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"Major Carter, there's a call coming through for you.  He says his name
is DK?" said her assistant, an eager young Lieutenant fresh out of the

Sam Carter immediately picked up the phone.  "Hey, DK!  How'd it go?"
she asked wanting to know about the experiment her friend John Crichton
was conducting on a mission with IASA. 

"He's gone, Sam," sobbed DK.  "There was an accident.  A radiation wave
hit in the middle of the experiment.  We can't find any trace of him." 

"What?!?" she shouted startling the others in the lab.  Even as Sam
listened to DK describe what had happened her mind was processing the
data and coming to an awful conclusion.  "Send me all the data you have
DK.  Right now!" 

"I can't do that, Sam.  I don't have the authority.  IASA has
classified the accident," DK responded. 

"Don't worry about that, just get the data together.  I'll get you the
authorization.  Give me your number.  I'll call you when I have it,"
she said grabbing pen and paper.  Writing down the number quickly, Sam
hung up on DK before dialing another.  "I need to see General Hammond,
right now!" she barked in her most commanding voice before sprinting
out of the lab towards the general's office.  'Please be alive, John!
Please let me be right.' 

In General Hammond's office 

"Alright, what's so important we had to postpone SG-5's debriefing?"
asked General Hammond impatiently.  He watched as Major Carter crossed
to the bank of televisions along one wall and tuned it to CNN coverage
of what was already being called 'The Farscape Tragedy.' 

"This, Sir" she said.  "I need you to get me authorization to see the
Farscape data.  Now sir!" 

"Major, I think IASA has quite enough on their plate now without me
making such a request," replied Hammond. 

"Sir, from what DK, Crichton's research partner, told me on the phone,
I think he actually created a stable wormhole.  He could be alive sir! 
I need that data, sir.  Using the data we have from the Stargate, I
might be able to extrapolate where it sent him," Sam explained quickly
afraid to let the General interrupt her.  "He's got 24 hours worth of
oxygen on board the capsule. If I'm right, one of our allies may be
able to reach him." 

Hammond nodded at her explanation.  "I'll get you the data." 

IASA Headquarters 

"Hello?" said DK as he answered the phone in his office where he'd
retreated to grieve in private for his friend. 

"DK.  An Air Force courier will be there in less than an hour to pick
up that copy of the data.  You got it ready?" DK heard Sam Carter ask. 

"Yeah" replied DK.  Fortunately, DK was too numb with grief to even
wonder why Sam felt she needed the data so quickly.  So Sam didn’t have
to try to avoid any questions that she couldn’t answer. 

SGC inside Cheyenne Mountain 

The courier had arrived with the Farscape data 2 hours ago.  It was
obvious to Major Carter from her first viewing of the telemetry that
she’d been right about what had happened to Commander Crichton.  Her
hopes for his survival vanished in front of her eyes when she saw where
the computer analysis of his trajectory placed the wormholes exit
point.  ‘Jesus, John!  How are we going to get to you all the way out
there?’ Carter thought briefly before her mind began working through
all the possibilities.  She picked up the phone to request another
meeting with General Hammond before going to locate the rest of her

“Sir, I know where he’s at, but we have no ‘Gate coordinates in the
vicinity.  Request permission to contact our allies?” reported Carter. 
“Time is a factor, sir.  He’s got 12 hours worth of oxygen left at this

“Request granted.  However, most of our teams are off-world or off-
base.  You and Teal’c will contact the To’kra.  We’ll send Dr. Jackson
with whoever we can scrounge up to contact the Tollan,” order General
Hammond, after a moment of contemplation. 

“I suppose that leaves me to contact the Asguard,” asked Colonel

“But they like you, sir,” teased Carter, which earned her one of the
Colonel’s trademark smirks. 

“Gear up people, you leave in 15 minutes.” 

The To’kra Base 

“Sammy!  What brings you to visit your old man?” asked General Jacob

“Is there someplace we can talk privately, Dad?” 

Jacob could tell from the tone in which she asked that something was
wrong, and the smile fell from his face.  Something told him this was
more than an official visit, as if he were personally touched by
whatever was going on.  

“What’s going on Sam?  Is it Mark?” 

“No, it’s John.  There’s been a…complication with his Farscape
experiment.  Do the To’kra have any ships in this area of space?”   Sam
handed him the coordinates her computer analysis had given her. 

“John?”  Jacob looked down at the coordinates Sam had handed him while
his thoughts turned to the young man who was like a second son to him. 

‘We have no ships in that area, Jacob.  We’ve never even explored that
galaxy,’ Selmak told her host without even having to consult the data
console in the corner of the room.  ‘I’m sorry.’ 

Jacob relayed what Selmak had told him to Sam and Teal'c.  "Are you
telling me John is there?  How?” 

“A radiation wave hit in the middle of the Farscape experiment.  It
somehow created a wormhole right in John’s path.  He went through it.
I’ve analyzed the data.  This is where it took him.”  Carter paused to
check her watch.  “He’s got 11 hours worth of oxygen left, Dad.
Colonel O’Neill has gone to the Asguard, and Daniel and SG-7 went to
contact the Tollan for help.” 

“I’m going back with you.  Jack will need someone with him,” Jacob
decided ignoring the silent protest of his symbiote.  ‘This is about
family, Selmak.  Deal with it.’ 

Aboard Thor’s Ship 

“I’m sorry O’Neill.  We have no ships to spare, and none are close
enough to reach this Commander Crichton in time.  Our war against the
replicators continues to go badly, O'Neill.  The only aid I can give
you is all the information the Asguard have regarding this area of
space,” offered Thor.  “It is very little.  We know it is ruled by a
group known as Peacekeepers.” 

“Doesn’t sound too bad,” said Colonel O’Neill. 

“They are a violently xenophobic military organization reminiscent of
the Nazis of your last world war.” 

“Ok.  That sounds bad.” 

“However, the Peacekeepers are controlled by a race of beings known as
Sebacian.  Their outward appearance closely matches that of Humans.
Your Commander Crichton could easily ‘blend in', I believe is the term.
This data storage device contains all the information the Asguard
possess pertaining to that region.  I hope this information helps you
retrieve your lost astronaut.  Now you must go, Colonel.  I must rejoin
the battle with the replicators in this quandrant.” 

Thor handed the device over to Colonel O’Neill and then transferred his
guest back to SGC Command. 

The Tollan Homeworld 

“I’m sorry Dr. Jackson.  We have no ships that could reach him in time.
However, there is an experimental probe we could send.  I’m afraid
there’s not much the probe could do when it got there but gather data,”
explained Narim. 

“But at least that would tell us what happened to him!  Could the probe
monitor Earth radio frequencies?” asked Jackson. 

“Well yes.” 

“Then we have to try.” 

Dr. Jackson and SG-7 waited impatiently while the probe was launched
and traveled to the coordinates Sam had given them.  The images the
probe sent back when it arrived seemed bleak.  Debris floated gently in
front of the Tollan ‘camera’ mounted at the front of the probe. 

“The debris is not of Earth origin.  There are traces of elements and
metals that are not found on Earth,” reported the Tollan scientist who
was busily working the probes controls. 

“Then Crichton could still be alive out there?” Jackson wondered. 


“Monitor this frequency for transmissions, please.  Captain Dexter can
you have one of your people go back through the ‘Gate and report what
we’ve learned.” 

Two hours later when Captain Dexter returned with the rest of SG-1, the
Tollan probe had still found no sign of the Farscape module or
Commander Crichton.  Jacob Carter had elected to stay behind on Earth. 
He was already on his way to his friend Jack Crichton’s side.  Hoping
to comfort him in his grief at the apparent death of his son.  All they
could do was sit and watch as the Tollan scientist continued to use the
probes sensors to try to find some trace of Crichton or his module. 

“Maybe someone picked him up?” offered Dr. Jackson. 

“From what Thor was able to tell me, this is NOT an area where you want
to get picked up.  Its run by a group called the Peacekeepers.  Sounds
like they’d give the Gou’ld a run for their money in the nasty alien
contest.  On the up side, Thor did say that Crichton would be able to
blend in.  Somethin’ wrong, Carter?” asked O’Neill noticing the look on
her face as he described what he’d learned. 

“John and I grew up together, sir.  He’s the one who got me interested
in astrophysics.  Our dads were stationed in Washington at the same
time.  It was just after Mom died.  Colonel Crichton had just lost his
wife, too.  I guess we formed a sort of informal support group.  Our
dads would go get drunk together trying to forget their pain.  They’d
leave John, his sisters, Mark, and I home with a baby-sitter.  We got

“So he was…what…your first love?” guessed Daniel. 

Sam could only nod as she looked up at them with tears slipping down
her face. 

“Dad even hoped we'd get together when we grew up, but John and I ended
up being more brother/sister than romantic.  It was Mark that ended up
marrying a Crichton.  Laura is John's sister," Sam explained of her
sister-in-law.  "He asked me to rejoin the Farscape project again last
year.  I turned him down, and I couldn’t even tell him why.” 

O’Neill sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulders
comforting her the best he could.  Ruthlessly burying the flash of
jealousy he’d felt when she’d confirmed Daniel’s guess.  ‘It was a long
time ago.  She was just a kid then, and it’s not like she’s mine now.
She’s my 2IC.  We can’t even date, for God’s sake!’ Jack thought as he
held Sam while she cried. 

"What do you mean, rejoin the project?" asked Jackson. 

"Ten years ago, when we were both at MIT working on our doctorates, I
was part of their project.  Our thesis' had a lot in common, which is
not surprising considering we'd been working on our theories together
since high school." 

"High school?  You really are a geek, Carter," teased O'Neill.  His
comment earned him a tired smile from his 2IC, just as he'd hoped.
"Time to rest, Major.  You haven't slept in over 2 days.  Not since
before we left for PX1-498.  Daniel and I'll come get you if we hear
anything."  O'Neill pulled his tired major to her feet and led her to
the quarters they'd been assigned.  Dropping onto the waiting bed, Sam
didn't even feel her commanding officer remove her boots, as he would
have once done for his son before tucking a blanket around her.  She
was already drifting into exhausted dreams of the past... 

"Sam, Mark. Meet Colonel Crichton and his son, John.  And these two
young ladies are Mary and Laura, John's sisters.  The Colonel and I are
going out tonight, and John, Mary, and Laura will be staying with you
and Mrs. Spiel," explained her father on his way out the door.  "Be

Sam remembered that at first she'd thought she'd be stuck playing with
the much younger Mary and Laura, but then John had noticed the star
chart she was holding.  When she'd informed him she was going to go up
to the hill above the house to stargaze, he'd asked to come with her,
and it was Mark that was stuck with Mary and Laura that night.  

Sam rolled over in her sleep and her dream shifted... 

"Ok, Sammy.  Get a little closer to John.  Stand up straight.  Say
cheese!" instructed her dad as he snapped photos of John and Sam in
their formal prom attire. 

"Now remember.  Home by two o'clock, no exception.  Have fun, and no
booze!" ordered John's father as he too took photos of the teenagers. 

John just rolled his eyes, causing Sam to giggle.  "Sure, Dad.  We
know."  Sam remembered dancing with John in their high school gymnasium
before leaving the party to get a little drunk at a friend's after-prom
party.  They'd made it home before two, barely, and if their dads had
known they'd been drinking neither of them let on. 

The dream shifted again... 

"They've accepted our Farscape proposal, Sam!  DK and I have been given
the green light on our slingshot experiment.  Come with me, Sam,"
begged John.  "I know it's your dream too." 

"No, John.  You didn't want to make it on your father's coat tails, and
I don't want to make it on yours.  I may have helped with the original
idea, but it's DK’s and your project now.  If I get into IASA, it will
be by my own work," Sam told him.  "Besides.  I'm enjoying what I'm
doing now for the Air Force.  It's incredible, John!" 

"Working at the Pentagon? Come on, Sam.  Borrrring!" 

Because of security, she couldn't tell him her real assignment at the
Pentagon was researching an alien artifact found in the desert outside
Giza.  Besides he'd never believe her anyway.   "My enlistment will be
up in another year.  I'll think about joining you then, but I'm needed
here now." 

Apophis had come through the gate a mere 3 weeks before her enlistment
was up... 

"What do you mean you're not resigning?" screamed John. 

"I've been given a new assignment.  Deep space radar telemetry. It's
what I want to do, John.  You and DK will be fine without me." 

"I just don't get it, Sam.  Space was your dream for so long, why are
you letting it slip away?" 

"I'm not letting it slip away, John!  I've just found it in a different
way than you." 

Sam's dream shifted yet again, but this wasn't another memory... 

Sam sat in the control room at the SGC working on yet another upgrade
to the computers controlling the 'Gate when it was activated from off-
world by SG-4. 

Sgt Anders shouted as he emerged through the Stargate, "Look who we
found!"  The rest of his team followed him through the 'Gate along with
someone who hadn't left with them.  It was John. 

Sam launched herself into John's arms as she entered the 'Gate room.
"We've been looking for you for so long, John.  I was beginning to give
up hope," she admitted holding him tight.  

"We are grateful that the tau'ri care so much for their lost comrade,"
he replied in a voice not his own.  Sam pulled away to stare in horror
at the glowing yellow eyes of the man who was closer to her than her
own brother. 

"NOOOO!!!!" Sam screamed as she woke. 

"Sam!" cried O'Neill running into the room to see what had caused her
to scream. Her heart was pounding like a jackhammer in her chest, and
all she could do was cling to her commanding officer for comfort.
"It's alright, Sam.  It was just a nightmare.  Shhh," he soothed her

"I dreamed he'd been taken over by a Gou'ld," Sam told him.  There was
no need to tell O'Neill who 'he' was.  'I will not be jealous!' O'Neill
ordered himself firmly.  'Sam needs me to be strong for her right now.'

"Don't even think it, Sam.  We'll find him.  Somehow, we'll find him." 

"I feel so guilty," she admitted as she pulled away slightly from their
forbidden embrace. 


"Because I was just so glad it wasn't you," she told him as she wrapped
her arms loosely around his waist.  "Don't ever leave me, Jack.  I know
we have to wait until I'm not under your chain of command.  It's hard,
but we can do that.  Just...don't let anything happen to yourself until
then.  Promise me!"  

"I promise, Sam" he whispered as he pulled her head down to rest on his
shoulder.  "I'll be waiting when we're free of the regs." 

Two days later 

“We’re getting a signal on the frequency you specified, Dr. Jackson,”
Narim told them as he enter the quarters they’d been assigned during
their stay. 

“Well let’s hear it,” ordered O’Neill leading the way to the Tollan

“My name is John Crichton…radiation wave hit… shot through a wormhole. 
Now I'm lost…the universe, on a ship, a living ship…strange alien…Help
me.   Listen please!  ...anybody out there ... hear me? I'm being
hunted by an insane ...tary commander…doing everything I can! I'm just
looking for a way home!" 

“John!  That’s John.  He’s alive,” shouted Sam happily. 

“I’m afraid the probe doesn’t have the capability to transmit on this
frequency,” reported Narim sadly.  As they watched the Tollan scientist
made adjustments on the probe's instruments, clearing up the signal. 

“I doubt you’ll ever hear this transmission, Dad, but I had to try.
Hey Dad, you know those rattlers in the stomach we talked about? Well I
got 'em now, but I’m going to try to find my way home, Dad.  Try not to
worry about me too much.  This is John Crichton signing off.” 

“Well at least we know he’s alive,” said Daniel.  “Now how do we rescue

“We don’t.  At least not right away,” grimly replied Colonel O’Neill.
“He’s on a ship.  That means he’s moving around.  Rescuing a moving
target in unknown territory is not going to be easy.” 

Two weeks later, Arlington National Cemetery Washington, DC 


Colonel Jack Crichton kept himself from wincing as the first of the
three volleys of gunfire rang out.  He stood at attention as his years
in the military had trained him. 


“The two Air Force officers standing with the Crichton family are
General Jacob Carter and his daughter, Major Samantha Carter.  Our
sources tell us that the 2 families were very close while the children
were growing up.  The major was apparently Commander Crichton's first
love and one of his sister's is married to her brother,” reported the
perky anchorwoman for CNN.  


 “We’re told the Carter’s are taking Crichton’s father away to an
undisclosed location, probably an Air Force base, where he can get away
from the press.  There’s a rumor that a more private military memorial
will take place at this location.  His sisters have elected not to go
with the Carters, but are instead going to a separate undisclosed

SGC Cheyenne Mountain, a few hours later 

“Jacob, I’m really not up to this right now.  I appreciate that you
wanted to get me away from the press, and that you want to hold this
memorial for John.  But can’t it wait until tomorrow?” 

“Actually no it can’t.  I’m sort of AWOL right now.  I need to get
back, and I want to be part of this.  I know this is going to be hard
for you, but it’s important, Jack.” 

Jack could only nod and follow his friend and the young woman he
thought of as a daughter as they led him to a second set of elevators. 
“Wait a minute.  We’re on a USAF base.  How the hell can you be AWOL?” 

“I don’t really work for the Air Force anymore.  My work is more….” 

“Covert” supplied Sam as her father seemed at a loss for words. 

“That’s as good a description as I can think of.” 

They rode in silence down to the 28th floor.  Jack realized they were
very deep inside the mountain.  ‘What’s going on here?  What the hell
are you into Jacob…and what does Sam have to do with it for God’s
sake?’  He followed his friend out of the elevator and down the
corridor to a small conference room where several people were waiting
for them. 

“Colonel Crichton.  Welcome to the SGC.  My name is George Hammond,
commander of this project.  This is Colonel O’Neill, my second in
command.  He is also the commanding officer of Sam’s team.  This is Dr.
Daniel Jackson and Teal’c the other 2 members of SG-1.” 

‘What the hell are 2 civilians doing on a project this secret?’
wondered Jack.  The big man, Teal’c, had a military bearing about him,
but Hammond hadn’t introduced him by his rank or his last name for that
matter, not to mention that very non-regulation tattoo on his forehead.

“What we’re about to tell you is the most classified secret in the
United States government.  I don’t think I have to tell you that you
cannot reveal what you’re about to learn to anyone.  Major, why don’t
you explain the Stargate to Colonel Crichton.” 

Jack listened in amazement as they laid the whole thing out to him.
Sam described finding the Stargate in Egypt, then Dr. Jackson took over
the explanation.  He told of translating the Stargate and the first
mission to Abydos.  At this point Colonel O’Neill took up the story as
he spoke of the invasion of Apophis and the formation of the SGC.
General Hammond explained the purpose and mission of the SGC. 

“Why are you telling me this insane story?  You expect me to believe
we’ve made contact with aliens. They’ve invaded Earth and been
repelled?  I can’t believe you’d do this today of all days, Jacob!” 

“Jack.  I have one of those aliens inside me!  Her name is Selmak.” 


“Show him Junior, Teal’c,” calmly requested Colonel O’Neill ending the

Jack watched the huge man, whom the others had called a Jaffa, stand
and lift his t-shirt to reveal an opening shaped like an X in his

“What the hell is that?” shouted Jack as he abruptly stood back from
the table and the snake-like creature emerging from Teal’c’s abdomen.
After listening to their explanation yet again, he couldn’t deny the
truth sitting before him.  “And you have one of those things in your
head, Jacob?” 

“Yeah.  I was dying of cancer.  Sam came to me and gave me pretty much
the same explanation we’re giving you.  And then they gave me a
choice…I chose to live.” 

“That still doesn’t explain why you’re telling me this?  How many
regulations are you breaking?” 

“None, Major Carter and her father, helped me convince the President
that you had the right to know.  It wasn’t very hard to persuade him.
I believe he served with you at one time?  There’s more we need to tell
you though, Colonel,” responded General Hammond.  “Your son is alive,

“As soon as DK described the accident, I knew what had happened.  John
somehow created a wormhole just like the Stargate.  I used the
computers here at the SGC to compute his trajectory.  Once we knew
where the wormhole had taken him we contacted our allies,” explained

“Unfortunately, none of them had a ship capable of reaching him
either,” continued Dr. Jackson.  “The Tollan had a probe that could
make it though.  This is what the probe sent back.” 

Dr. Jackson turned on the screen built into the far wall.  It showed a
debris field in space. 

“You tell me that my son is alive and then you show me this?” 

“Umm…yes well.  The Tollan tell us that debris isn’t from Earth, so we
waited.  Two days later the probe picked up this transmission.” 

Again the screen came to life, this time playing John’s transmission,
his message to his father. 

“So now what?  How do we help him?  You say our allies can’t reach him,
and they’re much more advanced technologically than we are, I assume,”
Jack asked.  He was afraid to hope.  He’d buried his son today as a
hero in front of millions of television viewers.  Now they were telling
him his son wasn’t dead, and that he couldn't tell anyone about it. 

“Colonel, if you’ll come with us,” asked General Hammond. 

The Embarkation Room 

Standing in front of the Stargate were several rows of military
personnel in full dress uniform and a few civilians in suits or
dresses.  Jack Crichton could see, not only the familiar Air Force
uniform he’d worn for most of his adult life, but also marine, army,
and navy personnel.  He watched as Colonel O’Neill and his team filled
in the empty spaces at the front of the formation.  As if it had been
planned in advanced the gathered personnel snapped to attention en

“Colonel Crichton, these are the SG teams that travel through the
Stargate,” explained General Hammond.  “By order of the President of
the United States and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I am
hereby amending the standing orders of all SG teams.  From now on,
using the information the Asguard provided Colonel O’Neill, we will
begin searching the area of space known as ‘Peacekeeper Territory’ for
any and all signs of astronaut John Crichton Jr.  Bring him home
people.”  This was of course, not the only change to their orders.  The
Peacekeepers had to be investigated as potential allies or enemies, but
the rest would wait. 

“Sir, yes, sir!” shouted the assembled SG teams. 

“Attention!” commanded Colonel O’Neill.  As one unit, the assembled SG
personnel brought their arms up to salute.  Jack Crichton stared at
them for several minutes before it dawned on him that they were
saluting him as proxy for John.  He returned their salute, the tears
once again streaming down his face as he looked into the faces of the
men and women arrayed in front of him.  Their eyes saying as much as
the shouted response to their commanding officer that they would bring
John home.  It wouldn't be easy, and it wouldn't happen right away.
But the people standing before him wouldn't give up. 

"SG-2, we're briefing on your next mission in 20 minutes.  SG-4 you
have 1 hour to get your gear together for P2X-229, and SG-8, Dr.
Frasier wants you back down in the infirmary to finish your post
mission physical," ordered General Hammond.  The last statement was met
with groans from the team in question, but they dutifully headed for
the door.  "Everyone else, dismissed." 

With that life at the SGC went on. 

"Uncle Jack, we'd like to speak with you for a minute in the general's
office," Sam informed him.  "Dad will be leaving with SG-4, he'll gate
to his next assignment for the Tok'ra from their destination." 

General Hammond's office 

"Colonel Crichton, it's up to you, but I've been authorized to offer
you a position here at the SGC," General Hammond told him. 

"Me? I appreciate you wanting to help me stay in the loop concerning
John's search, but what good would I be here?" 

"Uncle Jack, you understand the science behind the 'Gate.  John and I
have talked to you enough about our various theories over the years for
me to know that.  I spend a great deal of time off-world, and I don't
really have a lot of time for all the research that needs to be done.
A lot of the people I have working for me in the labs are...well a
little too enthusiastic at times.  We could use someone with more...." 

"Caution with technology you don't understand" supplied Jacob, another
salvo in an obviously long-standing argument. 

" experience to help oversee the labs," continued Sam pretending
not to hear her father at all. 

"The President also believes you would make an excellent ambassador to
our allies," General Hammond offered. 

"There's plenty of work to be done here, Colonel," said O'Neill.  "We
could use someone with your political savvy as well...we've made some
enemies in Congress.  Senator Kinsey in particular." 

"You mean you've made us some enemies in Congress," accused Dr.

"You didn't exactly help, Danny boy." 

"What do you say, Colonel?  How'd you like to get back into the
business of space exploration?" 

"Where do I sign up?" 

To Be continued?