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This archive contains fiction rated G through NC-17. If a story is marked with a rating of R, Adult, or NC-17 do not read it if you are not of legal age for your area or if you may be offended. Stories with a rating of NR are PG-13 or below, if one is not, please tell me so I can fix it.

The pages themselves, html, images, and font used in the images are mine, but that's about it. Character images used in the main page graphic are *not* mine, and are property of their respective companies.

All fiction posted here is done so with full permission and acknowledgment of the individual authors. Do not repost, link or distribute these works of fiction without the express written consent and approval of the authors.

All non-original characters contained within this archive (not of the author's creation) are property of the networks, producers, etc. and no copyright infringement is intended.