He whispered
and kissed her on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her protectively
and fell asleep.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

When Parker woke up, she didn't know where she was, everything was dark
and she couldn't see. She could feel an arm around her waist and a body
against her back. She moved her head a little only to see Angel
sleeping next to her.

She was cold and all she wanted to do was go and find the others, if
she was up here something must have happened to them, they wouldn't let
Angel take her, they wouldn't even let him near her.

She carefully moved his arm and slowly gets off the bed.

She comes downstairs and she couldn't see anyone, she walked further
into the lobby and she couldn't see anyone. She crossed her arms in
front of her when she started to shiver. She walked towards the open
door that leads to the courtyard. She walked out into the sun and sat
on the ground to try and warm up.

"He must not have done anything, she's sitting in direct sunlight."
Wesley commented as they watched her. They were sitting in the lobby
where she couldn't see them.

"But I saw him biting her neck. I saw the marks on her neck!" Broots
shuddered at the thought.

"We'll have to ask him what he's done to her." Wesley said to them.

"I'm going to ask her." Jarod stood up and walked over to the door.
When he got out into the courtyard she jumped to her feet and stood
there looking at him. "Easy, it's just me."

"I'm cold." She whispered as she trembled. He slowly walked towards
her, not knowing what she was capable of. 'What are you thinking about?
This is Parker, stop listening to them and move your arse, can't you
see she terrified?' Jarod's little voice yelled at him. He quickened
his paced towards her. He reached out and touched her forehead. She was
cold as ice.

"Will you let me look at your neck?" He asked her softly. She nodded.
He moved the collar of her coat and shirt to reveal the two puncture
wounds and he could feel her pulse when he moved his fingers higher on
her neck. He gently touched the puncture wounds.

"I'm cold." She whimpered.

"It's OK." He closed his arms around her tightly.

"Jarod!" He heard Wesley hiss. He turned to look at him. He was shaking
his head violently. Jarod ignored him and rested is cheek on her head.
With her forehead under his chin, she started to feel a little warmer.

"She won't hurt him." Sydney said, looking at the two of them.

"But we don't know what he's done to her."

"I don't care what you say. I know Parker and she would NEVER hurt
Jarod." Sydney growled at him for been so stupid, if she was going to
do anything she would have done it by now.

"I understand what you're saying Sydney but all due respect you have no
idea what you're talking about when talking about Angel. If he has done
anything to her she is now dangerous."

"If you knew Parker better you would know that you have just dug
yourself a very deep hole. Now does that look like anything that would
hurt Jarod? She against him, trembling and probably scared shitless
after waking up with Angel next to her!"

"He has a point Syd." He nodded.

"But I know Parker!"

Angel came storming through. "Where is she?" He growled angrily. This
was Angelus they were talking to. 

"Out there." Wesley pointed out into the courtyard. He walked pasted
them angrily.

"Parker get out of the sun." He ordered. She turned to look at him but
made no more movements. "Come on, you don't want to make me angry."

"You don't want to make ME angry." She hissed. "I'm staying here."

"OK, quit playing around and come over here." She held her arms around
Jarod tightly. He pulled her closer in response. "Kill him and be done
with it! Your mine damnit!" He yelled at her.

"Come and get me." She teased. Angel started to pace around them in the
shade, which was only a half circle.

"What have you done to her?" Jarod growled.

"None of your DAMN business!" Angel yelled

"Stay here. He can't get you while you're in the sun." She let go of
him. He grabbed her hand. "He won't hurt me." She gave his hand a
reassuring squeeze and let him go.

"Parker don't."

"That's right come to me." Angel stopped pacing. She walks out of the
sun and towards Angel. "Now what do you think you're doing?"

"Trying to keep warm." She shuddered. He saw her eyes change from blue
to tiger's. "Now pay attention. You lay one finger on Jarod, Sydney or
Broots you'll find out HOW mean I can get! You've all ready proved that
I'm yours so there's no need to go El' Frecko and hurt my friends!"
Angel reached out and touched her neck, changing. He touched the fang
with the tip of his tongue, looking at her. Jarod watched everything
closely and smiled. She had him wrapped round her little finger.

Angel started to growl. Jarod stopped smiling. Everyone was thinking
the same thing. He was going to hurt her. The hand on her neck could
very easily choke her. But she didn't seem bothered by that fact. "Are
you feeding?" They let out a sigh.

"I don't know. I'm freezing cold but when I'm next to him I warm up."
He opened his hand and rested it on her neck to feel the icy skin.

"I'll get Wesley to find out some things." He could feel her strong
pulse and remembered when that beating heart was joined with his. "Can
you tell if anything else is wrong?"

"No, just cold." Her eyes changed back to blue. Angelus changed back to
Angel. They stood there not moving. Angel was standing over Parker,
looking down at her while she had her head under his chin.

"I think Parker's got a power over the side of him no one else has
control of. Not even Darla." Cordy said quietly, watching the two

"But what we don't know is if that's a good or bad thing. What Angel is
doing, is that out of respect or bowing to a superior?" Wesley asked

"If it's bowing to a superior, Jarod can control her. And she's got the
Inner Sense in the form of Thomas' voice so that should control her a
lot more than any of us could ever could." They broke away, Parker
returned back to Jarod and leant against his chest, wrapping her arms
around his shoulders and tucking her head under his chin.

Angel walked over to the group of onlookers. "I want you to find out
what is wrong with Parker. She's cold as ice but the sun doesn't warm
her. But when she's near Jarod she warms up. And why is she able to be
in the sun?"

"I'll need to know what you did to her last night." Wesley said.

"I bit her and fed but I didn't kill her."

"Did she feed?"

"Yes, but I only put three drops of blood in her mouth." Broots
shuddered again. Sydney gently touched his arm.

"What has he done to her Syd?"

"I'm making her happy. I'm giving her the life she deserves!"

Broots grows a backbone at that comment. "You can't make her happy and
you DON'T now what she deserves! They only person was Thomas!"

"So the cockroach has a backbone!"

"I'm not a cockroach!" Angel started to walk towards him. Broots backs

"Angel don't start anything, just let it go."

"Anyone who tries to break this up I WILL KILL!" Jarod could see Angel
stalking after someone. He could see everyone else but poor Broots.

He ran his hands down her back and rested them on her hips. "Parker,
Angel's terrorising Broots." She stirred against him. 'She must have
been sleeping lightly.' He thought.

"He never learns!" She hissed and shuddered, the tiger-eyes returning.
"Just when I'm starting to warm up HE has to interfere!" She moved away
from him. He got a close up view of her eyes. They weren't just tiger-
eyes they were flames.

She let go of him and started to walk back inside, with Jarod following
her. Angel had Broots trapped in a corner. "Angelus!" She hissed
sharply. He jumped and turned round to face her. She lifted her hand
and closed it into a fist. Angel grabbed his throat and started to move
his neck around. She was choking him. "What didn't you understand about
hurting my friends?"

"He was looking for trouble!" He whispered hoarsely.

"He's a spineless computer tech. The only trouble he's looking for is a

"He's a threat!" Angel's face was turning red.

"Bullshit!" She released her white knuckled hand. Angel started
coughing, changing back to normal. "Now go!" She ordered. Angel walked
away. She left them when Angel had disappeared and went back into the

"We know now it's bowing to a superior." Sydney smiled.

"But does that make it a good or bad thing?" Wesley asked.

"What?" Jarod knew he had come in on the end of the conversation.

"Parker is Angel's superior." Broots answered, recovering from his near
fang incident.

"That's why he backs down from her." Jarod nods in realisation. "It's a
good thing. Parker is still Parker."

"Jarod's right. No matter what he does to her she is still the same Ice
Queen, Huntress, Chairman's daughter." They nod together in agreement.

Angels and Demons II-5A

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Parker was sitting on the ground in the sun listening to Tommy's
soothing voice. <>

[I don't know Parker. But go and talk with Wesley and Cordelia. They'll
help you find out]


[I know Baby, but you aren't alone. You've got people around you that
will take care of you. And I'm always here]

She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder as he said that. She let out a
soft purr, resting her cheek on their fingers. Their fingers grazed her
cheek. "Thomas?" She pulled away from the hand, looking out over the
courtyard. "It's OK, don't pull away."

"I just had a flash that Tommy was still alive. Hearing his voice then
feeling a gentle hand on my shoulder."

"It still hurts, doesn't it?"

"Even after saying goodbye I have the sharp visions that he's still
alive. Hearing a sound, a smell, a sight kicks it off. But then I see
and hear something that snaps me out of it." He closes his arms around
her tightly, pulling her back against him.

"I think the same way. But In my flashes it's my family." He whispered
to her softly, resting his head gently on top of hers.

Sydney and Broots were watching from inside. "I'm confused."

"They were close when they were children, apparently that connection
has survived." Sydney smiled softly.

"But she acts so cold about the hunt."

"She can do some pretending as well. If you were able to watch her grow
up like I did you would see that she's glad to a small extent."

"I've noticed but she's normally peeved about something or someone

"There's a lot more to her than people think. All they see is the cold,
heartless woman, but inside there's a lost and lonely little girl who
just wants to be held and loved. The Ice Queen façade protects that
little girl from people who want to destroy her." Sydney explained.
They stood there watching for a little while.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
A few minutes later Sydney came out and Parker was sleeping against
Jarod's chest. Jarod looked up at his mentor. "She was tired, but she's
OK now."

"What were you talking about?"

"Thomas. Then what cruel tricks our mind plays on us." She stirred and
stretched her legs out in front of her.

"Your going to get a sore back." Sydney said gently.

"It doesn't matter, I'm not going to move while she's content."

"Why don't you bring her back inside? She'll be more comfortable."

Jarod nodded and gently stroked her neck. "Parker."


"Can you sit up for me?"

"Why?" She sat forward and looked at him. Her tiger-eyes were burning

"We're just gonna go inside." He put her arm around his neck and stood
up strongly, taking all her weight. He lifted her into his arms and
started to carry her back inside. She wrapped her arms around his neck
tightly and started to fall asleep.

Broots saw Jarod coming back inside with Parker in his arms. "What's

"Nothing, Sydney just wants her back inside." Jarod sat down on the
couch, putting her next to him. She opened her eyes and curled up
against him. He put his arms around her. She then sat up a little
taller, resting her arms around his neck and putting her head on his
shoulder. She fell asleep when she was comfortable.

Sydney smiled at her. He gently tapped Broots' arm. "Let's go and leave
her in peace." They walked away and left Jarod cradling the Huntress'
sleeping form against his shoulder.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Jarod was still sitting on the couch with Parker against his chest. Her
skin had a lot more warmth in it than when she first got up.

Angel walked toward them. He was behind the couch. He reached out to
touch Parker but he couldn't. Something was stopping him. He kept on
trying but he couldn't. Jarod just looked up at him and smiled, gently
stroking her shoulder.

"She can't protect you forever!" He snarled and walked away.

"Oh but she can and will." Jarod smiled and kissed her temple. She made
a soft growling noise in her throat. "Shh, it's just me."


She stirs and pulls out the cell phone, handing it to Jarod. He smiled.
He was going to enjoy this. "Parker's phone."

"Jarod? Where the Hell is my sister?"

"I'm sorry Mr Lyle, but she's a little 'tied up' right now."

"You better…" Jarod hung up.

"He's going to be pissed." Parker murmured.

"I know, but who said I was going to answer it again?" She smiled and
tightened her grip around his neck.


Jarod turned the phone off. "You do realise all the hounds are gonna be
out looking for you."

"But what can they do since I have their main bloodhound?" He asked

"Absolutely nothing."

"Exactly." He rested his head on the top of hers gently, having her
face tucked under his chin. "You feeling OK now?"


"Good." He slowly let go of her. "We better go talk with the others."

"Why?" She stood up.

"Well we can't stay like this. You need to go back to The Centre and we
need to work out how we're gonna handle Angel. He's not gonna let you
go without a fight." Jarod stood up.

"How about I stake him?"

"You can't do that." They walked over to the office part. "What are we
gonna do?" He asked Wesley.

"Pray that Angel let's go of her without a fight." He said looking up
from his books.

"Great! Now I have a homicidal vampire on my hands." She snarled.

"You do make it hard for people to let go." Sydney said.

'I was just about to say that.' Broots thought with a smile.

"Broots!" She barked at him.

'Or maybe I shouldn't say they that. I like breathing.' The smile
disappeared from his face.

Parker felt two arms snake around her from behind. "Get off!" She
thrashed around. When she saw Jarod next to her, she knew it was Angel.
She delivered a strong elbow to the midsection. His grip loosened. She
stepped away and spun round to face him. "What the Hell are you doing?
Didn't you get the message I don't like you?"

"But I like you."

"Get over yourself." She snarled and walked away, out into courtyard.

"Why doesn't she like me?" Angel asked as he watched her walk away.

"She still thinks that you're a threat." Jarod answered. Walking after

"God! Why don't people trust me?" Angel asked.

"You made her a semi-vampire and your asking us?" Sydney exclaimed.

"Fine, I give up. She comes round if she comes round if she doesn't
I'll make it up to her." Angel sits down.

Out in the courtyard Jarod was talking to Parker. "You know what you
have to do?"

"Yes but I don't want to." She growled, pacing in front of him

"Parker you have to otherwise he won't let you go. He won't hurt you.
You have to believe that. He can't kill you even if he feeds again."
Jarod caught her arm.

"All right, as long as he doesn't hurt me."

"He won't."

"Fine." They walk back into the lobby. Jarod walked over and whispered
in Sydney's ear. He looked at Jarod with wide eyes. Jarod nodded.

Parker stood in front of Angel. She looked at Jarod, who just nodded.
She took a deep breath and held his hand, making him stand up. He
stepped closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her
closer. "I won't hurt you. Now what's on my Little Lamb's mind?"

"I have to go. We've been here too long. The Centre will start looking
for us, but I'll be staying till tomorrow then we'll head back. If I
stay any longer they'll come here and I'll be putting you three in
danger. As much as you freak me out I don't want to see you get hurt."

"That's OK, but you'll be coming back won't you?" He asked gently.
Wesley and Cordy smiled at each other.

Wesley stepped closer to Cordy and whispered in her ear. "We couldn't
have told her to anything better than this. She's gonna wrap him around
her little finger." Cordy nodded.

He lifted his hand and gently stroked her face. "Could I come to Blue
Cove and visit?"

"I wouldn't recommend it but all right as long no one sees you. If they
find out you pay me visits they'll kill you like they did with Tommy."
She whispered sadly.

He brushed his lips across her forehead. "You forget I can play dead. I
don't breath and I don't have a pulse. Bullets can't hurt me." She
nodded. "Now will you stop been so afraid of me?"

"Sorry." She slowly closes her eyes.

"It's all right, just don't stake me again." He smiled.

"I won't."

He looked at the puncture wounds on her soft neck. "These will go in a
day or two." He gently kissed her neck. She jumped and pulled away. "I
won't bite. Promise." She stayed still as he gently kissed her neck
around where he bit her.

Jarod was thinking. 'She's relaxing around him. Good.'

They stood there and just watched to make sure he DIDN'T decided to
sink the teeth in again.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Parker crept out of Angel's room. He insisted that she stayed with him
till she left. She reluctantly agreed. She walked down to the lobby
where Sydney and Broots were waiting. "Where's Jarod?"

"He's gone. He must have left last night. But he left you this." Sydney
handed her a note.

Sorry I couldn't come back with you but I can't go back to The Centre.
It would explain your absent if you had to follow 'my sorry hide' all
over the place. Angel won't hurt you, that, I'm sure of. Once again


Parker smiled. "He's bringing out the violins." She handed the note to
Sydney who read it and smiled. "Come on we have to go." They left the
hotel quietly.

Angels and Demons II-1B


Parker woke up feeling strange. 'Something's wrong.' She thought. She
put her hand to her forehead. Icy cold. Her skin had a faint blue tinge
to it. "Probably nothing." She whispered and got out of bed. She had to
sit down quickly because her head felt like it was full of air and
there were little black spots dancing in front of her eyes.

She slowly stood up. The dizziness had past. She walked into the
bathroom to have a shower and get ready for work.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Parker had put on a black suit and she was walking through the living
room when the dizziness returned. This time it was worse. She grabbed
the couch for support. Her legs buckled and she falls to the floor. She
was lying on her side, trying to get up when Tommy appeared. "Parker."

Her eyes tried to focus. "Tommy?"

"Hang on Sweet Parker, helps coming." He started to fade.

"Don't leave me." But it was only a momentary thing he wasn't going

"Sydney will be inside in a little while. Just stay awake."

"So cold." Her eyes slowly shut.

"Parker look at me. Open your eyes." She slowly opened them. He was
kneeling next to her head. "Good girl. You need to go back to LA, do
you understand?" He asked gently. She nodded slowly. "Just stay awake,
helps here now." Tommy walked to the door and unlocked it.



"Help me." Tommy walks back over to her kneels.

"I'm always here for you. You're never alone." Tommy disappears.

"Tommy…Tommy…Come back." She says weakly.


"Parker, you there?" Sydney calls. He pushes the door and it opens.
"Parker!" Sydney and Broots rush over to her. "What is it? What's

She tries to sit up but Broots holds her down. "Easy Parker, Syd she's
cold as ice." She was opening and closing her hand, looking at the
phone. "Syd, she wants the phone." Sydney was looking at her skin, how
blue it was. He gets it and turns it on. She pressed speed dial 4. She
was trembling worse now.

Broots slowly sits her up and pulls her back against his chest,
wrapping his arms around her tightly. "Hello Angel Investigators, we
solve BIG problems for SMALL prices."



"Yeah, where's Angel?" He looked at Parker's tiger-eyes, understanding
what she wants them to do.

"Not up why?" Cordy asked.

"Something's wrong with Parker." He gently stroked her face.


"She cold as ice. Her tiger-eyes are burning brightly and Broots and I
found her lying on the living room floor, she wasn't moving."

"Get her back here fast! She needs Angel and Jarod."

"We can't find Jarod."

"I'll get in touch with him."

"All right, what should we do in meantime?" Sydney asked.

"There's nothing you can do."

"How are we meant to move her around The Centre? She can't walk."

"Put the phone next to her ear."

Sydney put it next to her ear. "Its Cordy."


"Parker, you'll need to tap into someone. Then you'll be back with
Angel." Cordy said gently.


"Why not?"

"Dependent…On Tommy."

"Is someone touching you?"


"Tap into them."

"How long?"

"Long enough to get your strength back." Parker hangs up and closes her

"Syd, she's starting to warm up."

Sydney nods. "Parker, open your eyes." She opens them. The tiger fades
and the blue shines through.

"We have to go now, I don't know how long I have." She stood up with
Broots' help. "I'm all right now Broots." He still had his arms around
her waist.

"Sorry." He lets go of her. They walked out the door. Parker stops long
enough to lock the door and turn the alarm on.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

They were walking down the corridor when Lyle intercepted them, with
Cox following. "Sis." She froze in her tracks and looked at him.

"What do you want?"

"You look like Hell, you feeling all right?"

"I was until I saw you." Cox smiled. "And what makes me feel worse is
that you thought it necessary to lug that waste of space with you."

"Now Parker, he's on our side."

"Bullshit!" Lyle started clutching his throat. Sydney and Broots knew
what she was doing they could see her clenched fist at her side.
"Anything wrong Lyle?"

"I can't…I can't breathe." He was turning a bright shade of red.

"Parker we have to go, remember that hit Broots had? If we don't leave
now we'll miss it." Sydney said trying to discreetly get her to let him
go before Cox gets suspicious.

"Fine, sorry I can't help Lyle." She walked away with Sydney and

"Parker, let him go." Sydney whispered.

"Fine." She turned around to look at Lyle. "Lyle, we're going back to
LA, you can call me on my cell."

He gasped and started coughing. Cox was looking at her eyes. They were
changing to gold and green. 'I think I should watch her for a couple of
days. I might find something interesting.' He thought.

They walked away down to the elevator. Lyle walked shakily away down to
his office. Cox pulled out his cell. "Yes Sir, I'm going away for a few
days…No I don't know when I'll be back…Yes I'll keep you informed of my
return." Cox ran after The Three Stooges.

The jet door was about to close when they heard. "Hold it!" Screamed
from outside.

"Tell the pilot to stop." Broots ran up to the cockpit.

When the hatch opened and Parker walked to it, Cox was standing
outside. "What do you want Road Kill?"

"I'm coming with you to LA."

"Like Hell you are!"

"If you have a problem, take it up with Dear Old Dad." He climbed the

"Fine. One peep and I push you out at 15,000 feet without a parachute."

"I'll be silent, you won't know I'm here." The hatch closed.

"I already know." They sat down in their seats. Parker next to Sydney,
Broots behind them and Cox behind everyone watching Parker with quiet

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Parker stood up when the plane landed and stepped into the aisle.
"Parker?" Sydney said from beside her.

"What?" She answered weakly, facing him.

"Your eyes." She lowered her head and focused on blue. She lifted her
head and looked at him. "They're still tiger. We better go." She nodded
and walked a couple of steps. She grabbed for the seat for support when
she started to sway on her feet.

Cox walked over to her slowly. "Parker?"

"Leave me alone." She hissed and tried to move away. Cox held her arm
and turned her around to face him. She lowered her head so he couldn't
see her eyes.

Sydney and Broots were standing there, watching in horror. Cox gently
tipped her face up so he could see her eyes. They were still tiger-eyes
and they were moving like flames. "Sir, we REALLY need to go." Sydney

"There is no hit." He gently touched her neck. She pulled away but when
he started stroking, she relaxed a little. The cockpit door went to
open but Parker just shut it. "We'll go." He let go of her. She started
to walk away and fell forward. Cox grabbed her from behind and picked
her up. She was unconscious.

"Sir, we have a car waiting." Sydney said from behind him.

When they got off the plane Wesley and Cordy were waiting near the car.
When Wesley saw what Cox was carrying he ran over, followed by Cordy.
"Who the fuck are you?"

"Sir he's going to help." Sydney said gently.

Cox reluctantly let Wesley check her pulse. She made a growling nose in
her throat when he went to check her eyes. "We need to get her back to
the hotel." He led them over to the car.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
Cox carried her inside. Angel ran over to her, changing. Cox backed
away from him. "Give her to me!"

"No." Cox snarled.

"Cox, give her to him." Sydney said, seeing that Cox was going to get
himself killed.

Angel carefully lifted Parker out of Cox's arms. She started growling.
"Shh, my lamb, your home." Angel whispered, brushing his lips over
hers. He walked away. Cox went to follow but Angel turned round and
bared his teeth at him. "Stay!" He snarled and walked away.

Angel rested Parker on the bed and sat next to her. "Open your eyes."
He stroked her face and neck. "Please open your eyes." He pleaded. He
growled and bit her neck. Her eyes flew open. She tried to push him
away but he wouldn't move.

"Get off me!" She snarled weakly. Her breathing was laboured. She felt
like there was a knife in her chest. Angel let go of her neck.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like shit." She touched her neck. When she looked at her fingers she
saw blood. "You bit me."

"I know, you need to feed."

"You bit me!" She sat up and lunged at him. She let out a painful groan
and fell back.

"You're weak, you need to feed and rest."

She rolled onto her side with her back to him. "Just leave me alone."

"Please, you'll die, I need to take care of you."

"Just go." She mumbled.

Angel walked out of the room and downstairs. They looked at him
anxiously. "When's Jarod getting here?" He growled.

"He's coming as fast as he can." Cordy said.

"And when he gets here, she'll be dead."

"What's wrong with her?" Cox asked.

"She's sick. She needs to feed but she won't. She's too weak to fight."

"It's all your fault! You're the one who did this to her! So fix it!"
Sydney yelled at him.

"I've tried!" Angel yelled back.

"Well try harder!" Sydney yelled back and walked away.

"He's upset. He's the one who raised her." Broots said.

"He's not the only one. He's right, I created her and I can't do
anything to help her. And now she's dying because of me." Everyone
remained silent after Angel spoke.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

They've been pacing around anxiously. Finally Jarod burst through the
door. "Sorry I took so long." He said, catching his breath.

"She needs you!" Angel grabbed his arm and pulled him up the stairs
after him.

When they got to Angel's room, Parker was lying on the floor. Jarod ran
over to her and gently rolled her onto her back. "Kat, come on, wake
up." He felt her pulse. He could feel how cold she was. "Her heartbeats
erratic." Jarod carefully lifted her up and put her back on the bed.

"Please, you've gotta get her to feed. You might find it repulsive and
so do I now that I've seen what I've done to her, but she needs it or
she'll die." Angel looked over Parker's form frantically. "She wouldn't
when I tried but maybe you could make her."

"I'll try." Jarod sat down net to her. Her breathing was uneven and

"She's done well to get this far but I think she's had enough. I don't
think she's got enough fight left in her."

"I'll try, but could you leave us?"

"Sure, if you do get her to drink, she doesn't take much. She's only
half vampire and her needing to feed this urgently is probably only
gonna be a once off." He said, walking to the door. "Please help my
Little Lamb." Angel pleaded and left.

"Kat, I'm back. I'm here now you aren't alone. I've come back to your
side my Sweetness." He gently stroked her neck.

She slowly opens her eyes. " Make it stop hurting. I can't breathe."

"Angelus said you need to feed." Jarod took off his leather jacket.

"No…I don't wanna hurt you." He noticed her tiger-eyes. They were the
brightest he'd ever seen them.

"You won't, he said you don't take much. Please, no one wants you to

"I don't know what I am anymore…What's he done?"

"He tried to make you a vampire, but it didn't work. You were too
strong for him to change. Inner Sense. Pretender. Telekinesis. He
couldn't compete, so he only got half way."

"Lie down with me." She pleaded. He stood up and walked round the bed,
lying next to her. "You left me."

"When?" He propped himself on an elbow and looked down at her.

"A few days ago. Don't you know I need you?"

"I've always known."

"Then why?"

"Because of The Centre. That place is always keeping us apart."

"But couldn't you have hid with me? Or at Tommy's?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm here now."

"Yes…You're here now." Her eyes slowly closed. Jarod bent down and
closed his mouth over hers, drawing her tongue out. She slowly wrapped
her arms around his neck, holding him down. He pulled away slowly. Two
of her teeth had lengthened.

"You can feed now." He whispered.

"I don't want to…Its not who I am."

"It is now. Angelus said that this would only be a one off thing."

"How can he tell? It might happen again and that time no one would find
me." He kissed her again.

"Please, I promise you won't be hurting me."


"Promise." He kissed her again.

"OK, lie down." He laid down on his back. She moved closer to him and
leant on his chest. She ran a gentle finger across his neck. "I don't
wanna hurt you."

"You won't." He put his hand round her neck and pulled her down and
kissed her again. He touched one of the fangs with his tongue. She
pulled away quickly. He gently stroked her neck. She moved the collar
of his shirt away from his neck.

"This won't hurt?"

"No pain." He smiled up at her. She bent down and placed a gently kiss
on his neck.

"I don't want to do this." She pulled away

"OK." He sat up and leant against the back of the bed. He pulled her to
him. She sat next to him, linking her arms around his neck. "Just do
it, 1 - 5 and it'll be over."

She moved her mouth next to his neck again. "I'm sorry Baby." She bit
him. He closed his arms around her slim waist and pulled her close,
gently kissing her neck. She tightened her arms around his shoulders.

She pulled away and looked at what she'd done. He had two small
puncture wounds on his neck. She gently touched them with the tip of
her finger. "I'm sorry." She turned away from him, lying on her side.
He laid down behind her, putting an arm around her waist.

"I'm OK, go to sleep." He said softly and kissed her neck. She held his
arm around her tightly and drifted off to sleep. Jarod was gently
kissing her neck as she slept.

Angels and Demons II-2B

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"Shouldn't Jarod be back by now?" Broots asked.

"She'll probably want him to stay with her for a little while." Angel
said gently, looking at the stairs.

"Why don't you go up?"

"He wants to be alone with her." They stayed seated and waited

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Cox crept into the room to check on her. It didn't take much locating
to find which room. Jarod was sleeping behind her with his head tucked
between her back and the bed. He still had his arm around her

Cox stretched out his hand to touch her head. Her hand shot up and
wrapped round his wrist tightly. She was making a soft growling noise
in her throat. "Shh, it's me." He gently stroked her hand. "I won't
hurt you." Her hands grip eased off a little and she was silent. Her
eyes slowly opened. "You OK now?" She slowly nodded. He gently stroked
her head with his free hand. "I'll protect you when we get back to The
Centre." He said gently. "The first day I saw you, I've been obsessed."

"I've seen the way you look at me." She slowly closed her eyes.

"I'll let you get some sleep." He loosened her fingers. She grabbed his

"Don't go."

"We'll talk later." He let go of her hand and gently stroked her head.
"Go back to sleep." Her eyes slowly closed. Jarod's arm around her
waist tightened and pulled her back. Cox left quietly.

When he came back downstairs, Angel cornered him. "Where the Hell have
you been?"

"I went to check on her, you have a problem with that?" Cox snarled at

"Yes, yes I do!" Angel snarled back.

"Well lump it, I care about her so just back off! You're the arsehole
that did this to her! If you can't stand the heat you're copping then
just deal with it!"

"Oh, I'll deal with it." Angel growled with a low and dangerous voice.

"Angel, don't do this."

"Wesley, what have I told you about minding your own business?"

"You haven't…" Angel turned and growled at him.

"Now…" Angel tried to move but he was froze to the spot.

"Parker." Cox turned around and saw her leaning against the banister.

"Hands off…Mine." Cox was next to her in a flash, putting his arms
around her waist to support her. "He did this to me…"

"I know…Come on, I'll take you back upstairs." Cox carefully lifted her
into his arms and walked back upstairs.

"Who the Hell does he think he is?"

"I don't know." Sydney said a little confused by Parker protecting Cox.

When Cox placed her back on the bed she was asleep. Jarod woke up.
"Where'd she go?"

"Downstairs. She just saved my hide from that Angel guy." Cox gently
stroked her head.

"She saves everyone's hide from him. What's he doing now?"

"Just getting a bit touchy that I came up here and checked on her."

"He has a habit of doing that." Jarod gently touched her arm.

"I'll go now." Cox walked out.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Everyone was sitting round the lobby. Jarod had decided it was about
time he came back down with the others. He didn't tell them about what
happened with Parker. "Should someone go and wake her?" Sydney asked.
"She's been asleep for a while."

"She'll come down when she's ready."

"Can you please stop calling me 'she'?" Parker growled as she walked
over to them.

"Parker." Angel, Jarod and Cox all stood up. Angel gave the other two
dirty glares.

"God, if this is what I've got to put up with I'll just kill you all
now." She snarled.

"You won't have to put up with anything." He growled, glaring at Cox.

"Hey!" He looked at her quickly. "Sit down." He looked at her for a
little while longer then looked back at Cox. "Christ, I give up. Fight
between yourselves. No biting." She looked at Angel. "No bullets." She
looked at Cox "And…" She looked at Jarod. "Whatever the Hell you do! I
don't care, beat each other senseless!"

Angel slowly sat down. "I don't wanna fight."

"Well stop been such a prick! I'm getting quite sick of this 'I own
you. I kill anyone who comes near you' crap. It was sweet the first
couple of days now its just fucking irritating!" The other two sat
down. "Good. I don't need any one protecting me. I can do that myself.
I've looked after myself my whole life so just grow up and stop acting
like a bunch of hyperactive, sexed-up teenagers!" She sat down next to

Wesley and Cordy had smirks on their faces. "And what the Hells with
you two?"

"Nothing, but you're a little vex?" Wesley said.

"Brilliant observation, English!" She hissed. Sydney chuckled beside
her. "Damnit! I'm surrounded by IMMATURE morons! I'm going for a walk."
She stood up and headed for the door.

"Parker, do you really think you should?"

"When I want your opinion Lab Rat, I'll ask for it. I can't stay here
with you bunch of nit-wits." She walked out the door.

"I think someone's a little angry with us." Wesley said.

"With good reason." Sydney responded.

"You did bring it on yourself Angel. Like she said it was sweet the
first couple of days, now its just sickening!" Cox growled.

"I'll break you as easily as snapping a twig!" Angel snarled.

"Ohh, I'm scared." Cox held up trembling hands.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

They were still sitting in the lobby when Parker came back. Angel runs
over to her changing. Before she could move away he sunk his teeth in.
She started to fall limply against him. Wesley ran as close as he
dared. "Angel, let her go! Your gonna kill her."

He pulled away. Her blood was still around his mouth. Jarod stood up
angrily. She was leaning against his shoulder heavily, while her knees
were bending, indicating she was just about to collapse. Angel pulled
his head back and looked down at her. He smiled. "There's my Lamb." Two
of her teeth had lengthened again and the tiger-eyes were blazing

"Angel, you can't keep doing this. You ARE going to kill her." Wesley
told him.

She started to stand up stronger. He smiled and held her tightly.
"Every time I feed she's getting stronger. I'm strengthening her
vampire side."

"We know you want her with you but you can't make her ANY stronger. She
has to work in the sun and if she turns completely she can't go into
the sun." Jarod said.

They could hear a growling noise. Not only did she have the tiger-eyes
she could make the sound perfectly. He gently kissed her. "You're
getting more beautiful."

"Thank you. Now let go." She growled.

"No." He started to kiss round her neck again. "Not until you learn."
She stamped her foot angrily. "Now, now."

"Shouldn't we get her away from him?" Cox asked.

"Have you ever tried to get a tiger away from its meal. This is just
like that except this isn't a tiger with its meal, but it's just as
deadly." Wesley said. "We need to do this tactfully." He took a small
step forward. Angel's head shot up. He bared his teeth at him, holding
Parker tighter. "I'm not going to take her, but don't you think you
should take it easy? She's not used to been fed on, you might
accidentally hurt her."

"I'm not going to hurt her!" He growled.

"I know, but she'll be here for a few days. Just take it easy with her.
You don't want to completely turn her. Jarod's right since she spends a
lot of the time in the sun you don't want to upset anything with her.
She won't be able to do her job and they'll get suspicious. Then
they'll hurt your Little Lamb."

"But if I turn her, bullets wouldn't kill her. She would kill them
quickly by breaking their necks. She would be safer with me!"

"But what about the others that care about her? Sydney, Jarod and
Broots, you don't want to take her away from them, do you?"

"But she's mine. She belongs to me!"

"They know that but she has friends and family in Blue Cove. She would
be missed. Just think what would happen if you turned her and you
couldn't control her? She would break away and start killing. You don't
really want that. If Kate found out about her she would kill Parker.
None of us want to see her killed."

Angel nodded and rested his chin on her shoulder, watching them. While
Wesley was talking to Angel, Parker didn't move once, which didn't
unnoticed by Jarod. "Is she all right?"

"Just resting."

When Angel feed again she shoves him away. She has her mouth slightly
open and growling. Her eyes were flaming dangerously. She steps away
from him again, turning her head from side to side slowly. "Angel, what
have you done?" Wesley asks afraid.

"It's to soon she hasn't changed." She growled louder and turned to
face them. She looked at Sydney then to Jarod then to Wesley then to
Cox. She focused on Broots and started to walk towards him.

He started to tremble and whimper when she was next to him. "No sudden
movements Broots. She won't attack if you stay still." Angel said
softly. She growled again, making Broots jump. She walked away from him
and over to Cox. "Someone isn't showing fear and she wants to know
who." He said, walking a little closer, watching her.

She ran her hand over his shoulder as she walked in front of him.
"Hello again." He said softly as he carefully put his hands on her
hips. She looked quickly at his hands. "I won't hurt you." He lifted
one of his hands and gently stroked her neck.

"I'm thinking about killing you." She growled, touching the tip of the
fang with her tongue.

Wesley suddenly snapped his fingers. She looked at him quickly. "What?"
She walked way from Cox and over to where Wesley was starting to
tremble. "Maybe I'll kill you instead." She growled, stepping closer to

"I wouldn't have got her attention like that." Jarod said.

"No." Angel agreed.

"Maybe I'll just kill you instead." She snarled close to his ear. He
flinched when she gently touched his neck with her finger. He started
to shake violently. "Pathetic." She growled and walked away. "The fear
is so thick I wanna be sick!" She started to prowl around them. She
stopped behind Jarod. "Boo." She said softly.

"Boo." He replied back. She smiled. He turned round and looked at her.
"Having fun?"

"No. Not so much fun now. Everyone's afraid of me."

"I thought you liked that."

"No." She rested her head against his shoulder, tucking her face
against his neck. "They don't know I'm only playing. That hurts." He
put his arms around her tightly.

"I know you're only playing." He whispered to her. She smiled and
snuggled close to him. He felt her shiver. She lifted her head and
looked around.

"Wow. That's annoying." She shook her head, then rested it on his

"Parker?" Sydney stepped over to her cautiously. She looked at him. Her
eyes were normal and the fangs had gone.


"Nothing." They all let out a sigh.

"Parker." Wesley stepped forward. She looked at him quickly and stood
up straight, stepping away from Jarod.

"What the Hell do you want?"

"Lamb, it might be best if you stay here for a couple of days. Just to
make sure nothing goes wrong." Angel said walking over to her. She
touched her neck where Angel has been biting her.

"Stop biting me, it's really starting to hurt my neck."

"I'm sorry Lamb." He walked over to her but she stepped away from him
quickly, walking round so that she was behind him.

He smiled and turned around. "I see you have the speed now."

"Your fault. Not mine." She snarled. "Touch me again I will be forced
to turn you into a pile of dust."

Angel stopped walking towards her. He could see she wasn't joking.
Wesley was right, if he makes her any stronger he won't be able to
control her. "All right, just calm down."

"Don't tell me to calm down! You're the one who did this to me! Why
should I do anything but hurt you? It'll be all your fault if I hurt my

"You should be able to control it!" He snarled at her.

"How can I? You made me this!" She snarled, the tiger-eyes coming back
brighter than ever.

They started circling each other. "I told you this would happen."
Wesley said gently.

Angel turned on him. Parker waved her hand and sent him flying back.
"Stop been so spineless and fighting people who are weaker than you!"
She hissed.

"I don't wanna fight you."

"Well too late. You've started to battle and I'm gonna finish the war!"
She opened her hand and the spike of wood lifted in the air. "Remember
that? I'm not gonna miss."

"Kat, don't!" Jarod ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her,
threading his finger with hers so she couldn't snap her fingers.

"Get off!"

"Don't do this Kat. He's not worth it." He started to gently sway her
from side to side.

"He did this to me."

"I know." He whispered against her ear.

Sydney walked over in front of her. "The telekinesis would have
surfaced later even without Angelus."

"I don't know anything anymore. Everything's changed."

"We'll work around this Kat. It's just like any other obstacle The
Centre throws in our path." She nodded and started to relax.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Back at The Centre Lyle sees Cox following Parker around. Cox sees Lyle
looking at him. He walks away in the opposite direction to Parker. Lyle
pulls out his cell. "It's me. I think we have a problem."

"What is it Lyle?"

"Our friend has taken a personal interest in Parker."

"What kind of interest?"

"Following her round like a puppy dog."

"Do you think she knows?"

"If she does she doesn't seem bothered by it."

"Send him up to my office. You're to be here too."

"Yes Dad."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

She was sitting at her desk with Broots discussing the progress on the
hunt. "As I was saying, Jarod isn't in any of the locations…"

"Well where the Hell is he?"

"I don't…"


"What?" She barked.

"Angel, it's Daddy could you come up to my office for a minute?"

"No I'm busy."

"Please Angel, it's important."

"Fine 10 minutes." She hung up. "Broots I have to go up to Daddy, keep
searching and if you get ANYTHING come and find me."

"Yes Parker." She shot him a look. "Miss Parker."

"Don't forget that." She walked out of her office and down to the
elevator, then slamming the button down.

She storms into her father's office with a WHOOSH from the doors. Her
father was sitting behind his desk and Lyle and Cox were sitting in
front. All three men stood up. "I'm busy and you have three minutes."
She growled shooting flames at everyone.

"Do you want to sit down Honey?" She made no movement to a chair. He
let out a sigh and walked round the desk to her

She shot a fiery glare at Cox. "Don't you have an animal to scoop up


"You have 2½ minutes." She snarled at her father.

"It has been brought to my attention that Mr Cox has been following you
around The Centre."

"I know."

"You know?"

"He's just a freak with TWO sick obsessions. If he's tried anything he
would be checking out the inside of a coffin 10 feet down. Deep enough
to make sure he doesn't come back. Daddy you should know that I know
when I'm been followed."

"Your not worried about it?"

"No, he's as harmless as Broots. OK times up, I'm leaving." She walked
to the door, opened it and walked out. Daddy standing there stunned.
One minute she was there and the next she was gone.


"If it stays as a harmless obsession and you keep your nose out of my
daughter's private affairs. Fine. But if she complains about you I'll
make you disappear."

"Yes Sir." Cox left.

Lyle looked at his father with a shocked expression. "Watch him." Lyle
nodded and left.

Cox walked into Parker's office. "You're not meant to get caught."


"Back off for a while, until everything settles down."

"All right."

"Now go before Lyle comes." Cox leaves a second before Lyle gets out of
the elevator.

"You OK Sis?"

"Just fine now leave me alone. I don't like been around you more than
necessary." She snarled.

"OK, no need to get touchy about it." Lyle left, shutting the doors
behind him. "You think I was going bite her."

The End of Angels and Demons Series

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